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  1. (IGN): Sizniche Name of contender: Meero Amstrun Nicknames of contender or notable features, i.e. nationality, age, occupation, etc. (for nickname purposes): known insomniac
  2. Hi guys! I just found out about this server after looking around for a good Minecraft roleplay server. I can’t believe for all the time I’ve played Minecraft and been a Forum and Tabletop RP enthusiast, a server of this scale completely slipped under my radar! Needless to say, I’m excited to join the community, and look forward to being a new semi-antagonist character for all of you (hopefully a good one ).
  3. Sizniche


    Born a simple Haenseni peasant, Meero grew up in the outskirts of New Reza, the child of two farmers who tended a piece of the land owned by the then-monarch of Haense, Andrew IV. It was clear to see he was a ‘wild child’ as early as his preteen years. From a young age, he was antagonistic to authority, often finding himself detained by the local guard for blatant disrespect of the law, and getting into fights with other children who antagonized him because of his reputation. For a long time, to many, he seemed to have no ambitions, no interests, no goals in mind, yet it was clear he didn’t wa
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