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  1. yo faiz you got an early vailor map download?

  2. it used to be log on, warzone from dusk until dawn, log off, repeat now its
  3. “It’s going to have to be a pretty massive effort if they want to out-produce their losses,” Keaton would remark, in disbelief at ISA wastefulness.
  4. ”Good, good, the Orenians could use a morale boost. It’ll make them funner to fight against if they’re not all crying and whining,” Keaton would remark amusedly.
  5. Xarkly distinguishes himself as the best staff member yet again? This looks metal
  6. Letssss... get ready... to RUMBLE!

  7. damn, a terrorist organisation? is macface behind this?
  8. The pros of a volunteer staff team... they arent inclined to give a **** +1 for the defense of intellectual freedoms!
  9. “Anyone who must be told how to vote does not deserve a vote. However, Orenian elections would be very simple and shallow if only five people had the vote, so carry on,” Keaton would remark.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Crater all i can think of
  11. Keaton would remember the Scyfling raid, and the time he saved Lauritz. “Got my backing, that’s for sure.”
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