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  1. wanting competency from the admins is insane please stop
  2. Harold Spencerton searches the list for anyone of actual relevance. Harold is still searching tot his day.
  3. “A bad ending is a bad ending, no matter who’s writing it.”
  4. Harold Spencerton rubs his hands together like a dwarf. “Make all preparations for an ‘accident’, gentlemen.”
  5. administration / gm team actually admits it’s mistake for once


    shame they’ve already cost us the warclaim 😕

    1. TheElvenMage


      Yes, those 3 people you lost (while we lost 2 people) would’ve won you the warclaim without a hitch.

  6. watch them make this a requirement to appeal VB’s
  7. Harold would shake his head. “Such an idealistic view of the world. If only, good man. If only.”
  8. we’re literally weeks from the siege and they’re already crying about pvp forts lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ferdaboys69
    3. nordicg_d


      remember when you guys done the same about loches

    4. KeatonUnbeaten


      ye and loches got allowed

  9. “Damn, they’ll knight any fucker who breathes,” Harold would comment, having seen the list of complete no-name Dragon Knights and Red Knights. “And all those titles? They aren’t very witty, they’re just quite homosexual.”
  10. why couldnt we get make these kinds of powerpoints in school
  11. the warclaim was so **** it put me to sleep 2 hours before it started

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