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  1. KeatonUnbeaten

    RP Inspiration Music Thread

  2. KeatonUnbeaten

    RP Inspiration Music Thread

    which song is the one that plays during the cutscene just before you fight Ganon? The one where all the 4 guardians are saying **** and firing lasers
  3. KeatonUnbeaten

    Wanna win some mina?

    I think this is a good start.
  4. KeatonUnbeaten

    When Crow Weds The Hammerhead

    Ryon Errmark would take great pride in having served His Majesty the King his requested drink of venomous poison.
  5. KeatonUnbeaten

    Comprehensive Imprisonment Reform

    Obviously it shouldn't apply to new players who have nobody to back it up. I had in mind nobles and important figures / persons, who would have people immediately moving to save them. Also, I don't think the detainment should be indefinite but it should be way longer than 3 or 5 hours.
  6. KeatonUnbeaten

    Comprehensive Imprisonment Reform

    Maybe make it so that captives need to be rescued? Either ransomed, negotiated for or broken free? Having them able to just use a 'get out of jail for waiting a few hours' card is dumb. If they've got a second persona, their captured persona cant just be allowed to SS out. They should RP with their captors at a time when captive and captor are both free. This would lead to a more varied range of prisoner roleplay as people make efforts to mount break-out attempts, negotiate for their allies or engage in the sheer bravado of leaving them to die.
  7. KeatonUnbeaten

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Ryon Errmark raises a bottle of fine, Ardenin ale to the decree. "Long may His Majesty Ruric reign!"
  8. Yikes. 1000 minas per heist member? Nice.

    1. Dewper


      heisting iron armour sets is profitable. u can each take only 1 set back each

    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      surely only stacks of iron, diamonds, gold are profitable?

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      how is iron diamond or gold even profitable? What's profitable? There's nothing to heist but RP items specially since we don't have Nexus but rather restricted and limited vanilla. Nothing on the server right now but RP items can gather value.


      Bring back Nexus or make a new grinding system to replace it please!!

  9. KeatonUnbeaten

    Armbands = Nazi's now.

    Yikes I actually like the armband (nazi or otherwise), cause it's pretty stylish. Just let people do whatever they want unless they're being blatantly offensive, lol.
  10. KeatonUnbeaten

    Fixed Raids, Please Read

    why. . . why are we stuck with these rules
  11. KeatonUnbeaten

    Norlandic Songs Mega-Thread

    Ryon smiles as he composes a song enthusiastically bashing the Orenian Empire.
  12. pesky fokin neo-buddhists organising the destruction of our great capital


    they'll pay

  13. KeatonUnbeaten

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    @Tofuus This doesn't apply to other cities like Nordengrad, right?
  14. KeatonUnbeaten

    Khabib v. McGregor

    mcgregor in the 5th