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  1. Keaton Errmark wonders idly whether the Halflings are allowed to war raid Sutica now, and remembers the terrible stories of Halflings in Petrus.
  2. Keaton II Errmark is very excited to see what the brother of the legendary Charles “the Bald” gets up to.
  3. You should gather this information in roleplay, and conduct this all in RP. this would make for a decent event
  4. im going to miss you frill, you were actually competent, you weren’t biased and you actually responded to modreqs within a reasonable timespan 


    1. rukio


      Can’t have unbiased mods :3 sorry

  5. anyone should be able to try and maim you for any reason, especially bandits you cant expect villains to give good roleplay (or even exist) when they aren’t taken seriously or are crushed beneath rules, metagaming, ooc, etc. ppl just need to chill out on all sides and realise its roleplay
  6. Keaton II, whose father fought in the Two Emperors’ War, sighs. “What a war it was. The good men died on both sides, and now all we’re left with is the dregs of Man. It is a good thing they’re remembering their brave dead, though they are naive to think they’ll ever live up to their memory.”
  7. RP NAME : Keaton II Errmark IGN : KeatonUnbeaten Do you agree you pay the 250 minas fee to participate in the tournament? : Yeah.
  8. Keaton Errmark is impressed at the orc’s generosity.
  9. Keaton, adjusting his tabard, prepares to attend the coronation. “Akrukil, that bloody bastard? How’s he doing? Does he need a hand with anything? Har har, I know. I’ll attend!”
  10. Keaton would dread the dystopian suggestions of this line. “There is no low the Empire will sink to.”
  11. Incumbent military commander Keaton II reads the cabinet announcement alongside his morning tea.
  12. “It seems there are some straight Imperials after all. Don’t put a crook in your backs, gentlemen; it is better to lose in grace than to have never won at all.” Keaton Errmark would respect the Everardine commitment to their morals.
  13. Keaton II Errmark finds himself missing the line about mermaid nudity.
  14. The Seaguard of Vira’ker “Stand, fight, die; we must always do the first, we will always do the second, and we will do the third if we must. No surrender!” Reginaeld, the Commander of the Seaguard. =_________________________________= -Seaguard footmen patrol the beaches of the bay, Sun’s Smile of 1767.- =_________________________________= “Reginaeld!” cried Keaton, the Errmark scion, with a hoarse voice. “Land ahead!” Indeed, land was grazing the horizon. Twinkling lights refracted across the nightly waterfront, so vividly that the appearing city seemed a torch, blazing in the moonlight. “Ay, I see it! Make for the lights!” he called out in return, and their tireless troops worked to their effect. The pinnace, slight and elegant, parted the waves and bore them on to the sighted land with complete grace. Only the clanking of plate and the steady heaving of those hearty souls broke the night’s silence. A scant hour later did the keel strike land, and both Reginaeld and Keaton set their steel boots to sand rather than plank. Their wandering eyes regarded the glittering, glowing city before them as if they were wide-eyed children, their speech stolen by the sight of gold. “Truly, a beauty,” spoke Keaton. “This land we have been guided to, perhaps by the grace of GOD, is beautiful. Surely, this must be our new home?” he asked Reginaeld, who had a glint in his eye. “Naturally. In our flight, we have not found a better place to name ‘home’.” To the men - “Scuttle our ship, and raise the flag of parlay! Let us meet our new hosts graciously, let us make a good impression.” And so their company set foot on the shores of Vira Bay, and found their new home. Their company, in the following days, negotiated their settlement. For their new homes, they would raise old swords. And so, for the defense of Vira Bay, the Seaguard was established. =_________________________________= The guard’s hierarchy; The Commander of the Seaguard and the Palatine Guard; absolute leader of the Seaguard - the active military force - and the Palatine Guard - the Prince’s personal guardsmen - with their only superior being the Prince of Vira Bay themselves. Directs the troops in battle and co-ordinates politically and administratively with the Prince. The Captain of the Fore; the Commander’s right hand. In the Commander’s presence, the Captain assists them in their leadership and supports their command; in their absence, the Captain leads the troops and directs matters of the Guard. The Captains of the Foot and the Cavalry; the directors of the Guard’s brigades. They defer to the command of the Commander and the Fore-Captain in the use of their troops, but otherwise direct the upkeep and training of their respective brigades independently. The Sergeants of the Foot and the Cavalry; subordinates to the Captains of the Foot and Cavalry, these officers help to lead and maintain the brigades, conducting training in their superiors’ absence and leading patrols. Palatine Guard; hand-picked veterans, chosen for their military aptitude and discipline. They are charged to protect the Prince wherever he goes and by any means necessary, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice. Veterans; an official acknowledgement of the seasoning and service of a particular troop; those elevated to the rank of veteran are noteworthy within the Seaguard and have tirelessly struggled for its betterment. Regulars; new members of the Seaguard, who have passed induction and taken the Oath but have not yet distinguished themselves in battle or from the rest of the Seaguard. At this rank, the soldier is provided for with quarters and armaments. Enlistee; a provisional title for those who have recently joined the Seaguard. They are yet to prove themselves with valorous deeds or to take their Oath, properly inducting them into the guard. With following administrative roles; Quartermaster of the Guard; in terms of both foodstuffs, clothing and armaments, it is the quartermaster’s role to fulfill the needs of the Seaguard and to ensure its efficient running. Master of Brick and Siege; specialised in the art of military and civilian engineering, it is the master’s role to fulfill the Seaguard’s architectural needs, be they for siege or domestic purposes. Master of the Kitchen and Cages; a renowned chef, the Kitchenmaster feeds the troops and cooks the foodstuffs for the Quartermaster to ration out. As well, in his alternate role, the Cagemaster maintains any animals held by the Seaguard for provision and supply purposes. Master of the Flag; a clothier by trade, the Flagmaster is expected to maintain and bear the banner of the Seaguard, as well as to design and weave new standards as the guard’s needs. Master of the Pen; for the chosen scribe of the Seaguard, who is expected to document the Seaguard’s exploits, record the Commander’s edicts and actions, and to maintain an efficient archive of both the former. =_________________________________= The terms of enlistment; To be of sufficient age; that is 16 for men and thirty for other races, subject to the discretion of command. To be a resident of Vira Bay, or in the process of immigrating. Those inducted will be trained for the space of a saint’s week, after which they will be either accepted or denied from the Seaguard. Pending acceptance, they will be obliged to take the Oath, upon which they will become full-fledged members of the Seaguard Form of Enlistment; Enlistee’s name. Enlistee’s age. Enlistee’s race. Enlistee’s nationality and country of origin. Enlistee’s religion or practiced faith. Enlistee’s occupational history. Enlistee’s experience in the military, martial or administrative. ((Enlistee’s IGN.)) ((Enlistee’s discord tag.)) ‘The Oath’; “I am under oath now - as I live and speak, and as my name is ((Enlistee’s name)) - to my comrades, to my commander, to my country. Give me a sword and shield, so I may serve to my utmost! Whatever odds fate may bestow, whatever burdens may weary my shoulders; I will cheer the flag. I will do my duty. I am under oath.” ((For any questions on the Seaguard, please add fraserh#4462, Mark2282#7754 on Discord.))
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