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  1. KeatonUnbeaten

    Im quitting LOTC

    take your client with you
  2. KeatonUnbeaten

    Bring back good PvP

    Its pretty funny when the primary argument people have against Nexus is ‘its an rp server.’
  3. @Corpean I’d trust you over any disingenuous, braindead and c*nt admins. Hope you do well wherever you are going, and enjoy the liberation that you have received.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Harrison


      people are allowed to express their support for something but trying to mock it as someone who should remain unbiased as the person you’re supposed to approach for whatever on lotc isn’t really a good look for you telanir

    3. Telanir


      That’s true. I apologize.

    4. KeatonUnbeaten


      Corpean could have committed the most evil of sins and it would still pale in comparison to what the administration has done to kill the server.

  4. KeatonUnbeaten

    Where are heists/Whatever happened to burglaries?

    staff got tired of trying to moderate and devise a working system lol
  5. KeatonUnbeaten

    February Community Newsletter

    Why keep fenn as a nation but wipe out snow elf subrace? like saving someone from an execution just so you can do it yourself.
  6. KeatonUnbeaten

    Community Guidelines Violations

    >ah ive created an incredibly contrived way to ban people i dont like!!! . . . >im going to reverse it!!!
  7. KeatonUnbeaten


    Ryon forges his way to Curon, determined to see them stand!
  8. KeatonUnbeaten

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    dragonslayerelf might be a mong when it comes to comparisons and analogies but thats irrelevant to staff behaviour
  9. KeatonUnbeaten

    hated gm tries to see what server thinks of him

  10. KeatonUnbeaten

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    doesnt matter what platform its on; staff shouldnt act despicably big respect
  11. KeatonUnbeaten

    RAP BATTLE: Staff vs Players (feat. Mystery)

    lets write an actual diss track
  12. KeatonUnbeaten

    RAP BATTLE: Staff vs Players (feat. Mystery)

    a bit cringy actual diss tracks are far better
  13. KeatonUnbeaten

    What are your thoughts on LOTCs current state?

    waiting for nexus to return, as are dozens of old players. bring it back, and numbers will go up.
  14. KeatonUnbeaten

    LotC Cards Against Humanity

    Just have a load of blank white cards; theres going to be plenty of in-jokes particular to people and friendship groups, so unless you let them make them up as they play people aren’t going to have fun.