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  1. atleast this group of players is planning to leave and not try to cling to the server like desperate rats (looking at a certain scotsman and his merry band)
  2. Harold would hear of this fight from his compatriots, and of his brave deeds in the trench and his acknowledgement as the fight’s highlight. “Alas! Now that I have shown those Morgradians good fighting, they might actually become decent without their ‘clients’, as the Sky-Gods call them!”
  3. did anyone count how many whiny, crying status updates it took to get him unbanned

    for personal research.

    1. sophiaa


      like... at least 3

  4. KeatonUnbeaten


    “How embarrassing. Looks like my compatriots need some shaping up, getting beaten by rats,” states General Keaton, disappointed.
  5. Then don’t ******* leave; you’re an admin. Act like one.
  6. this server has really gone to ****, what the hell

    paedophiles left right and centre and nothing done about them? yikes.

    might be time to go for blue

    1. Random-EGirl


      Don’t worry hun, it tends to get better if the staff gets their fingers out their arses though

  7. adblock, people

    r u dumb

  8. “Fine songs, written for a terrible country. It is forgotten too soon, Marius’ betrayal of his Adrian kin and the degeneracy of his country,” remarks Harold.
  9. 20* star general keaton addresses the troops after his disappearing act “well done my children, we have secured a great victory this day.”
  10. orenians getting dogged so hard at the wz they shut it


    o7 Krugmar-Oren WZ.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Archbishop
    3. Ixli


      Yo you’re cool man can I be you?


    4. rukio


      Yes keaton, all of your failed flanks really scared us off. 🙂

  11. why flay wannabes are flexing their 5v1s and naked-kills i will never know
  12. 8d1dbf89797aee775e47ea4b11227c5c.png i believe this constitutes an orenian defeat


  13. keaton, ten (10!) star general of the orcs, smirks lusciously “alrigght b oys rally on me!”
  14. Harold would lean lazily against his chair, taking a short reprieve from the war in the Uruk camp. “I tremble.”
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