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    Ravaquinal Goreobanious Manglyeo was born in Rivendell, but more importantly, he isn’t dead yet. His fears stemmed from a traumatic child experience in which he was jumped by chickens with beards. Was raised to speak Silvan and Sindarin alike. Had a happy child hood with the only problem being that he was short compared to his peers. Wears shoes with slight platform. Likes to read books and shoot arrows from his mother’s bow. Likes to enjoy his time with his friends, and often spends most of that time worrying about them. He mostly enjoys time alone, however, away from his mother to sit in a tree, looking at a waterfall near his house. He tries to possess every bit of knowledge he can find for fun. He currently lives in his mother’s home. Now in his “adolescence,” he aspires to become an adventurer despite his mother’s wishes.
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