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  1. I am biased in this name pick. @KaiserJacobIItheir option is obviously the best. Can't argue with that. But it apprently is too long, so CTBestTeam works just fine as well.
  2. What was your best gamer moment? Most cursed thing on LOTC? Why are we all here?
  3. Anything interesting happening lately that I'm missing out on?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Not much to my knowledge.


      just the same as usual ‘round here. Maybe some communities are having lots of cool stuff I don’t know about Idk

    2. MC_BreadStick


      Its... Its-.... is horrible

  4. Absolutely nothing to do with perms. The reason wondering souls can't see roleplay chats, is because people bought alt accounts just to spy on roleplay using a wondering soul account.
  5. snoopie12

    On Grass VIP

    I as well support this petition and sign.
  6. Hmm, that's a tough one, but I think that might be witnessing an IRP coup on Haelun'or months ago. I was a council member at the time, only for like 4 IRL days yet but okay. And then during a meeting, this massive group of people came in, fully armed, and they did an attempted coup. There were moderators and all to oversee it, and the roleplay surrounding it was pretty cool to go through. Even though the entire council was couped, I still enjoyed the roleplay. My biggest regret is also the thing I am most proud of. I sometimes regret joining staff and seeing the server from the staff side instead of the player side, sometimes I wish I just always had stayed a player. However, on the other hand, I never wanted to miss my amazing time on staff, the close friends I made along the way, the work we did, how we helped the server, that is what I am most proud of. Being part of a team, a family, and go into the fight together no matter what. And I am happy and proud of the team when I see them today, full of passion and eager to work. Oh god, eeehm. Falafels... or wait... maybe kefta, or falafels. No Kefta. Yes, Kefta is my final awnser. (I hope)
  7. I've never done one of those, but I guess there's a first time for everything. Ask me anything!
  8. Good morning everyone

    1. Crevel


      Cursed timeline

    2. snoopie12


      Best timeline

    3. AudTheOdd
  9. Please check out LOTC's Creative Archive: 


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