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  1. Yeeeet, Im excited to see what everyone is going to write.
  2. Biochemistry and Electrical Engineering, sounds like a smart bean Anyway nice to know you a bit and good to hear that you feel comfortable opening up to us
  3. The prizes are individual purchases and you don't need to first buy a 1 token prize before you can buy a 2 token prize. Just based on how many tokens you have, you may pick.
  4. Welcome to the next event put on by the Community Team: -=+Chicken Hunt! +=- Introduction Howdy citizens of Almaris! Some pesky chickens have stolen some precious tokens from us the Wilven Monks, and are carrying them in their beaks. The chickens have spread far and wide throughout the continent. If you could please retrieve these special tokens, you will be rewarded accordingly. How to participate Our Chicken hunt event pans out across several days. Everyone in Almaris has the chance to indulge in the fun of retrieving the lost monk tokens from the chickens! This event does not have scheduled times, but instead, it will occur randomly throughout the end of November. If you successfully catch a Chicken, it will drop you a token, which later on can be traded for nice prizes. Rules Just a few basic rules for this lovely event. Please make sure you follow them, else unfortunately you may be disqualified! You must down (not kill) the chicken. Pick them up right after so you can receive your token! You may participate as many times as you desire. The tokens may be exchanged on the 1st and 2nd of December for unique prizes. Staff members may participate so long as they don’t cheat. Prizes 1 Token Prizes - All seeds kit 2 Token Prizes - Starter tool kit 3 Token Prizes - Building material kit, or copper workstation tool kit Special thanks to @HogoBojo, @Ark , @BenjiBot_, @SorairoDays, @__TigerKitty__ and @snoopie12 for working on this project!
  5. snoopie12

    New 8.0 CT

    Monk suites here we come!
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    Hi there, as you can see your application has unfortunately been denied, check below for the detailed reasons why. - Unfortunately, your 24hr editing period has expired.. However, don’t fret; you are free to reapply immediately, just remember to edit and change all that is listed below ♥ Don’t worry though! You can submit a new application and try again right after, just make sure you correct the things listed! Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [ snoopie12#8195]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message snoopie12 to find me in game. If I’m not around, you can also use the LotC Discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F Also, I would recommend that you read over the wiki! WIKI
  8. Good night everyone, I hope ya all will get some good rest 🥰

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    Hi there! As you can see, your app is almost ready! Just a few changes you need to make, but don’t worry - you are doing great! Your Metagaming and Powergaming Definitions are incorrect. Please review our Wiki’s definitions and correct yours accordingly! I recommend including an example so I know you fully understand. Let me know if you need any help https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Metagaming_%26_Powergaming Your Character Biography states names as Almatalos, Elvenmoore and Raanora, however these have no lore or orgin on the server. And so you can not use those terms, please change this accordingly! Your Character Biography is missing some lore references! Please remember to include at least two! These can be major events, wars, religion, etc. Here are some links that may help you find some! https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Arcas https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Races https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Nations_and_Major_Charters Your Skin does not match your physical description. Please fix one You’ll be given 24 hours to correct the changes above. Once you are done correcting, please contact me! Whenever you are done, or have any questions, feel free to message me via the forums, or in-game with /message snoopie12! If I’m not around there, you can add me on discord at snoopie12#8195 If you still need help, make sure to check the wiki! WIKI If you need to contact me, or need help, you can join the LotC Discord here : https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F
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  12. Heya, I hope you all have a good day 🥰

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    Heya, welcome back!
  14. Part 4- Combat Roleplay INTRODUCTION Hello! The fourth video in this series is all about combat roleplay. In this video we will explain everything you need to know about combat roleplaying. This includes emoting, rolling, metagaming and powergaming. We purposefully did not go super in-depth on some parts, this because the intention of the video is that it will also be usefull and accurate in the future. If you have any feedback or any ideas for future videos, either in this series or not, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a DM! The finished video can be found here: CREDITS Script: @LotsOfMuffins, @Yagami, @TwistedFries, and @snoopie12! Voiceover: @FIXER957 Footage: @Tykeandy Graphics: @LotsOfMuffins Editing: @LotsOfMuffins
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