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    I am a halfling that was taken while I was still a young, I had wondered too far and had gotten kidnapped by some wondering men hoping to make a quick coin. I do not really remember my life before my kidnapping except that my mother had been pregnant and my father had been very playful with me. We would go on adventures and fly “He would pick me up and make whooshing sounds”. The men sold me left me to a strange gang. I was prettied up and told that I would never see my family again but that I would be given to a new one. I was a servant, after doing my normal duties I would sneak out at night and practice fighting with a tiny sword I found, which was probably a dagger of one of the men. I practiced nightly so that one day I may find my escape. My escape has finally arrived! I am almost free from this nightmare, Ive been here for 24 years and I have finally found a way to escape into a new start. The food crates that come in from the ocean are only checked once, I am going to hide into one of the apple crates once they have been check marked for the ship. The sea is dizzying, Ive been eating the apples as I dont know how far the journey will be... I hear lots of yelling now, I think ive made it to where ever the ship comes from. Im going to jump out an run when my crate gets moved. I dont think they were very happy to have a stowaway hehe. This new place though is much much greener than the bad place, I think the Green Lady favors here, Everyone seems so much happier...Im going to keep wondering for a while, maybe Ill find happiness again...a new start.....a new life.......
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