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    Talion's background starts at birth although he was born premature, in his early years of ages 5 – 7 he would take long walks with his father, one day he and his father were walking a path that was well known to their family when a group of Uruks jumped them and threw his father into a cage, his father told Talion to run home to his mother, everyday since then he swore to travel the countryside to find him (or his remains), then one day when he was 12 years of age he was in a fight , just as surprised as him his mother told him the story of how she and his father met, and a probable cause of why the Uruks took him, she told him that he needed to find his father for they were one of the generations who had that power. Talion from that point on studied how merchants would do their jobs and one type of job struck him, this was the job he wanted, no, needed to have to find his father, he was brought up as an apprentice by the Traveling Merchant, at age 20 he finally succeeded his master in the arts of bartering and soon would be forced to leave the house by his mother who lay sick in her bed,we see this young lad leave his homestead to find his father and in hope to cure his mother.
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