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  1. I’d understand if no mods are useable, but out of curiosity are there certain mods that are allowed to be used? Like if I were to use a mod like the JourneyMap mod, which lets you map out the world as you move around, and allows waypoints. Would that be useable?
  2. Upon hearing the news, of Korvassa’s loss, Deryk Vog would take his leave of the Bastille and head to the local Tavern, to drink and celebrate, even for a night.
  3. IGN: RenegadeWolf_ RP Name: Deryk Vog Events: Hunt
  4. So, two things came into my mind recently, those being: My character sure is getting old (60 something rn) What am I going to do when I have to off my self from the living due to that? So, I eventually realized that you could get rename tokens through voting, and unless they lock off permissions for age changing and stuff... Basically could I just make a persona/character over my old persona (ex- my current one), for whenever I have to kill off my characters due to age or death by battle, since I have decent amount of money saved plus my soul stone slots I wa
  5. Was wondering just now if people wanted a larger or smaller map size for the next map, assuming it gets changed again that is. I was just curious is all, and I suppose if anyone wants to say, put what they would look in a future map as well. In my opinion maybe a bit smaller map, though that’s about it from me. The biomes I’ve visited so far, as well as the ones I’ve seen on the map, are rather nice so that ends my side. What about the rest who reads this?
  6. Alrighty, I last stopped playing on the server a few months ago, at most I think January (maybe). And finally, I decided to hop back into the server just a bit ago. Now, I used to stay in Ves, in fact that was pretty much the only city that I RP’d really in. I log in, and it’s gone, or has been remodeled at least, so now my question is what happened?
  7. Damn, alright thank you. Based on how the place looked and how their culture was and the like, I was really hoping to visit it one day.
  8. Honestly, I’m “Fine” with Banditry, however, if possible, I would like it if players could get back “Some” of their items, such as maybe some of their food, a choice of weapon, a valued item, IDK. Bandits are of course a problem, but unless it gets out of hand (meaning Bandit attacks start rising seriously), then it something should be added to fix this, maybe like a cooldown for when you can do your next Bandit attack (Ex 1-3 in-game days, or a IRL day wait, IDK up to you). If I were to suggest something, maybe make a rule where Bandits and the people they are attacking have to /r
  9. So, occasionally, like I did today, I skim through the “Unaffiliated Settlements” part of the “Roleplay” Forum and the “Settlement” of the “Information & Guides” Forum, since beside enjoying the slight tranquility of being a Gate-Keeper, I tend to travel when off-duty. So, today, I saw a post introducing “The Vale of Eretine”, and since it seemed like an interesting place to explore, I tried contacting the person who made the post to see if I could get the location, since it wasn’t listed in the original post. Sadly, though, I was told that he didn’t play on LOTC anymore, and I didn't push
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