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    Freda was born in a loving home with five siblings and two parents whom were all wood elves. She had unnaturally light skin for a wood elf, which often worried her parents for no reason. Her siblings were all male, and were named Lin, Rei, Kerro, Milo and Kras. Her family was very religious, heavily believing in Cerridwen and Cernunnos. But as she grew older she grew distant from any sort of religion. She grew up and was homeschooled, which probably wasn’t the right thing for her. Since she was homeschooled, she didn’t have the chance to make some good friends. She did make one friend named Rose, but eventually grew distant. Her father would often take her out during breaks to teach her how to fight and hunt .Freda enjoyed the training, and would often sneak out of the house to train on her own. A few nights later when she snuck out, she was attacked by a wolf. Her brother, Kras, jumped in the way and saved her from the wolf by giving her time to run. After watching her brother’s face get torn open by a wolf, she decided it was time to leave home. Two weeks later, she had packed all her bags and left to go explore the world. To this day, Freda is still exploring and making new friends along the way.
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