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  1. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ TECH TEAM UPDATE FEBRUARY 2022 ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ ANNOUNCEMENTS Greetings! Currently the team has been working on many projects. Most noticeably, the rollback! FINALLY! The rollback for items lost on November 6th has been completed, all items can now be found in your Item Cache. To facilitate this, ender chests have been placed in each capital, independent settlement, and travel hub (in a generally central location). If you did not receive your items don’t hesitate to make a new /rbreq, just make sure your Item Cache has been emptied first. Ender chests and /rbreqs will be available for two weeks, after that we will be unable to assist people who are still missing items. Soulbound items: Hit 'Q' on them to 'drop them' out of the ender chest - they will reappear in your inventory. Are you interested in knowing more about what the tech team is working on? Fear no more, a new roadmap has been created on GitHub! All of our current and recently finished projects will be listed up there. Also, the tech discord is back up and running! You can join in on discussion for various projects here: https://discord.gg/HnXdaj3ZAU Finally, we are currently looking for Web Designers and/or Graphic Designers who may be interested in helping out with the Web Team. We aren’t necessarily looking for programmers, but rather people who are able to make web assets and design layout concepts. DM Llir#5410 on discord if you’re interested. CURRENT ROSTER https://www.lordofthecraft.net/staff/ ROSTER CHANGES @GodOfPie has joined the Java Team. @S1nnerVsSa1nts has joined the Web Team. @peachcool has became the Tech Secretary For the people wondering, the Tech Secretary helps keep the team organized by setting up meetings, making posts, and making sure there is clear communication between teams. Want to know more about upcoming projects? Join the discord: https://discord.gg/HnXdaj3ZAU Check out the Roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/Lord-of-the-Craft/projects/3 Cheers, Tech Team
  2. whats a tech secretary?

    1. VonAulus


      some rank in sea of thieves i think

    2. peachcool

    1. peachcool


      thank s god bless america

  4. hey its been 6 months are u diamond now?

    1. peachcool


      no ): stuck in gold

  5. "I wonder what would've happened if Green never married." Alpha Carrington pondered to herself before looking over some triangle charts about the stars or something.
  6. The Dame Carrington turned to take a final glimpse at Providence "You had a good run." she would comment to herself before she sauntered away. The elder lady began to speak aloud as if she were addressing the general himself. "I thought that we would both live forever, but your absence broke my imagination and I came to realize that it will soon be me to leave. Until then, rest in peace dear friend. I'll miss you." The letter she had was folded into her bookbag, a keepsake to remember her dearest friend.
  7. thanks for everything you've done for me and believing in me o7
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