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  1. I have 140k minas to waste on skins / art. HMU if ur interested.

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      peach told me to tell u guys u can also hmu if ur interested and she’ll pay for it 😄

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    Alpha sat on the cold floor in front of the empty fire place in her room chuckling to herself, she had repeated the words “Alexandra.” several times by now. Alpha laid on her stomach as she poked her finger at the dead fire, sparks erupted from her finger as a dim red glow shone from her eyes. A grin formed on Alpha’s features as she recalled the memories she had with the old man. “There’s only more to come!” she’d comment to herself as she twirled her hand around; Meanwhile the flames from her fingers would catch the coals on fire, creating a perfectly warm crackling fire for the night.
  5. Alpha delicately ran her fingers along her balcony railing; the cold touch making goosebumps run up her arm. The golden sun blinded her as she squinted down towards the crashing waters. “This is so incredibly boring.” she’d mumble to herself as she read the parchment.
  6. Alpha sat on her balcony, the feeling of cold wind brushed against a few drying tears as she read the letter. The sounds of crashing waves grew louder as the wind picked up. She’d idly take a sip of Mary Lucille’s- and her fathers favorite green wine as the all too familiar feeling swept over her. “To think it would end like this.” she’d comment to herself as she wrapped herself in a fur blanket – she’d look over Selm with a feeling of melancholy as she tossed the letter into the water below.
  7. This information has yet to be publicly shared in roleplay! Only people who are directly involved on either side may respond. Anyone who comments and is not directly involved will receive a warning for meta-gaming. If you have any questions please message Merqurie#6192 on discord.
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