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  1. When I first joined the staff vc you and @Heero were the first people I spoke to in another team u guys were great and u were really nice thank u
  2. The retired business lady, rested a hand on the side of tree as she took a break from wandering tirelessly through a somber forest. Alpha came across the letter written by her old friend, tears ran down her cold rosy cheeks as she read or maybe it was the condensation running down her face from the melting snow. "A toast to you!" The mad lady hummed through tears as she would raise an invisible glass into the sky, pretending it was green wine like her father once drank. "Maybe one day we will meet again." Alpha would comment quietly as she set off running again under the roof of the snowy fore
  3. Alpha Carrington's eyes wrinkled at the corners as she smiled down at the special invitation, a large wedding dress sat in her lap as she perfected it. "Exciting.." the aging lady commented to herself as she continued to work.
  4. Lydia took a seat in the library to fill out the registry. Name: Lydia Edvardsson Year of Birth: 1764 Clan: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Daughter of Caedric I Edvardsson
  5. Carrington & Co. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrgmdOz227I&ab_channel=TheBeatles-Topic The 12th of the Sun's Smile, 1792 It is with a heavy heart that I am writing you this letter today. I am writing to officially quell the rumors and let you all know that I’m saying goodbye to Carrington & Co. The company has brought joy and grief to my family over the years. Abandoned by my fathers, my sisters, and now by me. Everything must come to an end. I bid farewell to everyone who has worked with the company (or even against), I thank you for e
  6. I'll give mina to anyone who wants to make me art or skins or even stickmen 
    I have like 130k+ so name ur price idc

    1. _pr0fit


      I'll make you art if you spawn in mina for me in Almaris

    2. MadOne


      I'll make stickmen! Give me mina. 

    3. Gemini


      Gib all mina 

  7. I have 140k minas to waste on skins / art. HMU if ur interested.

    1. devvy


      peach told me to tell u guys u can also hmu if ur interested and she’ll pay for it 😄

  8. oh my goodness! its so cute
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