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  1. Wargoth Munkizh'Gorkil flutters his eyelashes as he daydreams about frolicking about in his elf-hide dress! "MUNKIZH EGZPEKTZ UNLEH DAH BUB'HOZHEZT KWALITEE DREZZ TWIGGEHZ! NUB BII LAZEE ZKAAHERZ!"
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    Dungar was born a clanless child. He was the son of two exiles who were believed to be Orenian sympathizers, and these exiles ended up leaving Dungar by himself in the orc city of Krugmar. This caused Dungar to harbor hatred for pinkehs due to them being the cause of his parents’ betrayal. The whereabouts of his parents remain unknown, but are believed to be dead. Despite being the son of exiles, the orcs decided to give him a chance due to Dungar not being a weakling. The community took care of Dungar and families would often invite him in their activities of rearing children. One of these ac
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