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  1. "As long as Zhot'Rax carries the title of Rex, there shall be no war. As long as Zhot'Rax carries the title of Rex, the struggle for survival will not continue." Zhot'Rax mumbled, smiling down upon his people.
  2. THE GOLDEN REX MUSIC : [!] A mandate was spread around to the people of Krugmar and their allies. Those who dwell in San’Velku could find a statue of pure gold standing atop the throne. Upon closer inspection, it could be clearly recognized as Rex Zhot’Rax - holding up both of his arms to show off his massive biceps, a proud smile plastered upon his face. The orc would have remained proud and strong till the end. Up until my duel with Rex Akila’Lur, the Orcs of Krugmar struggled for self-preservation. Krug’s children were on the brink of
  3. I'm glad to have you in krug homie, a honest and immense help
  4. MC Name: MASOURI AND MICKAELHZ RP Name: REX ZHOT'RAX AND BAZUR RP Group name (if you have one): KRUG MOJOMANZAZ Talent(s) Name: MOJOMANZY Discord: Mickaelhz#1445
  5. Making orc/goblin skins for free for people who wanna join me in Krugmar. discord is Mickaelhz#1445

    1. Lionbileti


      You are a goblin irl 

    2. Laeonathan


      goblin in goblinland

    3. _pr0fit


      Can you make me an orc skin that looks like my current character but older, he's a human btw

  6. How do i skip npc dialogue

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nug


      swing minecraft sword aggressively until it is quiet

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      calling PvP skips most nation guard NPC scripts

    4. Sorcerio



  7. Deal signed, conflict resolved
  8. "Took em long 'nuf." Utak Ireheart grumbled as he sat in the tavern below the ashwood tree, listening to some random elf reading about the clan for him. "N' den Yemekar said, let dere be hope."
  9. PRAISE UBLULHAR. A NEW BEGINNING. The spirits have blessed us with a new goi, Velkumezt showed us their hammer and gave us a goi worthy of Krug’s name. Rex Zhot’Rax called upon Ublulhar in praises in hopes of making Krugmar what it once was. Krug’s kind shall now be on it’s way to greatness once more, BUT FIRST WE FEAST. REX ZHOT’RAX HEREBY SUMMONS ALL OF KRUG’S KIND, THEIR ALLIES AND TRIBUTARIES TO HIS HALLS TO FEAST WITH HIM IN UBLULHAR’S NAME, FOR A NEW ERA OF ORCISH PROSPERITY IS UPON US. Special invitations were sent to the allies and frien
  10. REX ZHOT’S DEMANDS [!] A final list of demands reaches the Sea Prince and his council. [!] Bazur guided a diplomat from The Crown of Elvenesse into the heart of San’Velku. The Crown of Elvenesse shall….. Officially become a tributionary of The War Nation of Krugmar. They will pay 250 minas per cactus week to Coin’Clekta’Raguk in support of the revival of The War Nation of Krugmar. Pay 3000 minas to Coin’Clekta’Raguk for the failed attempted assassination of Rex Zhot’Rax. Unbanish all of Krugkind from their lan
  11. Grubomanca Rising Rex Zhot’Rax swung his blade in front of him, flinging the blood from it's coated edges and breathing in the pungent smell of death. “LATZ. PIG UP DUH RUHMAYNIN’ TWIGGIEZ. WI BI GRUBBIN’ HOZH DIZ TIK,” he’d bellow, his voice echoing throughout the forest as the final sounds of battle came to a stand still. The large group marched through the front gates, the last breathing elves from the battle chained and whimpering behind. “KOME TU DA POT LATZ. MI WUNTZ TU GRUB!” Zhot shouted as cheers erupted from his warband. He led the group of 10 deep
  12. A busy crowd stood in the heart of Krugmar, one with a keen eye could notice not only the Rex's personal scribe but also his chef, Grubomanca’Rax. “Grubogobbo, mi wuntz latz finezt twiggeh zoup.” Rex Zhot mumbled before taking out a green cigar and putting it into his mouth. The blue orc then let out a hearty chuckle as he went to pat his goblin companion on the back. The goblin with a chef hat eagerly nodded, hastily starting to flip pages in his cryptic cooking book. “Yub yub, lat expekt vizitorz?” They asked as they looked up from the picture-book. “Da
  13. Codes of Krug Might Makes Right: Martial ability rules in Krugmar. Any decision, action or opinion can be opposed and changed by the Honour Klomp. For someone to refuse an honour klomp and continue life un-changed would be dishonourable and a sign of significant weakness. Stick to your word: An Orc who promises to do something with another Orc must uphold their promise, unless given permission from those that they promised to make an exception. None Orcs and the weak are, however, allowed to be lied to. Insults are a challenge to combat: For anyone
  14. "Why would i want women swooning over me?" mutters Big Tony as he stares into a mirror, scrunching up his nose. "Yuck."
  15. THE TREATY OF THE HONOR BOUND II Issued 11th of Malin’s Welcome, year 14 of The Second Age PREAMBLE In the wake of trouble stirring upon the continent of Nyrheim those honorable world powers, the Kingdom of Norland and War Nation of Krugmar, henceforth referred to as the signatories, have deemed it appropriate to combine their spheres of influence to maintain law and order within the western half of the continent. This pact shall last exactly 15 years at which time the signatories may choose to renew it. ARTICLES: I.TERRITORIAL DEFENSE PACT II.INFRASTRUCTU
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