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  1. Caius Mareno signs the pact that was writen during a personal, candle lit dinner between the Prince of Renatus and the March of Myrine. "So listen right, Valentin, have you ever heard the tale of the ant and the grashopper?"
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    Shine on @Panashea response to https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/223078-if-were-going-to-pvp-can-it-at-least-be-fair STATEMENT FROM MY LAWYER : https://streamable.com/dgpemu Dear members of the Lord of The Craft Minecraft “”Roleplay”” community, I am writing to address recent allegations of glitch abuse that have been made against me by the lying glow believers. These accusations are unfounded and without merit, and I strongly deny any wrongdoing. I don’t recall using any glowing items in minecraft… - and especially not during the time the “Decisive Malinorian Victory” video was made (I was on break then). Given the serious nature of these allegations, I have chosen to seek the guidance of legal counsel. My lawyer has prepared a statement on my behalf, which thoroughly and comprehensively addresses these allegations and provides a detailed defense of my actions. I respectfully request that you refer to the statement of my lawyer for a complete and accurate understanding of my position in this matter. I appreciate your understanding and your consideration of the facts presented in my lawyer's statement. Thank you for your time and attention. Sincerely, Mickaelhz of the R.G.A. (Reiver gang association), creator of THE FERRYMEN, professor at the Beeboon university of Oslo and law abiding citizen. P.S @Panashea what did I ever do to you? You slander me in a post accusing people of oocly targetting orcs (praying on their downfall) but the screenshots you link are you roleplaying in a city i (me mickaelhz) built for the orcs. Hash out your issues with me on discord. Oh and spell my name right, ref to discord : Mickael#6347
  3. More Roses Auction Normal auction rules apply By popular demand we decided to do another auction! The same auction rules as before apply. Anyone who isn’t bought out will die in 2 Saint’s hours. What happens with the purchased beings after the deal is sealed is none of our responsibility. Send your offers via bird to “Cai”. [(ooc: Mickaelhz)] Minimum bid is 250 minas. Minimum increment is 50 minas. Buyout is 2000 minas. Buyout one, get one free Lady Adelia Darkwood - 250 Ruby Marshall - 250 Princess Augustina - 1200 Lady Elizabeth - 600 Anne Josephine - 2000 Muire - 0 Anna von Provins - 550 NEW OFFER : KING OF AAUN (3K buyout)
  4. good luck, have fun Whenever you're a quadriollionaire jillionaire cuz u did well in college. remember, you're minecraft gang affiliated
  5. We don't negotiate with terrorists.
  6. ᛚᛁᚷᚺᛏᚾᛁᛜ BY STORM ᛏᚺᚢᚾᛞᛖᚱ Chronicles of New Skavia vol. I Year 1 of the Skavik Invasion “Walk it off, it’s but a flesh wound.” - Olaf Bouldersson In recent years, large hoards of Northmen were seen pillaging snowy cities and ruthlessly spilling blood by the gallon. Survivors have been telling tales of serpent gods, bloodied axes and splintered skulls. The grapevine claims a troop of men were seen entering a city empty-handed, and foreign chants were heard as they ran back out with piles of shimmering gold on their colorful shields. These events bring up but one question: “Which shoulder should I look over as I’m traveling North?”. The answer is both. 1. Red Crow Square It was a bitter night for the fugitives of old Skavia. They had only just landed on unfamiliar soil after a craggy voyage at sea and the elders were already putting the holumenn back to work. They quickly forged an encampment on the shore out of their sails and nearby trees. Members of a cunning family within the Skavik known as the Fangssons were sent out to look for food, supplies, and groups to be stolen from. They quickly came running back with a list of places that could provide valuable resources to help the icemen settle. On the top of that list was Haense, noted as follows: ‘Haense | 493 steps North, 40 steps East | Wine & Cheese’ A simple house may be made of stone and wood, but wine and cheese have been proven to be a luxury that makes warriors feel truly at home. Thus began the quest for dinner and drink. Haense was hosting what seemed like a festival dedicated to just cheese and wine. The entire city was beautifully decorated with bright banners and enchanting music was echoing through their colorful streets. There were goats being milked on the right of the square and people squishing grapes with their bare feet on the left, yet plain in the middle were 270 of the warriors standing strong despite their hunger. The music initially performed was quickly obscured by the deep rumbles from numerous horns before orders began to be screamed from a below average-sized, cheeky man. “Lissen, lissen, cooperate and nobody will be hurt! Just make a nice little line in the square, act as if we’re about to start a traditional folk dance. Put a smile on!” ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ Made to stand in lines of two. Bells of bronze ring out for you! A single coin decides your fate- Pray to gods your soul will stay ♬ ♫ ♩ ♪ The festival-goers cooperated smoothly for the most part. Those who didn’t were killed and ended up in the center of the city anyways. Leftover warriors who were not guiding the festival-goers were now knocking down doors and shattering windows, dragging sheltered civilians who didn’t seem to care much about wine and cheese towards the square to join the others. “Cheer up a bit, it’s a festival! Let’s do some drinking and gambling!” At that, the Skavik started plundering pockets of the hostages and filling their drinking horns with as much wine as they could, usually to the point where excess wine would be spilled on the floor. When their thirst was sated, every citizen in the square of the kingdom was assigned a number: one or two. At the flip of a coin, half of them would relentlessly have their throats slit. A distant bell would sound from the entrance of the city while in the square, screaming struck like lightning, and tears flowed like rain. A large force of soldiers mustering in the city quickly realized that these foreigners were not ordinary raiders, but a breed unlike anything that Almaris had seen before. The hostages understood that if they continued to play along with the Skavik antics, that they likely would have ended up dead, so a lackluster plan was quickly devised. ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ Close your eyes, Take a breath! Feel sharp swords.. within your neck! It seems your guards, They came too late. What a shame.. upon this day!~ ♬ ♫ ♩ ♪ The remaining hostages would flee to the group of soldiers and those that were fit enough were given weapons to defend themselves. The Skavik, now trapped as they were surrounded by soldiers and walls, would have a brave warrior step atop a pile of throat-cut bodies before they yelled out. “WE’RE NOT TRAPPED INSIDE OF HERE WITH YOU, YOU’RE TRAPPED INSIDE OF HERE WITH US!” Both sides stared at each other as a few moments filled with silence passed until the Haeseni soldiers began to flee to their barracks. The thunderlike clashing of steel soon began to fill the city as the floor would soon begin to be stained with red ichor. The thick bear, wolf, and boar pelts worn by the Skavik seemingly gave them their strength as by the end not a single Skavik warrior had been killed while the opposing army was quickly slain. The streets that were previously decorated with garlands and flags, were now littered with the lifeless bodies of soldiers, women and children alike. Two survivors were captured and brought far outside of their homeland, made to sit in the numbing snow. ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ Pools of red stain the ground- Screams are silenced quickly now! Only two with bounded hands, barely made it out of there! ♬ ♫ ♩ ♪ “You are tasked to tell our tale, to keep our venerous endeavors fresh in the mind of your peers. 300 lives taken, over but wine and cheese.” The two’s hands were forcefully bound and from their four eyes, all but one were taken, to not only send a message but to ensure that they could make it back to tell the tale. ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ And that’s the tale From snowy Haense! The Slaughter of Red Crow Square. ♬ ♫ ♩ ♪ 2. Tale of Handy Coincidence On the same night as Red Crow Square, the Skavik ventured further inland towards the west. They went deeper into the barren tundra, trudging through snow-paved roads. Accompanied by a disgruntled citizen of the lands, they would then stumble upon a city with walls so tall that they could barely see where they ended. A few of their warriors had known of this city before from when they attempted to make an entrance into the city the day before under peaceful pretenses but were denied entry. On this occasion, the Skavik had reached the front gates but nobody had been present. Seeking entry into the city, the band had patrolled around the outskirts to find an entry. They would eventually stumble across a cavernous inlet which they trekked into. After navigating its depths, they would finally find a narrow outlet that took them into the city behind the temple. With their weapons sheathed, they would stroll from the temple towards the front gate. As they walked, they would find citizens who wore pelts and drank mead, much like the travelers themselves. Despite the nostalgia, they knew that it being the middle of the night would mean that the tavern was bustling with life which meant more loot to take. As the Skavik band drew their weapons, they would storm into the tavern - quickly identifying two groups to corner. The ethnic group, consisting of two dark-skinned merchants, offered payment to our warriors for passage out of the tavern which was accepted. The other group, which was larger, were seated around a well-dressed looking man. The man, seeing a threat to his life, quickly flicked a switch to a contraption that extended a trapdoor below them, allowing a woman next to him to flee but he himself would not have the chance to as he was quickly pinned to the floor and knocked out before being bound together with rope to prevent an escape. The Skavik dragged him outside the city and sailed them to a great longboat, where he awoke and found himself surrounded by many Skavik warriors and an extraordinary amount of wine and cheese that had been collected by the Skavik in their previous raid. “Egil! This man looked at me as if he didn’t believe I could cave in his skull.” Egil Ormsson, the leader of the Skavik, then slithered his way through the crowd, accompanied by one of his most loyal men, Leitseig Thorrmir Von Arichsdorf. This companion quickly identified the captive as a royal figure from the North, a king by the name of Odin. “Brilliant, simply brilliant. We didn’t even have to go looking for him! Egil, this is the King of Norland, the second major city up North.” The Skavik then proceeded to mock and taunt the poor individual, throwing food and drinks at him as they loudly spitballed about what to do with this important figure. “Shave his head!” “Take his legs and make him swim back!” “Throw him to the snakes!” The Skavik chieftain then spoke up to break the shouting. He demanded that King Odin lose his right hand as to symbolically take away his eminent power over the lands up North. As was commanded, in a matter of minutes King Odin’s right hand would be separated from his body before he was unceremoniously delivered home alive. King Odin’s hand now serves as a relic carefully kept by the Skavik chieftain. Hung from a golden necklace, the hand is now used by the Skavik as proof of their claim that they hold authority over the North of Almaris.
  7. Egil Ormsson goes below deck for but a moment and couldn't help but notice a hunchbacked man covered in mud hiding in his ship. "Part of the ship, part of the crew." He welcomingly said.
  8. Mickaelhz


    ᛏᚺᛖ ᚲᛚᚨᚾ ᛟᚠ ᛊᚲᚨᚢᛁᚲ THE SKAVIK CLAN “Nothing to lose, nothing to fear. Oh men o’ mine, a new era is here” - Egil Ormsson BACKGROUND The Skavik are a clan of fearless warriors, descending from simple farmers, woodcutters and fishermen. They stumbled upon this prosperous land as a result of their motherland’s deterioration, later described as “The Fall of Skavia”. Their fishing rivers turned to ice and their thriving farmland was touched by permafrost after a seemingly-endless blizzard took over their land by storm. This horrible event forced The Skavik to mount their longships and head for different shores. CULTURES & TRADITIONS The men and women of Skavia are naturally superstitious, and hold their traditions with very high regard. Both urban myths and legends play a heavy hand in their culture, stories and tales of fantasy passed from grandfather, to father, to son, moving in perpetuity throughout each newborn generation. Curses and prophecies are often used to explain the unexplainable. Alongside these stories of the past, knowledge of the blade is highly respected amongst the Skavik people, and even tightly winds into the religion of the northern-blooded flock. ᛊᚨᚷᚨ ᛊᛏᛖᛖᛚ SAGA STEEL [!] Arne Egilsson duking it out with a peasant over 5 pieces of gold and an egg. The men and women of the Skavik clan are known for their ferocity in battle, but many a foe of the foreign warmongers have noted that these northern warriors tend to carry a secondary, continuously sheathed blade during their raids of whichever capital has caught their eye. This weapon, amongst the Skavik people, is known as ‘Saga Steel’. It is an ornamental weapon which almost never leaves the sheath that houses it, and only does so when a moment is of great importance. This blade is engraved with runic lettering, and sometimes even colourfully painted. It most commonly tells of the momentous achievements of the one who wields it. It is believed among Skavik that if they die in battle with their Saga Steel in hand, it can be used as proof of their stories in the afterlife upon reaching the Hall of The Fallen. Yet if the Skavik receives a proper funeral without the ornamental blade present, their legacy will vanish from the mind of even their closest of friends. Hence it is of utmost importance that the blade is retrieved from the battlefield alongside the body of the fallen Skavik. Reclaiming a long-lost, stolen Saga Steel for an old, deceased friend is seen as the greatest act of kindness and respect imaginable within Skavik culture. This tradition is the leading cause for generations worth of blood-grudges. ᚨᚾᚲᛖᛊᛏᛟᚱ ᚨᛖᚷᛁᛊ FOREBEAR’S SHIELD Due to the rapid coming and passing of Skavik life they respect nothing more than veteranism within the clan. Warriors with unbelievable track records are thus sung and written about until there are ears no more. Some Skavik even dedicate months of their time to painting or carving heroic scenes of their favourite kill-collector on considerably large, rectangular shields. These decorated shields are then brought along to major battles to remind their opponents of strictly the fiercest Skavik’s tales. ᛒᛚᛟᛟᛞ ᛈᛁᛏ BLOOD PIT There is a newer tradition amongst Skavik and their kinsman, born out of the untimely demolition of their home and many of their peoples. This tradition is marked by its characteristically esoteric views on the flows of life. In Skavic culture there is an unusual fixation around blood, as it is viewed as the penultimate currency of life. Blood brings life, and is the pure unfiltered essence of one’s being and existence. In every settlement or landing that the Skavic establish in their travels, an oddly shaped bowl is dug from the ground and then, gruesomely in the eyes of other folk, filled with the drained blood of dead Skavic and denizens of Almaris alike. This pit serves two purposes: the first being that it is a depository for the essence of life the Skavik have swiped away from others, and the second being the pit functioning as a way to connect with the ancient ancestry of the Skavic through their life essence. The pit is utilised in two ceremonies: of life and of death. Skaviks, upon coming of age at eighteen, are baptised in the blood of the fallen in the hopes to imbue them with the strength of those who’ve long since passed. ᛏᚺᛖ ᛊᚺᛁᛈ THE SHIP In Skavik culture, being bestowed a ship is the highest honour that one can possibly achieve. Only those who put to death mountains of foes, or prove their mettle in great displays of combat prowess, may be considered for this honour. Once caught in the jaws of death, those Skavik men in the possession of a ship may pass into the greater circle in their afterlife, and if not, are left to suffer as lesser people. It is said that the Skavik man their ships once slain, marking the beginning of a new journey into the outer circle, so long as they also bear proof of their tales in life. This proof is typically submitted through proof within saga steel, which ought to have seen the better half of the Skavik man’s life, likely a sword that has massacred hundreds, or a banner that has planted deep within foreign soil; signs of conquest, and other tales that come with. Not only does a ship grant a superior passage into the afterlife, it is also a show of superiority while living, proving that they are worthy of carrying out raids of their own, and filling their ship with Skavik raiders - to command, conquer and reap. Ships of the Skavik are typically adorned with great wooden carvings, displaying chronicles of the captain, or brandishing legends of Skavik history, and culture. Hundreds of ornamented shields line portside, alongside banners that have been captured, or sown from the tales of yore. Without a ship, one never lived to be truly Skavik, hence to die in battle without a ship, is for you to submit as a lesser - ashes of the man will be scattered in the ocean, and forgotten. ᚠᛟᛖ ᚺᛁᛞᛖ FOE’S HIDE [!] Hjalmar Ivarsson facing his to-be fashion statement piece. The pelts of animals are more than mundane trophies in Skavik Culture. They invoke meaning, and it is rumoured that they bring good fortune, and in some cases - powers. Even for the young, pelts are held in high favour within the Clan, and it is expected that younger teens bring down their first beast before they enter adulthood. They might slay a wildcat, wrapping the moosy pelt around their shoulders and be under the impression of supplementary agility, or extra luck when dice are rolled - after all, cats are willed nine lives. Though, a wildcat will not amass the respect, or desired power of their family, or other clansmen. Only the mighty carry great bear pelts around their shoulders, being empowered with pronounced strength. And only those with wits to catch a wily fox, may don their pelts, and be empowered with intellect. And only those who move like the wind may don the pelt of a slain wolf, whose agility overpowers many - to be empowered with its agility. The greater strength of the animal, dictates the potency of the pelt, and determines the might of its hunter. ᚱᛖᛞ ᚹᛖᛞᛞᛁᛜ RED WEDDING Weddings of Red brings spirit to the clansmen of the Skavik. They are not like other weddings, where two engaged, stand in a dimly lit church, enshrouded by the skewed light of a stained window. No, those of Skavik may only ascend into matrimony at the sacrifice of another. To unite two in engagement, a trophy must be bestowed to a desired partner - it could be a golden chalice, reaped from a bountiful raid, or a looted sword, from a famed warrior. To offer a dull prize is to permanently insult the partner, and turn their heels forever. When engaged however, the tribulations do not halt there, and a red wedding must be planned - a gala that stains the cobbles of cities with blood, and terror. To commend a red wedding, a raid must be pursued on a suitable country, and the Skavik couple must both live till the end, and reign victorious. At the raid’s zenith, the mightiest defender must be captured and brought to the city square, so the ceremony may begin. Vows are exchanged, and pelts are wrapped around the joined hands of the to-be wed. All of this is done as the defender’s head is positioned between cobbles, and the steel boot of the groom, until alas the final vows are uttered and the skull of the defender is cracked under the man’s cold boot. This sacrifice ensures that the unified couple's wedding is sealed by strength, and prosperity - to last, till death do they part. ooc and contact info :
  9. Better Call Mickaelhz Hey friends, the main cause of sleep deprivation in people between the ages 13 and 30 speaking here. As all the other rep farms on this topic have stated, two of my dear friends have been banned. These are two players that I’ve spent a lot of time around and I was honestly quite surprised when I heard they got banned for toxicity. This post will not be me getting on my knees to get my friends unbanned, but rather publicize some knowledge that not everyone has access to in order to correct the narrative put forward by administration. Twi and Ryan are just two people that wanted to have fun with their friends on minecraft, not two evil monsters that bullied people off of the server. This post was not made to villainize administration, I am completely for their efforts of trying to make the server a better place and I wholeheartedly want to believe they are acting out of good faith and for the wellbeing of the server. Therefore, I will personally flag any comments on this thread that contain any toxicity towards administration so they may be handled by moderation accordingly. I do this strictly to promote clear and honest communication instead of a witch hunt. Before making this post I allowed Twi and Ryan to explain themselves to me as I’ve made it clear to them that I won’t stand for major toxicity coming from anyone who associates with myself or any groups I associate with. Now, I would like to say that this entire situation could’ve been prevented if there was clearer communication between administration and nation leaders, since according to Twi and Ryan there has never been a black-on-white warning about their behavior during the “several months” that squakhawk claims twi was terrorizing playerbases for. If the administration wants to suddenly crack down on ooc politics and NL attitude on LOTC you would think they’d have a down to earth conversation with community leaders before handing out bans. Now let’s go over this public statement made by the administration regarding the ban. I will refrain from demanding proof out of respect for the people who made the report. I highlighted everything I disagree with. In short : we’re a tiny minecraft community just talk to them. If you want to ban people because you don’t like them, just be honest about it instead of spinning a narrative to make them seem like bad people. I understand that the administration might be too prideful to retract official statements but please don't satanize Twi & Ryan. Where was all this community care when the high elves forced snow elves to wear gold stars and live in tiny hutts? Such a loving community of kind hearted individuals & victims of ooc terror. On an ending note, I believe administration brought up an important issue with the LOTCtm culture.. but banning community leaders without warning isn’t the right solution. If the administration actually cares about finding a solution to this greater problem, this is my business card. I know a thing or two about wars/leading nations/conflict and can provide valuable insights (smile). - Your loving friend, Mickaelhz (always here for you)
  10. If you believe in Allah put this on 5 discord server. Don't just ignore this because it says in the Quran if you deny him, he will deny you in front of his son in the gates of paradise. This is the simplest test. If you love Allah and you are not ashamed of it, copy and paste it on 5 discord server

  11. Don't even talk to me unless you can pour out a [★★★] Ferrymead right now...
  12. Heard you're back, welcome back.

  13. I found this cool stream about fish i hope you guys like it : ) My favorite fish is the purple one that looks like he has a nose he looks very funny and kinda like a nose monkey but a fish and i like monkeys this stream says that it : • Help with stress management • Lower blood pressure • Reduces anxiety • Sleep better • Promotes positivity • Improves mental healthfor Meditation Relaxation Sleep White Noise for Sleep coral and i thought u guys might need it Leave a comment on this post about your favorite fish if you find any fish you like. fish fact: Did you know that starfish aren't fish? also add me on discord for more fish facts: Who#5878 PS: Argentina is going great, just worked 12 hours for 12 Argentinian Pesos (that's almost half a chocolate bar) - your friend, Mickaelhz from Argentina with the fish
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