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  1. “The right decision, at last.” Nodded Utak Ireheart, looking up at the sky in an attempt to reach a different King of Haense. “A bright future is ahead of us, comrade of the dwarves”
  2. @Pancakehz @sneLf @Thornz @Cya

    @Lucahz if you read this you are stupid and dumb and you have a big nose or an egg head i hate u all.

  3. IGN: Mickaelhz Category: Artwork Artwork: It’s spooky season!
  4. Mickaelhz

    The Hound.

    Daqcaer Sugarfoot sits at a tree, thinking about the times of road wars and massive skirmishes more than 2 human lives away. A blue bandana rested on his lap, a soft sigh escaped his mouth as he stared at the roads in the distance, which were barred by invisible barriers. “Nothing to steal, nothing to kill, nothing to gain and a waste of the time i have left. There has not been a real threat on the roads since Mah’r vanished and Lonan passed ‘way. Gaurdforces in modern society are only there to keep the water wet.” says the graying halfling.
  5. Congrats on ur promotion Telanir, hope you do amazingly.
  6. “Pick a fight worthy of fighting, your kind will only know victory over those who have crumbled before Urguan years prior.” says a greying dwarf, sitting in the Utak-Ireheart-Left-Arm-Memorial-Nightclub, located next to Krugmar.
  7. I agree man, before i could excuse it because the TPS was rat and the server was laggy, but now that the server is back on track people should start up the fun things again... realize there’s more to lotc than sitting around a campfire or a table talking about the next time you can have a walk on the beach together.
  8. That mentality coming from a single bad experience with a player who’s probably banned already doesn’t give you the right to generalize the entire bandit community. Also if you go into a banditting situation with that mindset it should come as no suprise that you get upset. Since you were already prepared to be annoyed. Lastly, what you’re talking about isn’t a a reason why the rules on villainy should be stricter... you’re talking about an attitude/behaviour issue.
  9. LOTC on peaceful mode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See, I'm not the smartest dude but these new conflict rules are rat. It’s not rocket science. In the past, I lead mostly conflict based groups and when i made a group that was centered around conflict i had a 60 man rally in a week… which is more than most nations. This proves quite a few people love conflict. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, recently a new set of rules were put in place, and with this some exciting new conflict rules too. Before i say anything, it’s important to know that i was a big face in the bandit scene and that banditting has been dead for about a year and a half now. The new conflict rules are bigger fun-killers than dingo’s eventline and yet no-one’s complaining about them. A bunch of friends and I were preparing to start banditting again next map, seeing as the art has been left in the dark for ages.. praying for some conflict rules that wouldn’t cuck us for once. The rules got announced and completely prevent any sort of road conflict that would be impactful in any way shape or form. Here’s why; First of all — and probably my biggest issue with the new rules — the rules were altered so that any villainous action on an entire tile will be considered a raid. Even though sometimes this is 200-300 blocks away from the closest city, it will still put the entire tile, city included, on cooldown. The entire point of banditting is to force nations to build powerful militaries so that they can keep the roads clean. People make pacts, legions have stuff to do and there’s an actual reason to have a militairy. I was the main military leader of Urguan, leader of the Hangmen and i’ve never felt the actual need to train my people on more than standing in a line and shouting “aruu”. There is now no physical threat as the roads are empty. Now, I'm sorry for rambling a bit I’m just chimping about these rules, but hear me out. I dont want to hear the excuse of “just start a war and work with the other nation leader to make some fun conflict rules : D!” I’ve been involved in quite a few war chats, leadership talks, and was the leader of the last coalition that was fighting against Oren. THE GIVE AND TAKE MENTALITY WORKS EXACTLY 0% OF THE TIME. When discussing terms, skirmish dates, raid rules, anything war related.. it always comes down to both sides going full gorilla mode baiting each-other for a funny screenshot prior to moderation giving a set verdict. A war between the 2 ENORMOUS groups ( Warclaim numbers were 127 oreners and 152 people my side rallied) was defaulted to basic raid rules and banditting rules. sooo…. 10 man raid cap in a 300 player war. So, it was already bad, but now moderation wants to test some new rules. Nothing can be tested because no-one wants to bother with the burden that is dealing with these rat rules.. so who’s testing them? like i said.. lotc on peaceful mode. Ok enough time spent just typing, time to bring some structure into this. Here’s what i think are the main fixes that the rules should get. Banditting / villainous activity shouldn’t put a tile-wide cooldown, if it’s done within proximity of the city sure. However, in my experience during wars people just bait a cooldown and feel safe for the next couple of days even though they’re 500 blocks away from the city, but still in the tile. I get that it’s minecraft and people shouldn’t be bullied off the server by bandits camping infront of their city 24/7 but when there’s a world war going on i think it’s stupid that people can have a villainy-proof cloud temple safezone of 1000x1000 around their main rp hubs for 24 hours cause Mark2282 and BB00N killed a single peasant. Continuously attacking the same nation/settlement/lair immediately following cooldown expiration while out of wartime may result in increased cooldown times at the discretion of Moderation and punishment on the raiding party for violations of our Roleplay Standards. What in mama mia’s name does this have to do with roleplay standards? This rule is entirely up to interpretation of what “immediately” is. This only helps the stressful stalling that is war, it only helps rule benders and people who take this game wayyyyy too seriously. if people believe they are raided too often / banditted too often, instead of taking it to a mod manager, maybe they should take it to their leaders in roleplay and look for a solution together, some better gates or adjust their route when travelling between cities to avoid common bandit spots. I applaud the old Renatians for this — when we banditted the roads we were always sure we’d get a fight since they had an active and strong guardforce who were trained to try anything they could to make sure their roads were clean. This is why bandit rp should exist. not because i miss combat loggers, not because i miss my noob times but because i miss seeing competent military leaders come up with smart ideas to keep their people safe. Thank you. If needed, i’ll even personally train military leaders and nations leaders on what to do against banditting. Slowly trying to ban the act is not what the server should be going towards. Let me sketch a scenario for you to wrap this lazily written post up. You’re enjoying your time banditting the roads to Urguan with 4 other friends (5 total) before a halfling in a wheelchair and 5 golems (6 total) come to stop you. with the new rules you can be locked in an 11 player CRP session (since pvp default is 12 now) facing 5 golems and hey maybe the halfling an air bender water bender whatever. After hours of typing emotes hoping that they don’t call you out for power gaming.. you lose and now have to wait (5 times 12 hours because u had 5 dudes) 60 hours before you can give another shot at beating them. Yeh.. not a fan… i’d rather roleplay around a campfire hoping noone comes in and tries to take the 2 ST-signed items i have in my inventory who were handed to me by the local pocket st. Before you respond to this post, this is not me whining about losing something i loved, this is me trying to show you what impact good road villainy could have and what follows out of it. Medieval roads shouldn’t be safe highways between happy hippie dens. If you want me to prove bandits can be good, i was able to keep 240+ people from putting a raid cooldown on Oren for weeks, give only me and my group decent banditry rules for next map (you can take it away when the social experiment fails) and i’ll show you it won’t lead to the server lighting on fire and the player count dropping to 5. I’ll even report anything i do to moderation. @whoevercoulddothisforme Please before the new map starts, consider that noone testing the new raid rules isn’t a good thing and conflict on a medieval rp server is more than essential. Yours truly, Mickaelhz
  10. i made this list comparing people to me and ngl u wouldve been higher cuz i like u if you didnt fall into that water that one time.
  11. Well done data chart

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      thanks i have my sources

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