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  1. Why r u blacklisted from mynebor, i thought u guys were some kinda happy family.
  2. “Llyria all over again.” The King of the dwarves grumbles.
  3. Got me feeling kinda inspired to make one.
  4. RP Name: Utak Ireheart MC Username: Clownhz Discord: 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐚𝐞𝐥𝐡𝐳#1445 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: Leading the dwarven lads around and apparently Dimlin Irongut forgot his diary somewhere there. What Skills Can You Bring?: Leadership and the ability to summon ancient dwarves that probably still have a nuke laying around or something.
  5. To the Leadership and Citizenry of the A.I.S The Dwarves are oft regarded by surface folk as warlike, this is only partly true as rarely have we ever marched to war when not struck first, or slighted most grievously. We have not entered this conflict with Oren, raising no blade to either side, and even did we feast with Norlanders, who helped free our kin from the grasp of slavers. When the call was raised that one of our own was captured, it came with rage. Few Dwarven women yet live after nigh a century of civil conflict, and fewer still would have a kind enough soul to trust surfacers with their presence. A demand was put forth by her captors that our king come alone to pay her ransom, an absurd demand from untrustworthy folk. I fear now for the fate of her, as no doubt the bandits reacted poorly when their ridiculous demands were not met. Let it be known here and now, declared to all the world plainly, that any who align themselves with the bandit-nation of Ruswick will face annihilation at our hands. Our axes will claim their necks for a sheath, and our spears will pierce their hearts, along with any who associate with them. Justice will be done Vengeance will be had Narvak oz Urguan Post written by Jorvin Starbreaker (DixieDemolisher)
  6. Utak Ireheart, King of all dwarves, awkwardly glances at his rusty blade.
  7. “Save money, live better” says Under-King Utak Ireheart.
  8. Cool post but have u guys ever watched “Airplanes” the movie? +1!
  9. Thanks Unwillingly this will help me roleplay in the near future +1.
  10. Why is everyone on here so toxic?
  11. Daqcaer Sugarfoot awkwardly glanced at his sword, which he hadn’t used for years.
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