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  1. We'll see you again one day , Legend o7

  2. 3 Months and a Dream. “..What do you think, Atandt? How much time do we have left to beat our record?” Sons of Urguan, on this day our honor was restored. We were met with doubt and disrespect by the late Orenian Emperor Philip II, and in exchange he was met with a coup and a blade in his back. It brings me great sorrow that my sturdy axe never felt the grace of the flamboyant man’s blood, yet history was written once more. A second war of three months had been won. Dungrimm has personally blessed me with a lifetime in which I may see Oren crumble to the dwarves and rebirth twice! When there was news of the Emperor going missing and their army surrendering, I already started packing my bags. The war was essentially already over. The 8th Orenian Empire had been defeated. We had to share some of our glory with these new Imperials, war will never change. At that, it is time for me to depart once more. To the mountains far beyond, for I fight with honor and for glory. Yet these new Orenians have not wronged me. And when my people are in need once more, I will be there. To enforce Yemekar’s Balance. Signed by your utmost victorious friend, Utak Ireheart, Founder of The Present Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Uniter of The Dwarves OOC :
  3. Utak Ireheart uses this statistic to calculate the market value of a singular dwarf. He'd come to the conclusion that despite being half the size of a man, a singular dwarf is worth 11 Orenians. "A worthy investment."
  4. The Good, The Bald, And The Ugly “..And you’ll be remembered as always, brother of the dwarves.” [OOC] Very important music for aesthetic purposes : It has been many years since an Ireheart sat on the obsidian throne. Yet despite decades passing, a legacy goes unweathered. No cracks, no crevices. The only thing fading is the golden color of the beard of a rather heroic figure. Hearing his name is like catching wind of a mythical creature clad in coal-black scales soaring over the city. One might have even spotted a stout dwarf upon his back, a sight generated by only the mighty Kjellos before Imperials had elven ears. Truly better times. “Who is this aurum-beared man?” “Why have I not found a single book about him in my umri library?” It is because history is written by the victors, and no Imperial who dared cross Utak Ireheart has lived to tell the tale. Let this letter serve as a little reminder that the current Orenian lineage is only in place because we allowed them to sprout from but ashes and dust. We brought them to their knees, begging for their lives. We allowed them to continue their measly little Empire of facades and frauds. The steps of Tal’Short remember, I remember. We allowed them to go on, bedding their sisters as if it was a sport. Breeding like rats. It’s time for the sons of Urguan to turn back the years, going back to said times. To when wars lasted but three months. To when Imperials wore plates, not wigs. To when every dwarf united under a single banner for the first time in a multitude of stone years. To when the uttering of 2 words could make an entire Empire rethink their political decisions. “Yemekar’s Balance.” Let the orange and grey cloak our grandiose legion and shield them from a premature grace of Dungrimm’s grasp. No wig shall go unclaimed, not a singular additional drip of Urguan’s blood shall be spilled under my guidance. …A legacy goes unweathered. No cracks, no crevices. As Dungrimm stands with Urguan, King Ulfric (@Terry), so do I. Signed by your dearest friend, Utak Ireheart, Founder of The Present Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Uniter of The Dwarves
  5. Unanchored [!] The last diary pages of Cyrus Mareno, delivered to Jace Mareno in year 53 S.A. by a local fisherman. … Day 4649. “I” Is the only letter I’d use to describe my personal quarters. I've been drawing a single stripe a day upon my walls since the day my father sailed for distant shores. I wonder if he’s waiting for me. I wonder if he thinks about me like I think about him. I can’t take this for much longer, there’s no room left for me to keep adding stripes. My wedding is tomorrow, He’ll be there. He told me he would. Day 4650. Will I ever see him again? I think I will. He has a wedding to bless, 5 people are attending.. and I saved him a spot. He would’ve loved to meet her, she’s one like no other. Or maybe he would’ve hated her, Claudia was born between the teacups regardless. Day 4651. Drink water, eat enough, sleep bunches, train well, stay on edge. It’s always the same thing. Every day I wake up and I can predict every second of it. I should become a fortune teller. I’m but an old man at the end of the day. another evermore cycle. Day 4652. With my sons in Myrine, I’m sure I could take a break for a couple of days. They won’t even notice I’m gone. A day to the beach, to the waves, to the sea. I taught them enough at the end of the day, especially Cyril. He’ll grow to be a great leader, a spitting image of Balthazar I. They’ll meet each other someday, I’m sure. Jace will guide him, Felix will train him and Basiyl will keep him on edge. Day 4653. HIM, the one that brought me up, the one that drew Myrine in his mind so that we may live to bring his dream to reality. I wonder what brought him to these ideas. I wonder if he’s proud of me. I’m sure he’s proud of me. How could he not be? The foundations are there, just like in the scrolls. My part of the play is done, now what can I do but wait? I should just go and ask him. Day 4654. Once the clock strikes midnight, I’m gone. This watch uses its arms more than I do these days. One second at a time. I don’t even remember when this became a ritual. Every night I sit in bed and keep my eye on the clock and an ear on the door. He told me he’d be here. He’s only a couple of days late to the wedding. I wonder if he’s outside waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers for Claudia. Day 4655. More seconds passed, I checked outside the door and he wasn’t there. He probably just landed and is unpacking on the beach. I hope I’m not being too loud in these hallways, my wife and my youngest son are asleep but a door away. I’ve made it this far already, might as well see if he’s docked yet. It's probably not a good idea to bring the circlet with me to the shores this late at night. I’ll leave it with Cyril while I’m gone. It was bound to end up on his head regardless. I can’t wait for him to meet my father, my true golden son. He’s not here yet. It’s taken him so many years and he’s still not here. Where is he? How far can he really be? He’s probably just out of sight over the horizon. I ll m a ke a swim f o r it.
  6. Evermore Cycle 52 S.A. “The weakest of the weak prey on the frail, blinded by the desire to feed into a sense of self-importance. The mightiest offer them olive branches until there are green groves no more.” - Balthazar I At the behest of the Marquis, and with the overwhelming support of the citizenry, it is hereby declared that the actions of the Iron Uzg and the Orcish people for their crimes against the Aediles of Myrine, Caderina Marléne, cannot go unanswered. The Aediles had set out towards the western hemisphere of Almaris on a personal business venture, but such was short-lived. Within minutes of being upon the roads, a pair of Orcish thugs halted her upon the road and demanded either the entirety of her belongings or her life. Despite openly declaring her residence and status within Myrine, the Orcs relentlessly assaulted the Aediles, and had it not been for her jousting prowess, she likely would have fallen victim to slaughter or worse. This incident makes up but one of many in the Evermore Cycle of destruction and hate that spread from the descendants of Krug. The cowardly Orcish people of the Iron Uzg demonstrate repeatedly their inability to contain their bloodlust, and each time they plead for forgiveness and vow for change, they return to their old ways in a matter of months. Such has been the case for decades, an infinite cycle that demonstrates a clear lack of restraint. In more recent years, it has become exceedingly clear that the Orcs have taken specifically to causing trouble within Myrine. Not ten years ago did those of the Iron Uzg conduct a pillaging of Myrinian cattle. When a diplomatic envoy was sent to discuss this, they were caged within the gatehouse for hours, had their lives threatened, and were insulted. Not but a single representative of Myrine was given entry, and after much discussion, the Uzg swore at the time that such would never happen again, and yet not more than a year later the exact scenario was repeated. Ultimately it was not the meaningless promises of the Uzg that led to the cease of these raids, but rather the dedication of Myrinian citizens creating defenses for their herds that no Orc could hope to bypass. Now it has been deemed fit by the Orcish peoples to inflict what any reasonable man would consider an act of war upon not only a citizen and governmental figure of Myrine, but a personal friend of the Marquis. The Iron Uzg had promised to improve relations with Myrine, and yet they attacked. Such was made explicitly known to the Orcish offenders and yet they attacked. The Iron Uzg has long abandoned their malicious practice of slavery and yet they attacked. There is no excuse for these actions. It is therefore determined for the betterment of Myrine’s people, and those of the Uzg that in order to break the Evermore Cycle, Myrine shall guide the descendants of Krug towards their own betterment. It is the unfortunate reality that the Orcish people do not hold the self-restraint to ensure their promises and kept and supposed friends unharmed. Such must be administered carefully by those of great discipline, those who have their icons of respect placed upon each corner to remember duty and greatness. In this undertaking, the Iron Uzg will be subject to the following policies. I. The Iron Uzg will install a statue of Balthazar I within their city square as a symbolic reminder of Myrine’s guidance and watch without the need of an official instalment of an embassy. II. The citizens of the Iron Uzg will prove to act as allies of Balthazar and his people, coming to their aid whenever needed. III. Myrine will provide diplomatic advice to the Iron Uzg so they may find themselves in a better political position soon. This is a further attempt to end the Evermore Cycle. IV. No citizen of the Iron Uzg shall spill any blood on Myrinian soil unless it is to defend the marble town. Agreeing with these terms will pave the way for future, closer diplomatic relations between Krug’s and Balthazar’s descendants. Ignoring this missive will add another link to this endless chain known as the Evermore Cycle. Signed, Balthazar Mareno
  7. Lost an eye. Gained a friend 49 S.A. Dear Myrinians and friends of the state, With Balthazar’s blessing on my side, I’m fortunate enough to be able to write to you in good health. Although I don’t remember much of the event, it has come to my attention that a hoard of assassins attempted to steal some of my leftover time. Three steel bolts flew in the direction of the dias as screams filled the marbled halls of the Myrinian palace. The first of which was caught by my son Felix, who now suffers from major scarring. The younger Mareno risked his life to be able to heroically pull me to the side. The second of which bounced right off of the carbarum circlet, with which I was crowned. The last one, however. Struck me right in the left eye and penetrated my temple, leaving me bleeding helplessly in my son’s arms. The assassins claimed to act in the name of the Free City of Elysium and were met with swift steel. Their Ducal office made a public notice to denounce the murderous band. The Myrinian Orchestration won’t take further actions against the Elysians as of this moment but will remain vigilant around the Westerners during diplomatic affairs and ushers them to thread with extreme caution. It is but a sliver away from a miracle that I can still feel the mighty Myrinian soil below my feet when I get out of bed in the morning. Yet even the most brutal of assassination attempts shall not keep the followers of Balthazar I from placing the cornerstones for the fruitful times to come. Thus let us remind ourselves of better times, in hopes of reaching said fruitful future. [!] A mighty display of the extreme manliness of Sigismund III & Balthazar II during their festive cooperation of 48 S.A. Myrine has been the host for a multitude of absolutely glorious events in their first year of it existing. Our tournament grounds bring true life to the city, so much that even the marble statues almost start dancing at the sight of an invitation. The council of the Savoyard State has recently acknowledged Myrine as an official mark; promoting our Baron to a Marquis. This elevation should not mean the end for the sheer drive we bring with us, so The Myrinian Orchestration sees it fitting to introduce a handful of new positions to aid the upbringing of the greater Myrine. The Marquis of Myrine sends out the following offers : For the esteemed position of Captain of the Myrinian Guard, Felix Mareno. Since having proven to be a master at arms, even to the extent of having earned the title of “Champion of Karosgrad” in recent times, and let us also not forget that you in your pursuit of combat mastery have risked your life to heroically save my own, a show of true dedication to our cause and the responsibilities a true Captain of the Myrinian Guard needs. I so hold faith in you and your abilities to lead our white and blue standards into glory when war reaches our walls. For the most paramount position of First Consul, Jace Mareno. A most ambitious man is Jace Mareno, a man whose advice rings solid and true. A man whose principles were built on the foundations of loyalty to his kin and family. A man who elevated the name Mareno into the Mercantile world and holds it there with pride, and now holds a spot by my side from it all. There is no better choice within the March to fill this position, nor is there anyone more suited. For the eventful position of Aediles, Caderina Marelène. Since the first time you boldly and sporadically mounted a horse and rode fiercely against her comrades and allies in a tournament, I’ve held a smile of pride. Every time I see you get atop a horse, prepared to bring pride to Myrine, it brings a smile to my face. This position is arguably the most indispensable amongst all, because the tourneygrounds and event-life in Myrine arguably rest as a lifeblood of our March, and with such this position deserves someone who holds great passion for these things. Signed by Balthazar II, Marquis of Myrine
  8. MYRINIAN ASCENSION 48 S.A. “With everything settled, construction began in the outskirts of the South, and within no time at all, Myrine was fully complete. The jewel of the Mareno Family was finally built. They stood along the outside of the barony, looking at all of the progress they’ve made, all the impossible things they’ve achieved- physical. And with it done, Myrine needed a ruler…” To the friends and allies of the Mareno Family, the final brick of Myrine has been laid. A true gem gleaming within the endless sea of sand to the south. Statues of the great Balthazar guard every corner of every street, his image marbled and on display, thanking the great man for writing down the foundation of what is now known as Myrine. Cyrus, the eldest of Balthazar’s descendants, will come to adorn the pure-carbarum crown forged for the true Baron of Myrine. the weight of Myrine to be carried upon his shoulders. He’ll work to realize Balthazar’s dream, being the first to take great steps toward it, as he is Balthazar’s chosen son. Their pillars will be grander, more coins will be stacked, more marble statues will be carved and more men will bare the white and blue. A ceremony will be held in three consecutive parts: I: The Gathering of the Mareno Family Before the event begins, all those who are directly descended from Balthazar are expected to attend. Alone we are strong, together, we are the strongest, and we could have not gotten as far as we have without the support of family. In the Mareno Family, family is above all else, and this manner is no different. Members of the Mareno family will swear oath to the new baron and tasks across the barony will be distributed. II: The Ascension Once those remaining who were invited prior have arrived, the to-be Baron of Myrine shall make his entry. Everyone shall be present to witness the Ascension of Cyrus Mareno, as his priorities shift from not only his family, but all of Myrine as well, and he takes his seat on the throne. III: The Reception Lastly, once the Ascension is completed, guests will be invited to stay, where entertainment, socialization, and complementary food and drink will be distributed, and the celebrations shall be held from dusk to dawn. During this reception any foreign diplomats who wish to discuss matters with the baron shall be allowed to do so. This is an offer that shall only be made once, diplomats who wish to contact the baron years after the ceremony will be met with more resistance. Special invitations would be distributed to the following two parties: His Highness, Prince Olivier Renault of Savoy and his princely pedigree His Majesty, Koeng Sigismund III of Haense and his royal pedigree All respective citizens of their reigning nations Signed, His Lordship, Cyrus Mareno, Baron of Myrine OOC INFO :
  9. TO THE KING OF CROWS Invitation to festive cooperation “Invest in those who invested in you when you were but ashes and dust.” - Balthazar I Koeng Sigismund, The Barony of Myrine invites you and your consort to visit our flourishing town in the South. We are more than ecstatic to summon you to our recently-erected town, and eagerly preparing as this document is spread throughout the sum of our nations. We’ve no greater honor than to invite you and your consort to Myrine to show you our culture, delicacies one can experience only in the South, and customs we have. First, we shall show you and your consort the inside of the city, we pride ourselves on our marble structures and infrastructure, and it would be our privilege to show you our many facilities, that of which include: our palace, barracks, tavern, clinic, exotic shopping district, and many more. After the tour, we would wish to show you the sport of Myrnian Jousting, with two champions of Myrine demonstrating the sport, providing as the entertainment. If anyone would like to try the sport, you are more than welcome to pick up the lance, and prove your mettle in the arena! While our men are dragging eachother off of horses, the baron would like to discuss the fruitful times to come. Signed, His Lordship, Cyrus Mareno, Baron of Myrine [OOC-info]
  10. The Ferryman, a mythical man on the realm, sat at a forsaken desk deep underground as a little halfling ran in every 5 minutes. He hadn't seen the light of day for as long as he remembers, all he remembers is counting coins. "Another 24 Elysians and Rustlers, sir!" The Ferryman then counted 24 coins and neatly stacked them without a word, sliding them to the right of his desk afterwards. "Another 26 Dwarves and Rustlers, sir!" The Ferryman then counted 26 coins and neatly stacked them without a word, sliding them to the right of his desk afterwards. "Another 27 Elysians, Rustlers and Dwarves, sir!" The Ferryman then counted 27 coins and neatly stacked them without a word, sliding them to the right of his desk afterwards. "Another 35 Rustlers, Dwarves and Vorticians , sir!" The Ferryman then counted 35 coins and neatly stacked them without a word, sliding them to the right of his desk afterwards. "Captured a dwarven leadership figure, hung him by the ankles and shaved his beard, sir!" The Ferryman scoffed at that, firmly nodding at the halfling as thanks for his service as the little man began making his way out of the room. "Sir..?" The halfling sighed, not believing what his little list was saying. "Yes, friend?" The Ferryman responded. "They just did it again." The halfling spoke before leaving in full.
  11. Mickaelhz


    MYRINE EST. 47 S.A. “Myrine was a maiden of the sea, as explained by Balthazar. In his old age, he would hunt a sea monster that would never exist, a byproduct of his curse. Among those hunts, Balthazar ran into many creatures, both small and wide, big and lithe, but among all of these creatures was the most beautiful thing that Balthazar had ever seen- an alluring maiden who lived in the ocean. Her name was Myrine, a pearl of the ocean. Recalling the story, that’s precisely what the settlement would be called; the pearl of the Mareno Family, Myrine.“ ((OOC : Right out of South Hub, run east.)) The Barony of Myrine A town that marshalls the men. A name that raises banners. A name that makes the trumpets roar and the soldiers stand at attention. A young and humble barony in its infancy which stands as a militant bastion at the desert borders of Savoy. Under guidance of Cyrus, 1st Baron of Myrine, the Mareno family claimed their spot in the world. Through decades of hard work did the eager Sons of Balthazar earn their right to rule. They fought, were paid, fought again, traded. They sweat, cried and bled. Building every home, every wall, every floor by themselves; brick by brick. And if you ask any of the proud Myrinians, was it worth it? In unison will they reply; Yes. To find the new town, leave for the Southern Lands, past the Fahkr Oasis heading North East. Her gates are open to all who wish to visit, inviting them with open arms as Her tavern offers a seat and a drink to the tired and thirsty. Her borders are patrolled by Her Knights and Men at Arms of the Myrinian Guard. Clad in shiny armour, dressed in their distinctive white and blue tabards, the Myrinian Guard are always looking for more disciplined members to protect their young nation. Myrine, though proud of Her militant sons, would be a ruined keep without Her hard working citizens. Marble doesn’t cut itself. With a growing wine and cheese culture, a farmer’s green thumb is key. And what good is a world renown smith without an apprentice to carry on his knowledge? The art of marble cutting is dying and the Myrinians would love to teach the next generation. Thus the Baron of Myrine personally calls upon all Artisans, Craftsmen, Tradesmen and those who seek to learn from them, be it man, elf, dwarf or orc, inviting every one of them to the Barony. Offering them a workspace and learnspace within the protection of Myrine’s walls. Signed, His Lordship, Cyrus Mareno, Baron of Myrine
  12. Cyrus Mareno sat in his orc-hide designer chair, smoking a cigar as he heard about the auction. "So that's where the little one's been. Golden touch, he has."
  13. TREATY OF TRIDENT & AXE To Peace and Prosperity Upon this day, 7th of Malin's Welcome Year 39 SA, the House of Mareno and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan have come to an agreement and settled a treaty; the following is stowed. ARTICLE I - Land ♛ The noble House of Mareno will be given land to the north of Urguan, near the east-fleet. This land will be known as the Barony of Myrine. ARTICLE II - Titles ♛ Cyrus Mareno, as head of House Mareno, will be given the titles of Baron (of Myrine) and Lord of the Trident’s Peak. ARTICLE III - Military Independence ♛ The Mareno family will be granted military independence, wherein the family house-guard or military will only answer to the Baron of Myrine and nobody else. ARTICLE IV - Barony Law’s ♛ The Barony of Myrine will have their own laws set in place as long as they do not conflict with the existing articles and laws set in place by Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ARTICLE V - Trade ♛ The Barony of Myrine is free to import and export goods, establish trade relationship and routes without interception from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ARTICLE VI - Travel ♛ Those apart of the Barony of Myrine are free to travel within the waters and land of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan without further entailing embargos, arrests or otherwise. In return, the Barony of Myrine agrees to abide to the following articles and terms as listed below; ARTICLE I - Limits ♞ The Barony of Myrine will not permit unwanted enemies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan access into their land. Nor allow any foreign nations to station troops in any capacity in Myrine. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will discuss any future expansions of Myrine with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan before extending their borders. ARTICLE II - Political Alignment ♞ Naturally, the Barony of Myrine is expected to align itself with the diplomatic missions and goals of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will not sign any other political arrangements without specific permission from the Grand King of Urguan. ARTICLE III - Trade ♞ The Barony of Myrine and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan will keep open trade routes between themselves. ARTICLE IV - War ♞ If the Grand Kingdom of Urguan is at war, the Barony of Myrine will drop its current diplomatic situation to follow under the political missions and goals of Urguan. ♞ The Barony of Myrine will allocate 20% of their produce of weapons and armour to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan at production cost instead of straight market value. Signed by: Grand King of Urguan Cyrus Mareno, the Baron of Myrine, Lord of Trident's Peak
  14. A letter reached the Koenas' Council regarding the upcoming tournament. A multitude of names would be displayed in ink. Cyrus Mareno, 59 winters, Baron of Myrine & Patriarch of the Mareno household. Felix Mareno, 21 winters. Damien Mareno, 27 winters. Andronikos Mareno, 27 winters. Ivan Mareno, 20 winters. Arsenios Mareno, 54 winters. Leander Mareno, 7 winters.
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