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  1. Macface claimed today's terrorist attack on the lotc network

  2. "Wish ah cud read, bet da wee feller's duuin' moar dehn jus' guud." Mumbled Utak Ireheart.
  3. IGN: Mickaelhz RP NAME: Utak Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  4. A Change For The Better "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." In times recent, our nation has become barren. How can a Grand Kingdom be grand when its population does not equate to its title? In times past, a group of remarkable individuals came together in the aim of making the kingdom something more. Once again a like minded group, not willing to stand for the kingdom to fall into stagnancy, steps forward. We as a group aim to work to further the interests of the signatories of this pact both diplomatically an
  5. "AHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAH RUFF-RUFF, DOGS." Vilko Eiriksson shouts in a drunken rage. The elderly man painted his chest and face blue, preparing for battle.
  6. 91 on trouble in toontown cuz i was right, nothing done abt the issue tho.. still no admin reply.
  7. Even-Out Evening 11th of Snow's Maiden, Year 3 of The Second Age Video Première link : Our last public announcement yielded great success, with those on ‘the band of the hours’ side giving a thunderous standing ovation. Cheering our name in the streets as we at last redistributed the surplus amount of wealth to those in need of it, while also liberating them from the shackles of society. No longer will the oppressors of these lands turn their noses up and look down upon the common man, for they will soon be eating alongside their
  8. If you dont rp your character being tired after draining all your vortex energy, you're fail-rping.🦍

    1. Samler


      That would be adknowledging Vortex tho?

  9. An Eye for an Eye writing by : Dyselxic "A sailor must enter murky waters before entering the golden shores." - The man with the hat It brings our company great elation at long last to announce that our introductory series of targeted acts have gone down without a hitch. These acts against the spoiled wealthy have seen that many impoverished mouths have been nourished by our hand; the mina collected has satisfied hundreds, finally a rightful distribution of wealth has occurred. We have made it our responsibility to run down the chain of command of
  10. Sickening. i know right. sickening.
  11. You have no right to base your entire online personality around being an old fella if all you're going to use the sway you've gained over the years for is to steer new players in having toxic mentalities. In my mind older players should be icons for new players, they should teach them whatever they need instead of indoctrinating the rawest form of toxicity into their brains. Be an inspiration, stay away from orks too.
  12. Bro could u just read the post and disprove my points instead of getting so angry at the 9th line of text that you can't keep yourself from posting a snarky comment, we should be trying to get something resolved as a community instead of encouraging ban wars.
  13. "The principle of give & take is simple: if you take from another player then you must give in return. If your roleplay is the equivalent of tossing free bread and clowning on royalty then you’re not really taking anything (unless you’re interrupting official affairs or a genuine story). But let’s say you are taking something from the other player, for example minas or loot, what then? You don’t pay the other player in items—you provide them with a rich story and character development! The frequent example that we run into is if your character stops and frisks someone on the road
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