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  1. Utak Ireheart, King of all dwarves, awkwardly glances at his rusty blade.
  2. “Save money, live better” says Under-King Utak Ireheart.
  3. Cool post but have u guys ever watched “Airplanes” the movie? +1!
  4. Thanks Unwillingly this will help me roleplay in the near future +1.
  5. Why is everyone on here so toxic?
  6. Daqcaer Sugarfoot awkwardly glanced at his sword, which he hadn’t used for years.
  7. King Utak Ireheart has troubles holding in his laugh.
  8. Utak Ireheart, King of the Dwarves, makes his way over to Fenn, whistling a fine tune on the way.
  9. “What Dirty Goon said!” A farfolk halfling shouts.
  10. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Mickaelhz Please link the blacklist you are appealing https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184304-mickaelhz/?tab=comments#comment-1722594 Blacklist Reason: Raidbaiting How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: The blacklist caused me to take a break from villain RP, allowing me to enjoy other aspects of lotc and seeing how annoying it can be to get banditted when you just want to rp, so it made me create an understanding of other players on the server. It made me understand the part of the playerbase who i didn't really interact with otherwise. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: Yes, even though i hope it wont be longer than 2 months since this was my first time getting blacklisted. Why should you be un-blacklisted? I think i should be un-blacklisted because i've taken the time to re-read all the rules so i can continue not breaking any rules personally and make sure any group that listens to me wont get blacklisted from villainy rp in the future.
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