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  1. free frill, do it now

  2. i hate how oren is taking over the story team, nasty plant daedra

  3. Commissions “Coolest art on the block.” To everyone watching over this thread currently, I am going to be selling animated pixel art of any character, as given an example below, for 10$. Non-animated is $7. The animation can be anything: running, walking, casting magic, slashing your weapon and so on. It can also simply be you standing still with your head bobbing up and down. The preference is yours! I am easy to work with -- if I make something you do not like, I will be able to rework it, make the animation smoother, and so on. As soon as the artwork is done, I will call you and stream my screen to show you the animation (stream-quality is good). Upon you liking it, or wanting fixes, you will pay first before the art is sent over. OFFER / DISCOUNT: ANY URGUAN PLAYER + SUPPORTER OF HOUSE BREN GETS A WHOPPING 50% OFF! HOW DO I GET THIS ART? Pm me on discord @Mickaelhz#1445 Also leave a review below this post after or i am going to be very sad. REVIEWS: Junar: [✦✦✦✦✦] “Holy f***, worth the money lol, only took an hr to get art and changed anything I asked, what a god” Werew0lf: [✦✦✦✦✦] “thanks for the art n**b, he called me cute at the end so i kinda blushed and left vc in embarrassment” Shinjiru_ [✦✦✦✦✦] “Who wouldn’t buy this?” d0ghz: [✦✦✦✦✦] “10$ for animated art might seem like a scam, but it’s cute and is worth.” Alfomos: [✦✦✦✦✧] “the art was cool but he bullied me afterwards, though i always get bullied so nvm.” antwrp: [✦✦✦✧✧] “10 dollars is a bit much, i offered him 5$ and my onlyfans and now i’m here.” i’ll add more later.. PREVIOUS WORK:
  4. You’re laughing? Charles The Bald just died and you’re laughing... wow.

  5. Throughout the lands of Arcas, large scrolls and posters bearing the official seal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan are sent to heads of state and hung on every signpost and notice board. Beneath the seal, a letter penned in crimson ink eerily similar to that of blood reads… “Issued and confirmed on this day, the 4th of The Deep Cold, 1767, from the seat of the Obsidian Throne and His Highness, Grand King Utak Ireheart of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Honorable dwedmar of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, faithful allies to the Obsidian Throne, and honorable heads of state of the Realm of Arcas, This past stone day -- a day of blood which shall forever live in infamy -- the leadership of the Warnation of Krugmar did knowingly organize and condone the cowardly and dishonorable bombing of the throneroom of Kal’Evraal. With this attempt at assassination of many of the dwedmar heads of state and the Grand King himself, the Obsidian Throne sees no choice other than to recognize this act of terrorism as a prelude to greater conflict. Determined to right the wrongs done against the Dwedmar, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall henceforth enter into a state of open war with the Warnation of Krugmar. Until such a time as the terms of the blood grudge are met, the legions of Urguan shall be tasked with hunting down every uruk on Arcas. Through force of arms, the uruk menace shall be driven from every hole and crevice they cower in until the realm is freed of those who would practice terrorism against the honorable creations of Yemekar. Narvak oz da Dwedmar! Narvak oz Urguan! Kavir oz da Urukmar oz Krugmar!”
  6. An announcement from the bone throne Utak Ireheart, Clan Father of the ancient Ireheart clan, stood infront of his people after he finished laying the orcish hides, which he had aqcuired during the recent honor war, on the drying racks. The stout dwarf took out his rusty axe and dropped it onto the floor, he’d get rid of his singular shoulder guard, leaving him with nothing but his crown and his legwear. ”Et’s toime da clan gets w’at et deserves, as much as ah foug’t longside yeh on da frontloines o’ da battlefield... afta 9 stohn months meh knees crack wif erreh step ah taek. Dere beh nuffehn greater ehn des world dehn meh love for meh clan, n’ ehn return yeh lads support meh ehn everehnfin ah duuh as nae onleh yehr King but alsuh yehr Clan Fat’a. W’en ah luuk at yehr faces, ah see nuffehn but accomplished warriors w’o strike fear ehn da eyes o’ even da strungest warriors ohn dis realm.. N’ STILL NAEOHN ‘AS TUUK DEIR CHANCES T’A CHALLENGE MEH EHN A DUEL FO’ CLAN FAT’A! Ah cannae say fo’ sure ef et’s out o’ respect o’ out o’ fear, but ah’ll taek et as a compliment. Ah ‘ave accomplished w’at ah wanted tuuh wif yehr lads, we ‘ave a reputatiun loike nae ot’a but da lack o’ meh personal presence wif da lads due tuuh meh role as king es preventehn da clan frum growehn tuuh a major supa’powa. Et es toime dat ah force change, fo’ da best o’ Kjell’s kin.... therefore ah ‘ave chosen Axel Ireheart, da sun o’ Bastion Ireheart, tuuh take up da mantle since ah know ‘e’ll maek meh proud. Dunnae taek dis as a goodbye, lads, ah shall always stand shoulder tuuh shoulder wif yeh on da fields o’ war till ah can stand shoulda tuuh shoulda wif Kjell, Bastion, Igor, Olaf, Dreek, Roggar and meh old son Thaldyr mehself. Ef yeh doubt meh decisiun o’ puttehn Axel as da new ‘older o’ da ancient relics, duel ‘im... take yehr golden pickaxe ehn ‘and n’ meet ‘im ehn da foig’tehn ring. May ‘e do da clan well. Duuh w’at’s guud, duuh w’at’s roig’t, maek meh ‘appeh,maek meh proud.” The Ireheart took out a dagger from his belt and carved his name onto the wooden base of the Ireheart throne, leaving a mark as a reminder for the Clan Fathers to come.
  7. A MISSIVE FROM THE OBSIDIAN THRONE: VICTORY FOR URGUAN & THE RESTORATION OF THE GRAND KINGDOM Brothers of Urguan, As many of you are aware Krugmar offered their surrender in the last stone day, the resounding victories that our dwed enjoyed on the frontline ensuring that our victory came without a larger battle being fought. As such, the She-Rex has made the appropriate reparations for the original transgressions of her subjects and yielded the criminals responsible for them. Dungrimm has guided us to a swift and absolute victory; our domination on the frontline has spared further bloodshed and settled a grudge that had to be settled. For this I offer my thanks to you my kin, we have acted with conviction and honor in how we have defeated the enemy in the east. We must feel pride for and enjoy our victory, but recognise that the time has come to shift our focus unto a new chapter in this history of our nation. Dwedmar unify under one banner in Urguan, old grudges are buried and our coffers filled with the spoils of war - our nation has been restored to a glory unseen for centuries. With this, there is a greater purpose that must be realised and a new duty that falls upon us to be fulfilled. The Under-Realm of Urguan will henceforth be dissolved, making way for the restoration of the FOURTH GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN - we make this step at a time where our status justifies a return to the old ways. Restoration is not as simple as changing the Kingdom’s name however, it will require another action to be realised in order for this shift to be legitimate. The relics of the old Kings are scattered throughout the land and must be returned to the King who sits upon the Obsidian throne; without the holy relics of our ancestors we cannot wholly justify calling ourselves the Grand Kingdom. Using the mina from our victory we will look forward to reclaiming these artefacts and completing our restoration. If any dwed has information leading to Kingdom relics provide it to the government, there will be a reward. Narvak oz The Grand Kingdom of Urguan
  8. Mickaelhz

    Ale Day II

    Ale Day II : A Feast to Honor Dungrimm Following the terrible actions of the Krugmar people against the dwed of Urguan, King Utak Ireheart has declared the start of an honor war between the two nations in Dungrimm’s honor. To celebrate this occasion, Urguan will host a feast. Under Dungrimm’s eyes, our kin and allies will feast for honor! Among those invited is the people of Fenn and Aegrothond. The feast will be held in two stone days time in the throne room. [OOC: 4/11/20, 3 pm est]
  9. OLD WOUNDS REOPENED “And the uruk carcass gathered in a wretched mound beneath the snowy precipice, no match for Igor Ireheart and the Hammer of Barradin, which quivered in his left hand.” The Chronicles of Igor Ireheart Volume II, Wulfgar Grandaxe circa 1642. The drums of war sound from deep within Kal’Evraal, calling the dwed to arms once more. Utak watches atop the obsidian throne as his kinsfolk swell in the hall before him, a reunion of dwed in defence of their country. Feuds forgotten, a kinship reforged in common cause, the dwed once again rally to defend Urguan from the Uruk locusts. The scourge in the east is a threat that grows ever stronger; Krugmar have sanctioned attacks against dwed, and prevented any peaceful resolution to the situation from happening. A Dwed has turned up beardless, tortured and savaged by Krughai bandits - an act celebrated by the Krugmar Rex. This is a betrayal that must be avenged, and a grudge that must be resolved. The greenskins will be dealt with once and for all, as old foes meet again. Utak raises his hand, quieting the room as he begins to address the audience below him. “I have given this moment much thought, and wondered what I might say to this congregation of my kin. I concluded that there is no wisdom that I can bestow upon this crowd, so rich with experience and knowledge, that it will not already possess. There is also no advice that can be offered by myself to a band of veterans such as this, so hardened by the trials of war, and so familiar with situations such as this. Instead I will remind you of one thing - The axes and hammers of Urguan have grown restless, and savages threaten our kingdom and livelihood. You know what must be done to right this wrong and deal justice to those that offer us harm; bloody our weapons with our eastern enemy. There is only one outcome that to be realised in this conflict, Dungrimm with us we shall ensure it.” The King sits, as a raucous orchestra of roars and cries erupt around the hall. He offers a faint smile, readying himself to lead his Kingdom into war. Type of War : Conquest CBs : Discussed in Private. Attackers : Urguan and Allies Defenders : Krugmar and Allies Wargoals : Conquest Location & Proposed : Time : TBD Contact Information : ?????????#1445
  10. ROYAL DECLARATION OF WAR Urguanians, This missive is not one that I had ever wished to send to my kin; more so now than before, as we are currently enjoying a time of great resurgence within our halls. Yesterday we hosted the new Rex and her assembly within our lands to finally hear a response to our demands regarding recent events. My council and I were of the expectation that concessions were to be made by the new Rex, who had already shown a greater capacity for diplomacy than her predecessor by merely answering our messages. I had stayed my hand as long as I deemed to be possible, and explored every avenue of ending the forthcoming conflict, however my optimism was short-lived as a result of yesterday's meeting. Through its own insolence, an Olog accompanying their party confessed to the crimes in question. Despite this, the she-Rex continued to defend the events caused by the beast by spatting deceitful justifications of its actions on that day. To stand at the foot of my throne and continue to mislead my kin and I, after our numerous attempts at resolving this issue peacefully, is an insult that I do not take lightly. We had expected a conclusion that would draw on honor, an ideal that is at the root of both of our societies. Our terms have always reflected this notion; hand over brigands responsible for the crimes against us, and pay the necessary reparations - deliver justice towards those who upset the balance of our friendship. In our eyes this was the only honorable solution to the situation at hand, and we had anticipated that the Rex would share this opinion. We learnt yesterday however that these crimes were not committed by some rogue Uruk. We can only assume through the Rex's defence of the Olog that on some level his actions were planned or endorsed by officials in their nation. Any respect between Urguan and Uruk died with this, as this new generation clearly suffers from a contempt towards the ideas that were once mutual between us. It saddens me to tell you that our terms were not met, and no peaceful conclusion was reached between us. Consequently, this country is at war with Krugmar. It saddens me further to call to arms my friends, those living peacefully within our lands, but I do so swiftly and with confidence. I trust that those who have enjoyed the peacetime within my long reign will alongside me end this new evil in the east, and our rest will be renewed once more. Narvak oz Urguan. May Dungrimm watch over you my kin, ARUUUUUUUU! Under-King Utak Ireheart
  11. “Not quick enough” says Utak Ireheart.
  12. The Under-King would return a message to the Uruk. Rex Noka, @bookstar I congratulate you on your ascension to Rex and am pleased that you have broken the silence enjoyed by your predecessor. I am encouraged by the proposition of negotiations, however I cannot agree to a meeting upon temple grounds. If you wish to conclude this conflict before it escalates further, then bring your discussion to my hall, and my kin. You have refused to communicate with us previously, and as a result my patience with this matter wears thin. Further conversation takes place on Urguan land. You may bring whomever you wish to accompany your party, and on dungrimm I vow that we will honor your safety as guests - You will return to Krugmar irrespective of any outcome. Our congregation will be waiting for your arrival in 30 stone minutes. Utak ((19:30 EST)
  13. A letter bearing the seal of the Under-King is handed to the Rex of Krugmar. Greenskins, Two stone days ago my messengers delivered an ultimatum in response to the hostile actions against Suticans and dwedmar by subjects of Krugmar. These terms were simple and equitable; consider them a courtesy from my council and I, one that acts as an acknowledgement of the long and enduring friendship that our kind have fostered in the past centuries. It saddens me to learn that no response of any kind has been given to our outreach, and that no indication has been given that Krugmar intends to meet our demands. In the view of my council and I, the concession of criminals to our judiciary system seemed a fair exchange for peace. Similarly, the financial aspect of our demands were only in place to remedy the burden placed upon the families of the victims in the midst of this crisis, and the costs of a judiciary process involving both ourselves and our allies. My council and I inferred that the sum of mina mentioned would be easily sourced by a nation that sees fit to pillage and steal the wealth of others that have earned it fairly. We can only conclude that your decision to protect these criminals from due justice represents Krugmar’s official support of their hostilities towards my kingdom and its allies. Through your continuing silence, reports of Krug'Hai mobilisation, and the obvious construction of wartime defences, our conviction in this idea grows. Despite your silence, your actions speak clearly enough that it is not peace you desire. Consider this a final ultimatum from my council and I; if the criminals are not turned over to our legion, and the financial reparations are not given to our treasurer, we will be forced to take further action. We have offered you a way out of this situation, but my advice is to tread carefully, as the contempt shown towards our tolerance will not be forgotten when our final judgement is enforced. Our aim has always been to enact justice whilst sustaining peace between us, but do not mistake this generosity as weakness - There will be no hesitation from the dwarves in this matter. I pray that your decision is the correct one, as I would not wish the consequences of your ill decision upon your subjects, who would bear the true repercussions of this whole situation. Signed, Utak Ireheart
  14. T R E A T Y O F D R U M M H A L L 1762 Issued and confirmed on the10th of Sigismund’s End, 1762 ARTICLE I - The Holy Orenian Empire and The Kingdom of Urguan agree to enter into a non-aggression pact. ARTICLE II - The signatories agree to the mutual protection and free movement of goods in their territories. ARTICLE III - The signatories agree to the mutual respect of each other’s respective territory. ARTICLE IV - In the case where one of the parties is found in violation of the pact, all articles remain in effect, under the condition that the offending party takes sincere diplomatic steps towards rectifying the situation. ARTICLE V - This pact shall remain valid so long as the respective rulers of each realm sit on their thrones, if a change in leadership is to happen then the pact may be renewed by the next ruler. , Signed, HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Godfrey Briarwood, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Signed, Utak Ireheart, Under-King of The Under-Realms of Urguan
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