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    Neria's family was never really accepted in Brandybrook, perhaps because of their generally strange attitude. Neria's parents were good people but a little bit shy and distrustful. Neria, on the other hand, was nothing like her parents, instead it seems like she inherited the personality of her grandfather, who was always cheerful and cheeky. Sadly, Neria never got to know her mother, as she died giving birth. Growing up, Neria never really made any friends, and those she did ran away from her after she said the first few insensitive remarks, even though she meant them in good spirit. At the age of 20, Neria discovered notes of her now-deceased uncle Renald, who practiced the art of alchemy. Neria was enthusiastic and immediately started studying but to no avail. Throughout her adolescence, she caused many minor explosions and fires (some speculate that the second destruction of Brandybrooks bridge was her fault, but nothing was ever confirmed). During these escapades, another unfortunate event occurred. Neria's father, who was working hard to provide his daughter enough money for a good start in life, pushed too hard on himself and perished at the early age of 76. Neria was 34 at the time, so as an adult halfling she inherited her family's burrow, where she experimented the next few years. Things took a turn when one of her experiments had gone horribly wrong, resulting in few burrows going up in flames. For the residents of Brandybrook, this was the final straw and as a result, Neria was exiled from her village. It has been almost a year now since Neria left her home village. On the road, she managed to befriend her rat companion she named Dash, who is keeping her sane.
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