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  1. NotEvilAtAll


    *smiles suns smile “Ave Courland”
  2. NotEvilAtAll

    [BREAKING NEWS]: Coder Interacts With Community

    Make a dank pipe smoking plugin for those who like to smoke pipes. It would be like the hoo-kah plugin but held in your inventory and use different drugs.
  3. NotEvilAtAll


    Daisy Applefoot snorts some milk out of her nose “SAY WHAAAAAAA’? T’a Empire bigguns beh murderin’ Elves fer sharts ‘n giggles now?” Daisy sighs, working extra hard on the tunnels underneath Brandybrook in order to prepare the halflings for the inevitable warfare to come.
  4. Make an Applefoot halfling today! We’ll provide the skin for free, and you get to live in the coolest halfling burrow of all time!

  5. NotEvilAtAll

    ~The Applefoot Halfling Family~

    The Applefoot family is looking for new members! Please message me or @Tha_Mystery_Man if you’d wish to join the family! We’re still going strong in this new village of Brandybrook, and our burrow is the nicest burrow in the whole village! If you need a skin, we can provide on for you at no charge! Here’s an example of an Applefoot skin I quickly cobbled together in my free time! Most of the active Applefoots together in one area (There are more Applefoots than this):
  6. NotEvilAtAll

    Looking for a character to play, and purchasing a skin!

    I can give you my spare Applefoot skin if you play an an Applefoot halfling.
  7. NotEvilAtAll

    The Imperial Sanoist Republican Party

    Daisy Applefoot signs up! Name: Daisy Applefoot Age: 50- something City of residence: Brandybrook, the best Sanoist country in Arcas! Occupation: Farming, fishing. Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret: Sure! Seems loike fun! “Us midge’s ‘ave be’’er marke’ prices t’an ye, ‘n weh beh so Sanois’ weh don’ even use coins vereh much!” Daisy Applefoot responds. ”T’a marke’ economeh is trash unless suppor’ed ‘eavileh by t’a communi’eh ‘n governmen’, ‘specialleh now tha’ t’a magic Nexus beh removed ‘cause o’ t’a sky gods”
  8. Because every descendant race in LOTC can produce fertile offspring with every other descendant race, all the descendants belong to the same species.


    Halflings can also produce fertile offspring with the main 4 races, making them the same species as well.

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    2. Chimp


      they werent the first sons, that was confirmed by the creation lore post. They were the first of their kinds to organize and becoming prominent however, essentially they became the first to civilize their tribes which is why they are hailed as the fathers of their races. Just as a lot of rulers in recent history have attempted to recreate or imitate the roman empire. or in this case an individual like Caesar 

    3. Elennanore



      I suspect you haven’t read this, which I clearly mentioned in what I said. The Wandering Wizard lore has been part of LotC since 2011, though who is to say it is true and not just fiction.

      Edit: I’ll also just mention that the creation lore is vague enough to the point that it doesn’t say if the Four Brothers are the first or just random brothers who rose in power. That is the purpose of being vague, to add mystery.

      Edited by Elennanore
    4. Chimp


      im fairly sure it directly states that they were four brothers who became prominent.

  9. NotEvilAtAll

    The Reclamation of Ancient Tradition; Reclamation of Malinor

    Daisy Applefoot starts construction on a tunnel complex underneath Brandybrook so the halflings may ride out the inevitable Elf vs Elf war.
  10. NotEvilAtAll

    Brandybrook Shogging Tournament!

    Name: Daisy Applefoot Race: Halfling o’ course! Tell is more about yourself: Oi loike taters! Why do you want to win this Tournament: I like shovels ‘n oi’m gonna win as ah resul’!
  11. Please sign up for the Brandybrook Shogging Tournament! Let’s make this party a great one fellas!

  12. NotEvilAtAll

    Brandybrook Shogging Tournament!

    [!] A page of paper is nailed to the Brandybrook Notice Board or found floating about in the wind. Brandybrook Shogging Tournament! ~The docks of Brandybrook~ Earlier t’is year, we tried ter do some shogging with a bundle of bigguns. Sadly, they were too busy jokin’ around ter actualleh play the game correctly! Since all of us halflings were left disappointed by the lack of shogging, we ought to have an entire party focused on shogging in order ter set thin’s right! Contents: ~Time and other matters~ ~Drinking in the Toady Traveler Tavern!~ ~Shogging Tournament in Dinkle River~ ~Darts & Fishing!~ ~Time and other matters~ ~How to get to Brandybrook from the Cloud Temple~ What: A shogging tournament + drinking night! Where: In Brandybrook, the home of the halfling race! When: Close to the end o’ this Elven Week! ((3 PM EST, Sunday the 21th of April)) Who is invited: Everyone who doesn’t cause trouble! Drinking in the Toady Traveler Tavern! ~The halflings gather in the Toady Traveler Tavern~ We’ll be brewin’ the best of boozes fer ye to drink, nay worries! All the booze will be provided at NO COST ter ye, ‘n free food will be provided to help wash it all down! Spend this time to chat with those ye’ll be shogging against later! ~Shogging Tournament in Dinkle River!~ ~Shogging with weird bigguns~ Onto the main event! This will be a shogging competition where the person who comes out on top wins a very nice GOLDEN SHOVEL to serve as a trophy, as well as a small prize of 1,000 minas that the monks keep shoving down our throats! Please sign up for the Shogging Tournament with the following form: Name: Race: Tell us more about yourself: Why do you want to win this Tournament: Below is t’a official guide ter Shoggin’. ~Darts & Fishing~ ~Fishing during the Brandybrook River Festival~ After t’is all beh done, we’ll play some Darts and quietly fish until we all get bored and go home! Here be the rules fer darts: Long Live Brandybrook! Praised be Lord Knox! -Daisy Applefoot [!] The page ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  13. Is this your settlement in the Wildlands? It’s called Azaghost or something.



  14. NotEvilAtAll

    Tech Update Log - March

    I’ve heard that the command to disable seeing usernames or RP names above people’s heads has been removed somehow. The leader of Brandybrook, @Tha_Mystery_Man, set name tags to be invisible before the command was removed, meaning he no longer sees usernames at all and will be stuck like that for some time. I hope that this is only a temporary problem that will fix itself or that dev team has a solution soon.
  15. NotEvilAtAll

    Battle of the Bloody Bridge

    A non-farfolk halfling chuckles “Well, suppose ‘t shouldn’ surprise anehbodeh tha’ t’eh survivors frem Adria beh figh’in’ t’eh Empire tha’ murdered ‘em all”