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  1. Pervinca Applebrook laughs, knowing that she’s selling Hay Bales for 1/6th this price over in Brandybrook.
  2. Admin team using GOMMUNIST propaganda in their banners oh no. I guess we’re the People’s Republic of Mineman RP now.
  3. “Nah. Oi don’ feel loike ‘t” says Pervinca Applebrook who barely even knows what Renatus is.
  4. Omar Grimmer’Lak do you want to help me fill every nation capital with boats?
  5. Why was necromancy even shelved in the first place there’s like 0 good fantasy stories that don’t involve necromancy somehow.
  6. Can you have the new players fight Gnomes in order to train them on CRP? Gnomes work pretty darn well for that purpose tbh.
  7. “Oi mean t’ey beh MOIGH’EH FOINE Birch Boa’s if yeh ask meh” responds Pervinca Applebrook
  8. “Bigguns ‘ave nay righ’s, bu’ ‘alflin’s do” Says Pervinca Applebrook, well versed in the non-existant legal code of her village.
  9. Wizard101 music is the best for shopping tbh.

    1. Potts244


      Wizard101 is an amazing game.

  10. [!] A poorly drawn advertisement is found in Brandybrook and the Cloud Temple. Cheap Stuff! Come ter Brandybrook for some amazin’ prices on amazin’ things! T’is beh all we’re selling as of now! Stall #1: Empty Nay thin's beh sold ‘ere. Move along. Stall #2: Wee Ol’ Quest Guild Oak Logs: .3 minas each Bread: .3 minas each Stall #3: Pervinca’s Cheap Goods Hay Bales: .3 minas each Baked Potatoes: .1 minas each Sugarcanes: .1 minas each Stall #4: Deek’s Baked Goods Bread: .4 minas each Stall #5: LaDeux’s Knickknacks Bread: .1 minas each Birch Boats: 10 minas each Raspberry Mead: 30 minas each Stall #6: Liesl’s Tinkery Nuffin’ be sold here Weh also have two li’l side carpets for use as shops too! Carpet #1: Empty Nobodeh even uses t’is one Carpet #2: Harold’s Shop Pipeweed: 5 minas each Dried Mullien: 5 minas each Wooden Pipes: 20 minas each Halfling Brand Rocks: 20 minas each Praise Lord Knox ‘n Arugula! -Pervinca Applebrook, Excise & Customs Official of Brandybrook. [!] The advertisement ends with the official seal of Brandybrook.
  11. North Korean kpop is the only good kpop remember that laddies.

  12. Brandybrook halflings busy hunting for Lemons in the forest rn.


    I’ll tell ya if we find any later.

  13. Sums up the Traveling Toad Tavern pretty well.
  14. NotEvilAtAll

    Shop of Wonders

    If the Shog-off shovels aren’t there I’m gonna start a riot.
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