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  1. Sorry I'm too poor to afford the dagger DLC
  2. Hello there I am Looking for Raid right now am DPS assassin level 90 looking for guild
  3. Silence is a level 50 Shadow priest ability. It silences the target, preventing them from casting spells for 5 seconds, and acts against an interrupt against non-player targets.
  4. Sorry sir you need to level up your social skill more to post this comment
  5. I made a creative writing piece

  6. You're logging onto your favorite MMORPG server in Minecraft, the Lord of the Craft. You head over to your favorite mob grinding spot in the desert, only to notice that someone else is occupying it! Disheartened, you head over to your guild headquarters in Neo-Sutica, passing by the Adventurers Guild where the last of the Story Team members drown their sorrows with alcohol ever since all events were mechanized and automated away from them. You go to your Improved Blacksmithing Station, crafted from 12 blocks of solid carbarum, and use the last dribble of your Vortex energy to craft some fancy
  7. Yes I do remember back in the good old medieval days when you'd shoot at the invading bandits with twinwood arrows using bluesteel arrowheads fletched in harpy feathers to maximize the damage and longevity of the slowness potion effect you've dipped onto them while providing an extra chance to kill them if they are already injured. Just a day's work in ye olden times!
  8. I thought you were exaggerating but then I looked back at the update and saw the arrow damage percent increases, arrow effects, fletching bonus, etc. and dang this is pretty MMO-like. Honestly reminds me of Nexus archery but without the dragon scale archer armor. More weapons are cool but throwing in percentages AND arrowhead types AND fletching is probably gonna be harder to balance right and might be a tad more confusing in combat too. Also being able to apply two affects to people at the same time with dual wielding might be a bit wack. The chance to stun and bleed (
  9. Let’s see if this staff response rivals the glory of the response to the anti-vortex thread a few months ago

  10. If the reverse had happened and raiders were teleported by staff to their targets, then everyone would be banned by now. This server spends so much effort coddling existing large playerbases that crud like this somehow doesn’t result in any staff getting removed from their positions for pex abuse. We should re-think all this, as we’ve been heading in the wrong direction for quite a while now.
  11. Yeah I remember back when it was normal for big playerbases to have massive shakeups, for races to have civil wars and change ruling family/clan, for empires to shatter and then re-form. Now the biggest force of geopolitical change is the staff and their activity policies, which is what creates and destroys nations in modern LOTC rather than wars and inter-player politics. Activity checks were a mistake With that in mind, do you think Almaris would be a good map if we removed activity checks, seeing as the other things besides activity checks on Almaris are quite similar to Axios that had m
  12. Is the server actually less interesting than it was in the ol' days or am I just a nostalgic boomer.
  13. virgin tavern RPer vs CHAD farm RPer.

    1. teawithbee


      bro we both work in a tavern

  14. OOC: Hello there! This is an event designed to simulate a single day of halfling life as best as possible. Everybody starts at the beginning of the hour, having just woken up. Their characters then go about their day as they would IRP, eventually falling back to sleep at the end of the hour, which ends the event. Working, eating, talking, and other things your character typically does in a day can and should be roleplayed. There will be a single roleplay prompt happening during the hour to promote interaction, but attending it isn’t mandatory. Feel free to do as you wish. The inten
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