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  1. Yooo guys, we doing another HALFLING DRINKING NIGHT!!!!

    This tradition of mine will never end

  2. [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard Halflin's Drinkin' Night! ~Bramblebury at night!~ Been a while since our last drinking night! Time to have another one and CELEBRATE until our wee bodies cannae take it anymore! Once we have had our fill of drinking, the village will surely be a much better place! What: A Drinking Night 'n Bramblebury! When: T'a Amber Cold, 604 Shire Reckoning! ((4 PM EST, Monday the 18th of January, 2021)) What to bring: Make sure to bring plenty of snacks, booze, fireworks, whatever! Let's make this super fun!
  3. [!] Artist’s depiction of the grand feast during the Feast of the Wolf Feast of the Serpent The Feast of the Serpent is a tradition held every 3 years ((a month in real time)) celebrated with drinking, feasting, and a great hunt to remember the founding of Blazengard and the Wandering Flames. The great hunt is an event which begins the feast. Affiliates can participate in the hunting of large beasts in groups up to two. Those who bring back a beast will be rewarded, but the one who brings the largest beast will get bragging rights as “Lord of the Hunt” or “Lords of the Hu
  4. Can we please stop spamming "I like Vortex" every single day? Like, I know that ya few fellas enjoy the plugin that a lot of other folks aren't too happy with, but ya don't need to spam it on the forums every bloody day. Once or twice is enough to get out the message and make the devs feel content with their work.

  5. /edit Roleplay toon my VIP edits the other day. Are you sure it’s unlimited?
  6. /edit roleplay is still stealing my edit tokens wtf

  7. Vortex was too ambitious for the time it had available to be worked on before 8.0 launch and suffered as a result.

  8. uhhh i'm assuming paladinism is what's meant by the holy magic 'cause I don't think Clerics are a thing anymore nor are Ascended (though I could be wrong, I ain't exactly involved in the magic scene on the server)
  9. It’s still terrible on mobile
  10. it's probably all bugs, but still a shame we're stuck with it for now.
  11. Man I hope we at least get mobile  forums to a usable spot soon rn it's kinda dissapointinng



  12. off center search bar and a bunch of empty space that makes every forum post look like the south american country of Chile. don't even get me started on mobile can't easily navigate the forums with the three bar symbol at the top like it used to be. you can't even access your profile on mobile without finding a post by yourself to get a link. also all the PfPs are horrendously big and overlap with the text in a really distracting and annoying manner. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  13. Forums aren’t horrible on desktop (though notably worse), but very difficult to use and wonky still on mobile.

    1. rukio


      yes they are

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Well at least it’s usable on desktop. It’s just a pain in the arse to look at 

  14. Okay here's my thoughts on this: -Having settlements set up their own currencies would be a good idea, yes. You are also correct in that LOTC is going to suffer from increased deflation if minas stays at a constant amount while resources stockpile. Ending inflation all together was an overreaction to the inflation of previous maps and probably not the wisest idea in the long run. -Voting minas, on the other hand, did not really need to be nerfed. An extra zero could've been tacked onto the end of every voting reward and it wouldn't have mattered as long as minas sinks also had a zero t
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