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  1. Nodes still broken?

    1. Tetho


      Only the nodes near the hubs work as far as I know

  2. “Tha’s terrible!” remarks Filibert Applefoot, local halfling, before going back to his after-luncheon snooze
  3. Filibert Applefoot frowns "T'ere goes all meh plans o' workin' fer 'er bakereh..."
  4. [!] Something is written on the paper! “Sign me up! -Filibert Applefoot”
  5. Why play spleef on minigames servers when you can play it on LOTC?

  6. [!] A flier is found floating about the winds near the north of Almaris Tha Gaming Festival! ~Settling into the new territory after ol' Bramblebury withered away~ New lands and new harvests have come to us wee folks. Let us celebrate these new beginnings with a good ol' feast! Now that our village is set up with the right facilities, we ought to have a grand ol' party and invite all of the neighbors! I have decided that I shall plan just that! Activities: ~Shogging!~ Knock your opponent off of their log before ye fall off of yar own! ~Spleef!~ A game as old as time 'tself! Knock away the ground underneath others and don't fall into the water yourself! ~Push-Off Pumpkin!~ A game of my invention dating back to Arcas. A free-for all battle to control a giant floating pumpkin! Last one still standing wins! ~Darts~ Throw darts at a dartboard to score points! ~Drinks and Snacks~ Free bread and booze will be provided to all who attend the festival! Come right over to the new village 'n Haense (just next to the farms outside o' Karosgrad) and play games with us! May the best fella win! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling of the new shire. ((Event will take place at 3 PM EST tomorrow, 9/11/2021. Here are directions to the village: ))
  7. “Did somebodeh say Pumpins??” Filibert Applefoot whips his head around, the halfling lad heading off to the pumpkin patch of his wee homeland!
  8. "Oi'll be t'ere!" says Filibert Applefoot to Iris Peregrin in a passing conversation
  9. [!] You find a letter in your rather damaged mailbox Dear Brambleburians I've acquired a good bit of land from my good friends the Amadors off 'n Haense. Since Bramblebury seems to 'ave come to an' end, I think we can all move there without too much trouble! Decent area, plen'eh of land, close to water, close to other farmer folks, realleh all you could ask for! Just head off to that big ol' Haense city place, head over towards the fields with the big windmill towering over 'em, and then keep on heading down that path 'till you reach the new li'l road I've been working on tha' leads to the village area! P.S: if ye need help finding the area, jus' send a bird off to tha big city an' I'll get to showin' you et! Regards, Filibert Applefoot
  10. "Oi'll be t'ere!" remarks Filibert Applefoot as he strolls through the village, gazing upon the plague inflicting the fields.
  11. 1.18 experimental snapshots lookin' pretty good.


    Honestly LOTC might be able to get away with using vanilla world gen again in 1.18 if all the new world generation changes are fine tuned enough.

    1. Anore


      Minecraft World Generation is still hideous compared to what people want out of fantasy landscapes. But in terms of properly scaling biomes and stuff, wouldn't hurt to take some notes from Minecraft world generation to create more usable landscapes for RP. Definitely something we've needed to work on in the past is not going overboard.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Yeah I agree. Vanilla Minecraft generation isn't the greatest but it's very usable for building stuff on. Lots of Almaris requires a whole bunch of terraforming to do much which is why some nation capitals instead created their own land like the massive plateau that Oren built to put Providence on and the island that Elvenesse created for its capital build.


      Speaking of going overboard, I think the noise filters or whatever applied onto parts of Almaris are used a bit too much. There are lots of areas where you can find random 1 block holes or single blocks sticking out of the ground all on their own. Compared to previous maps Almaris feels less smooth.

      Also I'm not a huge fan of the biome mixing. I prefer having locations all be one biome rather than mixing together a whole bunch of biomes and splattering them all over the place.

      Maybe we're just trying to hard to make some uber detailed terrain when in reality most people just want terrain that looks good enough at a distance and is suitable for them to build their settlements on.

    3. breeni


      stop giving us quilt maps, give us 3 biomes at max and stop catering to every nations 'aesthetic'. force them to adapt.


      in my dream map the world would be one massive desert kenshi style.

  12. Well lads looks like the old mailbox stuff I was shilling back in early Bramblebury is gonna come in handy, now ain't it? Hopefully not having birds for everything will revive the roleplay of getting stuff in the mail. As long as I can still use the excuse of having a noticeboard to post RP events on I'm happy. Edit: also this might just shove metagaming back onto discord instead of in-game messages so maybe an aviary plugin would be a decent replacement
  13. “This don’ look vereh good…” remarks Filibert Applefoot

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