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  1. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    4/10 I haven't seen you in a while, but I remember your name for some reason
  2. Freebuild map

    Yes, somebody should make a map of where there is freebuild, or maybe the staff should just make a map for us. It would be really helpful to know where we can build with freebuild, and where we cannot, because right now the only way to know that is by travelling everywhere in Atlas and checking for yourself.
  3. What is wrong with magic?

    Make Knoxmancy a thing and then magic is fine.
  4. Elf vs Halfling WAR!

    Role-play: (Establish the rationale with a brief summary of events leading up to this point.): Madeline would be strolling through the lands of Atlas, until she'd come across Caras Eldar, in the Dominion of Malin. She'd enter the city through the gates, and eventually comes across the festival that was being held inside of the city at that time. Curious, she walked up to the festival grounds, and noticed that shogging logs had been set up, and that the festival goers were watching some of the Elves shog. She watched, and watched, and watched, and watched, until it dawned upon her. These Elves weren't using the Proper Halfling Rules of Shogging(TM)! The shogs were 4 meters long instead of 3, none of the participants were wearing the proper Protective Pumpking Headwear(TM), and a minas prize was given out to the winner at the end! Furious at what the elves had done to her beloved halfling sport, Madeline Applefoot stormed back ALLLLLLL the way to Dunshire, where she mustered her halfling army for the upcoming battle. Side A: (The faction posting the warclaim) The halflings of Dunshire Side B: (The faction responding to the warclaim.) The Dominion of Malin Proposed Date & Time: (Example: September 17, 1787 @ 3 P.M. EST. ) To be decided Proposed Rules: (Suggest any unique modifications or restrictions for this warclaim.) This war is to be decided with a Proper halfling shogging match in Dunshire, the winner of the battle enforces their way of shogging upon the other. -Both sides must obey all of the halfling rules in shogging, which includes... -Wearing proper protection as you shog (a pumpkin helmet) -Not jumping onto the other log in order to knock your opponent off -Using a log that is THREE blocks long and not FOUR blocks long -No mercy is to be given, only shovels -Best out of 17 individual matches wins! Location: (Provide a screenshot of the area being warclaimed from the dynmap.) Discord: (Your current Discord username, example: Test#1234.) Gregory Nelson#2321
  5. Make AN Orc week! (By a hated plater)

    Good. Next we need “Make A Halfling Week”
  6. The Ending of a Banishment

    [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Balorien is Nay Longer Banished! ~Festival street, circa The Grand Harvest, 1647~ He has served his punishment, and thus he may live with us wee folks again! But, because he is still a murderer, Balorien Meadbelly has to give up his sheriff duties, and may not become sheriff again until two years have passed. Please don't murder anyone again! -Madeline Applefoot
  7. Welp, looks like the server just crashed a bit. I hope it gets working again soon.

  8. Right now, it's impossible to get snow without taking a trip to the snowy areas in the south and mining away at the snow in a freebuild tile. Because the snow you mine in the freebuild will never come back, I say that we should have a pit in the Resource Isle that contains snow blocks. If we have a pit filled with snow blocks, people can get snow to have snowball fights and make igloos without having to make certain freebuild areas look ugly. That is all.
  9. *A flyer is posted at Dunshire*

    Madeline Applefoot, a halfling and resident of Dunshire, would nod as she reads this. She’d then go around and show this to her fellow halflings.
  10. Freebuild Idea (Suggestion)

    I like this, promote good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. This should work
  11. Village Meeting!

    Madeline Applefoot would smile, remembering the meeting "Ahh.... t'was ah good mee'in, although 't sure could'a done wi' more booze!"
  12. Looking for Feedback, from halflings and non-halflings alike!

    We would never promote violence though, even if nobody would warclaim us over it. Thanks for the feedback anyways
  13. Raid Rules Idea.

    +1 the bait was amazing 10/10 fooled me good
  14. Halfling RP is pretty fun. We just need to get a few more good halflings into Dunshire and we should be all set for the rest of the map.

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