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  1. Who was Xan again I forgot 

    1. Nug


      the protagonist aengul from the 3.0 map conflict against setherien and the black scourge, later became the power source for paladin magic

    2. ferdaboy


      an opp

  2. Warriors do not get disarmed in every CRP fight and typically enter combat with weapons drawn so for most attacks it is 1 emote = 1 attack. Action economy is HUGE and making attacks in fewer actions puts you at an advantage. I highly doubt these changes will lead to a CRP meta of all archers because without any melee backup to hold back enemies said archers will just get rushed down and slaughtered.
  3. Yeah, vanilla redstone security can be quite thorough. Other redstone triggers actually work better because all good thieves already know to check the walls for secret doors and may overlook a simple “decorative” button or redstone ore under a carpet. Just using a redstone door is lame though. People need to use redstone traps more often (again, thieves usually don’t expect it!) and the rules should be worded in such a way as to encourage more intricate forms of security instead of lame, unoriginal key-doors.
  4. Attack once every round (melee) VS Attack once every two rounds ONLY after you've already "connected" to your bow all magic-style. By simple action economy melee is still better than archery and there are still situations that 100% call for melee weapons (enclosed spaces, your enemy is right in front of you, etc.)
  5. [!] A message is pinned to the Dúnwen Noticeboard Harvest Time! Same as usual! The time of the harvest is here! Bring your scythes, and if you haven't one, I'll get you one from the storage. It will be a long day, but with the blessings of Lord Knox on our side, it may be a fruitful one as well! -Mimosa Applefoot, local farmer ((4 PM EST, tomorrow on June 2nd, 2024, 6/2/2024. Located in Dúnwen, capital of Dúnfarthing, home of the halflings on Aevos))
  6. halflings are forced to be normal, humble farmers instead of edgy darkspawn by lore? oh no, this is a HUGE loss for the halfling community /s
  7. “Oi’m surprised t’is took so long” says Mimosa Applefoot, local resident.


  9. return to cobweb and cactus anti-cav spikes just like the good old days of 2016
  10. biggest reason everyone wasn't wearing full plate in every fight back in ye olden times is that it cost a **** ton of $$$$$ to get that sort of equipment and most people are poor this is not a factor on LOTC it is equivalent to having a modern warfare game like Battlefield or something but with everyone able to use tanks for free. Of course everyone will just use tanks.
  11. Elves should be very short and work in polar workshops producing toys
  12. this ^^^ !!!!! ardacraft is light years ahead of us and we must close the gap
  13. Mimosa Applefoot salutes the Halfling Imperium "KNOX mitt'ens!" she'd exclaim with joy.
  14. wtf i was gonna remake oren first

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