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  1. Druid Spirit's Eve Festival

    Madeline Applefoot the halfling of Pendlemere would shout "Praised beh Knox an' 'is 'arves' spiri's!"
  2. meme central

    The halflings have been trucking along since Aegis. We're still a race
  3. meme central

    Halfling memes are better
  4. That was a pretty amazing halfling festival

  5. A Halfling Showcase Episode

    'm not the only halfling at the village I swear! There's a multitude of halflings in the village that weren't online for the video, such as Kasfer, Velvet, Harold, Larry, Dondo, Ol' Wimpy, Olive, and many more. It's a shame that I was the only halfling to be in these videos, although it was some pretty good RP nevertheless.
  6. Automatic Limited Creative

    Hmm, if having less height decreases the cost of the LC the halflings might actually be able to get LC for their village using voting minas. Anyways, good job with this. change, as it allows us to RP in a plot under LC
  7. Halfling Festivities! “There is never not a reason for a festival” -The book of Knox, page eight All around the halfling village of Pendlemere-by-Cotton-Lake, the din and clamor of the working day slowly grinds to an end. The halfling residents slowly go to sleep as the day ends, the fields left to rest after having been worked tirelessly throughout the entire day, the sheep and cows also left to their own devices. For some halflings, sleep did not come easy, for all knew that the next days would be one of party and of carousing, as the grand harvests of Knox and the Harvest spirits were to be celebrated vigorously. After the last little halfling minds found sleep, all would lie quiet, waiting for ‘morn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [!] Fliers would be send around in the winds, nailed to notice boards, and stuffed into corners The Festival of the Harvest! (Pendle-fest!) When: Pretty Soon! Be there if you can! ((3:30 PM EST on Saturday 21st, October 2017)) Where: At Pendlemere-by-Cotton-Lake of course! The home of the halflings! What does it contain: Shogging! Darts! Other games! Over 500 cakes to be eaten! Copious amounts of booze! Feasting! A bit of cactus green here and there! The marriage of Madeline Applebrook and Harold Withfoot! And more! -=-=-=-=Be there or be a rotten pumpkin!=-=-=-=-
  8. There seems to have been some changes to the brewing plugin...


    We can make Cider now! And Sake! And probably many more things!

  9. MissToni's second Forum Application

    +1 because I remember you from mellsburry
  10. 6.0 halfling village ideas thread A lot of good suggestions can be found here
  11. late night ama; ft. pyro

    Why don't you think halflings are the best race?
  12. late night ama; ft. pyro

    Why are halflings the best race?
  13. The Kōkuaʻia

    The font is hard to read, but +1
  14. Reviewing Tutorial Island

    Agreed, it makes new players think that they've signed up to play some weird MMO instead of a roleplaying server
  15. [SELLING] Leather, Branches, Wool, Feathers, Etc.!

    Madeline Applefoot the halfling would mutter something about improperness, before saying "Do ye accep' trades?"