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  1. Will LoTC ever be able to distance itself from discord/whatever other 3rd party software or is that just an eternal fact of server existence?

    1. Werew0lf
    2. Franczhiz


      Lets make the LOTC community only be able to communicate with one another using landline telephones.

      Telefoon met snoer, kx-7712CID Wandmontage/bureau Engels Buitenlandse  handel Vaste telefoonlijn Tweedraads interfaceontwerp voor thuis/kantoor  (zwart) : Amazon.nl: Elektronica

    3. Narthok


      you put yourself at an explicit disadvantage by not using discord in terms of geopol / diplo / national success etc

  2. happy that almaris ain't lost media
  3. Maybe a case could be made for making all new personas require a CA application, regardless of race. Elf and Human CAs when?
  4. Honestly the musin have an impressive community even with being locked behind a CA. I’m proud of them.
  5. "Woah, oi loike 'Aense now" says Mimosa Applefoot underneath a GAYte in her own village.
  6. CONCORD OF THE COASTAL COMPANIONS Issued at Year 133 of the Second Age Renewed at the Year 165 of the Second Age Modified in the Year 168 of the Second Age As some of the smaller coastal settlements of the east, it has been found beneficial to support each other in every way which we can as possible both economically and militarily in case a threat in the east rises. May this pact give the east security and prosperity for our realms in our home continent of Aevos. ARTICLE I: SOVEREIGNTY I. The Most Serene State of Lurin recognizes The Shiredom of Dúnwen, The Unified Domain of Vortice, and The Kingdom of Vikela their sovereignty and autonomy. II. The Unified Domain of Vortice recognizes The Most Serene State of Lurin, The Shiredom of Dúnwen, and The Kingdom of Vikela their sovereignty and autonomy. III. The Shiredom of Dúnwen recognizes The Unified Domain of Vortice, The Most Serene State of Lurin, and The Kingdom of Vikela their sovereignty and autonomy. IV. The Kingdom of Vikela recognizes The Unified Domain of Vortice, The Most Serene State of Lurin, and The Shiredom of Dúnwen their sovereignty and autonomy. ARTICLE II: TRADE I. All signatories dedicate to each other an available tax-free shop or stall within their capital region for the duration of the pact. II. All signatories agree to grant other signatories access to their mines if they are closed. III. All signatories agree to provide each other the best deal possible when trading in bulk goods between each other. IV. Minas are not necessary to trade. ARTICLE III: NON-AGGRESSION I. No signatory shall be intentionally harmed by another including their citizens. II. If a breach has been found, this shall be resolved diplomatically. ARTICLE IV: TERRITORIAL CLAIMS I. No signatory shall lay claim on territories another signatory has laid claim upon. II. Signatories may agree to give up a territorial claim in favor of another member having it. ARTICLE V: INFRASTRUCTURE I. All signatories agree to improve infrastructure between each realm II. This may be done in the form of establishing new roads, bridges and providing easier modes of transport between each other’s realms. III. Every infrastructure project will be discussed between signatories before execution. IV. All signatories agree to repair the alternative, ruined road through Dúnwen as well as build new bridges to connect Lurin and Vortice. ARTICLE VI: DEFENSE I. All signatories will aid each other when declared war upon. II. All signatories will aid each other when their sovereignty is at risk. III. All signatories will provide such aid through soldiers, wealth, industry, and resources. ARTICLE VII: CULTURAL EXCHANGE I. All signatories agree to improve the relationships between the nations by holding cultural events. II. These events will be held every two elven weeks. III. Each of the signatories will have the chance to choose what their event is so long as it’s representative of their culture. IV. These events will be held in a rotatory system, starting with the Most Serene State of Lurin, then the Unified Domain of Vortice, the Shiredom of Dúnwen, and finally the Kingdom of Vikela. ARTICLE VIII: DURATION I. All signatories agree to uphold this pact till all find it necessary to part ways. II. This pact may only be dissolved if all signatories agree. III. If any articles are deemed broken and all diplomatic reasons to maintain the pact are abandoned, the pact will be invalidated. signed, The Silver Lubba, Lumia Uialben The Hand of the Lubba and Prime Minister, Edvard Kervallen Mimosa Applefoot, Thain of Dúnfarthing His Majesty King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second Former Thain of Dúnfarthing and her vassals, Prince in-Law of the Petra, Protector of the Wee, Lord of Greater Bramblebury, Bywater, Barnsley, Honeyhill and the Hillmen. Father of Foxes, Liberator of Frogtopia, Leader of the Merrymen, Slayer of Gods, The Oathbreaker, Grand Wizard of Bogwartz: School of Shamanism and Housemagery, Tamer of the Forest, Chairman of the League Of Super Best Friends, Wielder of most holy Knoxscalibur, Emperor of the Former Holy Orenian Empire of Bywater, Shogging Champion, Price Gouger, Guild Mason, Market Manipulator, Attorney at law. The 10th Sovereign of the Depths, Monarch of the Unified Domain of Vortice Monarch Consort of the Depth, Department Head of Foreign Affairs to the Unified Domain of Vortice SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta
  7. "T'is ain' good." says Mimosa Applefoot, somehow weirdly involves with both matters concerning the Shamanic Lodge and Minto at the same time.
  8. We must go back to four racial nations. One for Kha, one for musin, one for hou-zi, and one for wonks.

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    2. UnusualBrit


      Wonk soup was pretty good 

    3. Sarven


      3 whole players per nation! Now thats a record for sure B)

    4. Turbo_Dog


      Monkeying around a bit 

  9. Attaching in-Roleplay political autonomy to some special staff-approved status was a mistake. Nation status should not exist as a concept. As a group, Nation Leaders do not deserve to be held up to the pedestal that they are on currently. Bring back Freebuild. We need shock therapy to purge the power of discord cliques and council chats.
  10. “Vereh noice” says Mimosa Applefoot as more MICE stuff starts happening.
  11. i'm gonna buy winrar

  12. Ur castle town wall looks good !!

    1. Zanael Moonstrider

      Zanael Moonstrider

      Aw thank you!


  13. Mimosa Applefoot stands by her plow “Oi will NEVAH give up moi plow! T’ese citeh dwellin’ mages dun know ah THIN’ ‘bout coun’reh loife if dey wan’ us ter lose our PLOWS!!”
  14. Pigs are truly the worst LoTC farm animal. Cows give leather (important), chickens give feathers (important), sheep give wool (important) but pigs!????? Pigs SUCK!
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