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  1. [!] A tabloid newspaper is put into the mailbox of every halfling in Brandybrook The Beetroot News ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Applefoot Party Turns into a Drunken Brawl!~ ~River Festival, Huge Success!~ ~The Thain is Pregnant????~ ~Applefoot Party Turns into a Drunken Brawl!~ ~Sean and Alfie come to blows after a dispute in the Applefoot Party!~ The Party I hosted ‘n me burrow, the Applefoot Party, was going strong. Booze & food had been passed out and consumed, music was playing, Gillsy was pretending to be a sailor, all was going quite well indeed! However, a dispute was brewing all the while! Alfie Greenholm, a well known troublemaker, had previously been kicked out of the party after constantly trying to stop the music from playing. Alfie returned after a while, leading to a drunken brawl between him and Sean that soon grew out of control! I had no other option but to call off the Party entirely, which was a real shame ‘ndeed! ~Alfie fleeting Brandybrook with the stolen music disc!~ Alfie Greenholm managed to steal t’a music disc we had playing in the jukebox before he left, leading to an intense chase between him and several halflings trying to get back our precious music. As of present, I am not aware of whether or not the music disc has been returned. Only time will tell. ~River Festival, Huge Success!~ ~A fantastic day to be a halfling indeed!~ ~The first boat race!~ ~Dwarves in Brandybrook?~ A large number of halflings and bigguns alike showed up for the River Festival. It lasted for over a day (incredible!), and saw many faces come and go. Boat races were held, with Alfie, Filibert, and Eriann winning the first race and Demeter, Sean, and Eriann winning the second race! After the festivities were mostly over, and all of the party goers retired to the tavern for a drink, some dwarves showed up to drink with us as well! All in all, it was a splendid festival and a huge success for the village! ~The Thain is Pregnant????~ ~Drinking booze during the River Festival!~ As all o’ us weefolks were having drinks, it was noted that the Thain specifically asked for a non-alcoholic beverage! This led to rumors that the Thain, Isalie Gardner, is pregnant! Now, it is entirely possible that the Thain only asked for a non-alcoholic beverage due to not wanting to be drunk at the time, but that doesn’t stop halflings from seeing it as a sign that she is with child! Isalie has been married to her husband, Taurin, for quite some time now. To further increase suspicion Isalie blushed when asked if she was pregnant! She denies that she is pregnant, but could she be lying? What reasons would she have to lie about such a thing? I will let you, the reader, decide for yourself on this issue. Is Isalie actually pregnant? Only time can tell. Even if she is not with child, we can only hope that the Garnder family manages to produce children in the future so that our own children will have more halflings to drink with! That’s all for now folks! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all.
  2. Filibert Applefoot, writer for The Beetroot News, would reach out to contact Buck so that he may serve as TBN’s artist.
  3. In 8.0, I want to make a building that is 100% gate. The whole thing can disappear and reappear with the flick of a few switches.
  4. No admittance, except on party business!

  5. Welp time to get a Goldworthy dark skinned halfling GF for Filibert.
  6. [!] Letters of invitation are sent out to several halflings Applefoot House Party! ~A gathering in the Applefoot burrow, back in the Golden Days of the Applefoots when Rollo and Daisy were still alive!~ With a River Festival comin’ up, I cannot push myself to continue the Gaming Night tradition. I fear that doing so would tire us all out ter much! However, there should still be plenty of time available for us wee folks to gather ‘n a less tiring manner! A simple party in the Applefoot burrow ought to fit in quite nicely! As such, in the oh so empty Applefoot burrow now devoid of activity for so long, the flower of happiness shall once more bloom! Invitations: All Applefoots Our lovely Thain, her husband, ‘n all of the Elders T’a Greenholms T’a Puddlefoots T’a Sunbrooks T’a O’Connells T’a Proudfoots T’a Driftwoods (’er what’s left of ‘em, anyways) T’a Sackvilles T’a Burrows All other weefolks from less well known families ‘er who nay have ah family at all. Gather ‘n the Applefoot burrow on The First Seed for a party that ye will never forget! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all. ((Friday at 4 PM EST, 7/9/2020))
  7. The shovel buff wasn’t present for halflings when I was playing ‘em back in 2017. Heavy Shovels (was that what they were called?) were also broken and didn’t work most of the time. The main buff that halflings got was having two different racial professions, chef and farmer, and good racial XP bonuses for those two professions. If you wanted to be one of the best chefs in LOTC, you basically had to play as a halfling. Thanks to halfling chef XP buff, I was the second best chef in all of Axios. The number one chef played twice as much as I did, so I couldn’t beat them just with an XP bonus advantage. I still got pretty far though just by using all of my Energy every day.
  8. Filibert Applefoot digs through the Applefoot burrow, looking for swimwear!
  9. welp time for the annual world war


    @Hobbits @Brandybrook @Jade_Emen time to get the Pumpkin Raiders back together

  10. ((The forum post decorations are shown as links and give me 404 errors when I try to open them in a new window. I don’t know why the forums are suddenly finicky when it comes to links now, but I think you can fix the issue by saving the images you meant to put into the forum post to your computer, uploading them onto imgur, and then copying the imgur image address and pasting it into the forum thread. That way it will automatically embed.)) Filibert Applefoot, a halfling smartarse from Brandybroook, gazes at this poster ”Are us weefolks invi’ed? I’ve always wan’ed ter ah'’end ah weddin’!”
  11. Why didn’t I win the Creative Writing contest? This is clearly staff bias. LOTC Beach Episode was the best submission and was at least 10000 times better than everything else.
  12. Out of Character Username: jumperhand3 Discord: NotEvilAtAll#2321 In Character Full Name: Filibert Applefoot Race: Halfling Age: 30-something Job / Occupation: Writer, Librarian. Out of Character Username: jumperhand3 Discord: NotEvilAtAll#2321 In Character Full Name: Dandelion Greenholm Race: Halfling Age: 40-something Job / Occupation: Rancher, Bartender.
  13. I have peaked as a gamer

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