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  1. [!] A notice is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard, its writing scribbled on coarse paper. A Day o' Work ~The new tailoring area in Honeyhill!~ For much too long have we partied and tussled with the rats who wish to oust us from our homeland. It is time that we get back to work and do what needs to be done 'round the village! Afterwards, we can all share a drink in the tavern, o' course. This next Pumpkin Day ought to be a good one! -Filibert Applefoot ((Event at 8 PM EST, TOMORROW on Friday the 21st of January, 2022. Located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings))
  2. Gravel is a good road building material

  3. [!] A note is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Beware the Hill-rats! The rats that got out of the dungeon earlier seem to have set up camp in the hills! Be careful when traveling around the village! Keep an eye out for any rats moving about! P.S: A more proper scouting mission will be sent out the next Pumpkin Day -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill. ((3 PM EST, tomorrow the 17th of January, 2022. In Honeyhill, the home of the halflings))
  4. Ah, imperial letter spam. Some things never change

    1. Burnsider


      Like the feel of your hand in mine

      Some things stay the same

      Like how we get along just fine

      Like an old stone wall that'll never fall

      Some things are always true

      Some things never change

      Like how I'm holding on tight to you

  5. Filibert Applefoot bids a high value NFT priced at 21,000 minas
  6. ~The lovely li'l Peregrin Allotment!~ "Yew can take da third allo'men' plo' for yarself, Hob" Filibert would say the next he saw him
  7. Filibert Applefoot shrugs "Oi'm jus' mad tha' ou' o' all folks, da FIRE DEPAR'MEN' was given con'rol o' da ships. Nay maneh fires ter pu' ou' 'n da river, oi mus' say"
  8. Hey mods, how come

  9. The music is 100% weeaboo
  10. killer smooth warclaim, I had a total blast

  11. Activity Farming? Stop Rep Farming.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      I have no mouth and I MUST REP FARM

  12. "Allo'men' gran'ed! Yeh'll ge' t'a firs' plo', righ' up near 'n fron' o' t'a path!" Filibert would reply to Eldon Trill JR in person
  13. Halfling garden plots? Of course!

  14. [!] A missive is posted on the Honeyhill Noticeboard Allotment Plots! Six new allotment gardens have been prepared 'n the village! They will be handed out to burrow owners without gardens of their own yet, with priority given to large families that are in need of more vegetables. ~The allotment gardens!~ Request an Allotment plot with t'a folliwing form: Name: Reason for needin' an allotment: Do you swear to tend to your garden properly?: Bes' o' luck to all you farmers! Honeyhill shall forever prosper! -Filibert Applefoot, elder of Honeyhill.
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