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  1. NotEvilAtAll

    Goodbye halflings, Goodbye LOTC

    At least I left LOTC with a bunch of worthless halfling RP posts that nobody looks at high quality documentations of happenings in Dunshire.
  2. With all of the Assassin drama and 2 man banditing in Dunshire, I've been unable to get the normal peaceful RP that I play a halfling for. Without that roleplay, I really have no reason to be playing LOTC right now, seeing as I play LOTC solely for said quiet and silly halfling RP. I'm finding myself in need of a break again, this time a much longer one. So goodbye everyone! I had fun being in Dunshire, I had fun playing Daisy and Madeline Applefoot, but for now, don't expect to see me in Dunshire anymore, or on LOTC anymore. I hereby request to be banned on my username jumperhand3, and to have my forum account suspended so I don't just return to LOTC immediately like the addictive drug it is. I'll leave all my LOTC discords and try to enjoy the real world for a time (Maybe try to read some books, etc.). I wish all you Dunshire halflings the best of luck in running Dunshire without me. Now that you guys have a villain and a decent population of good roleplayers, you should be fine. Anyways, here are my final words to you guys Note to the Halflings: Keep up being awesome! You've always been my favorite community on LOTC, and thus I send you all my wishes and all my hope. Now that you guys are friendly with the Orcs, hopefully you can put yourselves out of this mess before everyone else gets pessimistic and grumpy and quits like I'm doing right now. Note to the Orcs: You guys have always been my second favorite community on LOTC. I've tried joining you guys once before (Although I got bored and went back to my halfling), but from what I've seen you guys are OOCly very nice and always have the least-toxic banditing and villainy RP there is. For that, I respect you guys. You may have a few issues here and there, but for the most part, you guys are great! Keep up the amazing work dudes, hopefully you can make the Orcs great again. Note to @_SuitAndTie_: How the heck are you able to play on LOTC so much without getting burned out? You should make a guide on how to do that, because clearly I am not capable of such things. I also send you my best wishes, since you are an old friend of mine, and I have many fond memories roleplaying with you. Keep on being awesome, and doing all the good things. Your events have always been my favorite, and you really deserve a spot in the LOTC hall of fame! Note to @Reznc 2.0 @Reznc (Which one is it?): You are also an old friend of mine, and I still recall fondly the time our characters discussed halfling philosophy while on the walls of the Westlands. You made for a good Sheriff too, even if you wore boots and used a sword! I'm not sure if you even still play LOTC, but if you do, I send you my regards as well. Note to Micbox: I've managed to loose that one song you sent me to use for the Irish Wake we were planning to hold for Gerald, can you send it to me again? Also, I'm sure you'd love to know that the ol' Goblet of Infinite Booze that killed your character was used as the premise for yet another eventline in Dunshire run by Dalek. You were also a great player in my eyes, and you did a fine job running the Pendlemere festivals and participating in the Mellsburrian festivals as well. For that, you'll always have a place in my heart Note to @Dalek348: Maybe try running for the Event Team? You'd make a fine addition to that team, and I'd love to see you do a bajillion events with the Ents you've made in Old Dunshire Forest. You have the best screenshots and the best storytelling abilities, and thanks to you I now have Aegis, Asulon, and Anthos as singleplayer worlds on my computer. Just like you, I also love the more ancient halfling building style. It's a real shame that Dunshire was constructed by everyone else before you were able to do it all, since I would've loved seeing Dunshire look like the Old Dunshire you had in the Whispering Crossroads.... Anyways, I send you my best wishes, and all of my hopes and dreams Note to @dkink14: Why haven't you tried to shove bees up anyone's nose yet? That would be comedy gold! We really ought to do the old plan we had in Pendlemere (The one where we'd put beehives everywhere so the druids would have a neverending supply of bees to shove up noses). I hope you have fun playing on LOTC still! Note to lilsmolbean: I don't think you play on LOTC anymore, but if you do, then I'm here to tell you that your old character in Pendlemere was literally the cutest thing ever. Note to @Kaiser: Maybe you should fulfill your dreams of having halfling pirates one day. The closest we ever got to that was in the transition island from Axios to Atlas, where we briefly pretended that we were a pirate ship. I don't know if the GMs will teleport around boats anymore, but if they do, then I suppose we could easily have a halfling piracy crew... Note to @Hobbits: You are hands down the best sheriff I've ever seen. While you may not do all that many sheriff duties, you are great at roleplaying and have run some fun events in the past. Keep up the great work, and may Dunshire never grow silent while you still inhabit it!
  3. [!] A small halfling boy runs around Dunshire, crying out for all to hear "'ear ye! 'ear ye! Daisy Applefoo' is nay more! T'ey go' 'er! T'eh Assassin got her!" Dunshire's residents would reel in shock "When? Why? 'ow?" They'd all say in a panicked frenzy "''t be true! 'er dead bodeh now lies among t'eh grasses!" The town crier hollers out, pointing towards the fields. Sure enough, right there in the potato patch would be Daisy's body, slashed into tiny bits... They got her, and now Dunshire has one less halfling to its name...
  4. NotEvilAtAll

    The Great Assassin Hunt of Dunshire!

    The Great Assassin Hunt of Dunshire! It all began when a masked Assassin entered the burrow of Soliel and held her hostage when the other halflings of Dunshire came to her rescue. A standoff began between the halfling rescuers and the Assassin, with the Assassin eventually fleeing the burrow through Dunshire's secret tunnels, sending all the halflings scrambling to find him. Thankfully, the Assassin decided to set Soliel free, letting all the folks of Dunshire relax once more. Everybody cheered as they saw her leave the Tavern unscathed, yet a foul taste still lingered in the air, and a sense of dread still lingered in everyone's hearts, for the Assassin was still at large in Dunshire... All the halflings gathered in the Ale Garden, discussing what was to be done next. There they decided to split up into two groups, with one group searching the tunnels, and the other group searching the perimeter. Both groups found nothing. Then, all of the burrows were searched, only for naught to be found once again. As the search progressed, things became more and more dire. Halflings would venture out alone to check inside a burrow or behind a tree only to come back some time later bearing grievous wounds, and stories of a masked face, a blade in the dark, and a sudden gush of blood. Sometimes halflings would split up from the main groups and get lost, causing even more distress. Eventually, the search was as much about finding lost halflings as it was about finding the Assassin, and every halfling who struck it out alone was in danger of coming back injured, or not at all. Some Orcs came to the aid of the Dunshire halflings, having heard about the terror the Assassin was causing. With the united might of Orcs and Hobbits, the search went on. They searched the woods when claims of the Assassin being there were heard from injured halflings, and he was very nearly caught a number of times. Alas, no matter how hard the Orcs and Halflings tried, they could not sniff out the Assassin and corner him. All the search accomplished was an unending stream of injuries. Healers in the Boo-Boo Tent worked tirelessly throughout the night, trying to heal as many halflings as they could. Thankfully, due to the wonderful bravery of the healers and the protection of the Orcs, there were no fatalities despite the many injuries. But while no fatalities have occurred thus far, things do not look very bright for the halflings. The Assassin remains at large, and from their experience trying to sniff him out, the Halflings and Orcs know that this is a capable Assassin indeed. Capable of evading thorough searches without being cornered, capable of striking where it is least expected, and capable of causing mass-disruption and terror. Will the Assassin ever be brought to justice? Only time will tell...
  5. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Fourth Election Signup - Sheriff & Deputy

    Name: Daisy Applefoot Race(Ye must be a halfling to run for Sheriff or Deputy): Oi'm ah 'alflin' o' course! What do ye run as? (You cannot run for both Sheriff and Deputy!): Sheriff! What will you do if you are elected?: Become a bloody dictator Give all o' us 'alflin's free cookies an' cake, as well as make sure t'eh bandi's stop botherin' us! Oi'll also try ter work wi' t'eh Elder (Me father!) ter ge' s'uff done, since oi 'ave ah personal connec'ion wi' 'im! What will you expect of the other halflings if you are elected?: Total obedience Nuthin' a' all! Jus' don' ge' 'n t'eh way o' impor'an' Sheriff du'ies! Anything else to add?: Me favori'e color is Baige, t'eh same color 'as Hearth's eyes!
  6. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

  7. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    Alright, I think it's settled. I'm not going to PK Daisy Applefoot unless a ton more people vote in favor of me doing so.
  8. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    I don't believe in escaping RP like that and getting away scratch-free. If I really wanted to escape the RP, I'd just /damage 20 and give the bandits what they wanted, since that is basically conceding defeat (It's still kinda against the rules though :/). If I were staff, I'd get rid of that rule.
  9. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    If it's IRP running, I'd be screwed. Halflings can only really beat bigger races in a short sprint, not so much a long-distance chase. If it's OOC running after RP has been called, I'd probably get overwhelmed with guilt and beg the staff to ban me for a few months like I did last time. I really should've just let you guys kill me, it would've been better that way.
  10. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    Isn't that against the rules though? If someone wants to engage in RP with you, you are obliged to do so. This is a roleplaying server after all, it's not like you're supposed to be able to "opt out" of roleplay ever.
  11. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    If you want to see me banned for escaping RP like that I'd just accept it, I did wrong there. I really should not have just /d20'd and left, but I did so anyways because I don't usually enjoy getting slaughtered on my halfling.
  12. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    true, true.... I'm a terrible player
  13. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    I know that not every character has to follow the norms of the race, but I prefer to play halflings who follow the norms
  14. NotEvilAtAll

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    It wasn't even much RP tbh, I just /damage 20'd and gave them all my belongings. However, I usually PK to pretty low-quality RP anyways, so it's nothing out of the ordinary to me. As far as Daisy's character goes, she still has a good bit of development to go and I enjoy playing her, yet I feel like I may have gone a bit too dark and dramatic with her, to the point where she doesn't seem all that halfling-like anymore.