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  1. Should I make an AMA, or have I not become that lowly yet?

  2. You could always check out the halfling RP (If we actually had any players left for you to roleplay with :( )
  3. Only on tuesdays
  4. Welcome to lotc! You'll enjoy your time here, no doubt
  5. Any ideas for increasing the halflings population? Festivals, more pipeweed, etc. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. _Jandy_


      First off, don't listen to people who have never played halflings. Try asking people who have played them what could bring them back, why they left, etc...

    3. senor_tortuga


      um they need people who have never played halflings to start playing them

    4. _Jandy_


      Sure, but they don't have a very good understanding of the existing culture and lore. It doesn't make sense to ask them what the issue with the halflings is, does it? 

  6. I agree with the people commenting above me
  7. The song she picked for her GM app is the best choice I've seen in a while, +1
  8. If this is possible to be done, I would want to have the RP names instead of MC names be a thing
  9. Is this the end for the halfling race? ;(

  10. Gerald the halfling glances at this, and says "Mus' beh teh biggun poli'ics, ah nevah realleh undahs'and tha' s'uff
  11. That is where you are mistaken, my friend
  12. ((I've heard of this organization before, and heck, I've even been a part of it. However, I still can't tell if this is a meme or if it is serious, it's just too silly and non-formal
  13. 1: give us halflings tatermancy. 2: repeat step 1 until tatermancy is the new norm.
  14. This seems pretty cool! I would totally try to join this frp if you made it.
  15. The whole "setting fire" thing is more of a metaphor for the chaos my character's actions just caused in Mellsburry.