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  1. Meme: Le halfling sterotype says that: Halflings are just a bunch of pumpkin wearing, meme making, Knox worshipping Pagans who never take anything seriously. Le reality: Halflings have about the same good ol' RP every other race has. What do you think is impacting LOTC negatively?: Everyone just assumes the halflings are a giant meme with no real purpose or meaning. Which is indeed correct, the halflings actually are just a giant meme As everyone knows, HalflingRP=BestRP, therefore halflings CANNOT be a meme, right...?
  2. How do y'all like my new profile picture?

  3. Same here
  4. All I really want is for the next map to be of decent quality.
  5. When you dislike all mages a large amount
  6. What are all of them cool kiddos doing nowadays on LOTC.

    1. Hero_


      playing humans

    2. Kowaman


      creating fidget spinner factories

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      That sounds lore breaking

  7. Well, g'bye I guess. Must we throw a rad farewell party for you?
  8. Amazing idea! :) I'd love to see this accepted.
  9. BOO

    I wish I could be like the cool kids, 'Cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in.
  10. ((This is a bit of an OOC question, but...... Do you accept child characters?)) Victoria Merentel the human child would notice this message carved into wretched and menacing looking oak tree by her home "I wonder what this is about; it sounds like a lot of adventure!"
  11. +1 I can tell that the idea came from D&D, D&D is awesome, therefore +1
  12. It's Mi Amigo..... Anyways, I do agree with a lot of this, the map should have more interest, it should be smaller, etc.
  13. Halflings are the only race LOTC needs
  14. Axios has been a rather interesting time for the halflings, and people just seem to want to make new villages all over the place. We've almost been acting like nomads. I'm not a veteran halfling, but I'm pretty sure that the number of halfling villages we've burned through in Axios is not normal. Us halflings just seem to be splitting up and reforming together waaaaaay too much. (Also, the villages we leave behind are all ghost towns, so it's not really "spreading out" so much as "moving all the freaking time when we should really be staying in one place)