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    The Lord of his Craft, short poem by Ggt

    I support this
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    Knox Fly hacking

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    even more agreed
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    Rumors of a Gathering

    "t'is cannae go well" states Madeline Applefoot, a halfling of Dunshire
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    Looking for Love - Edward Thorne Woodlaw

    “I don’ think oi’m yer type” says a small female half your size.
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    Shovels being used to represent guns? Suddenly ordinary halflings can look a lot more dangerous....
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    I support this!
  8. "Ah downfall o' socie'eh is much preferable to t'eh oppression o' t'eh maneh by t'eh few" says Madeline Applefoot the Bernardist
  9. [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard The Eleventh Annual Dunshire Drinking Night! ~Ring-a-ding-ding! It's the new Dunshire Anti-Raid Bell!~ These Drinking Nights just keep on coming and coming, don't they? We're doing another one of these, as is normal! So come on down to Dunshire to drink your fill! I also have another surprise for you fellows in this series of papers, so please keep on reading! Contents: ~Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! ~Smoking copious amounts of pipeweed and other oddities! ~Time and other matters Recent Events in Dunshire: ~Drinking Night awareness posters merged with the Daily Dunshire! ~Evil Gnomes found in No-Booze Forest, beaten back by brave halfling adventurers! ~Sheriff and Elder forced into hiding due to Orc attack on Dunshire! ~Another (unnamed) Drinking Night happens successfully! ~Strange contraption found in No-Booze Forest! ~Another halfling joins Dunshire! ~New laws posted by Angelica Woodstock, sheriff of Dunshire! ~Afterwords Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! Same as always! Here's the menu: The Boozes: Drugged Pumpkin Vodka: A very tasty vodka that will leave you wasted in more ways than one! The Orange-ocolate: A sweet booze with chocolate, carrots, and more sugar brewed into it! Great for all ages! Salad Booze: A booze made with melons and carrots, perfect for our vegan drinkers! Forest Ale: We're not sure what forests have mushrooms, cacti, melons, and wheat all growing wild in it, but there's bound to be one. Applebrook Porter: A rich, strong Porter, that gives off a faint taste of something else you just cannot name. You have to drink it to believe it. Withfoot Hard Cider: The classic apple-based booze that will make you snooze if you drink too much! The Food: Bread: The classic baked loaf we all know and love. Baked Potatoes: Guaranteed fresh, or else we'll give you a refund on the nothingness you paid for 'em! Pumpkin Pie: The best pumpkins are from us halflings, as they always say! Apples: We had to use stepladders to pluck these! Cooked Fish: Almost as tasty as Pork! Cooked Pork: Almost as tasty as fish! Carrots: Comes in almost any color of the rainbow except for everything but orange! Melons: Juicy! Crabs: Nice and crunchy! Smoking copious amounts of pipeweed and other oddities! ~Everyone's favorite hoo-kah in Dunshire~ For too long have we simply drank booze, booze, and more booze instead of tasting the sweet scent of smoke in our throats! We must return back to our wee roots that we established long ago! So let us smoke together once more, and share our pipes with all who nay have any! Time and other matters Onto the boring bits... Time: Near t'eh end o' this Elven Week and t'eh beginning of the next! ((3 PM EST on June 24, 2018)) Location: Dunshire village, where the wee folks call home! In the Tavern and Ale Garden most especially! If any halflings want to have a party in their burrows, we party there as well! Am I invited?: Of course ye are! All are welcome as long as they don't cause any trouble! (And don't smell too bad) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?: Exacly 12 trees, depending on the time of day. Anything else?: Do bells go "ring a ding" or "ding a ring"? [!] The papers go on longer than you expect.... It appears to have a whole 'nother section! The Daily Dunshire! ~Dunshire as seen by the eagles~ This is the fourth issue of the well known and loved newspaper, The Daily Dunshire, written by Madeline Applefoot! Let's go onto some news, shall we? In this issue: ~Drinking Night awareness posters merged with the Daily Dunshire! ~Evil Gnomes found in No-Booze Forest, beaten back by brave halfling adventurers! ~Sheriff and Elder forced into hiding due to Orc attack on Dunshire! ~Another (unnamed) Drinking Night happens successfully! ~Strange contraption found in No-Booze Forest! ~Another halfling joins Dunshire! ~New laws posted by Angelica Woodstock, sheriff of Dunshire! ~Afterwords Drinking Night awareness posters merged with The Daily Dunshire! ~A biggun man enjoying The Daily Dunshire~ In order to motivate my li'l halfling hands to write as much as possible, I've decided to merge The Daily Dunshire with the Drinking Nigh awareness posters! With this new setup, you can be notified of upcoming Drinking Nights AND read up on recent events in Dunshire ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Evil Gnomes found in No-Booze Forest, beaten back by brave halfling adventurers! ~A horrible fight awaits these souls~ Earlier, when we had been exploring No-Booze Forest for the first time, Trixie was kidnapped by these gnomes and hidden away in their evil lair! However, a force of the bravest halflings Dunshire could muster was assembled, and together they managed to beat back the Gnome menace once and for all! Hip Hip, Hooray! Sheriff and Elder forced into hiding due to Orc attack on Dunshire! ~Madeline Applefoot and Angelica Woodstock hide from the many Orcish voices they heard outside of their burrows~ We are lucky to have all survived from such an attack! The voices came into Dunshire, screaming and yelling and asking if anybody was home, yet we managed to hide ourselves away in nooks and crannies, escaping their grasping hands entirely! We do not know what would've happened if anybody had been caught by the Orcs, yet we are happy to have escaped that unknown fate regardless. Dunshire lives on! Another (unnamed) Drinking Night occurs successfully! ~Having fun at the Drinking Night Even without any plans being made for a Drinking Night that year, there was a Drinking Night regardless! At its peak, there were 5 halflings in the Drunken Duck Tavern, all happy and merry as can be! Many drinks were had, and soon everyone was falling over tipsy! What a splendid time indeed! Thankfully, nobody tripped and fell on the way home, so everybody ended up safe in the end! Strange contraption found in No-Booze Forest ~The contraption~ We do not know what it was, but we do know that it had no place in Dunshire, and for that it was removed by the Sheriff and an Elder. The space now lies empty again, ready for a Burrow or other construction to be made there, helping to expand Dunshire's population! Another halfling joins Dunshire! ~Ashley's new burrow~ Another halfling joined Dunshire some time ago, first meeting up with the Sheriff and later communicating with other halflings in order to receive a burrow. This new halfling, called Ashley, decided to inhabit the old burrow of Balorien Meadbelly, who had long since disappeared from Dunshire. This burrow is not slimy, nasty, nor full of worms or other disgusting things. This is halfling burrow, and that means comfort for Ashley. We wish Ashley the best of luck in her new Dunshire life, and we hope she wishes us all the same. New laws posted by Angelica Woodstock, sheriff of Dunshire The laws and traditions of Dunshire have been written down on paper by Sheriff Angelica Woodstock, so please do read them if you know how to read, or else you might end up in the slammer, labelled as improper, or worse! Remember that the laws apply to non-halflings visiting Dunshire as well! Afterwords I hope you have enjoyed the Dunshire Drinking Night awareness poster combined with The Daily Dunshire, Issue 4! Long Live Dunshire's Democracy, Lord Knox bless us all! -Madeline Applefoot, Elder of Dunshire
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    Dunshire | Laws & Traditions

    “Long Live Dunshire!” Shouts Madeline Applefoot, halfling of Dunshire
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    Add back money top

    I don't see why not +1
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    blessed image
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    The iMattyz question

    This seems like a very outrageous ban time for such a minor offense I am in support of this new movement, @FreeiMattyz
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    An Academy for Warriors

    This sounds very interesting. If I didn't play as a pacifistic halfling I'd totally want to join your Warrior Academy! Anyways, I have a few suggestions: -Make sure to have an archery range -Maybe make an agreement with the Dominion officials where all of the Dominion Warriors being trained are trained in your Academy. -Make an RP post for the Academy, and put advertising for the Academy anywhere you can (In Freebuild, in the Dominion, and anywhere else you can think of) -Perhaps make a calendar of all the different training sessions you are going to be holding in the Academy so people can meet up to be educated as a warrior together. -If it ends up being a bust and few people show up, perhaps try giving out lessons for free as a way to get people interested. That's all I got for ya, Toodaloo!