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  1. no longer homeless, no longer gnomeless

  2. [!] A message is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard. You can also find a copy in your aviary if you closely follow halfling affairs. A Home for the Gnomes ~A meeting with the Gnome~ Attention all Honeyhill residents, there now be Gnomes living next to us, 'cross the hill and near the river where we have granted them the right to build themselves a homeland. Fear not, for they mean well! Their Queen, Tulip, will surely bring the Gnomes to greatness much as we shall bring ourselves to greatness too! Although they may be different from us halflings, view the Gnomes not as a threat, but as a gift from Knox. [!] A signature is attached in bold lettering: King Cyris
  3. The Ballot: ((MC Name: jumperhand3)) Name: Mimosa Applefoot Vote for Proposals: Proposal I (Hal’s Proposal) () Proposal II (Cyris’ Proposal) (x) Neither ()
  4. [!] You find a halfling advertisement in your aviary Smooth and tasteful Here in Honeyhill, we produce nothing but the best pipeweed. Smooth, beautiful, smokey, and tasteful, all of these adjectives describe our quality product. Grown from the soil and crushed up for your smoking pleasures. We don't put in strange alchemical additives like in the big-folks' cigars, only the pure stuff you need. We don't fool around with this. That's why you should smoke halfling pipeweed today and liberate yourself from poor-quality smoking. Don't settle for any less. Come ask us for a free sample if you aren't convinced. Once you use Honeyhill pipeweed, you'll never go back! ~Mimosa Applefoot
  5. “Foinalleh, somefin oi can agree wif Hob on” says Mimosa Applefoot, halfling of Honeyhill.
  6. @Xarkly one final suggestion for this design of yours: add more caves. The Scars and some caves mentioned in Raedwulf's frontier is not a whole lot for a map that will be on 1.18 with new Y levels to explore and lush cavern vegetation literally designed for caves. An entire underdark or whatever might be too much work for the 9.0 builders to pull off, but some extra mentions and lore for notable caves systems could be useful and provide additional space for lairs. Assuming that tile-ownership doesn't automatically extend to all caves underneath a tile, such caverns could make for interesting narratives of spooks, bandits, settlement startups, etc. trying their luck living right under the nose of powerful empires (literally!). It's another way to make people live closer to one another without feeling too cramped and provide a feeling of exploration and danger even in fully settled tiles.
  7. i can't wait for this proposal to be ignored and staff go with something only seen/critiqued by the playerbase through random unintentional leaks
  8. This has my mark of approval. My only concern is that (at least from the main map graphic) a lot of the grass colors seem to be a bit dead/dull, although I'm pretty sure most of that is just artistic license and an actual worldpainted Asharren would have the non-volcanic/desert, non-swamp, and non-icy areas be plains, forest, or taiga biomes for the livelier grass colors. Yaksha's table is a cool concept. We haven't had a proper plateau on an LOTC map for a while, and obviously including one is a great way to throw in some Y-level variation without ruining the area for settlement building. The Scars might be a hit or miss honestly. If done well it could easily be one of the cooler areas on Asharren but if done poorly it'd just give everyone PTSD from Almaris' swiss cheese mountains and not get used much. In general I think one big flaw of this map concept is that it relies heavily on the Story Team to pull a lot of weight to keep these areas interesting. Having 1-2 event biomes is alright, but with the amount of lore and story put into Asharren, it's likely an area or two might not get too much attention from staff events and default to nation/settlement/lair territory that's bought up when all the more desirable land is taken and filled with vassal settlements that'd have a much easier time building on non-event terrain. This map concept needs an active, devoted Story Team to work at 100% efficiency. My suggestion: Replace the Plagued Path with something a bit more usable. Your description for it doesn't even mention it existing as an event-zone, yet such a large area is still taken up by it that's WAYYYYY less desirable for settlement what with the magical taint all over it. There's three nation spots near the Plagued Path that might want to expand into it so I think it's due for a replacement with something that can suit that goal better. On another note, the two nation spots on Yaksha's Table I kinda feel bad for because they are hemmed in. The nation spot nearest Rokar's Tomb would be GREAT for Orcs but the other nation spot is much less desirable. Blocked in one direction by another nation on Yaksha's Table, and with The Scars (event/lair/challenge biome) to the west and The Plumes (not very hospitable) to the south, and finally with waterfall-visual biome to the north, there's just nowhere to go! At least the Table itself is a good biome for building stuff on. ok ramble over. I think it's an amazing map but I'd suggest a few changes if staff actually do go through with this.
  9. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard… Striking Back! We must strike back at the enemies of Honeyhill immediately! I have identified one of their lairs. It’s up to you brave adventurers to clear it out! Knox be with ye! -Local explorer ((Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th of September, 4 pm EST))
  10. come back jarvis we miss you

  11. Read all about it! Fresh news off the press!

  12. [!] You find a newspaper in your aviary. Darned newspapers again. They always come when you least expect it, and the birds that carry them are never trained well enough for the task! The Hay Herald: Volume 6 ~The REAL news, straight from the source!~ Contents: ~Big drama! Village moot called!~ ~Dolly Peregrin is now Elder!~ ~Unspeakable Horrors~ ~New Honeyhill Bank!~ ~Bread is BACK!~ ~Big drama! Village moot called!~ ~The encounter on the Hay Pile~ After I deposed the old Thain, Lily Peregrin, lots of drama has come to Honeyhill. Thankfully, this all is getting cleared up as I write this. The Goodbarrels will intervene to stop a civil war and save properness for all halflings, which I greatly appreciate. May Honeyhill be free once again, as King Cyris and many others so desire! My own son, Hal Applefoot, is still heckled by Lily's henchmen & Sheriff appointee, yet fear not, fellow halflings, for our village shall weather the storm and come out stronger than ever! The times be a'changing, and our village may bloom over with a thousand flowers once again! The moot shall be on the Sun's Smile of this year, 690 Shire Reckoning! Be there or be a rotten pumpkin! ((3 pm est, Sunday the 25th of September, 2022)) ~Dolly Peregrin is now Elder!~ ~Dolly Peregrin hard at work making her own burrow, quite the accomplishment at her age!~ She asked to be Elder, and seeing as she has all the good-natured joy and youthful wisdom one can have, I hereby appoint Dolly Peregrin as a new Elder of Honeyhill! May she serve the position well and bring us into a new age of prosperity along with the others! ~Unspeakable Horrors~ It seems as though the Peregrin potty-training abilities have fallen to the wayside over the years, for the 'Thain', Lily Peregrin, has done some..... unmentionable things within Breasal's tavern room. Thankfully, it has all been cleaned up, although Lily herself had nothing to do with the cleanup! I shall be building new bathroom facilities across the burrow to address this problem such that it never, EVER, EVER comes up again. ~The tavern goers are stuck with the cleanup of Lily's little accident~ If you are reading this, Breasal, you might want to replace a few of the boards in your room, just to be sure. You can never be too careful with these things. In brighter news, a new halfling has arrived at Honeyhill! He's a lovely little child, so do remember to pop on into his new tavern room and read him some bedtime stories whenever you are available! ~New Honeyhill Bank!~ ~T'is merely a look-alike running the bank. I am not a banker! I promise!~ Honeyhill now has banking services for any bigguns who wish to pop through! This has been generously provided by the Thain of the Haense bigguns himself, KARL III. They are a very cool biggun-Thain, perhaps one of the best (although their little soldier-bigguns have a few issues at times)! While minas use is improper for halflings, this new bank should help us use the coinage as paperweights at the very least. Enough of the coins could even be smelted down into metals for jewelry, who knows! ~Bread is BACK!~ ~A lady in the markets of Karosgrad ponders halfling bread~ Make no doubts about it, Bread is back! Having made an astonishing recovery after the Great Wheat Crash, bread is back in demand and back in style! The days of eating soggy potatoes are OVER! Now the masses will have nothing else but nice, warm, soft bread, fresh from the ovens and plopped right into their mouths! It's a good time to be a wheat farmer! Now is absolutely a good time to pick up some undervalued bread-related assets for speculative barter purposes! While nothing like the bread-bonanza that caused the Great Wheat Crash, there's some good pumpkin-value to be made here! Drop what you are doing and go get that bread! The Hay Herald is not responsible for any financial losses as a result of following the financial advice contained within it. Always barter responsibly. This has been the sixth edition of the Hay herald! I hope you readers found it entertaining and informative! ~Mimosa Applefoot, the REAL Thain of Honeyhill
  13. people who wall emote for everyday tavern RP, why?

    1. Neviah


      for funzies

    2. Samler


      To show dominance. My mineman is unable to do the T-pose so instead I describe down to the minute details what my elf does, his breathing, the movement of his eyes, the twitch of his ears as someone says a word which brings up a memory from a century ago, the brief distraction, the wrong pronounciation of the unknown drink. As the glass is served, one should study it, the colour of the liquid, he took it up and gently moving it in a circular motion, releasing the scent which he ever so carefully let in and first once he was made familiar, he took a small sip, the first of many expeditions to be had as he savoured and judged the taste, it's richness and wether or not the endevour should be pursued or abandoned for another drink.

    3. Rioling
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