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  1. Resignation of Elvenesse

    "T'eh power o' t'eh Global Assembleh came frem t'eh nations in t'eh Global Assembleh. T'eh GA would nay do such ah thin' unless t'eh members wan'ed ter do so, which would be unlikely" Madeline Applefoot would respond "T'is democra'ic fer ah reason"
  2. Apple Pie

    Madeline Applefoot would sigh, having heard the advice of the dead. She'd keep her mouth shut from now on, not wanting to be killed by the anti-GA purgers along with Lotte.
  3. On the Subject of Phoenixes...

    Madeline Applefoot would not see the flames, but if she did, she’d cry at such a horrendous loss, yet feel a bit of relief knowing the documents will never fall into the hands of the anti-globalist purgers.
  4. "GLOBAL ASSEMBLY IS EVIL!" Says Renatus as they literally purge every person associated with it and still claim to be the good guys

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      The osl? Sorry, I just assumed it was Renatus-Marna.

    3. Freischarler


      its bad and halflings are a filthy race

      kidding lol dont ban me for breaking community guidelines

      Edited by Freischarler
    4. NotEvilAtAll


      @Freischarler Do not worry, You won't get banned for that

  5. Apple Pie

    "I love 'ow bein' ah 'alflin' jus' gives ye random death threa's t'ese days!" Madeline Applefoot would chuckle
  6. Apple Pie

    "Wha' t'eh ac'ual 'eck? Ye don' ge' somethin' tha' ye wan' frem t'eh Global Assembleh, an' t'en ye accuse t'eh leader o' bein' ah necro an' kill 'im an' try ter kill t'eh res' o' us as well?" Madeline Applefoot would sigh "Ye bigguns realleh are fesi'eh!"

    Madeline Applefoot bans Gussie for powergaming

    Madeline Applefoot sighs as she hears the clapping "T'is is nay ah clappin' ma''er, me lad! T'is person 'as abandoned t'eir pos'ion, an' slandered t'eh Assembleh t'ey worked for 'n t'eh pas' (wi' realleh terrible slander no less!). T'is person doesn' deserve applause, for I be' tha' some bribes are goin' on behind t'eh scenes with all t'is denouncemen' crud"
  9. Dunshire stands with the Global Assembly!

    Madeline Applefoot would wonder what crimes Lotte did, but sadly is not able to read Linette's mind. "Since when was Lotte undead? Me thinks ye are slandering a good lad for yer selfish reasons, an' me nay wan's ter hear yer darned talks again!" Madeline Applefoot would respond
  10. Writ of Exit, 1660.

    Madeline Applefoot the Deputy of Dunshire nods her head, agreeing with this man's message "Spo' on comrade, spo' on" She'd say

    "Nice job being bribed by Rena'us-Marna" Madeline Applefoot would remark
  12. Dunshire stands with the Global Assembly!

    "Would do 'im well ter read some more books, however" Madeline Applefoot would respond
  13. Dunshire stands with the Global Assembly!

    "Weh hate ye back" responds Madeline Applefoot "Fer good reasons, o' course. Yer nay fun ter talk ter, an' ye Nationalis's of'en end up too warlike ter our tas'es"
  14. [!] Fliers are flying about in the wind and nailed to Noticeboards Dunshire stands with the Global Assembly! ~The banner of Dunshire still hangs on the Ale Garden tent, where the next Global Assembly Convention is to be held~ Today has been a sad day for Internationalism and the common good of all, yet despite the sudden setbacks, us halflings of Dunshire are still ready as ever to host the next Global Assembly Convention, and we still stand by the Global Assembly whole heartedly! We still believe that through the Global Assembly, worldwide change is possible. May the Global Assembly prevail! Long Live Dunshire Democracy!