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  1. Name: Mimosa Applefoot Race (only one is valid to run!): Halfling, of course Be ye running for Mayor o' for Sheriff?: Sheriff What will ye do if elected?: I will organize a village watch to keep the shire safe Anything else to say?: Not really!
  2. [!] A paper is pinned to the Town Burrow of Mingebottom Mingebottom Election! Oi've been Mayor for far too long. T'is time for an election as we go into this new world to ensure that we remain a true and proper democracy! Both Sheriff and Mayor positions are open in this election, so this election will determine t'a new government apart from the traditional Thaindom. Sign up to run in the election wi' the following prompt. Signups will last for two Pumpkin Days after this paper be posted: Name: Race (only one is valid to run!): Be ye running for Mayor o' for Sheriff?: What will ye do if elected?: Anything else to say?: Long live t'ah Halfling Republic, Knox bless us all! -Mimosa Applefoot.
  3. “T’ey should return t’a Thains crown tha’ t’ey STOLE!” comments Mimosa Applefoot, a halfling and friend of Cyris.
  4. [!] You find propaganda nailed to a tree Today, after seeing Redclyff vacant yet again during the second peaceful protest of the Loyal, Good, Brave, Qualified, Triumphant, and Brave coalition of Failor citizens, we found a strange camp within the wastes out to the east. This camp was filled to the brim with DEMONS who were promptly slain by the Loyal, Good, Brave, Qualified, Triumphant, and Brave coalition in order to protect the world from evil! The Demonic diamonds have been repurposed as decorations within our cities as all diamonds ought to be used! No more shall Failor be threatened by grey-skinned axe-wielding maniacs, magicians who summon ghostly creatures to do their bidding, and the war beasts these foul demons utilize! -Mimosa Applefoot, proud Demon hater.
  5. fun dungeon fight in the wasteland lads!

    1. _Sheylo_


      damn straight

    2. Anore


      Glad yall had fun. I only had 10 minutes to prepare when I heard Redclyff probably wasn't going to show

  6. Mimosa Applefoot returns home to Mingebottom “Tha’ was ah good peaceful protes’! Naybodeh even go’ hurt!”
  7. [!] You see a paper pinned to a local oak tree Warning: Savages! ~An area to avoid!~ Keep clear of the fork in the river near the north of Failor! Around there, nestled up between the mountains and river, lies a village of thieves who rob anyone who passes by! Their brutal, savage village is lined with heads on pikes and their history on Failor so far is that of brutality against the innocent! I myself have been robbed at axe-point twice by these people, and the Thain of Mingebottom, King Cyris himself, had his eyes gouged out by these unsaved souls, such is their brutality and lack of remorse! Steer clear of this savage, brutal, cruel, and pagan village! A longer journey that avoids this area is far preferable to taking a shortcut through it! -Mimosa Applefoot
  8. Although the ol' halfling camp was ruined by bandits and raiders, us halfling peoples are not so easy to give up! Together with the friendly big-folks of the land we've re-established a home for us all, nestled away deep within a wood farm of our own making and full of all the requirements of pleasant, comfortable life! ~A burrow in the shire~ Our sheep farm shall provide wool to all friendly travellers, our fields food for the hungry, and our woods building supplies for those who wish to settle near us! Knox bless the shire! -Mimosa Applefoot-Nimblefoot.
  9. Then a good compromise is to add all of the normal combat rules of main LOTC to the freebuild map so true authentic LOTC conflict is what occurs instead of unorganized pugsy spawn camp crews! EDIT: And with the rule change that just launched, apart from the desert section of the freebuild area this appears to be what has happened! Good job staff!
  10. Reminder that /beta exists and provides constant PvP enjoyment specifically catered to PvPers!
  11. Normally when halflings are raided the roleplay chat feature is utilized and lavacasting isn't allowed!
  12. Lads when I said I wanted a freebuild temp map I did not mean that I wanted spawn camping, lava casting, and mass pugsying to be allowed as well. The way things are right now PvP goons will have a bit of fun killing everyone and lava casting everyone's builds until there's nobody left to pugsy and lava cast and then Failor will die out as do many 2b2t clones. We were able to allow freebuild WITHOUT allowing pugsying and lava casts in the Arcas-Almaris transition map I don't see why this should be different.
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