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  1. NotEvilAtAll

    Land Auction Annoucement

    No. They’ll have to make another freebuild settlement, get a land charter, or vassalize underneath a nation.
  2. NotEvilAtAll

    The Plinkett Test

    Annoyingly sweet
  3. NotEvilAtAll

    A Velian Festival!

    Daisy Applefoot prepares to attend!
  4. NotEvilAtAll

    [Rule Proposal] Player-to-Area Ratio for Structures

    I am fully in support of inactive settlements/constructions being re-inhabited by new playerbases/players. It would give Freebuild the dynamic change and history that makes the difference between good Freebuile and bad Freebuild. Regular Towny land claims work by claiming chunks, and irregular builds can be covered somewhat effectively by claiming all the chunks that any part of the irregular build is in. It’s not perfect and thus LOTC won’t just be using Towny plugins anytime soon, but we can still take inspiration and utilize some ideas from Towny like plot sizes being related to the number of active players, plots shrinking in size/disappearing after long times of low or no activity, etc.
  5. NotEvilAtAll

    [Rule Proposal] Player-to-Area Ratio for Structures

    LOTC could probably use Towny plugins to dish out land if whatever other region plugins we have right now break beyond repair. Heck, a lot of the Towny plugins are better developed, streamlined, and anti dead settlement than current LOTC region plugins So I support this idea 100%
  6. NotEvilAtAll

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    We’ve never seriously roleplayed the weird things we cram underneath our villages. They’re just Easter Eggs for people to find if they look hard enough. It’s been a halfling tradition since at least Athera.
  7. NotEvilAtAll

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    I should write Nuke lore. Also, please stop censoring my good pal @Hobbs_Burrows
  8. NotEvilAtAll

    [Varendozian Bounty] Nordengrad Deserters

    ((That forest is commonly known as “Old Dunshire Forest” due to it initially being planted to surround the village of Old Dunshire))
  9. NotEvilAtAll

    A Festival of the Applefoot Halflings!

    Daisy Applefoot let’s out a holler as she prepares her personal hog for the Truffle Hunt! ((looks like we’ll be having an ET to manage the Truffle Hunt!))
  10. Come and join the halflings as they partake in the largest festival since the Great Dunshire Harvest Festival!



  11. Players/Group Requesting: Dunshire, the home of the halflings What kind of Event are you looking for?: A Truffle Hunt in Dunshire Forest, where all the festival goers try to harvest as many truffles as they possibly can ((Basically just this suggestion I made a while back, but in Dunshire: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174539-event-idea-truffle-hunt/?tab=comments#comment-1643958 )) Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Around 3: 40 PM EST on December 16th, although it could happen earlier or later (The festival goes from 3-5 PM EST* Organizer's Discord: NotEvilAtAll#2321, dkink14#7136, Mystery#1104.
  12. NotEvilAtAll

    A Festival of the Applefoot Halflings!

    A Festival of the Applefoots! ~Dunshire as seen by the songbirds~ When Dunshire was a much younger village, and the halfling race less established there, Madeline and Harold Applefoot brought life into the village by planning a massive party. This party, called the Party of the Applefoots, started the annual parties and festivals that Dunshire has been known for, and drew in lost halflings from all across Atlas. In honor of this original Party, I say it is time for us to hold another one, hosted by the Applefoot family just as the original! ~Content~ ~Shogging, Drinking, and Darts! ((3.00-3.40 PM)) ~A massive Truffle Hunt in Dunshire Forest! ((3.40-4:30 PM)) ~Feasting in the Applefoot burrow after the Truffle Hunt is done! ((4:30-5:00 PM)) ~Time and other matters~ ~Time: Close to the end of the old Elven Year and the beginning of the next, but after one cycle of that has already passed ((3-5 PM EST, December 16th, next Sunday)) ~Location: Dunshire village, of course! ~Who is invited: Everyone is! Shogging, Drinking, and Darts Same as normal! There are many different boozes to choose from in Dunshire, all of which are well stocked! There’s a dartboard in both the Drunken Duck Inn and one closer to the Shogging logs, and the Shogging logs can be found in Dunshire Lake! Rules for the dartboard: 1-3 Miss 4-8 10 points 9-13 20 points 14-17 30 points 18-19 40 points 20 50 POINTS! 3 throws per player, and the player with the most points in the end wins! Rules for Shogging: -The goal of the game is to knock your opponent off of their log with a shovel -You must wear a pumpkin on your head while playing -You are not allowed to hop between the logs -Best out of three wins! A massive Truffle Hunt in Dunshire Forest! Dunshire Forest (The forest that surrounds Dunshire) contains many truffles ripe for the picking! Bring your own dogs/hogs to hunt for them if you wish! ((This, but in Dunshire and not Belvitz: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174539-event-idea-truffle-hunt/?tab=comments#comment-1643958 )) Feasting in the Applefoot Burrow after the Truffle Hunt is done! After all of this is said and done, we’ll gather together to feast in one of Dunshire’s most cozy burrows! Hopefully we’ll consume all of the remaining food and drink and have a splendid time! Long Live Dunshire! Lord Knox bless us all! -Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline Applefoot and High Pumplar of Dunshire
  13. NotEvilAtAll

    ~The Applefoot Halfling Family~

    Daisy Applefoot yawns, watching as the family tree grows bigger and bigger ((Family is now fully updated with Daisy’s most recent halfling child))
  14. NotEvilAtAll

    Unwilingly's ART DUMP

    Looks pretty good
  15. NotEvilAtAll

    Nick's AMA Part 2

    Thoughts on Existential Nihilism