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  1. I fully support this. Anything that helps new players get food is great.
  2. Ever since I started attending college classes at my local community college, LOTC stopped being fun for me. It had already been a bit of a chore to log online every day to contribute to Brandybrook’s activity, but ever since the Activity level of Brandybrook stopped being recorded, I lost any reason to log onto the server outside of the few events I plan. As a result of this, I became more OOC focused and cared less about actual roleplaying, turning me into a ****poster and a complete idiot. I’ve become detrimental to the halfling community with my failed events, poor attitude, and lack of enthusiasm. I’m sorry that people had to put up with me during this time. I shall leave the server and not return until I actually gain enjoyment from it and don’t antagonize everyone meaninglessly. Please ban me for toxicity. I have behaved horribly to several members of LOTC’s community and need to be punished as a result. Since I am a repeat offender, the ban should be for at least 1 month. @frill I am sorry for my behavior towards you. It was completely uncalled for; I have no excuse for it. I simply ask you to put all of your OOC dislike of the halfling community on me instead of the other halflings. It’s me you hate, not them. I am the ****poster, the whiner, the idiot, not the others. All of the things you don’t like about our community are a result of my actions. @Porkgasm I don’t think this server is right for you. You are a decent person, and I understand why people befriend you, yet you suffer too much from anxiety in order to gain the full LOTC experience. You should find a hobby that is less stressful and more welcoming, or find a place on LOTC where fewer dramatic things are possible. @_SuitAndTie_ You were an old LOTC friend of mine, and I really enjoyed all of the roleplay between our characters. I wish you the best of luck in life @Tha_Mystery_Man Your memes are better than mine. @Hobbs_Burrows I’ll keep exploring your maps of Asulon and Aegis. They’re pretty darned good. Have a good day everyone!
  3. You realize that you’re talking to a brick wall, right? Caring about what others think isn’t something halflings do. We do what we think is fun, be it sailing events, Drinking nights, or memes. If every person on LOTC said they hated the things I did, I’d still do ‘em.
  4. Your criticism will be ignored as usual, mr. biggun man. Also, congrats for admitting your opinions are based on OOC hatred lol
  5. my shitposting is working as intended.
  6. “Didn’ t’a raci's Whitish Elves burn down tha’ weirdo tree-land? ‘Er did t’a Sutican rumors ge’ t’a de’ails wrong?” questions Pervinca Driftwood, a random and unimportant halfling.
  7. Why does this server always create World Wars nowadays. Whatever happened to the ol’ single nation vs single nation wars?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      i dont mean this in a snide way but i unironically dont think there ever were any in your entire time on the server. every war has been a world war since like the fringe. 

    3. rotund_man


      the “world” is like 2 nations and a bunch of minor city states, every war is a world war

    4. shoahinsnowyfields


      well like back in asulon and anthos there were a couple wars that were just 2 nations or a couple of military orders duking it out against each other, with little or no outside involvement at all. 

      aegis wars were pretty world-wary though, mostly because they almost all happened on the main road and anyone who happened to be walking by would join in. 

  8. Pervinca Driftwood shakes her head and sighs as the High Elves adopt EVIL LIBERAL ECONOMICS!!!!! “Darned bigguns ruin t’emselves wi’ minas once again!”
  9. another one of my terrible ideas

  10. I think we should take a page out of Tolkien’s work and modify the map every year instead of getting a completely new map. Have new areas rise out of the sea and old areas become flooded, make rivers erode the earth around it into canyons, change up the climate of certain areas every so often, etc. Of course, this would require there to be a map people actually enjoy enough to want to play on for years and years with only some terrain modifications here and there, which would require a lot of effort from the world team.
  11. Pervinca Driftwood wonders how Fenn managed to forge diamonds into ingots.
  12. Arcas is a really boring map tbh. At least with Atlas there was freebuild to fill the gaps that the world team neglected. As of present, there’s no reason to explore. There’s simply nothing to be found. For the next map, make things smaller and flesh it the f*** out. It’s clear that the World Team can’t build a large map without filling everything with boring plains dotted by the occasional copy/pasted tree, so clearly we ought to go with a smaller yet more detailed map in the future. The wilderness of Asulon, a map that’s 7 years old, is more interesting to explore than Arcas, even if the build quality of everything was far inferior. Arcas has no creativity in its biomes or features bar the spooky forest and the mushroom island. Some suggestions: -Make mountains taller. Go all the way to maximum build height and make the slopes steeper so it isn’t ridiculously easy to climb. If the mountain isn’t a serious obstacle for travelers, it might as well not be there. The Dwarven mountains in Axios are a pretty good example of the types of mountains that LOTC needs. -Don’t fill the map with boring plains. Some empty areas are alright, but if half the map is basically featureless, you’ve failed. Even some basic rolling hills are 100x more interesting than a useless plain. -Put all the biomes reasonably close to the Cloud Temple. If the only desert is on an island nobody visits, the map might as well not have any desert at all. -Don’t be afraid to make terrain more epic and fantastic. This is a fantasy RP server. -Find more interesting details to put in places. Random ruins that will never be used are not interesting. Cannibal camps, native tribal villages, magical oddities, etc. are much more interesting. -For the love of God, PLEASE create world lore BEFORE the map is released. Arcas still doesn’t have any world lore and we’ve been playing on it for half a year. Furthermore, if the terrain of the map could be connected to the lore behind it, that would be fantastic.
  13. Pervinca Driftwood prepares shovels and pumpkins for the upcoming Pumpkin Raid on Haelun’or!
  14. Climate Strike and Area 51 raid on the same day.


    Gosh, things sure are happening.

    1. BipolarMk2


      It’s almost like they’re getting all the aspies in two places.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      The Climate strikers include a large number of trained professionals and scientists so I’m pretty sure they don’t all have Aspergers.


      The Area 51 raiders, on the other hand, certainly do.

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