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  1. Good point, Although we'd need a sign for every single chest in the village. +1?
  2. If there ever was a time when we didn't have ANY locks on the storage burrow, it probably didn't go too well. Thus we settled on locking the door to the storage burrow, and adding everyone in the village to the lock so it wouldn't hinder anyone, and wouldn't make the community less trusting and sharing.
  3. We had a locked door though...
  4. I'm not saying it would prevent robbery, I'm saying that in a perfect world, robbers would RP the difficulties of squeezing through a door half their size/the low ceilings of burrows, which would include crouching and crawling This^ Halflings are rather bullied as far as a race goes,everyone and their brother knows that the moment someone WCs our village, we're screwed. We've gotten OOC death threats ("Give me a double chest of hay bales a week or else I'll warclaim you!), and we get robbed all the time. While there are plenty of things we can do to improve our situation, a lot of them involve abandoning or partially abandoning our culture. Just please try and put yourselves in someone else's shoes (although halflings don't usually wear shoes), and understand the struggle that is been the halfling race. :) Have a good day!
  5. For the most part, the cultural rules are fun, it's just that the cultural rules makes it easy to abuse us halflings at times (Which usually isn't to bad, as it can break up the regular halfling life and keeps everyone on their toes) Also... A: Most bigguns are too large to even fit inside of a burrow anyways, so in a perfect world the bigguns would either RP not being able to fit inside a burrow without crawling/crouching, or they'd just leave us alone due to being too large to fit inside any burrows (like Orcs) B: Most of the times when a village decides to slack off on following the culture, it ends poorly. A lot of veteran halfling players end up leaving the village.
  6. This is a bit off topic, but... I agree with you when you said he robbery was most likely done by an Orc, in fact, the Orcs are one of the few groups of people who RPly know the location of the village (They acquired/stolen a map of Pendlemere from Merridolph Applebrook) I remember some person in the Orc chat said a certain player was salty about not being able to rob the halflings without dishonor being put on his character, so it could've been him (( If any FM deems this too off topic, go ahead and remove this reply ))
  7. The halfling race has already accepted the downsides of their culture. We do not carry weapons and thus when bandits and slavers come to our village we do not complain as we are enslaved and killed without being able to put up a fight. We do not complain about our "No minas" rules of our culture despite it being a major downside to our race. We do not complain when a few items dissapear overnight from unlocked chests and unprotected areas in our village, yet when all the items we relied upon and thought were safe disappear while no halflings are online, we now have to regain the countless hours spent farming and breeding, RPing and mining, woodcutting and brewing and cooking and cleaning. This is the sorta crap us halflings deal with on a fairly regular basis, and we can't do anything other than rebuild and hope for the best, or abandon our cultural values we've held for centuries of RP. Which is why this very feedback page was made. ((And, in case you were wondering, the entire storage burrow was wiped COMPLETELY clean of everything. The robber either took multiple trips hauling our dirt and seeds to their base, or threw away the majority of it and waited for it to despawn, not exactly the most polite of robberies))
  8. It's our cultural beliefs, don't judge We are considering locking a few of the chests now that we know one door won't stop the hordes of bigguns
  9. Compared to the many empty castles and keeps in the lands of Lorraine, Pendlemere has a pretty high population density. On a good day, there's two or three halflings RPing in the village at any time, while the entirety of Lorraine's lands has the RP spread so thin it's almost nonexistent outside of Metz In this scenario where Pendlemere was robbed, it's not ideal to compare the robbery to stealing from chests in Alaska And the entire halfling race cares about that storage burrow, it's the place of storage for the majority of Axios's proper halflings
  10. It honestly depends on how much is being stolen and how much and how high a quality of RP is done over it I hope whoever stole from us halflings did a good job emoting it, as the robber would've had to duck in order to fit inside the burrow (Unless the robber was a fellow halfling or a dwarf, that is)
  11. Not bad! I give this a solid 8.5/10! Good job!
  12. It's nice to have this and all, but I feel like both me and the majority of the community agree that A: It isn't that hard to change your skin even without this, and B: This feature only widens the gap between VIPs and non-VIPs
  13. Good point, I'll do that
  14. It's better than Oren YES I don't even know what that is My day is going fine Probably the time when the halflings of Pendlemere sent an expedition to the abyss N O You gave me a verbal warning on upon a blue moon, so I'm a bit biased. Whenever I notice that our tiny little halfling village has more people than all of Lorraine's baronies combined, I smile
  15. :( This is a sad day for Lotc Goodbye!