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    They awoke a the age 13 and found themselves in a weird area not remembering who they are, their family or what they are. A man had found them and taken them in he raised them like his own child. Agni started calling him father. They lived with each other far years. He taught Agni who to farm gather materials and hunt. Just teaching them how to survive in the wild alone. He also told Agni that they were a dark elf and taught them about ancestors. They gave offers to the ancestors. Until after Agni's birthday he disappeared. Agni just thought he went on one of his adventures and forgot to tell them. They waited a two years. And gave up on waiting they set out to find their father on their own. Agni carries a book that they write big events in so if they ever lose their memory again they have the book to remind them. They are currently in The talus Grove right now. During their travels so far to talus grove they found out that they were born in The Silver State of Haelun'or.
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