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  1. Sybbyl0127

    Nottingham Trading Company

    The massive stone body of a golem ages old slowly approached a board of posters, reading through them all as it studied each part carefully. How did the mortals write their posters? Clearly the advertisement had a sort of, running theme of announcement.. Varying degrees of excitement over products, description of wares available. The golem scanned each, among which was the poster for the trading company. The golem tilted it’s head at the detailed depiction of the bulky mortal being at the base of the poster. Then glanced at the other posters, a few of which may have had depictions of their writers upon them. It made note of this, too. The golem wandered off in the direction of the nearest market, seeking out more knowledge of mortal kind’s way of trade and economy.
  2. Sybbyl0127

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Strange Cat Plushie Strange Bat Plushie Sybbyl ❤️ Also, though im sure its not anymore, happy most likely belated birthday? xD Mine’s this sunday : D ours are very close!
  3. Sybbyl0127

    Free to use forum decorations / ..emojis? A little fun!

    One fish on a hook!
  4. Sybbyl0127

    Free to use forum decorations / ..emojis? A little fun!

    lmao x’D nooo thats okay... I’m totally fine without that part
  5. Sybbyl0127

    Free to use forum decorations / ..emojis? A little fun!

    best I could do for despacito lol, I signed that one cuz its a little bit bigger x’D But feel free to use it still : )
  6. I get bored occasionally and artists block is a horrible thing to have, and when I get that way, I like to just draw little, small-sized low effort things that have a function. -most- of the time, those things end up being forum reactions, like +1s and -1s, and various characters of mine making emotes like a confused face, or a shocked face. For this particular post, I’m going to be filling it with things that don’t need characters, like the +1s and -1s. Small reactions that anyone can use if they want to : ) Everything I post here, anyone has permission to use unless I say otherwise ^_^ spread these cute little things everywhere! Since they’re so low effort [they take like.. 5 minutes tops to draw x’D] and so small, I won’t be adding a signature, but it’s not required to credit me : ) but feel free to tell people who made it if someone asks. If I catch someone trying to say they drew them, just know I’ll stop at nothing to force you to correct yourself. That aside, have fun! The emojis below are personal emojis for various folks, and aren’t open to use to anyone unless they get permission from the owner of the character: isilia :thinking: There will be more! If you have any ideas for something I could add to this tiny collection let me know below : D
  7. I’ve needed this post in my life, lol. Many thanks to everyone who helped.
  8. Vivianne glances at the sweet child, sleeping in a toddler bed, grown and built with her own druidic power. She touched the kuila crystal that hung on a chain round her neck, matching the one that hung above the small boys bed. She kissed the boys head, and went downstairs to ready their things. She couldn’t stay here when she had this precious life to protect.. She’d already seen the destruction the prince had left behind with her own eyes, and fought alongside her druid brothers and sisters in many. Sealing cuttings of her precious garden into glass jars, and safely tucking them away with the clothing she’d bring, she cried as she wondered what she’d tell her little one the next morning, when they’d have to leave the home she’d only just finished building for them months ago. She spent many hours that night, moving their things she couldn’t carry into hide-aways on the mountain, hoping that when it was all over she might be able to return and retrieve them. When she’d finished preparing a few meals for their travel, she lay down next to her little one, holding him carefully and praying to whomever may answer that her son, and her family in the grove, would be alright..
  9. Sybbyl0127


    * The great golem Glothir takes note of the message, having learned decades ago from it’s masters, the skill of reading in the languages it is familiar with, and would promptly bring said message to various mortals that wandered the city. It asked for assistance in reading the message, as it had not been taught how to decipher a message written with poor grammar and punctuation. *
  10. Sybbyl0127

    Maybe free character art???

    Feel free to use either/both versions of Vivianne Verdigris ❤️
  11. Sybbyl0127

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    *Shook her head gently with a light chuckle.* "I withdraw." She says with light amusement, glancing over at the man. "I applaud your tenacity."
  12. Sybbyl0127

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    "3800.." She said, becoming less enthusiastic about the bid.*
  13. Sybbyl0127

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    * Didn't actually leave, just meant that she would leave him alone about the table. She jumped, when the table broke, but she knew it would happen at some point. She nervously raised her hand again.* "3600 please."
  14. Sybbyl0127

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    "3400." She answered, leaving the man be for the time being, he could probably take care of himself.*