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  1. Ooooh so this is why you were flying around in vanish so much *nodnod* Worth it Fantastic content, me subscribe
  2. Discord: Sybbyl#0002 Skin(s): Mint SprigBid(s): $11 Skin(s): Bar LadyBid(s): $12 Im extra af I need that MINT BOY
  3. Discord: Sybbyl#0002 Skin(s): Mint SprigBid(s): $8 Skin(s): Bar LadyBid(s): $12
  4. I had VIP since back in.. oh gee.. A really long ass time ago, maybe 3-5 years ago? Back when it was reasonably priced before crowns started eating out money but I bought VIP after I got my first magic, and now on a different character years later with the same vip still, ive gotten two magics, but I rewrote and then grandfathered in one of them ov o
  5. Discord: Sybbyl#0002 Skin(s): Mint SprigBid(s): $7 Skin(s): Bar Lady Bid(s): $12
  6. The symbols are essentially like their own language, your character could try figuring them out one by one in a self teaching fashion but they would never truly be able to fully understand the meanings and uses of all the symbols without being properly taught by a trained alchemist, that's just how complicated alchemy is when taking lessons in alchemy usually the first steps are just lessons on how to identify the symbols at all, to someone not being taught they'd basically be sifting through sand and trying to guess which grain is a symbol and which isn't, while also not knowing what the s
  7. Doctor Black My char Vivianne actually has a theme song that I commissioned Leniandir Lorenthus is a WIP, hard to find the right thing here...
  8. Oops! I forgot it :U Added! ^_^ Thanks I honest to god have no idea how I forgot an entire potion, lmao!! Added Thank you
  9. Warforging Warforging in its most basic sense, is the ancient alchemical technique developed by Dwarves of Old many centuries ago, which was used to further decorate their smithing goods with something unique to their clans. The art of warforging is protected, with very few cases of it slipping out of the hands of Dwarves for centuries. It had once become a forgotten art, but some decades ago a dwarf by the name of Dormin had written detailed accounts of the ancient art, which had traveled through the hands of select dwarves for some time after.
  10. Hi hello welcome, to my garbage master thread Im gonna steal other peoples threads and link them here to organize this stuff a bit and help people out a little more. There's some really good guides out there, and I RecommenD that you read them in the following order: First! BEFORE you start digging your hands into vortex, equip yourself with this Wiki Page: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Vortex_Crafting_Recipes It shows you how to make almost all the tables [IT Leaves out the uh.. whichever one is the grindstone, its recipe is vanilla MC
  11. Ooooh, things a-comin! Gonna be fun
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