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  1. Thanks for the advice! I made the edits you suggested and I reposted it using the proper form : D
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    i’m moving here so as to not spam the forum of that pretty amazing lore (100% support it) with my reply

    i’m stealing this one too, I dig the banner of your profile.


    -alphapie out

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      thanks hahaha, and im glad you  have things to react with now : D


  3. Feel free to save it and use it for your own devices o7 I love making forum reaction images
  4. Deep’s Gleam, a relative of the sea kelp which litters the oceans surrounding the continents. Like Kelp, this deep sea plant is rooted at the ocean floor, but it reaches from there to the surface like an aquatic tree. Oftentimes there will be several growing together in a group, creating a small forest. Deep’s Gleam has a thick green stalk, usually singular, and as thick as a grown human's arm. It tapers off towards the surface as the stalk becomes thinner, and flows with the currents more easily. Closer to the surface, the stalk shoots off many long leaves that are wide at the base and pointed at the tip. The deeper down from the surface you look, the fewer leaves it has, as it is too dark in the deep to collect any sunlight. In place of the leaves, in the dark depths, curious bulbs sprout on the stalk. These bulbs are shaped like teardrops, clinging onto the stalk by a single tendril that grew off of it like a shoot. The bulbs themselves are for the most part, transparent, and house inside them a gelatinous sap. The sap is made from any excess energy the leaves capture above, and nutrients that the plant absorbs from the water. This sap however, has other properties as well. The sap inside the bulbs glow almost as bright as torch-light, brightening up the deep below when several stalks grow close together. This serves as an ecosystem support for the deep ocean, with many smaller sea-floor plant life growing around the stalk where the light is produced. Many small fish will also be attracted to the light, feeding on the small plantlife below, and producing nutrients in the water for the Deep’s Gleam to absorb, and store away. The sap in the bulbs can come in a variant of Oranges, Greens and Blues naturally. The bulbs also house the seeds of the plant, and when the time comes for the seeds to be sent off, the bulb will detach. Having stored energy & nutrients in the sap, when the bulb settles on the ocean floor after floating off in the current, the seeds will sprout inside and use those stored nutrients in order to grow a new stalk, from the ocean floor, to the surface. This way, it has the energy needed to reach the surface, where it can then produce its own energy with leaves. Uses: Some of the more common applications usually involve the sap of Deep’s Gleam taken from the bulbs. Some have simply extracted it, and poured it into jars to create safe non-burning light sources, while others may take a more creative approach and use it to create glowing paints and dyes. The sap of the plant can have its color altered with the addition of dyes, within reason, such as adding red dye to a blue bulb in order to create a purple glowing sap. The uses of the plant continue on, as long as there is a creative mind to find a way to apply it. Considering that the sap is not poisonous, nor can it cause harm to those who’d like to experiment, it is a safe material to amalgamate into many applications. - Deep’s Gleam is not a poisonous plant, consuming the sap or any part of the plant, while unpleasant in taste, will not sicken or injure you. [The bathroom trip later might be interesting, though.] - Raw Deep’s Gleam sap, when separated from the mother plant, will not glow forever. It requires at least 15 OOC minutes to charge in sunlight, and will then glow for 1 OOC hour. - Raw Deep Gleam’s sap is only as bright as torchlight, housing more sap inside a container will not increase its brightness, or the longevity of its glow. Harvesting Method: To harvest the bulbs from the stalk, it is best to cut the tendril close to the stalk itself so as not to prematurely cause the bulbs to burst. The end of the bulb is capped with its attachment to the tendril, and if one were to pull on the bulb, this cap would release and the sap would leak out into the ocean. The sap itself is thicker than the salt water around it, and would sink downward and slowly dissipate into the water, rendering it useless. - A knife or blade of some sort is required to properly remove the tendril from the stalk, if someone tries to pull the bulb away, it will burst and the sap will escape into the ocean. Purpose (OOC): [ In Game item Lore Text ] citation: Is just me boogaloo.
  5. I like it, I’ve seen a few players from time to time that had asked or were curious about whether or not something like this was possible in the lore. That at least shows that there is interest in this kind of potion, so I’m certain it would be used. I like that it’s not permanent, my only question is, could someone who has made multiples of their potion, for this example let’s say red hair, drink another red hair potion towards the end of the second IRL day to extend the effects another 2 IRL days, or would they have to wait until the effects wear completely off before another would take hold? That’s really my only question honestly, very well written piece : )
  6. You really could be just about anything, whatever your RP character aspires to be. For the more common ones: Guard Blacksmith Miner [gathering from material nodes and selling those items to ppl who need them] Merchant [getting a stall/store and selling general goods like food or weapons & tools] And for some random ideas to come up with off the top of my head: You could try being a mercenary / escort that goes with people down the roads and protects them from banditry Or have your character do a craft and make items [though I think you would need a VIP rank to rename the items? Dont quote me on that] You could just have fun by wandering around and being a bard : D Or other kinds of things similar to that if you come up with them : ) Hope that helps!
  7. Mmm, this would pair nicely with my Golem RP obsession.
  8. But here’s a few reasons why-- The main part of this thread that I have serious issue with is this section right here: This section is something I am against, which I generally label as Micro-Management in regards to when and how a golem character may do one thing or another. It’s too detailed and not enough is left up to the player’s choice. There will be golem players who will not want to wait this long just to say their impera is inactive and finally be able to find another one. A golem cannot function in their current lore [and this lore if it were implemented] without the direction of an Impera, so while the golem is waiting out these IRP 3 years, the player can do nothing. This is too long, and there should never be an actual timeframe written into the lore for this, it should simply say “If a golem’s Impera dissappears, the golem can’t find them for too long, or the Impera passes away, then the golem may turn to seek out a new impera in order to give itself purpose and to continue to have the orders that it needs to function” or something along those lines. Giving it an actual timeframe means a golem player will have to sit and wait it out, even if they know that their impera has gone on hiatus or quit the server, or been banned. I don’t know many people [including myself, I’ve been playing them for years] who would want to do that. If I can’t find my Impera in like idk, 3-4 days of logging on and not seeing them, I’m likely to move on. Even if they haven’t left the server, clearly our roleplay times don’t meet up and I need to find someone else. My second point with the same section of lore, “Often the very next person the golem sees is their new impera” Im not alright with this either, choosing the new impera should always be left up to the player, not the lore. For instance, my golem Ursus is generally trained as a war golem, so when he chooses a new Impera he seeks out someone within that genre because that is what he’s used to. That’s the roleplay explanation, but in all actuality, I am not about to run around in a city and pick some random person to trust with being 100% in control of my roleplay character. What if I pick some rando off the street and they tell Ursus “Go climb the tallest mountain, take this pickaxe, and level it.” Yeah great, now I get to roleplay by myself for ages while I terraform a mountain. Then you also have the typical response some golem owners go with, where they have you gather materials like stone or wood, no roleplay there either. Just hours in the pits. Selecting an Impera is a very delicate process, I hold it on the same level as when someone picks a player to roleplay their character’s child, you don’t just hand it out to the first person you see. My final point with this same section, “the golem may not leave their impera unless this same or similar situation should arise.” This would lock players into the golem-impera relationship in potentially undesireable situations, sure, the golem might be getting roleplay and getting orders that it needs so technically it shouldnt leave. But what if those orders are the kind of roleplay I don’t like? Take Glothir for instance, my longest RP’d golem. He’s trained in combat, but I hate CRP/PVP, so I avoid it as much as possible. If I ended up with an Impera who was a bad guy or someone who uses violence to solve everything and constantly orders my golem to crush people, I’m not going to be having any fun at all and I will need a way to explain in RP as to why I’ve left this Impera in search of another. With this line in the lore, the Impera could quote it say that Im breaking lore if I leave them to find a new impera in RP, and this would be actually enforceable by the LT. That’s incredibly scary, I don’t want to be locked in a situation like that. A golem player should be allowed to leave their current Impera for whatever reasonable excuse they can make up in RP. That’s most of my issues I had with this lore, the remaining reasons why I -1 it is because not much of anything has changed, the formatting for the post looks terrible, which makes it hard to read, and the description of Blue Golems versus Red Golems isn’t detailed enough. Edit: Im not active on the forums but the amount of +1s to this scared me so I tossed in my two cents, but don’t expect me to reply to anyone who quotes me and tries to argue my points, this is all my personal opinion based on previous interactions as a golem roleplayer and I dont really have any reason to prove whether or not Im right to someone ovo I mean it in the most constructive way, I just want to protect future golem players from undesireable situations.
  9. Not inactive character, I just dont update this thread, lol
  10. make a meme card for gender pearls x’DD
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