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  1. Think we'll just use what I wrote here to edit current black powder to be properly formatted with current system so thissun will probably get moved to denied after
  2. Its the same as the one currently accepted though, we haven't had any real issues with people using black powder in rp so I think its rather safe, doesnt need any drastic changes Although now that those misunderstandings I had were cleared up, I may just offer my fixes as an amendment to the currently accepted post
  3. It's amazing to me that posts like this aren't the ones that get deleted or shut down by the mods But also, Slorbin You could try just asking the ST nicely to fix the posts for you I found one earlier today that still had black text and I fixed it, maybe 30 minutes ago feel free to link in the comments here any posts that still have the black text It's amazing what you can achieve when you're not busy foaming at the mouth, isnt it
  4. A few misunderstandings about how the original black powder recipe worked were cleared up, sorcerio explained some things I had mistaken, made some edits to reflect that
  5. Current write of black Powder recipe isn't actually craftable, its an invalid recipe from the old alchemy system This write really is basically just, making the recipe make sense in current alchemy There's literally no other changes I put it on a separate page as a rewrite because I wanted to change how it was worded, what with the bad grammar and all. And it needed better formatting
  6. Recipe: -Charcoal -Sulfur -Saltpeter -Pure Grain Alcohol Appearance: Black Powder appears in the form of a dark gray powder with lighter gray granules mixed in. Creation: The creation involves three components: Saltpeter, Sulfur, Charcoal. The composition is 75% Saltpeter, 15% Charcoal, 10% Sulfur. Each ingredient must be processed and ground down, with care not to breathe in the particulates. Prepare the charcoal first, or purchase it already made. Then take your charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur and grind those ingredients d
  7. molotovs are weak anyways unless you use gasoline which we dont have, or modern day booze if you think someone is powergaming their flaming quick burn booze bottles just modreq no need to go as far as techlock
  8. ST Will almost never be in a situation where literally any of this would be used in any official capacity But the plugin is quite neat
  9. how do I stop roleplaying by myself when ive just roleplayed alone for years. How to make character more fun

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Hey guys! If you're bored come join (insert community here that I'm biased in favor of)! They're super cool and will totally make everything better for you!

    3. HurferDurfer1


      what psycho rp's  alone

    4. MonkeNotic


      either find some people you really like hanging out with or start sitting in random settlement taverns and talking with people. As for making a character more fun, I would either do something opposite of what you usually do, find an IRP Hobby or new magic or something, but honestly I'm not sure. Sometimes you gotta just make a new persona after one has gotten dull.

  10. which boils down to, we met on LOTC talked for about a year than I forgot who he was, which is why he says "re-met" in 2017 spent like a whole year hanging out and not dating and then we dated and then moved in really fast \o /
  11. that sounds suspiciously Hareven-like, minus the trauma, stress & induced insanity
  12. If all of your characters got wiped PK style right now What kind of character would you want to play?
  13. Deep in the bungalow under the Lorenthus' hold of the South Cliffs, while the living dolls sat outside on the porch, a hammer struck hot metal in the forge. Again and again, strike after strike, then the sizzling of blazing iron as it dunked into room temperature oils. The soft tink of items being sorted.. Hours go by, filing, polishing, setting finished items into small felted containers. Gifts, made with Leniandir's love for her precious family. They had yet to reach the hands of those they were forged for, meant to be delivered as a set. Two more of the gifts made
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