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  1. A former council member of Haelun'or cackles at the missive.
  2. Penelope de Astrea grins. "Glad to be included in the depictions!"
  3. Seraphite Viradiraar grins, letting out a sharp whistle before her eyes light a soft green, the missive catching fire before quickly becoming ashes. "They put this out, yet I still made council....interesting!" She comments, remembering her points of negative 488.
  4. "If he was there, you already know what happened to him." Though Seraphite hadn't known Zolvan well, the two only crossing paths from time to time, his death struck her- unlike the many she knew to have happened. As the city fell, the actions from it shaking the ground all stood on, Seraphite knew any who entered would not return. Convincing people of such would be much harder, she came to find. "He's long gone."
  5. A particular mali' watches the events unfold, her face rather stoic as she does, though she makes no comment on something she believed inevitable.
  6. A certain Viradiraar reads the missive over with wide eyes, a smirk slowly donning her face. "Well then." Is all she says, folding up the missive before sliding it in a drawer to keep safe.
  7. With a huff, Penelope de Astrea takes the treaty and pins it on the board in her room, clapping and quietly celebrating to herself at the news.
  8. "That's rather disgusting." Is all a certain Viradiraar mutters, burning the missive.
  9. Penelope de Astrea looks over the missive with a chortle, her head falling into a few nods. "I like this!" She exclaims, smoothing out the paper before pinning it to a board in her room, stepping back to look at it as a grin takes her lips.
  10. Seraphite Viradiraar sighs as she sees the depiction, then hands the missive to her mal'maronn [@SacredSource] with a huff. "Larehan ito kae'leh." She leaves with that, moving to relay the news to her lari'maronn. [@latte]
  11. Seraphite Viradiraar found the resignation rather easily, the paper dainty between her fingers. A short huff of laughter leaves her at the words on it, the corners of her eyes becoming crinkled with the smile on her face. "Took you long enough, mal'onn." Seraphite huffs, folding up the paper and sliding it into a drawer to store it for later. "The city is rusting- rusted as I said. No longer silver, but a cheap minic of it. A shell of what it use to be- what it could've, but never was, and never will be."
  12. Penelope de Astrea lets out a fond chuckle, taking the missive and folding it up before pocketing it. "Rather good artists, no?" She laughs to herself as she enters the tavern, moving to sit herself at a table.
  13. water? pog. writting? lovely. i like water mhm mhm. hydrate kids
  14. Seraphite Viradiraar sighs as she sees Telos' name. "Eshtael's sakes, Telos. You get yourself into the weirdest things." The elf folds the missive up, storing it in a drawer before moving on with her day.
  15. Penelope de Astrea huffs as she reads over the declaration, her eyes narrowing before they return to their regular wide gaze. "They're our allies.....no?" She mutters to herself, letting out a sigh before moving to hand her father [@YaBoyJay_] the missive. "I think we all knew this day would come, Papa." ----------------------------------------------- A now retired council member of Haelun'or lets out a maniacal laugh, her head tossing back in great amusement. "Ti!" She cheers, clapping her hands together. "Vive la Haensi!"
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