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  1. It is in fact Zaypixels design. I saw it and just couldn't resist, so I made a lot of them with different layouts! :D
  2. Hello everyone! So I just started playing LotC yesterday and already absolute love it here. I am however very shy by nature and find it difficult to find the strength to start a rp with someone. My character is a halfling and therefore is expected to speak in a Scottish kinda way, and I don't know how to write like that! and then on top of that; do it fast. It is an honour to be here and to be a part of this community. I guess I just really am looking for some reassuring words to calm my nerves. And to plead you to bear with me! Thank you, and I wish for you a great day or night or
  3. Krøllebøllen


    Biography of Myrtle Overhill Myrtle Overhill was born in a small hobbit-hole. Her parents names were Dora Overhill and Moro Overhill. Right from the start of her early childhood, Myrtle worked with her parents out on the fields and she was very good at it at that. After a long day of work, Myrtle and her parents would go up on a hill, sit on the grass and look out to where the sky meets the sea. A distinct scent of pipe-weed would dance carefully under her nose. A scent of home. Her parents loved her dearly and she loved them. A family is all you need and a family's pride
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