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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! So I just started playing LotC yesterday and already absolute love it here. I am however very shy by nature and find it difficult to find the strength to start a rp with someone. My character is a halfling and therefore is expected to speak in a Scottish kinda way, and I don't know how to write like that! and then on top of that; do it fast. It is an honour to be here and to be a part of this community. I guess I just really am looking for some reassuring words to calm my nerves. And to plead you to bear with me! Thank you, and I wish for you a great day or night or
  2. hello there! i'm jihyunah, aka ji-vanna uluran on the server. i just started yesterday actually and i'm loving it so far, although, i do feel kind of lost trying to find people to rp with. i did get to settle in today and i'm very happy about it, there was a group of elves that happened to help me out hehe it was really great watching how others roleplay and adapting to it. not sure if many would see this but, i absolutely love all the builds that i've seen all around, i decided to just wander around the map and wow - is it amazing! also, is there any certain place that anyone can re
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