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  1. RP Name: Aurora Reginova MC Name: defiantqueer Voted: Yes
  2. He means that he wants to respond with something bigoted and classless. Probably in response to me being qu*er, autistic, or a leftist.
  3. Hey folks! I have been checking out the server and playing as Aela of the Depths, a basic "blank slate" char, in order to get used to the server, its rules, plugins, etc. I find LOTC to be very compelling as a whole, and as an experienced rper and writer would like to dive more deeply into the roleplay to be had. However, I am finding it a bit difficult to locate a place for myself on the server that would be telling a story that I can be passionate about, largely because I do not have any partners in rp. To this end, I would like to put out an open call for anyone who might
  4. Depicted: Oswyn son of Godwin washing the feet of a poor man. REPENT, Ye of Great Wealth and Little Faith A short thesis by Acolyte Jacques I write with heavy heart, for I have seen the depths of man's infidelity to the Lord our GOD. Oren, once the greatest haven of the Lord's might, has become overcome with vice and corruption of a kind most egregious. The rule of the land has fallen to moneylenders, wealthy nobility, and royals without a care in the world for the people they lord over. It seems the Lords and Royals of Oren have forgotten these words,
  5. lokiergi


    Aela was born deep in the caverns below Kal'varoth. Her mother was a scientist and mage studying the depths and her father was a miner excavating them. She has lived a vast majority of her life deep within underground tunnels, and has seen very little of the outside world. Her father died in a cave-in when he was very young. Her childhood was lonely with only his mother around, obsessed with studying some strange fungus deep within the caves. Her mother clearly studied some sort of magic, but refused to teach Aela anything about it. When Aela was 17 she was exploring the caves with her mother
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