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  1. jo19sh92


    Born from an encounter between Katalia Mundi and Egar Jasper, Jasper Mundi is man now in his late 20s, with a strong passion and respect for culture, historical and religious texts, as well as a fondness of all wildlife. The origins of his bloodline and his family heritage comes from a man named Rygurd Mundi, a blacksmith just south of Thales, at least, so that is what he was told. But through the years, war has set the land on fire, has spilled the blood of many, and has left those without a name... forgotten. Taking many steps into the future, Katalia Mundi, Jasper's beloved moth
  2. jo19sh92


    (delete this) Please delete this thread, I would like to make a far less pathetic character to play as.
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