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    In the first month of Autumn, Namari was born in the Realm of Elvenesse. She was soon abandoned by the two people who gave her life as she was not a pure High elf and would be disgraced among their culture. Luckily she was taken in by two dark elves named Thamior and Sil. Namari along with her six younger siblings, Jacob, June, James, Julie, Jane, and Johnathan, were raised to be kind, loving, friendly, and courageous. As Namri grew she became more beautiful and courageous than anyone had expected. Th years passed and eventually her parents decided that on her 18th birthday she should go and e
  2. JHedder21


    Loragwyn was born in early autumn to two parents she knows not. For when she was only a few months old, her birth parents abandoned her in the woods. Luckily she was soon found by two loving halflings who raised her to be kind and generous to others. She was also raised with a great respect for nature and valued it much more than most civilizations. She was raised with six wonderful younger siblings named John, June, Jacob, Jane, Julie, and James. Their home was filled with laughter and light, however small it may have been for the growing Loragwyn. Their happiness lasted for many years as Lor
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