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  1. As many of you know, LOTC is a very old server. With literal IRL years of lore and dedicated players involved, it’s a recipe for some of the most intricate, elaborate, and stellar storylines any MCRPing platform could ever see. However, many would disagree – just as LOTC is known for its higher-quality RP compared to other servers, its also known for RP that can be extremely questionable. So, thinking about this, I’m interested in hearing what you guys think constitutes as “high quality” or “low quality” RP with a few questions below. You don’t need to follow all of these questions and can obviously ramble on your own accord if you’d like, but they’re just some prompts if any of you are interested 🙂 Please be respectful in your responses and don’t target other players. In your opinion, - What makes “high quality” & “low quality” RP? - How can low quality RP impact the server? - What makes RP engaging? - Your favorite niche of RP? - Is there a storyline or long-term RP scenario that you thoroughly enjoyed at one point? (Preferably not an eventline – something more player made).
  2. Unwillingly


    Eir'thall looks towards the lingering smoke floating above the Almenorim horizons, and after a thought, goes to look for his spear.
  3. please do not swear on minecraft

    1. Sykogenic


      fr*ck h*ck sh*cks 

  4. Event-related and not creepy I swear. If you know a character who is willing to send me feet pics, please PM me on discord. 

    1. Zarsies


      It this how I get #canceled 

  5. no respect for women who

    1. devvy



    2. Cr1TiKaLlyMoist


      are named jade

    3. Aoxomoxoa


      imagine respecting women lol

  6. nice 🙂 I foresee some epic rivalry RP from my own fire-based clan

  8. Yeah it's been a while since admins have been b*tched at

  9. It was ganked for making retarded political decisions. People gave llyria **** either way. Doesn’t change the fact that they were subjected to hourly pseudo raids, raidbaiting, and shitty banditry that no one could even attempt to defend because of the lack of walls.
  10. @drfate786 if ur gonna delete our replies bout us saying ur full of urself, might as well delete the whole status update dude

    1. Cr1TiKaLlyMoist
    2. Nectorist


      stop bullying my boy drfate u fat midget

    3. LaffenOutLoud
  11. DM me on discord @Unwillingly#9099 if you want to participate in a more aggressive and warlike take on wood elven RP 🙂 our numbers r slowly but surely growing

    1. HurferDurfer1


      wroth elves what a unique concept 

    2. Unwillingly


      @HurferDurfer1 deeply sorry that it isnt just another sol tea drinking clan that does nothing to encourage RP outside of "uwu how are you today" tier emotes

  12. voidal mage genocide

    1. Ducklingator


      burger king foot lettuce

  13. I’ve read this 3 times and I had a stroke doing it but I still don’t understand what the **** it means please help
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