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  1. *shoots u* 
    *pew pew pew*

  2. Unwillingly


    Im sorry I dont mean to sound like a **** but I dont care how well written something is. I will always say no to firearms or any sort of guns (unless they're magic??? maybe??? even then it's still a bit iffy) No matter how far we get, even if we're close to LOTC's 1700s or even reach the 2000s, that doesn't change the fact that we have tech lock. It's not like LOTC is suddenly gonna get iphones as time goes on and ****. Im completely against this idea. All I see is people powergaming, crying, complaining, all of that. It takes away from LOTC's environment and what the server is. That's why I joined back in 2015. Because it was a fantasy server. FANTASY. MEDIEVAL. Yes, there were guns back then, but I think a lot of people can agree that guns don't fit lotc's theme. Im sorry if you put a lot of effort into this post, but it's a big no from me. -1 Edit: im sorry for the excessive swearing and if that came off as aggressive. I get angry when it comes to things like this.
  3. Unwillingly


    It's not LOTC with guns. This is a medieval, fantasy, renaissance era world. Yes, there were guns wayyy back in the 13 or 1400s, but that is not what LOTC is. It takes away from the world's vibe, you know? I will legit quit (or refuse to acknowledge the existence of guns/firearms) if they're implemented. There's a reason we have tech-lock.
  4. Unwillingly


    No, No, and NO No firearms at all. Please. No.
  5. Unwillingly

    The tides of Sutica rise once more!

    Cyrene would read the note carefully, though soon smiled in satisfaction. She folded the notice up, sliding it into the drawer under her desk. Standing, she'd move out of the barracks and to the square.
  6. Hi does anybody know if there are any active conjuration ("Life evocation") teachers? I plan on getting one of my characters to learn it, but I dont want to waste my OOC time looking for a teacher that might not exist.

  7. Unwillingly


    While iMattyz ban was probably a bit excessive for just a few naughty words, we need to remember that he has been banned a lot of times in the past, and he isn't exactly a saint on the server. Bans stack up and get longer and longer each time someone's banned. However I do believe that he shouldn't have been banned at all for what he said, especially since it wasn't directed at any staff, especially since he was ranting about the GM team in general, especially since it was on (a private?) discord server. But that's just my opinion.
  8. Unwillingly

    GM's verdict contest.

    Either way, GMs are allowed to void entire RP scenarios if it gets out of hand. I mean, I was once part of a very toxic fight with too much arguing, so the two GMs present agreed to void it completely after an hour and a half of fighting.
  9. Unwillingly

    Add back money top

  10. Unwillingly

    The Haunts of Vaasek

    I really like this. Like, I REALLY liked this.
  11. Unwillingly

    Raise Minimum Raid Count

    3-4 would be suitable for a raid.
  12. Unwillingly

    Mental magic

    I heard there was supposed to be a re-write soon. Aaaaaaaaaaanywho, mental magic is powergamey and can be used as a way to metagame even if people don't realize it. There aren't enough redlines in my opinion. We need something that makes it more difficult for the mage to be able to see these thoughts.
  13. Unwillingly

    Mental magic

    how does everyone /what/ of mental magic?
  14. Unwillingly

    Outposts, A Solution

    I like it
  15. Unwillingly

    Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    Never really talked to this guy in my time with the Dominion, but as far as professionalism goes, +1.