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  1. Princess Cyrene signs.
  2. Unwillingly

    Stargazzerology's Event Team Actor application

    +1. Chill guy and good at RP. I like the event ideas!!
  3. Unwillingly

    The Cerulean Watch of Sutica

  4. Unwillingly


    ((I actually enjoyed reading this. Like, wow... I don't even know what's going on RP-wise but It's a good read!! :0))
  5. Unwillingly

    The Cerulean Watch of Sutica

  6. Unwillingly

    Year 1

    Cyrene stares down at Mystery from the end of the hallway, hands clasped around the mug she typically held when visiting him. She took a sip from it. "Mystery," she started. "I do not feel joy for doing this to you, as you may think. I do not at all regret it, however. You've taken lives, tortured, made innocents suffer. This is what justice is, Mystery." She stared at him for moments more, before looking down as she spoke. "And to the dwarves of Kaz'ulrah, you feel pity for this man. This serial killer you wish to set free so he can harm more again-- You fail to realize what you're asking for."
  7. Unwillingly

    The Cerulean Watch of Sutica

  8. Unwillingly

    Raid Rules Updated

    1. How can you not expect 15 people to win every time when one wrong move when a 10 man raid shows up means a loss? It happens all the time. It is hard to rally against 10 people in a matter of moments when you don't have time beforehand, especially since most raids never occur at peak times, when most guards/defenders are online. It is very, very difficult to combat an unexpected raid of 15 ESPECIALLY if it's at 3 in the damn morning. This is coming from someone who has spent months with the Dominion, a place that usually gets raided every 5 days, defending the city against raids, a lot of which have happened at 1-3 AM. 2. Alright. 3. If there's over 8 people arguing in LOOC then they shouldn't be doing CRP either, since CRP requires you to know how the body works and how you can move and what not. Usually LOOC arguments happen because someone thinks x attack should or shouldn't be possible, and it's always one of the two. Sure, PvP can be used to settle arguments, though I think it should be a last resort unless there's over 8 or 10 people. 4. I'm also willing to explain why I believe your ideas shouldn't be implemented.
  9. Unwillingly

    Raid Rules Updated

    1. Yes, it absolutely would make them win every single time if not NEARLY every single time. People can bring 15 people to a raid. Unless there's maybe, I don't know, twenty people in the square with gear who are WILLING to fight, then there's no way a raid like that will be won. I say that with 100% confidence, your suggestion is poor and unbalanced. 2. Every 2 days 15 people can come to a certain city and kill everyone there and IMMEDIATELY call PvP. That is obnoxious and stupid. 3. If you can't handle a CRP with more than four people you should probably avoid doing CRP. Personally, 8-10 is where I draw the line. Edit: There's also a reason both me and Wolfkite thought your suggestion was a meme.
  10. Unwillingly

    Raid Rules Updated

    So making raids OP and basically allowing the attackers to win every single time is a good change? Got it.
  11. Unwillingly

    Raid Rules Updated

    I like this, except by 4 people attacking and being able to call it a raid would mean that the same three people can go to x city/nation and start fights every day just to be annoying and not be punished for it, as the raid rules say. Keep it to 3. But yes I like this rewrite, +1 Edit: Also, so the lava trap Sutica has that GMs made us downgrade immensely and is barely called a trap can't stay? Sadness 😞
  12. Unwillingly

    [Community Review] Raids

    No thank you. Keep raids how they are. I just think the only change there needs to be at all is the reason for a raid so that people can ONLY raid with a reason and real goal instead of "lul" *stabs you This rewrite is doing nothing but encouraging PvP and makes things over complicated and troubling. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy PvP, but I hate everything about this, and other people do too. The only thing wrong with raids right now (from how I see it) is the purpose of the raiders. From my experience, very rarely are raids done because of an IC problem. The few times they have happened, it's generated SO MUCH RP for myself and other people. Raids without a RP purpose? Cancer. Toxicity. Memeing. The GM that was present for the last raid like this did nothing, and the other one that EVEN ADMITTED THE RAIDERS WERE BREAKING RULES did absolutely nothing about it, even nearly a month later, though that's not the point. Tldr: raiders need to have a RP goal or reason when raiding, this rewrite encourages PvP and over complicates things. Also, I didn't read what other people had to say, so this has probably already been said. Do not implement this rewrite.
  13. Unwillingly

    [✗] [Idea] Make two people able to ride the same horse

    I like it. +1 also zach stfu dont u remember all those times dael'ran and cyrene rode a horse but wecouldnt MCly??????
  14. Unwillingly

    Aeldrin's Application Team Application

    While interactions between myself and Aeldrin haven't been so good in the past, I think as far as professionalism goes, he can get the job done. im not being passive aggressive either
  15. Unwillingly

    ZachsSlayer's World Developer Application

    Yes I did help him with this but +1 B)