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  1. Hi sorry I just now saw your response, I think that the concept of desert elves is really cool and could be a really interesting type of RP in genera, high elven or notl. It’s even something Nectorist and I were considering getting our hands into a while back, although ig we never got around to that. With careful planning and a dedicated group of players, “desert elves” could be made into something really neat and unique I know im not an LT or anything, but if you’d like an extra voice regarding this culture, feel free to friend and PM me on discord, Unwillingly#9099 🙂
  2. I think I’m keeping up with all of my school work pretty well, and I feel better knowing that in only 2 years I’m never going to see anyone from highschool ever again. I used to be super concerned about being the one that doesnt matter among my friends, or not being taken seriously, but now it doesnt really bother me anymore and I stopped dwelling on that so much and I think that’s a huge factor as to why I feel a lot better than I did maybe 2-3 years back.
  3. yall missed a huge RP opportunity by making these desert elves worship purity. helves already do that. purity is already a thing on the server. it brings nothing new by making these elves worship purity, but instead throws a huge opportunity to introduce new ideas and concepts to elves not to mention having desert elves worship purity completely clashes with the concept of “desert elves” imo. makes 0 sense and gives them no actual identity other than “we live in the desert”, and its because the concept of purity is already being done by a well established playerbase. its just seems so random and out of place to have them worship purity. when ppl think of purity they think of high elves, white, cleanliness and elegance, not the desert and sand and these types of elves. desert elves or sun elves could totally bring an entirely new flavor of elf RP and it could be done rly well. pls don't throw this down the drain.
  4. punishing a playerbase for something that was out of their control while simultaneously not giving them another chance is just plain scummy and probably the biggest “**** you” ever lol 

  5. Hi, it’s your local community screecher here This is a guide on how to immerse yourself into your character’s RP environment through some basic mods, texture packs, settings adjustments, etc. Dunno why I exactly made this. It was just a random idea and I whipped this up in about 45 minutes. Enjoy 🐝 🙂 1. Install the Optifine mod Most of you might already have this. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, this mod not only serves as a handy FPS booster, but additionally offers a wide variety of settings and options to touch up your game appearance. It’s probably most known for its zoom feature, which, by pressing C on your keyboard, you can zoom in on whatever your crosshair is pointing at. Here is a link to the official Optifine page: https://optifine.net/home 2. Install the Conquest texture pack Of course, you may use whichever texture pack you would like, this is just my personal opinion. Conquest is probably one of the best medieval/fantasy texture packs out there, with original sounds and fantastic weapon textures, this texture pack is essential if you want to bring your world to life. Here’s a link to download Conquest: https://conquest.ravand.org/ Not only that, but you can edit your weapon items by renaming them with brackets! Here’s a link: https://conquest.ravand.org/ If you want to make your own custom weapon using conquest, all you need to do is find your preferred weapon. For example, a spiked mace. Type /edit name [Spiked Mace] and it will appear as such in-game. Keep in mind that this only works with certain weapons you’re holding when typing the commands. 3. Background music or Ambience Music and background ambience is another neat way to make your RP experience more enjoyable! Background music or ambience is most commonly used during CRP or any ET events. Here are some of my personal favorite channels and tracks for ambience or music. Music Channels Ambience 4. Shaders Shaders is another popular mod that adds realistic lighting and shadows to MC. This mod is compatible with both Optifine and Conquest. I, however, don’t have shaders, so anyone else is welcome to comment more about the mod 🙂 5. Other small commands in-game and mechanically /shownameplates – disable nameplates over players /walk – makes you walk at a slower speed when you move around Enable cinematic camera – options > controls > scroll to miscellaneous (very bottom) > set your keybind. This is more of a feature for if you really want your first-person immersion. FOV – 70 to 90 6. And here are my personal settings!
  6. Hi, in case you need help finding a skin... https://sites.google.com/view/skinarchive/home This is the skin archive for the tailor’s guild. All of the skins you see in here are specifically designed for new players, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to use them 🙂 If you want a custom skin, feel free to track down a community team member to join the new player discord and ask for a skin if you aren't already in it.
  7. what is this thread I missed
    what happened

  8. MCname: Unwillingly Character Name: Eir’thall Discord: you got it Timezone: Central
  9. just got interviewed for Tythus

  10. Hey.

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  11. "Dragur Librarians tend to mock those who visit because they know they can't be touched and are protected by skygod laws. How abhorrent. I would have beat some of them by now if I could." comments Cyrene upon reading a copy of the document.
  12. whats your favorite kind of dog
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