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  1. Unwillingly

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

  2. Unwillingly


    HI SO IM HERE TO SHOW OFF SOME OF MY ART All of the following pieces have been made by me, and some of them I did use references for-- so of course credit to the original base artists for these. I’ll try to put some of these in order the best I can. !! I should warn that there is a bit of gore and blood in some of these (especially in the traditional art spoiler), but it’s nothing too extreme ^^ !! Digital Art Traditional Art (Not in order)
  3. Unwillingly


    A torrent of cold rain falls down onto the veteran as she trudges through the snow in the dead of night— A rain that caused even some of the hardiest animals to take shelter from such conditions. She didn't know why she went in the direction she did, what on Atlas urged her to head there, not even what she should do upon arrival. Yet, there’s some gut feeling calling her there. Leading her, like a desire that has clawed away at her person with nothing but regret. Word had quickly spread of her disappearance. Have you heard? The princess went missing… They whisper. Some say she stepped down... Others say she was overthrown by her own council. Whenever she visits common towns or cities, she’d usually be met with glares or scowls of those she didn’t even recognize. It hurt more when it was from those who she once called a citizen. Once she had been a proud and straight-spined leader. Now, however, she’d be recognized as nothing more than a pathetic wanderer. She approaches the hulking walls of the Federation. Vines and moss had grown on it over years, though they're now frozen over and lifeless. Her gaze moves up before she continues, each step only adding a sense of abandonment and a depressing feeling of nostalgia. The gates are left open and the square is empty at this time of night, which seemed to give the city an eerie atmosphere, contrasting with what she remembered it as. Stopping, she looks around. Usually, the square is filled with drunken laughs from the tavern or random chatter from the Sutican denizens, but there isn’t now. Silence replaces laughter and talking. Luckily, she wouldn’t need to worry about needing to hide or go unseen— The only chance of her being seen is through the window of a home. After all, there’s nothing suspicious about a hooded figure roaming the streets in the middle of the night, is there? She walks the streets, where tiny snowflakes collect on her clothes. Her mind wanders as her gaze remains low. History repeats itself, she thinks. She likes to believe that leading the federation simply comes with misfortune, but another part of her is saying that what happened to her was more than just a coincidence— that it was more than just an accident. Perhaps it was a chance. A chance to start anew. She has started anew, but she's yet to convince herself she's taken the lighter path. She stops as ice cracks under her boots, looking at the home which she once lived so happily in. She stands face to face with the frozen door as if expecting a familiar face to step out and greet her, but he doesn’t. Instead, the door stares back at her just as she stares at it, completely static. Soon, she lifts a hand and grips the frozen handle of the door, turning it. Ice cracks off and falls as the door lets out a squeak something akin to a screaming piglet. She steps in slowly, leading a small trail of snow in after herself. The room is dank and dusty. It’s clear that the furniture within had not been moved or even touched in a very, very long time. The mere smell of the room nearly made her recoil, but she moves deeper into the room regardless. She heads upstairs, quite reluctant to lift her eyes and look around in fear of memories she'd recall in this very room. She focuses on the patterns of the stone floor briefly before lifting her head, observing the room. It was just as expected, yet completely untouched. The first thing she noticed was the bed. Even the covers and blankets remained in the same spot they had been in since she had last slept there— Alone, that is. The windows are cracked and scratched but are otherwise unbroken while the nearby furniture and tables collect dust and dead insects. After a moment of inspecting the area, she looks to the nearby bed. “Atlas…” she mumbles to herself, stepping forth as she looks down to the bed. Something crawls beneath the dusty blankets, so she slowly reaches down and yanks them up. Two field mice stare up at her momentarily before skittering away, leaving her alone once more. She kicks off her boots and removes the heavy coat she wore, dropping it on the floor carelessly. She goes to hesitantly lay down in the bed, moving to her side on the left near the wall. The bed creaks harshly as she does such. She sneezed almost every minute or two as her nose became increasingly itchy due to the amount of dust in the room, but her eyes soon grew heavy enough to shut. Despite this, she remained awake for quite some time, listening to the chill of the wind and skittering of mice. She stares at the empty spot beside herself, trying to remember the face that once stared back at her, but can hardly move her thoughts away from who used to occupy the space. She pretends that he stares back at her, but he doesn’t. The mice will have to accompany her tonight.
  4. Unwillingly

    Lord of the Comics [Art]

    sry but share some of ur talent with me plz this is amazing
  5. Unwillingly

    Attention Artists!

    can we get confirmation from tarre about this? "to have your art earn a spot within our next map" @TarreBear
  6. Unwillingly

    The odds against the minority

    Its not a glitch if its a mechanic that is meant to be in minecraft, tbh. I remember on Mineplex a friend of mine was banned for turning on hitboxes even though its a vanilla feature. Same exact thing applies here. However, I disagree with being able to use these kinds of things during PvP to raid.((Edit: to bypass city defenses such as walls in unrealistic ways, is what I mean)) Boats, horses, rods, etc. Instead, what I suggest is more ways for players to be able to bypass defenses in raids that would make sense in RP. If someone is raiding and they get in by using horses to climb the wall, how will a nation's guards respond to that? "How did they get in? The gates were closed." "The horses scaled the walls." Tldr, im indifferent about this. I dont think the aforementioned mechanics should be allowed during raids, however I do beliebed there should be more ways to bypass city defenses. ((PS im on mobile so I apologise for any misspellings or grammar errors.))
  7. whats a game moderator


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      A game moderator doesn’t exist.

    2. Jondead


      A game Moderator is a Moderator that moderates a game duh

  8. Unwillingly

    [Your View]Coups

    I agree regarding the PK clause. It will just make other people go after one another. If a nation leader is couped and killed even though they dont want to PK, that would be quite unfair to the one getting couped.
  9. Unwillingly

    [Your View]Coups

    Tldr, rules are on this server for a reason. If there are no rules for something such as this, this server would be nothing but a toxic cesspool where people use OOC to get to each other instead of RP. This server would be a whole lot worse if there were no rules for coups. “Just keep it to RP” That’s not something that can work at all. You could say the same thing for raids and warclaims. What stops people from MCly breaking blocks to get into a city if they emote such? What stop people from raiding with 20+ men every other day? What stops people from instantly warclaiming a city with no CB? People are here to have fun, not live out their conquest dreams on a mineman fantasy server. This is actually put really well and I have to agree 100%. I haven’t actually read over the coup rules yet but I’ve just heard people saying “wahh keep it to RP” and stuff. Don't keep it to RP, just make this be something very flexible and free, yet controlling.
  10. im starting to get involved in highschool drama and im trying to stay out of it and  like “plz just leave me alone,  ,,,,,”


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      your pretty cute

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      if you want to talk about it i’m always free on my discord 99% Neanderthal#6439

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      bro drama is fun af to hear about idk what u on, specially when its highschool drama

  11. Unwillingly

    A formal resignation

    Somewhere, Cyrene laughs upon hearing the news for precisely 3.9 seconds.
  12. Unwillingly

    The Ivae'fenn

  13. Unwillingly

    The Iron Wolf Clan

    “Oh, wonderful, now Sutica has clans.” a familiar wood elf comments.
  14. Unwillingly

    is it sunnyside up egg or a fried egg

    nectorist is a very wrong man, someone please tell him this
  15. Unwillingly

    Promote Good Combat RP, Please.

    listen ur my pal, save, but exactly what sky said. you lost in pvp after calling pvp. thats on you :/