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  1. "... This rex's name is Asshug?" asks Gailien, completely bewildered as he squinted at the paper. "Oh. It's Azhug. Nevermind."
  2. anyone else hate it when elves speak common 99% of the time IRP but then use like 1-2 elf words mid sentence

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    2. Laeonathan


      it's more a "lack of devs" issue then "lotc bad ewww"

    3. tkr_niflheimr


      Technically you can speak the language with more Elven language, but it would require players to learn a lot. You don't want to learn a language when it is not even used in real life (i guess).

    4. Burnsider
  3. why is noise shading not allowed on skins but egirl / eboy eyes are

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    2. Nug


      @NotEvilAtAllits just the ct being needlessly overbearing and trying to scare away newbies for bs reasons its not actually banned xd

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      oh yeah I just looked and holy cow so many applications put on pending for having noise shaded skins lol

    4. breeni


      Noise was the original shading before ppl tried to make their skins into everything they wish they were irl 

  4. "Execution?" Echoed Gailien, having witnessed the scene for himself. "Their 'heir' spouted nonsense to the face of the High Prince during this apparent investigation, then fled from arrest upon our territory where it was due. If they so easily twist the happenings of one story, how easily have they twisted the rest?"
  5. Auction closed, sorry for the late response - was out shopping will DM the winners on discord
  6. "Eh, can't blame him." says Eir'thall, a former Father Circle archdruid. "I gave up on that place a while ago. Elvenesse, too. We'll never crawl out of this rut we've dug for ourselves."
  7. "How shameful is it that these orcs of self-proclaimed 'honor' relentlessly bring their wrath upon a city of peace and community, those who oft abhor bloodshed and war." muses Gailien upon hearing of the news. "And worse, they brag about killing the innocent? They were once honorable and respectable folk. Now they're just bandits slaughtering the unarmed."
  8. Unwind is a really good book

    1. Reforming Pup

      Reforming Pup

      You were supposed to read the Minecraft book.

    2. Unwillingly


      I will dont worry

    3. bunnyeatsmoss


      this explains why you have so much trauma

  9. Upon hearing of the news, Eir'thall's eyes widen in genuine surprise before he spoke, "If Evar'tir can't save this place, then no one can."
  10. I had to write something here, so I could post this meme, please up vote or something, I have to feed my family on LotC with up votes.


  11. If you could give a new player any tip or advice, what would it be?

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    2. Screecher


      you don't need to put an * to do an action after making a speech emote. Ex: "I love minecraft!" he loves minecraft.

    3. Crevel


      Read the rules..

    4. drfate786


      Look! It's bravery cave! You have to go.. Inside..

  12. usually I wouldn't do this but I'm feeling pretty confident! :) hi, this is me
  13. RULES 1. Don't skin snipe 2. Any edits made must still result in the skin being identifiable as my original work (be reasonable) 3. If you're buying the skin for someone else, let me know either on discord or in your bid 4. Post each bid in a separate reply, do not edit your comment 5. If you have questions, DM me on discord (un-w#9099) 6. If you win a skin and either fail to contact me or respond to me on discord within 2 days, the skin will go to the second highest bidder by default BIDDING Auction will close on Saturday, May 8th at 6:00pm CST If bids are still b
  14. why do you play lotc?

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    2. Wizard of NOZ

      Wizard of NOZ

      I wish I knew

    3. Rat Hat

      Rat Hat


    4. Laeonathan


      As a staff member I'm here to terrorise the community as I'm extremely evil, what else?


  15. what was ur favorite event / eventline you've been to

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    2. Mio


      1 hour ago, rukio said:



      shout out to xarkly

      big agree. scyfling was a great eventline to get into while i was a newer player. Xarkly's a beast.

    3. seannie


      athera eventline leading to scyfling war 

    4. Laeonathan


      my fav was Xarkly's event with some white orc in athera, it was just 3 players and it was very immersive

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