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  1. forums looking really purple today

  2. also should we expect to only find chests in main areas/cities or can they also be found in free build/outside of the nation ring ?
  3. This is cancer

  4. a wild elf snorts in laughter. “I bet this is awfully embarrassing, huh?”
  5. Cyrene snorts. “Huh... I found this place a few days back. Had some weird people in it.” she comments.
  6. wheres a good place to rp at 
        pl ease

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    2. TheAlphaMoist
    3. SquakHawk


      oren is fun now 
      sutica is alive again but yk its sutica 
      i think other nations exist?

    4. Rave_Cave_marb
  7. hi link some of ur favorite songs, yknow the ones that give you goosebumps or sm like that. tryna find some more music anyways here are a few of my personal fav rn but I need more please link some music
  8. Eir’thall nods upon reading a copy of the paper, glancing towards the newly emblazoned Arvellon marks upon his arm. “I suppose such a declaration does put me at ease.” he mutters, rubbing it for a moment.
  9. this is why nobody takes halflings seriously (Edit : this is w joke please do not flame me
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