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  1. place block break block place block break block place blo

  2. i dont want it to be dark by 5pm :(

    1. Tabby64


      HUH thats until way later in the year. . . bro is in the arctic


    2. Unwillingly


      im in wisconsin and in the winters its pitch black by 5pm

    3. Tabby64


      oh yeah but not yet. . .

  3. if I enjoyed the server like I used to I'd be down to RP with you, but otherwise hope u find the community ur looking for friend
  4. they ******* killed satinkira

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    2. Yagi_Kamisama


      i can't see this post what does it say

    3. Neviah


      AGAIN? no way!!

    4. M1919


      they hit the satinkira, turn on the news it doesn't matter which channel

  5. Heyo, Love the False King lore. You still making edits or answering questions?


    1. Unwillingly


      yea we saw ur comment just need to talk it over with others b4 responding, glad u like the lore

  6. hello I'll be opening 3 skin slots over the course of the next few days comment or reach out for q's Portfolio PRICES • Dresses: 16 USD • Non-dress outfits: 18 USD • Armor (gambeson, leather, etc): 22 USD TERMS • PayPal only • Must have a reference to provide (please use a not shit reference) • Only one reference, don't send multiple plz • Will not be doing hair/base skins/heads • Wait time of 1-4 days (I will communicate if I'm unable to do such) • If I attempt to contact you and do not receive a response within 4 days your skin will be sold • Although I will be prioritizing my 3 initial slots, you may further comment to be put on a waitlist/reservation • I will always show you an unshaded-flat before shading. Changes cannot be made once the skin has been shaded • I accept bribes, pay +10 USD to be bumped to the top of the list regardless of slots or waitlist (this might seem like a lot but im just trying to be thorough) FORMAT Discord: Visual Ref: (picture of the skin you want) Skin Description: (written description. the more thorough the better, please be as specific as possible even if it might not seem important or if the ref shows everything that you want. the more specific, the less chance I'll reach out for questions and the quicker you'll get your skin.) Is this a bribe skin?: (y/n) thank you
  7. this guy will never bowl another strike lol

    1. Nectorist


      just bowled another strike

  8. This is a mistake I'm yet to change :) likely they will be reduced to peak race strength
  9. We wrote it in a way that prevents bullshitting your way through it by just putting on gloves or sweeping it away, meaning that in order to pass one you'd need to use another actual player instead of NPCs or the like. Salt as a weakness im hearing people aren't a fan of, so there's a chance we'll be replacing it with something else more unique before it hits lore reviews. Okay, I see what you mean now. I'll go ahead and add this to our feedback notes and try to get a changelog out within a couple days. Ty!
  10. I'm not opposed to being held to the same standards as other CAs - I'll go ahead and jot this down among the other critiques and discuss nerfing their strength to peak-race instead of peak-orc, ty Can you elaborate on this part? I'm not quite following how being unable to cast for 3 emotes following a Thanhium attack is a resistance. Is there a specific area of Thanhium lore you refer to that I'm missing?
  11. this is fair, deific corruption was written in a way that was meant to sort of be antithesis to the "niche" of each magic. "courageous templar turned craven > druid attuned to nature's balance hears corruption itself > paladin emboldened by xan's light temporarily thwarted of his warmth" were mostly the visions I had. I'm not as familiar with holy magic as I wish I was while writing these, so tried to reach out the best I could for paladin and templarism especially. however I'm definitely open to reworking this to something more appropriate for lore and request of templar players and can explore more ideas before this makes it into review not to be like "erm ackshually" but after we received feedback for the original write, we were advised to consider more unique holy interactions. so this mostly comes from the suggestion of management and my own favor towards unique lore interaction in general. I was partially around for this era of lore arms race in maybe 2017-2019 but my memory of what the sphere of lore/lore criteria was like at the time is fuzzy at best admittedly
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