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  1. Unwillingly

    The Ascended - The Tears of Aeriel [Rewrite]

    these are too many words for my tiny brain
  2. Unwillingly

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    Cyrene shrugs, seeming to emit a faint snort at the notice. “Rise, fall, rise, and fall again. Let them be their own undoing.”
  3. Unwillingly

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    Wait what what So what you’re telling me is that someone can just walk to another nation’s door step and demand ****, and if they say no, that nation gets a CB? It’s as simple as that? This is literally giving people 1 way tickets to warclaiming whoever they want on a whim, it's so stupid and whoever thought this would be a good idea is stupid, I’m sorry but it's true.
  4. Unwillingly


    Tyrant “What have you become, Cyrene?” Not even she remembered what she once was. Whether it be a leader, a warrior, or just some monarch there to say yes or no, it wasn’t something she really cared for anymore, even if she used to. All she cared about anymore was getting by and surviving. She was struggling to even continue existing. Now, she had nothing. Not even a home. Within the span of a few days, she went from living like royalty to living in an abandoned shack. There was no failure that could be quicker than her own, and she was now the living epitome of this: Failure. “Where will you go?” She had been asked this time and time again. The truth is, she didn’t know where she would go. This time, she had no fallback. She had no plan, nobody to go to because all she had was her home. It was pathetic if anything, the way she’s living— If this can even be called living. Often Cyrene’s mind would wander, and any passerby who cared to look might take note of this. Some even may remember the familiar face on the road. Of course, no straight-spined, proud princess would they see, but instead a destroyed, tired-eyed ex-princess who wandered aimlessly and cared little for her natural appearance anymore. She wouldn’t stop to speak with them, only responding with an unwelcoming glare. Clearly, there was some sort of mute distaste buried behind those dull eyes. From time to time, she found herself in the wilderness striking the pine trees out of pure defeat and rage. Sometimes she would imagine them to be those she hated most in the world. This was her only form of comfort any more. As pathetic and low as it was, she found satisfaction in letting her anger out on such violent ways. “There’s nothing left of you but bitter and cold determination. Grit. Hate.” It’s strange, thinking you know somebody, only to be taken off guard by what you didn’t see about them before. This is something Cyrene wouldn’t see in people, and she failed to realize that this is what lead to her own undoing. Sometimes, you get a helping hand from those you would least expect. This was one of her faults: she’s a judgemental prick. For long she sat beneath the pine in the tree well, letting the chill of the south freeze her attire. Now, at least, she was convinced. Convinced that there was no way out, and no way to climb back up. Not this time. She thought of many things, though her thoughts soon moved to the proud leaders of the past— those who rose and fell, just as she had. As time passed and clothing froze, something hit her. She didn’t know what it was, but it was as if some sliver of determination still remained, even if her motives were no longer for the wellbeing of others, but for herself. Moving her stiff arms, the layers of ice on her clothes cracked and fell, as she soon found herself shakily writing onto a scrap of paper. A letter was soon sent. The snow cracks under approaching feet. She was no longer alone, but stuck in the silence of the tundra with an unlikely face. He smiles. “You must be really desperate if you’re asking me of all people for help.” Tyrant.
  5. Unwillingly

    Valkrae's Event Team Actor application

    I dont know him personally, but he seems like he has the work ethic for the job. I bet he’d do some good events 🙂 +1
  6. Unwillingly

    Practicing Art (Closed for now)

    Character form Race: Hide contents Screenshot of skin: References if any: https://imgur.com/a/8HG0B1i Pose preferred: Something like this, if you can Headshot, Torso, Knees: Torso Anything else: If it isnt clear, the slightly pink shade on her face is a burn scar. Tell me a joke: Hit or miss, she took the ******* kids Thanks 😄
  7. Unwillingly

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    I already explained why the LT are irrelevant in this kind of situation
  8. Unwillingly

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    I believe boomsteel isn’t on atlas anymore
  9. I know I was never particularly someone to take part in the september prince events, nor really mind it too much, but come on. This is too far. If you somehow haven’t heard about what happened, the September Prince attacked a city, and a thanium bomb was set off. This created a huge crater, and affected most if not all of atlas, and in doing such, gave an opportunity to generate a **** ton of RP. Here was the emote for it: A lot of people seemed interested with this. It generated RP the moment it happened. However, a few minutes later, this announcement was made: What were the players’ responses? There’s much, much more where that came from. Like, much more. And here’s the player poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/17013954/r Now why was this voided? As some of you may or may not know, it sounds like Aesopian was supposed to contact the LT and admins to make such a big change like this, but he didn’t, so that’s why it was voided. I think it’s been made pretty clear what’s happening here. Nobody cares that what he did “isn’t how Thanium works”, he generated RP by doing what he did, and the moment after it happened, it was voided. What the admins and LT are doing right now are punishing an entire server for one person’s mistake (I’d barely call it that. What he did was a blessing for RP and it seems like something we’d all have fun with). As I said in discord, it’s like what some teachers do when one kid breaks a rule. The entire class gets punished for it. That’s how you make people not like you. By voiding this, you’re choosing lore over player satisfaction. Nobody cares about the lore that it broke, we just want RP. Frankly, the only people who actually care about this nuke are people with hateboners for Aesopian and the LT who care more about the lore than anything else to ever exist. A short and simple post as always. Not really expecting any change despite the backlash but whatever.
  10. Unwillingly

    Unwilingly's ART DUMP

    Oh strange x.x I know it’s doing that for a few other people, and it’s just fine for some, not really sure what’s up or why it’s doing that tbh
  11. Foot
    feet foot
    Put on ur fuckin foot
    foot loose
    Dance on ur fuckin foot
    foot feets

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      ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrick off my forums 

  12. Unwillingly

    Unwritten Rules

    Yeah but to be fair, most people think of powergaming as forcing your emotes upon someone else, not requiring to do more emotes. I suggest bringing it up as a new clarification. It could be simply. Just categorize weapons for combat. Bows/All ranged firing weapons of any kind take 3 emotes Melee/common weapons take 2, one to draw and the other to strike Shields of any kind take 2 simple