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  1. what's with all the tech apps

    1. teeylin


      Public recruitment call in the main discord 

  2. Indifference keeps Galahad awake in the deep hours of the night, when moonlight shafts strongest through his window sill and stars cast the onyx night sky alight. He can sometimes be seen wandering the Celian gardens by himself, when the city slumbers.
  3. hello yes player child_neglecter wrote in 3 days what I have taken 6 months to write therefore I think we should all kill him with hammers

  4. changed my mind I understand why ppl hate CRP lock now lol

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    2. Bethinwonderland


      2 hours ago, Unwillingly said:

      firsthand encounter. raiders just attacking the middle of our city square, crowding around our rally bell, and calling CRP lock even when our available currently online players went to go rally ppl for help

      I've had this happen a few times in the past. I'm sorry you had to go through that

      Fingers crossed we can steer clear of things like this going forward

    3. Diogen


      my condolences, i hope they find these terrorists. this happened to me when i was 9. i've developed CPTSD from it since

    4. ferdaboy


      New meta dropped @Spoopy_Duck


      camp rally bells for 30 mins 

  5. the sandbox aspect. there's no cohesive "plot" to LOTC unlike something like a DND campaign or other roleplaying mediums, meaning that you have freedom to the absolute maximum to do what you want with your character, even with profound lore regulations in place. of the few times I've taken hiatuses, I tried to explore other RP mediums but none of them came even close to scratching the itch LOTC does. it's also extremely diverse in playerbase, RP niche, and RP quality
  6. ((I'm glad this ended up sticking with ppl in the long-run. ik the entire point of writing lore/culture is for ppl to use it so idrk why I'm surprised but I guess I just never expected my lore to have relevance like 2 (4, jesus) years later lol, so its just nice to see. very cool seed otherwise, really contributes to my itch to dive into wood elf RP again
  7. these abilities are pretty cool, especially the trapping spell. good job
  8. currently updating the araaloq family tree (no idea how this bloodline is still alive) so if u would like to be added to the family tree feel free to comment ur character name + parents, thank u

    1. Kaiser


      ya me me me i in it

    2. Unwillingly


      silence white boy

    3. RainbowRoad1234


      me and the girls keeping the araaloq line alive <3

  9. ((you've always been a pleasure to interact with RPly and OOCly and I wish u the best in ur future endeavors o7
  10. A letter soon reaches Sermi. It reads: "I'll only meet with you if you stop calling yourself that insufferable moniker. Signed, Malphas"
  11. NO MIGHT, NO RIGHT A missive from the Court of Kings, c. 175 SA Someone has bribed the scribes and town criers. This missive is public. Ten years ago today, the motives of the lily-livered Sarryn, Dakaith, and her cohorts were made manifest, stoking the fires of what I predicted would be a cannibalistic, self-eating slaughter. For refusing to bend the knee, myself and others were made pariahs and later deemed threats to the stability of the coven that once belonged to us. I foresaw that, if Sarryn and Dakaith, or “Solomon” as he styles himself, had the gall to threaten mine and Cordelia's right to the hierarchy in the first place, they would revel in the tidings of war. After all, “might is right,” they told me. My judgment was misguided. What ensued was not a testament to their might, but a mockery of the teachings they crown their own and a shoddy throne occupied by the forebearers of cowardice and indolence. Of course, they won’t admit these shortcomings— they’ll maintain their farce of glory, and that I am the arrogant fool in over his head. Let's put those statements to the test. In the annals of this civil war, we have slain three of their own and seized the flame of one: ones called Laelia, Azrael, and Aluthshae, for their threats on our lives and misaligned loyalties to the cockroach. And yet, even when their heads were delivered and Hell itself howled with vainglory, not a finger was lifted for their coveted prospects. By way of missive and town criers (again, I emphasize, the only weapon they know is the pen and paper written from the comfort of their hidden homes), they sought to sabotage our kinship with the Overlord of Kaethul Yera, who in turn forsook our arrangement in an attempt to save face. But “sabotage,” “dismantle,” or “sunder” are ever the generous words. She was never a particularly useful ally, even when afforded the personal resources and information to enact change, so their operations along with the Mother Church proved to be of little consequence at the end of the day. Since then, Sarryn and her underlings exhibit uncertainty, as evidenced in their reliance on clayfaces and disguise virtuoso. This proclaimed prodigy of the flame, the ringmaster of a new generation preaches “might is right” like sacreligious prayer, yet barricades herself behind impregnable steel doors and locked bunkers. It betrays a deeper fear of the inevitable, one I see fit to deliver personally. But I am benevolent as I am vehement, and I understand patience wears thin as a thread for many of you. You were not designed to cower in the depths of deception and apathy, you were designed to stand on the mantle between providence and power— how dare she take that from you. Shed your allegiance to Sarryn and Solomon, and in doing so, we will absolve your involvement in this war. Do so, and you will be spared street executions, no longer be hunted like prey, nor be stripped of your gifts. Should a tertiary coven be formed from the exodus, it will be considered a neutral entity disjoint from its predecessors. If there is any doubt to the merit of my words, I am not so foolish as to renege my sworn deals. Those are absolute. I am principled— it was not me who slew the Queen of Haense. But her killers wear her blood like perfume. It calls into question why, then, does Sarryn not seize Kinghood? Perhaps it’s a matter of judgment levied by ra’Urdol, that she does not deserve to feast at the table of Kings. Either way, she never had the nerve to go after true power. She knows not to share that mantle with me. You cannot call yourself a threat to be taken seriously when you cower like a trembling leaf. But rest assured, I don’t hunt you because I feel threatened— I hunt you because I feel like it. Malphas
  12. I really like this, would love to see a fae magic that isn't druidism. I've always been a sucker for cool mystical fae genres, jim henson films like the dark crystal and labyrinth pulled a lot of that off really well. I think my only critique is that it's kind of lacking ability/combat-wise and could definitely be more than what it currently is, but I also understand not wanting to go crazy due to this being a brand new magic system
  13. do u guys just decide u wanna write something and do it or do u have to cycle thru the five stages of grief before painstakingly forcing urself to jot words down on a google doc like I do

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    2. NLThomas


      My issue is that I think of the coolest most epic shit, word by word, but when I try to write it down it all fades away like water before a desert sun. 

    3. ScreamingDingo


      ideas are great until they go on paper it’s the most evil thing

    4. SimplySeo


      Why u calling me out

  14. ((not sure if this is meant to be read as an IC journal or paper of sorts, but something about the first person POV scratches my brain. probably because it's not seen that often on the server so it stands out nicely. good job))
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