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  1. as long as it isn’t given to edgelord uwu rpers
  2. Somewhere, an old Arvellon wheezes wildly. “A buffoon, buffoon, buffoon! Let him encounter another inconvenience, he will soon call for a duel once more, because it is the only sliver of self-worth he has! His only pride. Let him taint his public image, let him deny any wrongdoing whatsoever. He was an embarrassment to Irrinor and our militia as a whole.” Cyrene, on the other hand, rubs her face tiredly. “If only he could keep his Fennic drama out of Aegrothond.”
  3. I feel like people won't actually vote based off of which submission is the best, but rather which nation they like or dislike OOCly
  4. Cyrene scratched her jaw lightly, brows furrowing in consideration. “He is dead?” she asks, wistful eyes moving about in recollection. “Something about him... There’s something about him that I felt, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. It is a shame.”
  5. I’m sure RPing is difficult for both Telanir and Tythus because of their admin status. Ppl who dislike them would probably target, so I don’t even blame the two for not RPing as frequently as we’d all like.
  6. cmon lets get this vampire x werewolf RP 😍
  7. introducing the concept of how PvP typically goes
  8. Cyrene scrunches her nose in utter disgust. “I smell a genocide.”
  9. wonks are going to be active for like the first few months then just nosedive into inactivity lol

    1. ScreamingDingo


      a bit generous, it’ll be a month tops

    2. FloralHedgehog


      Atleast it would be a few months filled with froggy fun.

    3. Archipelego
  10. the longest sh*t in the world is 26 feet

    1. SoulReapingWolf


      Thats a long sh*t, is the person that did it still alive?

    2. Keefy


      Stop doxxing me

  11. ngl I thought this was going to be another controversial thread
  12. daily reminder u can quit playing lotc at any time and it will have 0 affect on u irl. distance urself  every once n a while. i would know I’m a recovering lotc addict. its a tragic story rly 😞


    1. howard


      had a recent lotc relapse & trying to get clean. if u ever wanna talk hmu


    2. argonian


      Lotc is good for the soul

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