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  1. Cyrene takes note of the news, then droning out, “I am both surprised and unsurprised."
  2. lotc has solved homophobia

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      Kind of [redacted] for you to mention [redacted] these days Unwillingly... Do I need to have you reported to the safety team?

    2. Dreek


      Safety Admin @Cpt_Noobman will be watching this thread

  3. “Oh – oh, someone stole his magical arm and sold it for some steak once. I’ll never forget that man.” comments Eir’thall upon hearing of the news, apparently unsympathetic.
  4. he went out of his way to remove sugarcane after someone spammed it all over Siramenor one time, ne other gm probably wold have just made me do it myself FREE FRILL

  5. When it reaches a point where there was actual build up and reasoning behind getting maimed, then sure. I think that people should be encouraged to let that have a significant impact on their character, because it’s an opportunity for character development. It’s lazy RP to just instantly go get a stupid ass limb and ignore all of the buildup behind the RP. On the other hand, its understandable if someone doesn’t want to go through with getting an entire limb cut off just for being a citizen of x nation, for example, which is something we see a lot. It’s lazy RP and doesn’t actually have any meaning behind it for anyone other than “HURHUR UR PART OF NATION I DONT LIKE” or dumb **** like that. That isn’t RP consequence. That’s lazy writing. I also don’t think its outrageous to not want to RP a completely blind person after ur char gets their eyes cut out. U become helpless and can’t do jack **** realistically without getting other people to help u, which is a hassle OOCly, but then when u actually try to do **** on ur own since u cant find anyone to help u in RP, people go “wELL uR bLiND sO HOw cAN u DO THaT?” in ooc
  6. making a status update so i can finally reach 1,000 posts gang gang
    edit: i just realized it doesn’t count oh **** ufck

    Edited by Unwillingly
    1. ElvenMommaHacker
    2. BrandNewKitten


      I feel your pain

    3. FlemishSupremacy


      just do a shitpost reply to some forum post


  7. Thank you for mentioning stuttering as a character trait. Stuttering is different for everyone, and it isn’t just l-l-l-like t-t-t-this. It can be repetition of a single word, a few words, or even an entire phrase or sentence. It’s just annoying to see people adding a dash in between every other letter, because it makes me not want to even read the dialogue. Great guide tho. Spot on 👍
  8. Unwillingly


    welcome friend
  9. mina is barely worth anything anymore bc everyone and their grandmother has like, 10k+ could prob be fixed and actually made valuable if mina wasnt so easy to get by just simply voting
  10. ((its not too late to delete this
  11. player count goes up n quality of the server goes down
  12. emoting your elf’s ears “drooping” or “perking” based on their emotion is stupid and cringey

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    2. puffables


      elven ears perk in order to lISTEN UP or flick at screaming loud noises and you cant stop me...

      but please no ‘sad elf ear droop’, for HEARING PRACTICALITY only,,,,

    3. _Hexe_


      based and cringepilled

    4. Sorcerio


      Dark Elf blushing 😩

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