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  1. Unwillingly

    Safety Team

    Afaik a similar effect can happen when something is screenshotted or downloaded several times over, can lose its quality the more it happens. Ntm a similar effect can be seen around the ‘start call’ and ‘search’ button as well. js
  2. Unwillingly

    Safety Team

    I forgot the safety team was a thing until now
  3. lets get those iron swords nerffed down to wooden swords so it isn't just an almost instant kill ?? yes
  4. ((I’ve been considering playing a delf to try something new. Did some RP in Vira’ker for five minutes one time but that didn’t last very long 😕))
  5. oh my god its seriously just minecraft 

    1. _Hexe_


      yo facts it really is minecraft

    2. UnBaed


      i love you both

  6. rly glad I don’t do nation RP anymore 

    1. Phylarch


      Lucky you, 80% of the server is not so lucky with the great lore kill off. I am just saying for the other people. 

    2. UnBaed


      Unwillingly is blessed. 

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      If your community is large enough to own a tile it’s too big. When said community gets too big, roleplay and interaction is handed to you on a silver platter instead of being something you must seek out actively. It leads to a bad mindset that can cause problems when put under strain.

  7. just RP in an 8x10 room for 3 weeks straight fr fr then u dont have to worry abt chunks not loading

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Real intellectuals decide combat via Rock Paper Scissors

    3. Unwillingly


      12 hours ago, rukio said:


      pvp in an 8x10 room fr tho..

    4. TheAlphaMoist


      get back into your cage

  8. I beat @Callum on the lobby parkour and got a prize from muffins...…….. loser

  9. Unwillingly


    Hours of writing brought a horrible ache to Cyrene’s hand, though the pain was minuscule compared to everything else she had endured lately. She wrote as if her life depended on it. She wrote with an ever-lingering fear in the back of her mind. Not because she wanted to, but because she was afraid of what was to come if she stopped. That anxiety. That anticipation. Despite her shaking and trembling hand, her sloppy words upon a worn piece of paper, she continued writing, and she did it for hours on end. It was her only relief. Her only solace from what she could only describe as a living nightmare. Not even the tales or wisdom of books could drive her mind away from the sour and vile thoughts she tried so hard not to think about. Her mind continuously fell right back to it all, poking and prodding at her most wicked and horrifying memories. Memories which she sought to rid herself of forever. The word echoed in the back of her riddled mind. Solace. That word had meaning to her. She quite frequently found herself repeating the same words— the same exact utterances to everyone she knew: the Naztherak path was her solace. It wasn’t. Instead, it was a delusion, one that still plagued her mind and soul years after she had abandoned it. Her writing slowed, hand now suffering from cramps and twinges. With a bouncing leg, she looked back down to the paper. She wrote about how much her hand hurt, using different words each time to describe the centralized pain. Anything to keep a steady train of thought. Anything to keep writing. But… there were only so many words she could think of. So many variations, and she had used all of them up. Her mind unwillingly wandered to thoughts of the Naztherak torment. Its soul-wrenching grasp. She may have abandoned the curse, but it didn’t abandon her. The blades of those who sought to flay her still followed. The papers littered across Arcas with her name and face spread across them still followed. However, they didn’t bother her the most. That wasn’t what she was thinking about. It was that day. That day among the frozen junipers when she brought her shivering hands upon a pencil and paper. Sometimes she wished that, instead of writing that letter, she allowed herself to freeze to death. Nobody could ever guess that a single decision could throw one's life down the drain, causing a chain-reaction of consequences, but that’s exactly what happened to Cyrene. And, holy f*ck, she regretted it all. She still remembered the words that changed it all. What he said to her. “You must be really desperate if you’re asking me of all people for help.” If she knew that, by accepting what he had offered her, it would bring her to where she was now, she would have spat in his face and walked in the other direction, but she didn’t. She took his help, because to her, it was her solace. It would give her a new start, even if it wasn’t necessarily a good one. It was a start. Standing, she dropped the pencil back onto the desk. She stopped writing because she was forced to— not because she wanted to, like other misfortunes in her life. After she reached for the paper, she turned towards the fireplace at her left side. Her writing was pointless. It held no meaning. It was nothing more than a scribble of words on paper. So, she dropped the paper inside, watching the flames wrap around its surface, soon quickly disposing of it. She didn’t feel guilty for ridding herself of it, but instead, felt relief as she watched it burn.
  10. honestly ******* praise korvic (and the other hardworking devs of course)
  11. who is eve and why was everyone saying merry christmas to her yesterday

  12. do yall have more fun at events/eventlines or more fun with storyarcs with other non-ET players? if it makes any sense. I don’t know how to explain it in a non monkey way

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    2. Ducklingator


      storyarcs with other players make me stop and think “what would my character do” much more often than eventlines do, because most (large) eventlines aren’t as heavily impaced by the choices individual people make. 

    3. LeoRabbit99


      By far persona driven stories are better. Much more relatable and organic. ET stories are like kitty RPGs with light mallibility touched in. Often a big monster. And even when they're not, it's still constructed with not as much passion as a person behind his own character, I think.


      Dont get me wrong, I like a good event every once in a while. I'm just personally much more into non et story arcs

    4. Lyonharted™


      I’ve been here for many years and I think I’ve organically ran into an event one or two times. The events that I have been apart of, beyond those that I joined organically, were massive “mainline story” events, which are not all that engaging. Honestly, I have always enjoyed character-driven, organic, emergent roleplay over a dungeonmaster-style setup. I think that may be in part because I have never really been to many events, but still.

  13. Indifferent ig. Seems like a good concept, but something about it is really sketchy. Would’ve been better to consult the community regarding who’s actually on this team first. I don’t have any problems with these members, but what if other players do?
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