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  1. Mc Name: Unwillinglyg rP name: ear'thsll arvelo9n Race: welf Nation:irrirrinor
  2. see u would really think this is common sense but nope welcome to LOTC the world’s number 1 Minecraft roleplaying server
  3. yo that mental magic reagent tho
  4. refferral: gaem Define meta gamning: using ooc to the rp info define power gameing: be strong unbeat and the strong over playerers Character Name: de Character Race: austrila Character Gender: male Character Age: 12 Physical Description: is am tall, brnown hair, blue is, cat Personality Traits/Quirks: brvae, has arknofhjobia, and cats to Roleplay Scenario: You’ve just stepped off of the boat in the port of a massive and fortified city. Before you lies a sprawling bazaar, with numerous shops, stalls, and seated traders selling wares to folk of all walks of life. Just as you’re about to continue walking onwards, into the market, you’re approached by a well-dressed gentleman who looks upon you with a big smile. “Welcome!” He began. “What brings you to this lovely city? Adventure? Wealth? Or some grand aspirations to elevate your place in society?” How do you respond? ”magic and kind” he sayd and walkes pass “i lead a city i am king there did you know” he is explans 🙂 hope u like Screenshot of Skin: 🙂 please except me
  5. hi im writing this because im bored and it’s a discussion that’s been flying around here and there and ‘cause I have no life here are some points Dragur Library apparently isn’t a staff ran project, as even LotsOfMuffins admitted she had no idea what goes on inside the Library. This means its a player ran project. Does that mean anyone can get their own protected library at the Cloud Temple? There’s an entire section of the Library that’s locked away. Why? What’s the point of having **** at the library if its restricted to average players like that? Its tucked away at the CT and doesn’t exactly encourage new players to get out and explore the land. It prevents any villainy RP such as artifact stealing because of this special CT protection add some more I might’ve missed. idk. its almost 1am. happy thanksgiving btw
  6. I agree w all of it except the 1-2 sentence response things. As long as its clearly rp who cares? Some ppl might not have the time to write paragraphs or w/e. If I want my charActer to make a simple, witty dislogue comment without needing to explain every minor detail then I should be able to. That's just me tho

  7. The discussions themselves aren’t the issue, its just when people are disrespectful about it and use that to go out of their way to bother other people it becomes a problem (which is probably the simplest way I can put it). Its just a matter of mods making sure these conversations don't turn aggressive. Ppl shouldn’t be disallowed from having these discussions because somebody is getting offended anyways, which is probably why im assuming this thread was made in the first place.
  8. “Oh well.” says Eir’thall
  9. cant believe haense killed 187 people

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    2. Harrison


      i heard haense brought 200 guys and had 300 more players ready to go, they just couldnt get in cos of the server cap

    3. Dyl


      can someone please watch kung fu panda 3 with me?


    4. lev


      @Dyl U need a chaperone? 

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