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  1. [!] A note is published! Hello, I seem to have received mail regarding my carriage's extended warranty. Although I would like to write back, the aviary services claim they are unable to locate the origin of your letter. If my carriage insurance reads this missive, I would like it to be made known that I am NOT interested in renewing my warranty, and you may remove me from your files. Thank you in advance, Warren
  2. road to 500 forum thread replies

  3. I'm looking for people well-versed in druidism who are interested in helping me continue writing my satyr lore ;) I especially need assistance with the creation process. un-w#7537

  4. I'll admit that a lot of the critiques I made for this piece when I was on the LT were rather subpar and non consequential, as I was quite inexperienced in the realm of lore review & wish I had the opportunity to make a more helpful response regardless I do love the aesthetics and theme of this piece and wish more lore was resubmitted instead of being forgotten about forever when denied
  5. @Fanglikedur an exceptional writer and RPer and I'm very thankful 2 have met u and u have helped me develop and improve a lot of my own writing and RP style which I dont feel would've ever happened (or at least not the pace that it did) before 2020 & wish we could RP more often @Kiiztria ur an awesome friend n im glad weve been able to grow close and RP with each other and wish we had the time for it more often but also im glad I found another rocket league partner even if u suck and never pass the ball to me and call me vile things when I make a tiny mistake this is for @Nectorist you big fat white nasty smelling fat ***** why you took me off the motherfuking schedule with your trifling dirty white racist ass big fat ***** oompa loompa body ass ***** i'm coming up there and i'm going to beat the **** out of you bitching don't even call the police today cause i'm gonna up there unexpected and wait on your motherfucking ass ***** i’m coming to beat the **** out of you ***** cause you did that on purpose with your aundry racist white ass thin haired ***** watch i'm coming up there to **** you up ***** I'm telling you watch i know it kind of car you drive and i'm gonna wait on you and i'm going to beat your ass ***** cause imma show you not to play with @Valkireyur genuinely one of the funniest ppl to talk to and do things with bc our dms sometimes has me fuckin cackling and gasping for air but on top of that ur also a very distinguished RPer and I wish we had time to interact more often
  6. ET who don't allow their events to be molded by player interaction shouldn't be ET
  7. Recently one of the videos from the LOTC tiktok account went viral and has garnered close to 200k views. From it we saw a wave of new players that joined, upwards of I'd say close to 30 per day logging on, and multiple submitted applications per-minute, many of which were actually well-written. Not sure if this is something u were aware of but when one of Treshure's videos showcasing LOTC builds got on the front page of r/Minecraft, it got removed for advertising when he very vaguely somewhat implied it was part of an online server in response to a comment. real shame but tiktok has since then saved our loss of noob revenue
  8. You're welcome to PM me if you'd like to chat or learn more in depth!
  9. Naztherak Guide: Player Interest & Outreach Hello! As a long-time player of Naztherak, I decided to write this guide in order to showcase the style of RP our magic delves into and offer some insight into our playerbase with the hopes of garnering more serverwide interest. We hope that this guide will help players, new and old, acquire a better understanding of one of the server’s many dark magics without needing to comb through pages upon pages of lore. Please enjoy. Naztherak is a pseudo-deific dark magic pertaining to themes of occultism, demonic worship & summoning, and higher-powers. Dubbed “False Princes” as a mockery within the hierarchy and infernal climb, these are the warlocks and witches of the world, the characters who’ve sold their soul for eternal power through the deception and promise of glory from The Pentacle: the five Lords of the High Hells; also known as Moz’strimoza in the Ilzakarn language, a native tongue of the infernal The Pentacle are an underlying component of Naztherak both RPly and OOCly. The Naztherak are molded around their worship and reverence due to the inherent servitude that comes with the exchange of power for their soul. The Pentacle comprises five domains within the High Hells: Velkuzat the Goat, Prince of Gluttony, Kholidav the Crow, Prince of Pestilence, Zathairn the Black Cat, Prince of Misfortune, Drazhana the Bat, Prince of Fear and Kiiztria the Snake, Prince of Venom. Credit to Micah Epstein on Deviantart Dominant aspects of Naztherak include: [Malflame] — The most notorious of gifts, the False Princes are bestowed the ability to summon accursed flame used to eat the soul itself, discolored in vibrant hues such as sickly green, stark purple, ocean blue, or blood red. [Inferis Summoning & Subjugation] — A testament to the Hierarchy within Moz’strimoza, the Naztherak may create, summon, and enslave demonic entities known as the Inferi. Princes who are especially skilled in building their court are known for using their henchmen for battle and bidding alike. Some of the Inferi may be played as a CA. [Malices] — The Malices are a corruption upon the Naztherak’s soul that serve as an influential mental factor in the behavior and archetype of one’s character. An example of two primary Malices include: Madness, the burden of eternal hallucinations that blur the lines between fiction and reality. And Temptation, the undying pursuit of one’s deepest, most selfish desires, be it power, the death of an enemy, or a King’s crown. [Familiars] — At the start of their journey, every Prince is chosen by one of the five Lords, which reveal themselves in the form of animal proxies upon the material plane: a goat, crow, cat, bat, or snake. Capable of great bouts of torment and manipulation, Familiars are creatures that serve to influence the Naztherak’s moral compass, decision-making, and behavior in almost every aspect, be it in the form of manipulation if their False Prince is too weak of mind, or kinship if the two share a common goal. Naztherak is diverse in its culture and lore, with a vast range of tropes and roleplay to explore. While some of our players mantle elusive witches and warlocks of the wood, others might pursue the life of a cruel conqueror, bending living things to their will. It’s a personal belief of mine that the creative variety possible in this community is what makes this lore so appealing to the pool of players we already have. The community we have right now isn’t large enough to encompass every aspect of the lore. Much of it sits on the backburner, sitting on the promise of “one day it’ll be used for something.” Although I’m immensely proud and thankful for the players we’ve managed to collect within the past few months, the weight of a thriving, active community cannot be carried by four or five players alone. With that being said, we want to expand our community. We want players who are willing to commit to a character long-term and actively, whether you’ve been playing for five years or five months, are looking for a community or simply want to try something new — the offer is there. However, I want to emphasize that this is not an offer of instant OOC gratification through an MA, but rather an opening of avenues for long term roleplay interaction and engagement with a new community. If you find yourself interested or have any questions, you may message the following on Discord:
  10. are there any celtic or celtic-like cultures on the server

  11. issue is that the video u linked is a niche of RP better fulfilled by djinn than voidal magic ever could
  12. we're currently experiencing the opposite of what happened when gizzygazza showcased our server

    1. Mannamannaa


      This is cursed history, but I agree with the sentiment.
      Youtubers on LotC: Never again.


  14. heartesy even ur sketches are worth more than 10 usd. would def recommend hiking up the prices a bit as not to be ripping urself off, dont underestimate ur work like that!
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