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    I was born in Providence, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. My mother was named Maria d’Auvergne and my father was named Victor d’Auvergne. I was the only child my parents had and they provided a modest education within the city. During my time in school I would often be seen in the library studying and reading about the past because of my love for history. I was always seen as a scholar because of how much time I spent learning, but this would soon be changed when I developed a crush on my deceased wife Caroline Bircann. We were the happiest couple and we were both eighteen when we married and had our first and only son Dominique d’ Auvergne. Tragically my wife died giving birth to our son so it was up to me to raise him. After the tragic passing, I would find myself working jobs that consisted of a variety of labor inducing jobs. In my free time I would go to the museum and read novels that would help expand more worldly views. Which brings me to where I am now, an individual who has a lot on the line and is wanting to prove himself to the world and his family.
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