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  1. Sounds like the fault of the settlement If Gates are closed they're either stupid or in conflict irp imo (Unless you're like Haelun'or and its part of your culture)
  2. *Helwig Nodds in agreement whilst stroking his mustache
  3. This sounds like a Soft Reboot for Charters which I enjoyed (If it was on permanently after the first month it'd be a good way to get new settlements without the "Prove your worth" Method that's currently in place) If you take this approach, you could have a disaster event fire a month or so after colonization starts; giving a reason for nations to relocate, and the new settlements to feel natural and fit in.
  4. IGN: Helwig von Bardenwig Character Name: Helwig von Bardenwig Age: 27 Place of Residence / Street Address: Isaak Avenue 8
  5. Why not make the map the same size and make it more accessible
  6. Why not just make one big and well designed map and not reset for 5+ years, would be better no?
  7. Full Name: Dominique d'Auvergne Age: 20 Residence Address: Antonius Way 4 ((OOC)) IGN: Zqppyy
  8. If they have to be paid for, why make them so expensive? I get there's a map limit, but with any price above 10 mina I dont think anyone's gonna spam to the maximum, so why not make it way cheaper by half or to 20 minae?
  9. Kit Pickett Glances over the document on his way to Sutica: "Ah another business venture, I shall attend, to sell my wares as well as hopefully compete"
  10. Lair PRO MC Name: Zqppyy Lair Name: Caelia Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): Examples of Architecture & Images Related to Lore: https://imgur.com/a/p083yHf The Caelians had been a proud people, able to narrowly withstand the incursions of the Inferi hordes upon their doorstep; when Arcas was dying Caelia was said to die with it. A man by the name of Hernan Vlastos, who was the adopted son of Leonardo Vlastos one of the founders of the resettlement of Caelia in the south of the Korvassa was ethnically tied with the tribe of the Hyspian peoples, united with one of his cousins Caelius Ramnesius Vlastos by chance, the man by the name of Caelius Ramnesius Vlastos was the adopted son of Latinius Vlastos, another founder of the resettlement of Caelia. Leonardo Vlastos was in contact with a man by the name of Antonio de Medina whom was to be granted land by the Free Trade State of Sutica upon the arrival to Almaris. Caelius was a narcissist with the belief that he was the best swordsman in the world for he "Fought" the Inferi under his father serving in a prissy management job under the Caelian Military. Antonio de Medina upon receiving his land on Almaris called his land Osanora and gave titles to Leonardo and Caelius . Upon Caelius and Leonardo receiving their titles, brought the mass amount of Caelian peoples to the town, from all houses; especially those of house Phokas, Vellina, Ramnesius and Vlastos; by this time there were 3 distinct peoples living in Osanora that of the Caelians, the Hyspians, and the Osanorans themselves. Time would pass as ethnic tensions soon engulfed the town of Osanora; the Hyspians had been exiled, Caelius had been deposed from his seat in the Legislature of Osanora and the Leader of the city's Military, and was quickly reinstated after an uproar was received by the Duke from the Caelian peoples. During this time Caelius had declared himself the "Praefectus" of the Caelian peoples. A group of Hyspians following the Cannonist faith returned to the city to replace the Pantheon of Osanora with their religion's church; Caelius soon radicalized the houses of Vlastos, Ramnesius, Velina, Phokas, Octavius and Carnera into a plot to overthrow the baron of Osanora, three men hearing of the Baron himself hosting a night at the Cantina soon notified Caelius, this was the day they would strike. When that day came Caelius, Marcus Octavius, and Leo Phokas would go into the Cantina where Baron Antonio de Medina was serving drinks, blocked the doors, drew their swords and demanded the drinks in the bar be handed over to them. Quickly noticing the threat, Antonio de Medina Threw a pan at the leader Caelius, Knocking him out instantly. A fight broke out which caused a commotion to which many men arrived, Leo Phokas was chased out of the Cantina by Carlos Mendez and his brother; by then the Baron had slit the throat of Caelius killing him. As Leo Phokas had ran out of sight of the Cantina he had turned to fight the two pursuers which lead to Leo becoming victorious over them. Leo began running back to the Cantina. By the time he returned he noticed Antonio de Medina standing over the corpse of Caelius. The bloodlust overcoming Antonio upon seeing Leo Phokas swung his blade at him; the attack was parried by a weakened man by the name of Dim, to which Leo was able to land a large strike over Antonio cutting open his chest and his stomach killing him. At the end of the night at the Cantina two men lay dead; the leader of the Caelians and the leader of Osanora, Praefectus Caelius Ramnesius Vlastos, and Baron Antonio de Medina. At this time the ethnic tensions heightened; with Hyspians and Osanorans up in arms against the Caelians who still lived in the city. Leo Phokas declared himself the new Praefectus, appointing a body guard by the name of Arcadius Ramnesius. Leo Phokas and Arcadius traveled hiring Mercenaries from Norland and Haense to attempt to take over Osanora; the two returned to Osanora entering the town square to see a group of five Hyspians block the entrance to town, among them were priests and Carlos Mendez. A harsh assortment of words were flown by both parties leading to young Felipe de Medina the adopted son of Antonio de Medina to run off in a crying fit, mounting his horse and riding off to Sutica. This conflict lasted a long while, to which the Sutican raid bells were rung and Felipe de Medina returned with the Sutican guard; the guard pronounced that the two men were to be arrested. Leo Phokas began spouting words, in an insane attempt being cornered by 14 men; the Sutican guard ended up killing Leo Phokas and his body guard Arcadius in the Osanoran town center. After this, the Caelians were expected to leave; the many men and women packed up their belongings and were forced outside the city. A mass exodus brought them across the waters to the northern continent, the Caelian peoples were off to a land that had been described to them and many had visited on trade missions before; a land by the name of Vaelya. They were not but half way to the city when they started hearing troubling news by the people they came across. The City of Vaelya had been burned down by raiders. The Caelians, knowing of their history and proud of it decided then and there to rebuild the land of their fathers in the lands of Almaris; they stopped where they were, built their camp and decided to build a mighty walled fortress to protect their peoples. Why can you not accomplish the niche of this lair’s roleplay in an existing settlement or nation? (We expect a substantial answer for this, not just ‘I don’t like them’). The niche of the proposed lair cannot exist within any existing settlement or nation currently. The Caelian's roleplay consists of gluttonous, militaristic cultured society of which politics are prevalent but all in support/coinciding with the military and this way of life. The Caelians are used to a large encompassing legislature that is made up of noble family members that vote on laws and the Lord-Protectors. Once the city fell on Arcas (at the end of the map) many men had declared themselves the new leaders of the Caelian peoples such as Caelius and Leo, but did not use Lord-Protector out of respect for Caelianus (The Original Caelian) and Latinius (The last Lord-Protector). Under the Caelian Religion Iusreligio which is a Polytheistic religion specific (currently) to the Caelian peoples, has many festivities and traditions associated with it that cannot be done in other cities, such as the use of dedicating buildings, and animal sacrifice. This settlement will act as a haven for free trade, the religious cult of the Iusreligio gods, and a fun area for potential wanderers to come across and roleplay with. What does this lair add to the greater world around them?: This will add a militaristic buffer state between the three nations of Urugan, Oren and Haelun'or by land and the Druidic Order by sea; the lair will practice minor geopolitics and attempt potential raids to enemies and bandits from this location. It will add something to see around EastFleet which is something that is needed especially after the "fall" of Vaelya. This will add a Pagan element to the region that is out of the ordinary which can evolve into fun roleplay where players interact with this religion and the people that follow it within and outside of the walls of the lair. We currently have a big group of peoples there being around 11 currently, and we still have more that may potentially join in the near future.
  11. Introduction: Name of Culture: Caelian Introduction to the Culture: The Caelians are a race of Farfolk people who put an emphasis on their abilities to produce legislation, their court of laws, and their abilities to field organized land armies. Typically Caelians enjoy situating themselves in fertile valleys or river beds near to arid lands, this is because the diet they consume tends to be filled with crops that can grow in hot-temperate to semi-arid climates such as grapes through vineyards, Figs, Dates, Apples, Pears, Plums, cabbage, carrots, pomegranates, radishes, turnips and more. While the Caelians are not a seafaring people they do tend to utilize the ocean or rivers; this includes use for drinking, irrigating, fishing, and trade. History: the History of the modern day Caelian is very specific and hard to understand, to better capture the history of the people it will be presented in list form: Junius Germanicus is born being disputed as the first Caelian Nonus Junius Germanus is born from his parents Junius Germanicus and Salvine Germanicus the disputed ancestor to all Caelians Caelianus Ramnesius is born and starts his life in the city of Velia (It is disputed rather or not Caelianus ever lived in Velia or not The Caelius Clan is formed, stemming from Caelianus Ramnesius Caeliaus Ramnesius declares himself Lord Protector of the Caelians and is described as the mythical first king of the Caelians Caeliaus Ramnesius is married to his wife Zoe Horlenia Generations go by as Caeliaus Ramnesius is by legend murdered by his own son Fliione Ramnesius Fliione Ramnesius is put to death as his brother Julianus Ramnesius is declared Lord Protector of the Caelians. The Caelians exodus from the realm of Atlas to Arcas A small fringe settlement declared Caliea by Julianus Ramnesius is settled in the Western Plains south of the Korvassa Desert by the Caelians Caliea is destroyed by raiders which force the Caelians to scatter the realm The House Vlastos in particular is displaced throughout the land with the four brothers of their generation each marrying and having kids separating from each other Latinius Vlastos is recruited to the Norland Ashen Legion. News begins to reach far across the land to the Cousins of the house Vlastos that a man by the name Vlastos has been seen in the city of Morsgrad. The four Caelian cousins reunite in the city of Morsgrad (Latinius Vlastos, Efe Vlastos, Leonardo Vlastos, and Miqel Vlastos) Together the four Vlastos cousins depart from Morsgrad to found the city of Cale on top of where their fathers and their father’s fathers were raised Quickly after departing from the port of Sutica a storm picked up in the southern sea scattering the Vlastos cousins across the land once more Leonardo Vlastos crash lands at the would be location of Cale realizing Mountain dwarves by the house La’Vassieur have occupied and settled a city called Draknador in its place. Eventually Leonardo Vlastos and Latinius Vlastos reunited in a fringe port city north of the Korvassa. The two would resettle in the city of Draknador and build themselves an enlarged Insula. Over the course of 10 years Caelians would flock back to their homeland and settle within Draknador as well Eventually the Mountain Dwarf town would become overpopulated by Caelians who soon became the vast majority in the region once more. The leader of Draknador ‘Durin La’Vassieur’ would concede the city to the Vlastos family The city of Draknador is renamed to Caelia Latinius Vlastos declares himself king of the Caelians The Senate is formed with the first senate meeting taking place between ‘Latinius Vlastos, Efe Vlastos, Miqel Vlastos & Photios Velina’ Language: Caelian-Common Ave=Hello/Greetings Vale=Goodbye/farewell Femina=Woman/Lady Puella=Girl/Young Girl Vir=Man/Male Puer=Boy/Young Boy Urbis=City/Town Domus=Home Insula=Apartment Bellum=War/Conflict Expeditiem=Military Campaign Legio=Legion/Military Division Common Traits: The Caelian people will tend to have a slightly tanned olive color skin, this making them one of the palest farfolk races. Most Caelians will be shorter than most other human races on average usually standing within 5’6-5’11 feet tall. Caelians have a small array of color in their eyes and hair with most Caelians having blue, green or brown eyes and most Caelians having light or dark brown hair. Society: While the Caelian people have a republican fervor to them they have a top down approach with their societal structure, At the top of the class hierarchy is the Patrician or in some cases the King, the Patricians have their own amount of political power within the governments, being the only class where Senators can be chosen from. The Senate themselves vote in new Patrician families at their senate meetings. Below the Patrician is the Plebian, being a Plebian does not exactly mean that an individual is poor; being a Plebian is more lacking status, these people usually own property or have rooms within insulas. Below the Plebians are the Urban Poor, these are citizens who do not own property at all, and make wages below national average. At the bottom of the Societal Hierarchy is the slave; the slave is a captured individual during wars/sieges who is brought back to Caelia, with the educated becoming private tutors and the less educated being sold to foreign powers. Behavior: The typical Caelian will start their day by heading to the public forum, to talk, trade and view court cases happening, after their court cases are through they then go to their jobs which they stay at for 3 hours before most are allowed a 2 hour break, during this time Caelians will participate in leisure activities and attend the public bath house, after they are done with their two hour break they return to their job for another 3 hours of work. After they are off their jobs a Caelian can either return home or attend a dinner party, it is customary for Caelians to have open dinner parties within their villas or insulas, Caelians are expected to plan their own dinner party in the future after attending other’s dinner parties. Once they are done socializing and eating dinner they return home(If they did not throw the dinner party themselves) and go to bed to restart the process. Caelians tend to be a very accepting people, while there are some animosity between other nations and cultures, the average Caelian wont have problem socializing with another race. Festivities: Noctis Frisco: This is a Holiday held every Monday, Some Tuesdays but mostly Bi-Monthly Dies Parsdi: This is a festival celebrating the bounties of the God Parsdiem which include Partying, Wine drinking and the Arts. and shall be held every 4 years (once a month on the first Saturday of each month) Amorcalia: This is a fertility holiday held once every 4 Years (once a month on the second Saturday of each month) Res Mareus: This is a festival celebrating harvest and the bounties of the sea which is held every 4 Years (once a month on the third Saturday of each month) Caelian Triumph: This is a festival in honor of a Triumphant General after the armies they were commanding hailed them as Imperator and the senate ratifies the Triumph. This is a day of marching through the city, feasting, partying, and execution of war criminals all to honor the Triumphant. Clothing: The Caelian people mostly dress in silken, or clothy materials; some Caelians drape tabards over their plain shirts, and wear fustanella which are pleated skirt like garmets that drape down to the user’s knees. Senators and higher noble men who are not on their daily route or are going to a senate meeting often wear togas. Caelian women tend to wear 2 piece silken dresses Architecture: The Caelian build style is very unique in the land, most buildings in Caelian cities will appear to have triangular or domed roofs, some buildings may even have columns supporting the roofs. Very few windows are in buildings, with most of the windows that are in place being stained. the color palette of Caelian cities are a mix of Brown,Beige, White, Red, Purple and Yellow with very few Blue. Religion: The Caelian people tend to stick closely to their own religion. The Caelian religion also known as Iusreligio is Polytheistic: Iulioia: The God of the Skys, Storms, Winds, and Pigs Iulioia is the King of Gods Mareus: The God of the Seas, Water, Harvest and Horses Amordea: The Goddess of Love, Fertility, Beauty and Cats Belldeum: The Goddess of War, Strategy, Victory, Wisdom and Wolves Parsdiem: The God of Wine, Partying, The Arts and Sheep Soledeum: The God of Justice, Fire, Peace, Medicine and Cows The Caelian people will dedicate temples, Holidays and commit animal sacrifice of the patron animal of each god to honor that god/goddess. Military: The military of Caelian cities are devised into Legio or Legions, with each Legion being ran by a Legate, each Legate has a second in command who both helps run and succeeds the Legate if they die in the line of battle this position is called the Optio. Each Legion is subdivided into 5 groups of 10 called a Contubernium which is lead by a commander known as a Decanus. Before Legionaries are admitted into a Legion they must be recruited and then trained as a Socii; once a Socii has completed their first military training they will be promoted to a Milites there are 4 ranks of stature within the infantry that is not a leadership role. Milites: Freshly recruited and new Legionaries who are made Milites after being admitted from Socii rank. Immunes: A Low level Legionary who is given most of the tedious tasks. Miles: Miles is the highest infantry rank based on skill that is not veteran based. Principe: Principe is the group that is the most skilled out of all of the Legionaries mostly consisting of veterans. There are also other Legionary groups such as the Aquilifer who holds a Legion’s Eagle Standard and the Cavalry who are trained in combat while horse riding. Each Legionary is trained in Hand to hand, sword and bow combat, with cavalry being the exception who is also trained in combat by horseback.
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