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  1. Sir Illatius Sharpens his sword as he looks upon the post cackling whilst reading it "Suppose it's time for war! Death to the Magi and the Darkspawn!"
  2. I would take this honestly, having someone from Tor Praeth with you would be pretty cool Inshallah
  3. Upon reading the missive Illatius of the Midden would scoff simply saying "And not by fire?" He would tear the parchment letting it go into the breeze "They discard life then attempt to proclaim Empire, laughable" Illatius would continue his long march, looking to murder those whom he deemed heretics, Cackling all the while.
  4. Rikhvatr of the North looks upon the missive and screams "Refirnir verða órólegir; á uppgöngu okkar óreiðu!" he shouts as he gathers his hides and begins his long march to the Moot
  5. This is absolutely Epic, and everyone reading should submit to the contest
  6. Sextvs Praefectae Amicae! Caelii! Civeae! The Undead Hordes advance over this plane as our senators go missing, I ask you to look at me the remaining Consul of Caelia, I ask for unwavering support through adversity! For, not long ago; Illatii Barbarians stormed our walls and threatened our peace! The South has become increasingly hostile to the efforts of purity. And it is by the strength of the Legio that we prevail! As our children become soldiers and we allow the new generation into politics and warfare they will need guidance in a burgeoning world. The efforts of Caelia and her Legion to propel the efforts of the Wealthy one are met with resistance and strife, but it is an effort which has improved the stance of Purity within our world. The Litches cower from our might, The Barbarians flee from our strength, The Void quivers from our Virtvs Per Deiae Habeo Virtvs est It is from our struggles that we are allowed to draw strength from our ancestors; And it is by our virtue that we draw victory through Sacra Aemilia. And it is by Sacra Belldevm, Avrvm Clad high amongst the seven skies; that we await your Aqvila to guide us on righteous war to the Pvtridii Ave Praefectvs Tvl. Vlastos Protevs! Caelia Invicta! Ave Praefectvs Tvl. Vlastos Protevs! Caelia Invicta! Ave Praefectvs Tvl. Vlastos Protevs! We shall shout to the skies for our time is now amongst the descendants, it is time for all the Caelii who are Virtuous and based to defend the Pvre lands. Ave Praefectvs Protevs! The Sixth Praefectus
  7. Illatius the Renatian reads the missive smiling as he flocks to the streets of Winburgh "For God! And for The Middenlan!" The Man would continue by dawning his Tyrian Robe and Burgundy Cap as he geared up to fight the undead hordes from Haense. "My life before my Home! I will not Cow-Down to the Haenser Pawns being controlled by a Litch spell!"
  8. I thought staff didnt accept lair apps for culture groups like this?
  9. Team Name: VexilatiiTeam Members, Nicodeme Bellianus Cicero Damorie02, Leontius Vlastos Licinius TheShinyHodzic, Manius Manlius Capitolinus the Elder Deadra_SlayerSubstitutes: None for now, but we might have extras available
  10. Team Name: Principes Team Members, Tullius Vlastos Proteus, Caeso Ramnesius Scipio, GOFDAZZ Substitutes: None for now, but we might have extras available
  11. TABVLA Tabvla is a 2 player game about strategy, and is a fun table and dice game to play for tacticians of all ages. Tabvla board: How to Play. When beginning a new game, the highest roll of two dice (or one d12) will go first; or if played in succession the loser of the prior game shall go first. Each player starts with 15 marble tiles of the same color, the goal of the game is to move your pieces around the board into the home tiles. On the start of each turn the player will roll 2 6 sided dice or 1 12 sided dice, the player is allowed to set as many pieces on the board or move as many spaces forward from 1 so long as the total spaces moved is equal to the dice roll. In the first part of the game you can't move past tile 12 until you have all 15 of your tiles on the board, and this per player so if P1. gets their 15 on the board they can start moving past 12 but if P2 still doesn't they have to get theirs on as well. When deciding where to place a tile, the player can't land their tile on a spot with 2 or more of the opposing player’s tiles, if the player places their tile on a tile with only 1 opposing player’s tile then they can send that tile off the board back into their hand. If there is no possible move for someone to make with their turn then their turn is skipped. The Game is won when one player moves all 15 of their tiles off the board into the home tile claiming victory.
  12. Historia Caeliae I. A Collection of a General History of the Caelian People. GENTE CAELIANVS [A.V.V. I] During the time of Velia, within the walls of Colonia Aeqivm the Contuberniae of Caelianvs and the supporting Cohort were driven out from the walls of the colony. This was after an altercation with a tribe of Ravenous Orcs terrorizing the Velian countryside. Due to an egregious emphasis on patricii the men who would soon be known as Caelians would pledge their support for Caelianvs of Ramneseivs; their pledges were hails of Imperator. Knowing the humbleness of the situation, Caelianvs would deny his title of Imperator and instead insist on the name of Praefectvs simply meaning the man in charge. Whilst the tribes of Caelia were marching from their colony in hopes of finding a new land to settle, the truth of divinity would make itself known to Caelianvs, that being his father who was the God of War Sacra Belldevm. Fighting off the forces of the void the Caelians would find themselves battered and beaten by the terrain and monsters that roamed the wilderness. Their ties to the gods were deepend by such tragedies; this can especially be said after the massacre committed by the Unicornii who stampeded into the Caelian camp and slaughtered the inhabitants of which totaled upwards of hundreds of the only 800 Caelians. Once arriving at what seemed to be a suitable spot for settlement the news of an invasion sweeping all of Atlas reached the Caelian Tribes of which preparations were made immediately. Setting sail the Caelians took a similar treacherous path to the rest of the descendants as they sailed south around Atlas into what would be known as Arcas. The Caelians had made landfall on an island to the south of the rest of humanity, there a harsh desert marked the northern border of their people and life was prosperous. [A.V.V. XVII] All could not be well within Caelia forever as the two sons of Caelianvs whom had grown up along their path in Atlas were now men and greed would soon take the better of them. Out of greed the older son Filione would murder his father in his sleep, the culprit was caught red handed by the Legionnaires as his flee was attempted. A small group of his supporters followed and a clash between those few followers and the Caelian Legion commenced in which the Younger Son Ivllianvs Ramneseivs vanquished his brother having him crucified and was hailed as the next Praefectvs. The Reign of Praefectvs Ivllianvs would last for 6 years before the settlement grew complacent and would become engulfed in a series of raids by bandits; the Caelian legion was routed and the civilians scattered into the Korvassan Desert. Humiliated by the loss Ivllianvs would take his own light upon life, surrendering his soul to the seven skies. [A.V.V. XXIII] CONTINVANDVM HISTORIA CAELIAE SECONDA CAELIA INVICTA SENATVS POPVLVSQVE. CAELIANVM
  13. Nativitae Deorvm Deorvm Qvadrvplvm Nativitas; The Gods of Divine Quadruplets are Ivlioia Who’s power over control of the Seven Skies, the Planes and the gateway to the Void knows no bounds. Marevs Who’s mighty Trident commands the waves, their influence extends to the planes through the Sea and Life; they give new life to the plants of the world. Ilia Whose Wisdom is eternal, their power as a Matriarch is legitimized by their love for women and the sanctity of marriage; they are to control knowledge and the reigns of matrimony Belldevm Who’s Mighty chariot rides onto the battlefields of man they are often clad in full golden armor; their job is to protect humanity and the realm of the gods. They do so by guiding man on righteous conquest through the use of his War Eagles and the Lesser Goddess Aemilia whose presence means Victory. He is often tactful and will grant his insight to his followers. They were born from Vaegaeus and Ovaelia; upon their birth they were hidden from Draegivs in Aegia; their return to Draegivs saw their rise to power upon Mons Lavlivs within the Seven Skies as they deposed the Old God and commanded forth on the planes ruling over humanity and the realms. Aemilia The Caelian Goddess of Victory; she was born as a result of the victory over The Wealthy One. They Sprang forth upon the last chain submerging Malignivs into the Void; their presence brings Victory to either side they favor. They often follow Sacred Belldevm into Battle. Amordea The Caelian Goddess of Beauty and Love. They were born as a result of the slaying of the Old Goddess Ovaelia by Draegivs of which produced Fertility into the world. The Goddess Amordea was born in the waves off of Aegia forming from the discarded guts of the Old Goddess Ovaelia, walking ashore as the most beautiful being of desire. Her influence brings love, and opulent fertility. Soledevm The Caelian God of Purity, Justice, Peace, Medicine, and the Flame; Soledevm was born from his parents Sacred Amordea and Sacred Belldevm, Soledevm is known to wield a righteous sword of fire and upholds the sanctity of laws and just actions against the wicked and the void. Parsdiem Born to Sacred Marevs and a Mortal woman known as Hopeia. A known trickster they were invited to Mons Lavlivs by Ivlioia due to their relation with mankind; they transition the leaves into the new season, Parsdiem Ripens the grape vines signifying spring; they are known to disguise themselves as a mortal in order to join in on their festivities. Aelivs Aelivs is the god of the sun he was born to Ivlioia and Ilia, Sacred Aelivs is responsible for awaking the sun each day and setting it each night. The sight of Aelivs would be blinding to any mortal; for staring at their feats would make anyone’s sight burn to a crisp Vervsa Vervsa was birthed to Ivlioia and Ilia, her chastity is a covenant to humanity that they may find their way to the seven skies; a Fire is lit in her honor at a hearth in both the city and the home; Vervsa has the power to expel the power of the Wealthy One by the use of her dedicated flames. Faberanvs The Caelian God of Crafts and the Forge Faberanvs was born to Belldevm and Amordea, Sacred Faberanvs is the Patron to Alchemists, Mechanists, Smiths and Technical Artisans. Cults of sacred Faberanvs are known to be steadfast in their craft, likely pushing out other desires for the advancement of their skills. Dark and dreary basements are known to be likely meeting places for such cults where they can practice their crafts away from peering eyes who would seek to copy them. Venaria The Goddess of the hunt, the wildwood, nature and travelers Venaria was born to Belldevm and Amordea Sacred Venaria is known to protect the sanctity of the hunt, and to aid in hunts of great magnitude, Cults to Sacred Venaria are prone to pray to her for success when abroad, either while hunting or just traveling as well as, for the protection of them and their families from the wild beasts and their anticipated attacks. CAELIA INVICTA SENATVS POPVLVSQVE. CAELIANVM
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