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  1. If they have to be paid for, why make them so expensive? I get there's a map limit, but with any price above 10 mina I dont think anyone's gonna spam to the maximum, so why not make it way cheaper by half or to 20 minae?
  2. Kit Pickett Glances over the document on his way to Sutica: "Ah another business venture, I shall attend, to sell my wares as well as hopefully compete"
  3. Lair PRO MC Name: Zqppyy Lair Name: Caelia Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): Examples of Architecture & Images Related to Lore: https://imgur.com/a/p083yHf The Caelians had been a proud people, able to narrowly withstand the incursions of the Inferi hordes upon their doorstep; when Arcas was dying Caelia was said to die with it. A man by the name of Hernan Vlastos, who was the adopted son of Leonardo
  4. Titles of Adoption This is a document describing the Adoption of a citizen of Caelia by another in Caelia into the Tribe and House of Vlastos By this title, Lord Protector of the Caelians Latinius of House Vlastos has signed and agreed to the adoption of Orphaned Adoptee Caelius Ramnesius This Adoption will entail the entrance of Caelius Ramnesius into the Vlastos Household, the official name of Caelius Ramnesius can be up to him between "Caelius Ramnesius-Vlastos" "Caelius Vlastos-Ramnesius" or "Caelius Vlastos" The Adopter 69 year old Latinius: Latinius Vlasto
  5. Introduction: Name of Culture: Caelian Introduction to the Culture: The Caelians are a race of Farfolk people who put an emphasis on their abilities to produce legislation, their court of laws, and their abilities to field organized land armies. Typically Caelians enjoy situating themselves in fertile valleys or river beds near to arid lands, this is because the diet they consume tends to be filled with crops that can grow in hot-temperate to semi-arid climates such as grapes through vineyards, Figs, Dates, Apples, Pears
  6. Zqppy


    Junius started out as a poor farmer’s child and would grow up not knowing the vastness of the Human Empire, or the local Kingdom of Curonia’s capital Curin. Despite being born in a poor region outside of a main city, Junius was a Heartlander human for his family came from the city of Curin a few generations back. When Junius would grow up he would be leaving his home in the farm to head to the main local city of Curin to look for work.
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