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  1. MC Name: AsmodeusJinx RP Name: Siru Persona ID: #85188
  2. The Green Skinned Uruk had this missive land in front of her camp in the firelands. She picked it up, reading it she looked to the sky. "Draaghzur. Iz thiz where lat guidez me?" She said softly, packing up her camp she began the trek. "mi am lozt, the Horde would nevuh get et agh they nevuh will." She huffed, hunting animals on her trek she began to fashion a doll made of the bones. Utilizing the hair from a rabbit pet she had skinned she would rest it on the dolls head for its 'hair'. She clipped the makeshift doll to her belt for the rest of her travels. The snowy mountains of the north, the hillsides of the west till she made it to the deserts of the south, she spent the next few days traveling and searching for the silver tree in the missive. After days of searching she had found it, the silver tree adorned with more than a single doll she nodded. "it peepz that more than mi are seeking the silver tree." she said, placing the doll of bone and hide on the tree, covering its head in ash as she looked down from the mountain. "the lozt can still be found.." she said to herself before making her way to a new spot, setting up camp for the evening eating the remnants of a hyena she had hunted.
  3. Hanaiisht, Spirit of Incineration. (Art made by Dekades8 on Deviantart) Avotha and her companion Ghan-Buri woke on an island in the middle of a volcano, infront of them stood thousands of stumps, burnt to a crisp Ghan asked Avotha. "What happened here?" Avotha responded plainly and simply. "We are in the realm of fire; no natural life can grow here. Let alone survive." She explained. Ghan would nod as Avotha called out into the realm in the old tongue. "Is there anyone out there?" While there was no spoken response the heat of the realm flared about around the island Avotha and Ghan-buri found themselves upon. "Is it safe?" Ghan-buri asked. Avotha nodded as she responded. "We are mostly safe; the realm of fire is volatile and dangerous but as long as we do not misstep. We will be fine my friend." She said smiling at him, doing her best to keep his fears down. "For now, let us explore the fiery realm we see before us." She said as she went forward, Ghan-buri following behind her as they moved. As they made their way through the stumped area of the destroyed forest, they would soon come across an area where the "trees" had yet to be incinerated, this flora was nothing like anything Avotha had ever seen as they were amalgamations of ash and smoke, deciding to call out once more to see if someone or something was there. "Are you out there?" She called out in the old tongue. Both Avotha and Ghan-buri heard whispers in their head in the old tongue. "Who are you, what do you want?" It asked, voice booming like a volcanic eruption. As Ghan-buri turned his head to look to see where the voice could have come from Avotha spoke with confidence in the old tongue once more. "I wish to carry your brand of fire, enact your will upon the mortal plane." The spirit finally making its physical presence known. A figure encased in flames soon appeared before the duo, shouting in the old tongue with another booming laugh. "WHY SHOULD I BRAND YOU WITH MY FIRE? WHY SHOULD I LET YOU BURN IN MY NAME" Avotha thought, she didnt have an answer prepared for this question as the spirit let out a booming laugh as it expelled flames from its body, incinerating a large portion of the ashen forest, the flames singing Avotha's front ever so slightly. Ghan-Buri stood behind Avotha, fear on his face as he saw the spirit's power. Avotha smiled to him, once again reassuring. "The spirit will nub hurt lat brudda." she said before looking at the spirit. "I long to burn, the fires burning the land calls to me. Destruction in flame, fury within fire. I will burn." She responded in the old tongue, speaking confidently she would smile widely as the spirit laughed as flaming tendrils came down and wrapped themselves around Avotha's arms, Avotha did not resist as the spirit spoke once more in the old tongue. "I will brand you with my flame, for with my fire you will burn the land and mark my own. My land, with my name. Hanaiisht." The tendrils twisted around her arms, causing the girl to emit a loud yell as she was branded. Dropping her soon after. "You will Burn the land and forge in the fires of Hanaiisht, as you are now bound by my brand." And with those final words, the spirit casted them out of the realm. Avotha waking with her arms branded in fiery chains, a sign of her pact. ((uh okay, that was not supposed to happen, pact submission still being edited as i hit the wrong button))
  4. A Call to Meeting [!] This message was written in Common Blah I Avotha’Lur call on the Council to Convene at a Klamor. I Avotha’Lur call on the council to enforce the disparity in voting power given to Dominus and Lurgoth Madoc’Lur. I Call Dominus and Wargoth Madoc’Lur to choose, give up the right as Dominus or give up your place as Lurgoth. Should You Madoc’Lur, choose to stay as Dominus I Avotha’Lur aim to make my claim as Wargoth for the Lur Clan. I Avotha’Lur welcome any and all challenges to my claim. We are of LUR either by blood or choice we are LUR because of the HUNT. As we saw Rax and Gorkil fail at combating a three-headed beast that LUR was able to defeat with his skills of the HUNT. All Challenges should be that of the HUNT. Should Dominus and Wargoth Madoc’Lur decide to give up his position as Dominus, Lurgoth Madoc’Lur I Avotha’LUR challenges you to the hunt of a great beast.
  5. Ilzdushtala, Spirit of Hurricanes, Lesser of Neizdark. Avotha awoke in a plane of nothingness with a lightning bolt striking next to her, surprised at the lack of anything she began to look for her guide. As she began a storm rolled over her, wind pushed at her face lightning struck all around her and she was faced with a question. "Whaav do lat wanav?" It asked. "What does that mean?" Avotha asked. Bolts of lightning shot out at Avotha who covered her face. "What do you want?" The spirit asked in Blah. "To learn and serve." She replied. "Why?" The spirit asked, thunder echoing from its voice. "I live to serve the spirits and the natural world. You are one of many extensions of that, one the mighty storms that many call Nature's Wrath. The spirit looked at her, the storm picked up in strength and magnitude as it spoke once more in the old tongue. "Jiak accepav lat, Jiak Ilzdushtala, Spiriav ro hurricane." It then with a wave of its hand threw Avotha out of the realm, she would wake up with a sharp inhale and her arms shaking as she looked at her guide feeling the spirits power run through her. (1/5 Slots)
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