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  1. A particular high elf read over the law for a moment only to find herself reading it again, as if uncertain she had read it right the first time. Looking over to the red headed elf she muttered somewhat sourly, "They are trying to make you be within the cihi for what reason? Both your homes are outside of those walls? Are you to just stand around counting minutes until you can return back here? Do they not realize how much you have on your docket, you're busy enough, Mika dear.. What a silly nonsense rule.. not really even enforceable; they'd have to be stalking you to know where you spend your time." Her mossy eyes rolled before she tossed the parchment aside.
  2. At the side of the 'ker stood a very unamused 'aheral who took the time to look over the document as he did. With an annoyed huff the elfess peers up to him and muttered rather dryly, "Statically proven at this point, published for all to see; I'm ne surprised." The woman shakes her head before she runs a hand down her face and lets out an exasperated sigh. "These things never do change, now do they?" Caliana rolled her strange blue fire eyes before adding, "You'd think they would have tested all their valah citizens, no? Certainly the numbers should lean more heavily towards their own kind, but alas... it's clear as day the bias of these tests."
  3. The Void-Stalker sat within in her home, holding the missive penned by her own husband in her hand. With a little shake of her head she tossed it aside to rest on her table, alongside her other recent letters. "I am ne surprised," she mutters. "But the fact he could be so bold to not only be racist towards myself, but to now belittle my beloved - a mage that surpasses this pretender in every way." The 'aheral clicks her tongue before she reclined back in her seat. "I hope to see this pathetic excuse of a mage removed from his throne of lies; he's stepped on his betters for too long."
  4. NEW CHAT COLORS, LET'S GO!!! L a v e n d e r is so needed. <3
  5. They are gonna try to eat my sweet baby mana mice, but I'm here for it. + 1
  6. Not a question, just a statement: I'm glad to have met you and to be a part of your dark elf family. <3 Here is to many more years of goofing off on this crazy server. c:
  7. The elfess stood silent, holding a missive that alerted her to the news. Snow fell around her, and the dim glow of her mage-light lantern was all that there to illuminate the page. Her hands would start to tremble, for but a fleeting second, before she folded the parchment to tuck it away. "So few of us are left," she muttered. "Fewer it feels by the day..." The pale haired woman turned away, trudging through the darkness and the cold towards her keep. The hundreds of years she had known the man, their friendship and their struggles, raced through her mind. She had just seen him in her tavern, they had spoke by the hearth - and now he was dead. Her warm breaths rose in a misty fog from the bitterness of the north, unseen in the darkness that ate all. He made mistakes, plenty that she could think of easily, but she had not wished death on him for them. The old idiot was one of hers, one of the few from her time left - and now he was gone. The woman made it into the walls of her home, sliding down the heavy wood doors before slumping there on the ground with a dull thud. "You drove me insane, Sarrion, you idiot.. but I'll miss you and your ramblings. Your end came too soon, but who are we to say when death will claim us? Perhaps soon I will join you, old llir."
  8. MC Name: Creete RP Name: Lanavia D'Avre Persona ID: 5315
  9. Realm PRO MC Name: Creete Realm PRO Character Name: Lanavia D'Avre Realm Name: Ravenswood Primary Realm Color: Dark Red Proposed Tiles (Highlight 3 on the map): In order of most to least wanted: Tile_snow_steps_4, Tile_snow_step_5, tile_snow_highlands_6 Realm Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Ravenswood started out humbly as a small collection of likeminds that walked under the banner of the Hunter’s Lounge. These few explored, trained, and hunted together for decades, all led by the Huntsmaster - Roy D’Avre. As the elf grew older, and his children grew and moved on with their lives, the Lounge itself expanded, taking in people of all creeds and walks of life. They followed simple rules, rules that carried over even today with the modern iteration of the Lounge. “Don’t be a Hero” - a phrase most new members scoffed at, but this single rule would make or break a Hunter. They were to be united, working as a unit - relying on teamwork to ensure that there would never be a time where a ‘hero’ would be needed. Reckless actions led to deaths, and this was something the Lounge worked hard to prevent. It was this golden rule and this kinship it created that led to the Hunter’s Lounge’s next boom in size. With the return of one of the Huntsmaster’s children, a daughter, the Lounge would shift from a place of physical strength and survival skills to a home of knowledge of all kinds. The much younger elf brought in ideas her father would not have humored on his own, and with her new perspective the Lounge started taking in members that were not traditional hunters but were also learned scholars. These new hunters were quickly put to the test by Roy. They were led into the wicked colds of the North, following the tracks and trail of destruction that would take them to their prey. Within a massive icy cavern, they fought a collection of savage ice yisar. A brutal battle that left the young D’Avre wounded, though, ensured that the Huntsmaster knew his new crew were able warriors - in their own right. Using their cunning minds and spells, they aided the man in fighting back the beasts and effectively getting out of the dangerously overfilled cave in the blink of his eye. They walked away from that battle with a jagged ice fang as a trophy, and knowledge of the creatures they had never fought before - a victory in their own rights. Expanding still, the Lounge traveled from place to place, settling small bases of operation across the lands they resided in. For some time, they lingered within the walls of Elysium where they erected a grand hall to work out of. With the tides ever shifting, she sought to branch out and make a location better suited for her arcane studies, and a place to focus on the research side of the Lounge. With that in mind, she found a place to construct her Forge within Helious. The two bases of the Lounge stood tall and proud for decades, but they’d not last - for nothing could withstand the onslaught of the Mori attacks. With the horrible assault leveling their workshop and headquarters, the Lounge gathered their members and supplies and took to escaping the damned lands of Almaris with the rest of the Descendants. Traveling the unknown realm of Failor, the Lounge set up a camp to house those who needed it - taking in the dark elves of Nor’asath. The encampment was vast, providing everything they would need while they awaited clear passage onward to lands that would prove to be more stable for them all to settle down. Reaching the new lands, the Lounge first settled within Helious - having been given a plot of land there. This remained for quite some time, decades had they settled there but traveled often - exploring and charting the new land they called home. An opportunity arose, one that the younger D’Avre sought to take - one that would result in the Lounge no longer being just a guild, but a proper city - a home for their members. A deal was struck, and over the next few years Ravenswood was made. Here, they expanded more, welcoming a wide range of people of all walks of life into their walls - all following a simple Creed. The Lounge, and by proxy Ravenswood, was a neutral state. They strived not for conflict with other groups, but for the pursuit of knowledge and the willingness to explore, and push boundaries. Still, with the ever shifting climate of their host nation, and the realization that the location they had settled in didn’t quite match their desires, the now Ashwood decided to venture forth and find a new place for her people. With the possible expansion, and knowing this was outside her realm - the mantle of leader was passed to a more experienced person better suited for the role. -x- Ravenswood was founded on an understanding that to achieve their goals they would need to remain neutral. Joining outsider conflicts, aiding in wars or anything like that, would result in them straying from the direction they intend to go - and so, despite the ongoings of the outside world, within the walls of Ravenswood, those conflicts are forgotten. Anyone seen inciting fights, arguments or attempting to bring outside politics into the city is given a warning and risks being told to leave - to the point that they could be permanently banned. Being a collection of scholars, traders, craftsmen and alchemists, Ravenswood is known to have a flourishing market where a person is likely to find nearly anything they could need - or at least a person who could acquire it for them. Trade is a large part of the economy of the city. Attire within Ravenswood is usually quite practical, the leading family dwells from the cold north - living often in mountains, and prefer to settle in these colder regions. They hold a belief that the cold bolsters them with time, making them stronger for being able to withstand the harsh climates of their past homelands. Due to this though, the people who call Ravenswood home have to keep that in mind, thus resulting in them wearing heavy layers and furs to keep them warm. In addition to this, typically what they wear from day to day is still quite practical. Tunics, padded clothing, high boots and, if they humor dresses, heavy ones meant for the cold with skirts that don’t touch the ground exactly as that would hinder their movement. Our Part in the Community: We’ve always ran player run events for whatever community we are nearest, at the present location we’ve done hunts of all kinds. We host eventlines, create challenging event sites that focus around CRP. Beyond the event itself, we work to help people hone in their CRP skills and their crafting skills, providing RP centered around such things to aid new and old players. Posts: Realm Government Structure Explanation: The leader of Ravenswood is referred to as the Sovereign, and is the head of Ravenswood proper. Under them is the Huntsmaster, but they report directly to the Sovereign. The council beneath them holds no political power, but is used to keep the Sovereign informed of the needs of their people. Capital Builds (photos required): These are samples of the builds we've started to construct on the build server, this will be our style when we put them on live. It's not the layout of the city, of course, but some of our ideas for the structures. You can also reference the city of Ravenswood for more of our build style. How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: Ravenswood is a true melting pot of people, from mundane to archmages, master alchemists, shamans and even a druid or two. We welcome everyone and remain neutral, providing a place for people to hone skills and have a safe haven to learn. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: The Lounge has existed across a few maps now and have often been called upon to help kill larger, more concerning beasts. We offer a service, generate RP with our events, bolster libraries with our books on beasts, magic and alchemy, and help people learn how to CRP. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I have run settlements in the past, going back to not long after I joined the server (in 2015). I have been in government for nations and have been the NL of nations in the past. I have even run guilds. I was just recently NL of Nor-Velyth and am still leading a large guild. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes!
  10. From the throne, the Maiheiuh lowered the crown from her brow to rest it upon her lap. She stares up towards the sparkling ceiling above, allowing everything to sink in, allowing herself to breath. Her eyes, swirling and shimmering like nebulas, close for a moment. "It seems like I've held this crown for so, so long," she whispers into the empty hall. "Uhv-abgel a'nyrk ska'at zy zeb a'nyrk a'ukh. Ylzgulzh loule, yto lo darm kol uhv'duhb." Lavaelyn stood slowly, placing the circlet upon the seat of the throne before making her way out of the throne room, uttering as she left, "Zob Helun-Velulaeya hon velul."
  11. i was sat in basement in mage roleplay writing book on void when suddenly the potatoes came
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