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  1. coldweurld


    Eren is a Dark Elf/Human.. Mother dark elf and father human. Living in dark big cave near The Realm of Elvenesse where their mother grew up. They were locked up by their parents since birth due to their own parents embarrassment. Eren was locked up for 16 years until their mother finally let them free, Now 19 and supporter of the druidic order wanders the woods and living in caves as they go. They're use to being alone so prefer it, often rude because lack of interaction and education. They dream to live in The Silver State of Haelun'or where high elves live, to be more around their elven people and to live a more luxurious life.
  2. how long does it take to be whitelisted??



    1. Unwillingly


      Usually 1-3 days. An update explaining the status of your application will be posted below it by a member of the Community Team

    2. coldweurld


      Alright! tysm ^^ 

  3. coldweurld


    Kept away from the world since birth, their parents elf and human, no siblings. Their parents lived in fear of their child being taken away or cursed for life. Their parents kept them locked up in their home in one room without windows, it almost seemed like a cave. They never interacted with people, animals nor any living life since birth besides their parents. Mostly their mother, who never showed a smile... for a reason they don't even know. They spent their 19 years of living trying to escape from the horrifying cage and one day they did.. They dug their way out of the cage, the floor was a mix of dirt and cobble. Once out they couldn't stop running, running away from the cage, from their parents, but enjoying nature while at it. Unknown past from their family but they didn't care as long as they were away from their fears. They spent their days traveling the woods... hoping to create a new life for themselves.
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