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  1. [!] A letter is distributed to each residence, the palace, and scattered around the kingdom for all to read. The distributor remains unknown. DLUM VE EDLERVIK, DRUZ VE EDLERVIK [Common: For the Haeseni people, by the Haeseni people] LETTER III ON THIS 17TH OF JULA AG PIOV OF 516 E.S. Introduction My Dearest Readers, The time has arrived for another of my letters to be distributed to you all after a long hiatus as a result of the recent war. I humbly apologize for my extended absence, though I pray you understand my need for recovery after a victorious war. A KINGDOM SCANDAL: While most are enjoying the unusual current peacefulness of our lands, it seems that some have taken advantage of this peacefulness to fuel unnecessary hate. Lies and baseless rumors have begun to spread regarding the leaders of our dear realm of HANSETI-Ruska. False rumors of the leaders, King Aleksandr II and Queen Amaya of Venzia, whom - needn’t I remind you - led the valiant fight against the foes of the Covenant to provide peace and prosperity for not only Haense, but all realms of the Covenant. To the people of Haense and surrounding kingdoms - Remember who has fought for your freedom. Those who speak ill of the HAESENI people are NOT Haeseni - they can’t even take the time of day to ensure they are spelling HAESENI correctly, let alone gather the complete and accurate facts of situations that do not pertain to them. And to the surrounding kingdoms who have begun to buy into this malicious slander, remember who has stood by your side raid after raid, providing endless support when able - the Kingdom of HANSETI-Ruska. Peace, freedom, prosperity, and GODAN is what we will continue to spread through the lands. I know undeniably, with all of my heart, that the Koeng and Koenas of our land are absolutely INNOCENT of the accusations of dark doings. I have seen and experienced, first-hand, the care and concern they show for even the lowest in our kingdom, in the great name of GODAN. Do not think my words are said in bias, for they are not. My words are said in fact; they are said for the people; they are said by the people. For if these rumors were based in fact with evidence, I would surely be holding our leaders at the greatest accountability under the eyes of Canonism and GODAN. Advice I will simply leave you to this advice: When faced with the challenge of falsehoods, remember that those who spread such will not be favored by GODAN. It is your responsibility to sort out the right from the wrong. Trust your intuition and know the hearts of those around you. Perhaps if you have doubts - confront your doubts. Compliments THE HANDMAIDEN DEIA - An Elfess of positivity and brightness. Frequently she will go out of her way to assist the citizens of our kingdom. LAELIA - Though plagued with a curse of darkness, she maintains a contagious personality of righteousness. QUEEN AMAYA - For being the most humble Koenas of the Edlervik, ensuring the safety of her people above her own, and endlessly spreading the words of GODAN. IOANNA OF BA’AS - An active citizen of Haense, she has assisted countless people become flourishing citizens of the kingdom. Thank vy. ════════════════════════════════════ I pray all citizens of this Kingdom, and this world, to live with peace and joy always. Signed Graciously, Lady Moon, Writer of the Moon’s Quill
  2. DLUM VE EDLERVIK, DRUZ VE EDLERVIK ☽──────────────⊱◯⊰──────────────☾ Letter II ON THIS 16TH OF JOMA AG UMUND OF 505 E.S. ☽──────────────⊱◯⊰──────────────☾ Dear Readers, Recently, our Koeng has announced the declaration of war against the League of Veletz. While normally, I find these letters to be of a positive nature, I find it necessary to share my thoughts on such. We must come together as a kingdom to rid the world of these cold-blooded beings. I am confident that the Covenant of Five, under the guidance of our Koeng, will ensure the safety of Aevos for all who inhabit it. This kingdom has given all for its citizens to live a free, healthy, and safe life. Now, it is time we return the favor. In this time of war, it is paramount that each and every citizen aid in all efforts. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl, while the protectors of our realm, shall be in need of resources to benefit their efforts. I urge all citizens to donate materials and food to the BSK - from what I have heard, what they value most are donations of raw materials. I would go on to further urge for resources to be donated to the clinic to assist in the medical attention of any wounded soldiers. If you do not have materials to donate, perhaps give your able-body to fight on the battlefield, or work within the clinic. Whatever you can give, I believe will be appreciated with the highest regard. During this time, I also remind all that it is important to lean on one another. Show your care and concern for family, friends, neighbors - any whom you hold dear. We shall not let this war consume our pride and joy. I implore our Queen’s Court to continue any festivities and events within the gates. Let there continue to be some sense of joy and happiness within our kingdom to ease the mind of those who have loved ones off fighting, and of those children who do not understand the meaning of war. As citizens of Haense, we have a duty to uphold. As beings in our realm, we have a duty to uphold. Do not turn your back during a time such as this. Krusae Zwy Kongzem, Lady Moon, Writer of the Moon’s Quill
  3. Edition I ON THIS 15TH OF TOV AG YERMEY OF 505 E.S. ☽──────────────⊱◯⊰──────────────☾ Dear Readers, In our Kingdom's past, the Haeseni Hearsay existed, for what I believe, to spread negativity. Now, a new day has risen. In place of the prior Haeseni Hearsay, I have begun to pen the Moon's Quill letters, and distribute them around the kingdom for all to read. Let them serve as a source of entertainment, news, and advice for the citizens of Haense. Though my identity shall remain unknown to my readers, you may refer to me as Lady Moon - the writer of the Moon’s Quill Letters. By remaining anonymous, I hope to write my words freely and honestly. Why the Moon’s Quill? Why Lady Moon, you may ask. The answer, I shall provide. I believe the moon to be a powerful and wise entity. Some may view it as just a rock in our night sky, but I see it as more. It is a symbol of great femininity and wisdom - two values I wish these letters to hold. Often, I find myself looking to the moon to provide me with the answers I seek. Sometimes, I even feel it speaking back to me. My hope is to reflect the ways of the Moon within my letters, spreading useful advice to all. Friendships will be made, bridges will be built, and lessons will be learned. Love, friendship, recipes, and more are all you will find me writing about. In my next letters, I will share things I have learned, or things I find fascinating. I wish for all in this Great Kingdom to partake in the writing of my letters. Send in your queries and await my response. All will be listened to with care. In a time ruled by politics, darkness, and hate, let me remind you of the good we have in our world. Yours truly, Lady Moon, Writer of the Moon’s Quill
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