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  1. THE EASTERN ALLIANCE Agreed on the 10th of the First Seed. Between the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan SECTION I: DEFENSIVE ALLIANCE The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, hereby referred to as ‘the signatories’, sign a new defensive alliance between the two sovereignties henceforth known as the Grand Alliance to replace the current pact of non-aggression. I. The signatories agree to a defensive military alliance. II. The signatories agree that an attack by a third party against one of them is an attack against both of them. III. The signatories agree to settle any dispute between them or in which they may be involved through peaceful means in such a manner that this alliance and the laws of the signatories are not endangered. IV. The signatories agree to consult together whenever, in the opinion of either of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of the signatories is threatened. V. The signatories agree to keep the option available to expand this defensive alliance into a full military alliance whenever deemed favorable by both parties. SECTION II: MILITARY COOPERATION The signatories agree to engage in military cooperation in light of Section I. I. The signatories agree to engage in the occasional shared military training. II. The signatories agree to host wargames in both of the signatories’ sovereign lands. III. The signatories agree to keep military correspondence for these trainings, wargames and any other militant affairs such as rallies that are of interest to the other signatory. IV. The responsibilities for these forms of military cooperation lie with both the Haeseni Lord Marshal and Dwarven Grand Marshal. SECTION III: TRADE The signatories agree that a pact of free-trade shall begin between both parties, with each agreeing: I. That nation-affiliated merchants shall be allowed to trade in the other signatory’s nation without unnecessary tax or harassment. II. That each signatory shall receive one untaxed stall to sell whatever goods they see fit, so long as they do not break said nation’s laws. SECTION IV: DURATION The signatories agree to be bound by the terms of this Treaty for a period of twenty years. IV JOVEO MAAN His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. Grand King of Urguan, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III His Excellency the Aulic Envoy, Matyas Joren Baruch Ambassador to Urguan, Erika Renate Barclay
  2. A Fallen Sparrow and Whisper of the Wind. [!] Lady Analiesa and the cat she finally got, in an exaggerated portrait a few weeks before the death of the Lady. [!] A grand clock ticked in the distance of the room as the golden handle swayed from side to side, a small bird sat on the edge of windowsill seeming to be entirely normal with brown and blue feathers. Analiesa Ludovar had fallen into a spiral, her doors locked, the shelves dusted over, her clothes old, worn, she looked to be skin and bones. The lady had her hair tied in a tight bun as she stared at the painting just next to her bed. It depicted a younger version of Analiesa and her first husband Michael O’rourke. "Michael.." she whispered with a frown, wrinkles tending her lips and cheeks as her head tilted "Myrana, she's safe.. vyr.. vyr right, she's as beautiful as vy were.." a pained laugh left her in a dried tone seeming she was talking to the air. Fumbling with her boney fingers she pulled out a thin cigarette, a habit she’d picked up from her friend.. Seeming the closest thing she had to a friend Nikoletta, whether the princess knew it or not. Over the past ten years of Analiesa's life, she'd gone dormant. Hiding inside, seeming to grieve for something no one understood. Her four children and niece, we're growing up with mothers and fathers unbeknownst to her. Myrana, her eldest and only child with Michael.. She’d be in her midst of life. Cecilya and Johanna.. The two daughters she’d had with Josef, Johanna had a spark that bickerd often. Cecilya, was a blonde. Her favorite at that most days. Ilya, her youngest and last child and only son. A blonde and a boy.. He was the golden child of her life. Adalia the third, her niece adopted after her eldest sister passed away and left her an infant when Myrana was only a few months old. Why would she want to know of her failure? Her blonde hair had gone gray and her smile faded, as time passed with the click of the grand clock. Her late husband Josef.. a mere memory in her mind.. Regret shrouded her senses. In her youth she seemed only neglect her family the Ruthern’s now it had continued. “They will never know.. V’hat ea gave to ensure v’heir safety.” she hissed out, bitterness sinking her tone. She’d neglected her daughters.. her son. They all seemed to grow angst to her absence and to that, she simply ensured the locks on her door were fastened tighter Pulling herself up as she looked out the window again..this time to the bird "Mamej Rosey." her whisper echoed in the air as she turned to stare into the coldend gaze of an old ghost, having taken the form of a bird. The ghost’s figure shifted as the plasm only a ghost could grow formed into a young lady, with slicked back hair and a warm glow to her blue and transparent skin. "Analiesa, you should stop doing that.. or teach me how you learned it." the ghost let out with a warm chuckle "Yam going.. to die." she explained with a faint smirk, one the ghost and herself had not seen in awhile"Teach mea little girl's about mea.. ea.. didnt.. tell them.. about v'he green men, v'he conspiracy's, v'he murders.." she trailed off "Ea didnt tell v'hem about meaself at all.. Ea didnt raise v'hem even.. oh mamej ahm ea a horrid person?" she asked with a huff of dissatisfaction. Alethea, hovering beside her, lets out a sigh. “You have experienced far too much. Far too many things I wished you’d never experienced. I know how much your kids mean to you, and why you locked yourself up for the rest of your life after reaching your breaking point.” She says, holding her hand above Liesa’s own, almost hovering above due to her incorporeality. “Just as I appeared when you needed the help, someone will be there for your children. I can assure you, daughter.” “Well.. I didn't want half of v’hem.. But.. but Myrana was safe! Ea grew to love.. The rest as they got older. Its silly.. Ea gave Johanna to Sibylla and she’s already developed a liking to her.” she explained as if defending herself to a ghost was much help. Analiesa frowned deeply “Ea.. loved.. Love Michael.. Josef made a dobry cover for mea settling down.. I had a baby, nie more killing and trying to take down nations.. Nie more castles and wizards with pointy dagger ears.” Analiesa Ludovar flopped onto her bed with a huff. “Mamej, if ea died today, nie one would find out. Nie one would notice for years ea bet.” “You changed the hearts of many. Both to the living and to the dead. Many people will be affected by your death, and many will remember you. Even then, was the point to die famous?” Thea chuckles, staring out the window at the night sky. “You are my last daughter on this plane. It gives me peace to know that I can finally pass on without worrying about the safety of any of my children.” "So vy feel.. its time aswell da?" The lady asked with a soft tone a hint of fear in her voice "Maybe.. now vy can meet my mamej Adalia, and.. Mea sestra Adalia v’he second.. And perhaps ea can finally see him again." A few tears of the tired old lady trailed down her wrinkled cheek "Yes my dear, you and I have avoided death more times than I can count. It's quite exhausting really." The ghost chuckled before leaving the two in a dead silence "Saspiba mamej Rosey.. I think.. its time we rest." She whispered in a peaceful tone as she took to her bed ensuring her hair was perfectly combed and her nightgown without a wrinkle, for when you have a date with death you do try and look your best. Her soft voice filled the air for a final moment "Ea will see you again someday." —------- [!] —------ Not more than a day later it had been discovered by the hand maids in Otistadt that Lady Analiesa Vasile Ludovar had passed away, clutching both the two rings of her late husband's Whispers spread around that the lady had gone crazy and was talking to herself all night long. Perhaps that was the truth.. or.. maybe there was something more that would be lost in history. However it didn't matter anymore For, the beautiful blonde, and the whisper in the air. We're both no more. Ooc
  3. A story developed off of the ideas of @Seussalmighty ~A Heroic Delivery~ One fine day Little Adrian returned home from exploring all of Karosgrad doing everything that a typical Toddler vigilante with pronunciation issues would do. A run-down cart stacked with kelp met him at the door to his humble abode; plus a foul smell of seaweed that filled the air around him. He walked over from where he stood, and suddenly a man stepped out from the back of the wagon asking for his father: Godric Adrian Colborn. “I need this man’s signature!” That was the stranger’s specific wording. Adrian replied saying it wasn’t him and breezed passed the delivery man who had been waiting there for hours at that point - his little developing mind didn’t really think the Kelp blocks to be beneficial to anyone at the time. However, it didn’t take long before his small good-willed self conjured up an idea to gain renown for his family and help the citizens of Haense. Shortly he peeked through the window just to make sure the strange Haeseni trader was still there before opening the door to his house, and telling this person that his father explicitly told him that he could sign for him; this of course was a lie, but due to the amount of time this exceptionally patient person had waited, he let the 5-year-old get away with his little story. After Adrian signed his Father's name on the contract, he began leading the way toward the bank which is where the new gigantic chest sat within the bank. It was practically bursting at the seams with all the Dried Kelp Blocks inside it. The boy figured that he could help those in need of fuel for their furnaces. Or maybe it was just to give the people a really odd snack to fill their hungry bellies. And that he did - of course, his father wasn’t too amused by his little menace’s stunt though. . . Signed, Adrian Erik Colborn Published by, Adrian Andrik Colborn Louis, GMRO. Come claim the blocks from the chest in the bank which I added to!!!
  4. Shipwrecked on the inner coast of the swamps, a batch of red hair moved and grumbled near the wreckage. The woman sat up, looking around her at the broken wood and crates. She frowned as she soon realized that she was the sole survivor of a ship lost to a storm. Olive 'Ash' Tanner pushed the muck and blood that stuck to her face off before looking through the 'surviving' pieces. She soon pulled out a single bottle of alcohol, the same one her mother Ashlynn Tanner left for her before she died. Holding the bottle by the neck she moved to the water's edge and washed her face clean before treading through the environment. Soon she made it to the roads, reading and following the signs that pointed towards Haense's capital. Olivia trudged through the dirt and soon passed through the open back gate. She continued to follow the roads inside of Haense's high walls, they themselves leading her to the tavern and to the sweet heat of the fireplace that stood in front of her. "Guess Oi finalleh made it mum." Olive sat down on the closet chair to the fire, "Are ye smilin' down on meh yet?" Olive 'Ash' Tanner Born in 1851 (SA 55) Human Female Olive wears similar, or even the same, clothing her mother wore before her when she lived in Haense. Like her mother before her, she has a bad drinking habit and an accent that can be hard to understand. Fiery red hair, and an even more fire in her personality, she is waiting for whatever awaits her.
  5. 𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒓'𝒔 𝒔𝒌𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒖𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒂𝒌𝒖𝒆𝒍 Hola! It’s been a while but I am back with yet another skin auction! I know it's been a year since my previous one, but I'm back with another one. All the bids will be in USD, because I am need funding. I am moving into a new apartment so all this money will be going to that! All bids will be starting at 11$ USD copy and paste this for the bidding format. DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID Rules ☼ Make sure the person you're trying to outbid is aware! ☼ ALSO! No reposting on PMC, please! Just because you bought the clothing doesn't mean you get to claim credit for making it; I still did! ☼ please contact me via PM. My discord is doreebear#3218 if you have any questions. ☼ I have the right to refuse to sell a skin to anyone. If they are a notorious skin thief, splice-er, post without attribution, or simply a toxic and terrible person, I will refuse to give them my skins. My skins, I feel, should go to individuals who value my work, others, and myself as a person. ☼ Unless I give you permission, you may not resell or put my skins up for sale/auction somewhere else. Auction will close On Friday the 13th at 4pm CST MALE Gray Gothic Blue-Pilled All for One and One for All Always Pay Their Debts You Know Nothing The Mad Prince Prospero FEMALE Adventures and Furs I would always rather be happy than dignified. You Poor Wretched Souls Nordic Goddess I and my Annabel Lee She's From the North
  6. A SON A hastily drawn portrait of Klara Elizaveta holding her newly born son. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya and His Lordship, Jakob Dimitrey Morovar, are pleased to announce the birth of their son on this day, the 14th of Vzmey and Hyff, 424 Ehr Sigmunda. Surrounded by friends and family, with the help of the Surgeon General, the child was delivered safely, and both mother and son are well. The House of Morovar is pleased to introduce: His Lordship, Andrei Sigismund Morovar of Ghaestenwald A feast shall be held on the child’s first birthday within the Nikirala Prikaz, where all shall be welcome. The new family asks for privacy during the days after the birth. SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya His Lordship, Jakob Dimitrey Morovar [OOC: Feast to be held Sunday, May 15th, at 6 PM EST.]
  7. A Gasp of Fresh Air What is life? Is it a gasp of fresh air flowing through the lungs of a living person? Is it the birth of a child and the death of an elder? Does life truly end? Does it ever even start? Andrik woke from his seemingly eternal slumber. It had been days since any person had even seen the now estranged Prince. Even the servants who regularly tended to his every need were locked out of his private chambers. It’s not like anyone wanted to tend to such a room anyways, the place was barren. As once stated in a poem, Andrik had manifested his quarters into a truly dark and depressing prison cage, yet he played the role of warden and prisoner at the very same time… Perhaps it’s not so simple? No, it can not be, for life is not just for the descendent. It resides in every cottage, hole, stump, and castle. It is valuable to the most devout sinners and those seeking repentance. “The wedding, Highness, it is time” heard the Prince as he awoke from his rest. For a moment, Andrik paused. Should he show? Is he ready for such a feat? Is the world ready to see him again? Would they even care? These questions, and many more, ran through his mind as his maids laid out a simple selection of clothes. “Well, Ana surely would never forgive me if I missed this one” replied the Prince, only it was already an hour after he awoke. It was funny to him how fast time flew by in his head. Perhaps life has no meaning at all? After all, history has proven we obsess over social structure, Is it too foreign to say that we have no right to question it? Are we so arrogant? So hubristic? Or even egotistic? After all, it was not too long ago that Andrik nearly lived a fairytale life. A separate path that was so foreign to the life of a traditional Prince, even he had trouble imagining it sometimes. But he did dream… Those dreams were severed along with his lover’s head. Oh well, God had punished him much more harshly, right? It was tragic, but the Prince had a void growing in his heart beforehand. Besides, feelings have no place in the Royal Household. It was simply improper. Annika had taught his son better etiquette than that. Is life ever beautiful or horrible? The wolfpack hunting a herd of rabbits is gruesome to the privileged eyes of man, Yet no man sheds a tear for tearing down the home of a squirrel. Perhaps there is no right answer, no conclusion, or plan? The ceremony was like all others for the Prince, a simple reminder of what could have been for him, and what could be for the newly wedded. Marriage, in his eyes, was an overrated social construct of humankind. Why should a man and a woman be pressured to wed for social status and not for the love of one another? Why are divorces so final and yet a betrothal can be remade at any time with little consequence? Oh well, no matter. The past was just that and he had no future to look forward to. “Just a few more minutes until I can lock myself in again.” The truth may never be found. However one thing is for certain, Life is valued by all things that hold on to it And is a mere existence of those who let go of it. “Margrait looked beautiful in her dress. I wonder who tailored it?” thought the Prince to himself. The dinner was okay. Andrik had been picking at a small slice of carrot cake, freshly made by the Queen herself. Andrik was never really a fan of sweets, even as a child. He’d always cherished the more unique foods like various fruits and cheeses. It reminded him of how he so yearned to be unique, and yet ironically ended up like every other Barbanov royal; He was a broken and dysfunctional mess, and yet let none of it hinder his duties. Life is a blessing to most but a curse to the lonely. It is both utterly meaningless and yet means more than anything. It can be cherished and cursed in both birth and death. It is the end of the road for some, and the start of the pavement for many others. Savoyard Port was always a close favorite of the Prince despite the harsh memories it gave him. Surprising to his gossiping servants, it was true that he’d been sober for nearly a decade now. Most of his adulthood had been spent drinking, Andrik didn’t even remember holding his first, and only, son in his arms. A distant memory of what could have been… It’s both beautiful and cruel at the same time. Suddenly, as he dreamt of a better life, a servant bumped into the drunken Prince, causing his face to collapse face-first into the cake. I no longer wish to know what life means. In the end, is it all meaningless? Even if the generation ahead of you screams your name until it echoes through history, Would the noise sound forever? Walnuts. Andrik never had walnuts despite his varied pallet. He’d always loved unique tastes, yet his adventure had come to a sudden unsuspected halt. The laughs slowly faded as the Prince's eyes shut, forever in that dream. I refuse to accept that. Life is not about what you do as you live, But rather what you leave behind for your successors. Life is not a purpose, but rather a legacy. ~ P.A.N. B.B., Akovia “Anya? Bran? Is that you?”
  8. HOUSE COLBORN ON THE MATTER OF THE HOSPITAL OF ST. AMYAS Issued By THE PATRIARCH OF HOUSE COLBORN On this 7th of Tov & Yermey 423 E.S O' GUD, VOR HJELP I GYNE ERE, In the XXXVIII Session of the Royal Duma there was a moderated debate on ongoing worries from the medics, as well as the opinions thereupon by the representatives that went over the Hospital Bill of 423 ES, written by Lady Erika Barclay. The moderated debate moved on to a vote and resulted in a draw, which in simple terms means the bill did not pass. We of House Colborn having been present in number overhead these proceedings and found both sides to have good points, as a result, we wish to help the Kongzem as we always have, no man or woman, soldier or civilian should have to worry should they be wounded, and as such to alleviate such worries we offer to you Adrianna Darkwood three of our own to study beneath you and become of use. It is by this decree the following members of our family shall make themselves presentable before you post haste, Firr Godric Adrian Colborn Firr Felyx Francys Colborn Firr Cole Gadian Until a solution is found or an agreement is met between the parties of the Royal Duma, we hope this might be of use, may we all serve the Kongzem as our ancestors did and we still do, may the new blood do likewise as the old, together we shall not falter. We are all Haeseni and in its glory, we stand together forevermore. SKRALI VOR GUD Firr Adrian Erik Colborn, Patriarch of House Colborn, Court Herald, Keeper of The Book
  9. ST. CAROLUS UNIVERSITY CLASSES OF YEAR 423 E.S. ________________________________ (Opening Speech) A Brief Opening Ceremonial Speech by Felyx Francys Coblorn followed with Questions by all in Attendance. Time: Tuesday, 3pm EST / 8pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Felyx Francys Colborn @Draketonic Domestic Studies A look into the Haense Household and proper conduct. Recommended for every Noble child, teen, and young adult. Time: Wednesday, 4pm EST / 9pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Franziska Bishop @Frank_Dog An Introduction to Knighthood Hosted by Haense's Knight Paramount, there is no better place or time to enlighten oneself on Haeseni Knighthood. Time: Thursday, 4pm EST / 9pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Ser Reinhardt Barclay, Knight Paramount of Haense @Capt_Chief26 Book Club A merry gathering of book-lovers willing to read and discuss their favorite books together! Time: Tuesday, 5pm EST / 10pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Felyx Francys Colborn @Draketonic Anyone within Haense is able to attend these events and request impromptu classes to the Professors / Temporary Faculty via the pamphlet posting service: https://discord.gg/F3HuaCT2qR SIGNED,
  10. FOUNDING OF ST. CAROLUS UNIVERSITY Haense during the Golden Age of the Old Academy ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TO ALL CITIZENS OF HAENSE, The Academy of Haense has seen stagnation and little use in recent decades. As I am writing this missive, to be distributed among Haense itself, I - Felyx Francys Colborn - am working to re-establish the Haense Academy to rival and perhaps surpass the Elysium University. With this goal in mind, and with the Justiciar, the Patriarch of House Colborn, and the Crown Prince himself to aid in reconstruction, we heartily invite anyone interested to attend orientation and the upcoming book club events(https://discord.gg/F3HuaCT2qR)! Those of the Child-Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska have already been invited, although there truly are NO enforced age gaps to be a student! There will be small, intimate events to promote learning and discussion at the Eve of reconstruction, with the final aim being a fleshed-out curriculum and graduation possibility with diplomas hopefully someday be recognised by the Holy Crown of Haense itself! I hope to see you around. The first events are already being drafted. Drop by the Old Academy on event-times if you are interested! Est. 423 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. ROYAL WEDDING OF 422 E.S. [i] A painting of the wedding to come. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Her Royal Highness, Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya and His Lordship, Jakob Dimitrey Morovar are pleased to announce their marriage, to take place in the Basilica of Saint Heinrik in Karosgrad, on the 10th day of Msitza and Dargund , 422 Ehr Sigmunda. The couple hereby invites their friends and family, as well as the people of Hanseti-Ruska and the dual kingdom’s allies, to their ceremony. A reception shall be held within the Nikirala Prikaz’s ballroom after the ceremony, for the guests to enjoy and give the couple their well wishes and enjoy the various foodstuffs, as well as partake in various games, such as Pin the Tail on the Palatine. Music and dancing shall be present, for those who would rather not play. Guards shall be stationed at the entrance and within the basilica, as well as within the ballroom to ensure the safety of all who attend, and all weapons must be left at the door by those attending, to be returned at the end of the event. INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO: Formal Invitations His Royal Majesty, Ragnvald Ruric, King of Norland and his royal pedigree His Royal Majesty, Bakir Ireheart, Grand King of Urguan and his royal pedigree Her Serene Highness, Renata de Savoie, Princess of Savoy and her royal pedigree His Serene Highness, Vytrek Tundrak, Prince of Fenn and his royal pedigree His Serene Highness, Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his royal pedigree Her Serene Highness, Miven Caerme'onn, Matriarch of Nevaehlen and her royal pedigree His Grace, Johann Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Grace, Rhys var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Johann Ludovar, Count of Otistadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Filip Amador, Baron of Mondstadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Viorel Luceafaru, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Mikhail Mareno, Baron of Myrine and his noble pedigree Personal Invitations His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his royal pedigree Her Serene Highness, Amicia Valerie, Princess-Consort of Sedan and her royal pedigree His Grace, Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Nikolai Kortrevich, Viscount of Krusev and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Adele Ludovar, Baroness of Juliksburg His Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Ser August of the Ducal House of Barclay and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Sibylla Barclay of the Ducal House of Barclay Her Ladyship, Erika Barclay of the Ducal House of Barclay His Lordship, Borris Kortrevich of the Vicomital House of Kortrevich Citizens of the allied nations of Hanseti-Ruska, as well as citizens of the Dual Kingdom are most welcome. SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya His Lordship, Jakob Dimitrey Morovar [OOC: Monday, April 25th, 4:30 PM EST]
  12. To Hoonse: As your newly appointed aulic treasurer, it occurs to me that our new kingdom will need some funding to effectively run our business. The first conquest of our journey is Merchant Stall 1, in the Haense square. I have forced my cousins Ariovistan and Thomund to give me this shop or else I will kick them in their sleep, so they gave it to me. And now it is the property of HOONSE! If we can make or collect some cool stuff, I can put it here, and all of the profits will go to the treasury and the True Koeng and Koenas of the north. If any of my fellow hoonseti patrons want to put something in the store, tell me! There is plenty of space and even more opportunity for profits! Just tell me at the next Meeting! Signed, August Bishop II, Aulic Treasurer of Hoonse [!] A depiction of money signs is drawn here:
  13. omg! another auction! yay! i’ve given up on writing good titles folks. i’m back at it again. you know the drill. skins! enjoy <3 starting bids are included in the skin’s title. if an item hasn’t yet been bid on, you’re free to bid the amount listed there. bids must increase by $1 (or 25 mina) and you must be able to pay for the bid when the auction closes (paypal or ingame) (ex. a 225 mina bid is equivalent to a $9 bid. you would need to bid $10 to outbid this) if you don’t respond to my dm within 24 hours of the auction closing, the skin will be passed on to the previous bidder. if a bid switches to or starts with irl currency, it cannot switch back to mina. don't edit your bid, just make a new comment if you are out-bid and tag the previous bidder no non-bid comments auction closes: wednesday, march 23, 5pm EST bidding format skin: bid: discord: STEVE cozy cloak - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd ruskan reds - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd yarr! - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd ALEX peachy drapes - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd vibrance - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd turquoise and rouge - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd delicate golds - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd ragged adventurer - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd dotty - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd plaid and playful - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd ARMOR gerald (steve) - starts at 225 mina / 9 usd jessie (alex) - starts at 225 mina / 9 usd references are available for every skin, just slide me a dm! (@cap'n#4985)
  14. VICTORY For the beloved brothers and sisters in arms who fell at the Skirmish of Stone Tower, and for the victory of the faithful. The waves lap at bloodstained stone, And I listen quietly to muffled cries. The cries of the dying and the damned, The cries for mercy. No mercy shall come, For those that betray their faith find no refuge. They find that the silken whispers of Iblees, Mistaken for GODAN, most high, Turn to knives against them evermore. For where I stand beside the faithful, The broken, the beaten, the UNDEFEATED, I can only hear the sweet song of Godan’s aenguls, Guiding my noble brothers and sisters to heaven. For as darkness falls over bloodsoaked ground, And the eerie silence post-battle wanes, I see the glorious light shining upon tomorrow. And may sacrifice usher in a new age of light, A new age of peace and beauty. And as we travel into this new ‘morrow, May our resolve never falter and our faith never waver. Let the joyous cries of the pious and the good, Ring out through this new tomorrow. And let the fallen rest in blissful sleep, Knowing that they have been avenged, And remain unforgotten among the living. May they rest peacefully, bathed in eternal light, Forevermore knowing that we shall remember. SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya Klara Elizaveta finished her work with a flourish of her pen before climbing the ladder in her room at the Nikirala Prikaz to gaze out at the sky. “Are vy proud of us, Sigmar?”
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  17. * 15-18 Locked away in my symbolic room strapped to the bars of this comfortable prison I’ve known all my life. Confined to do what people expect of me, /confined/ to the role I am placed in on this chessboard. Locked away by the lump in my throat only wishing to speak but the air becomes still as the eyes stare, stare to me for I am different? Or stare to me because I am brave. Eyes that should be a doorway open and welcoming a door that is shut instead. Doors that keep the social “standard” to its quo, why, father, why are these eyes of winter so compelling to the soul? Mother, why is it when they glance with their winter eyes my feet freeze in place? No answer as I have neither to go to when I am sad nor to call for my achievements; it is only me.
  18. At Haense's gates, the hunt of the century was about to begin. As the 7 hunters head straight through the forest, find the hunt by following its tracks was no problem to attain. Leading the way said Mister Juliyus: "Everyone keep an eye out, this deer is a mean bastard". And so the 7 adventurous went in search of the legendary hart. The party followed a bunch of hunting dogs trying to found the quadruped. The traces of that great stag's destruction for wherever it did goes were drooped. As the hunters moved deeper into the forest, the marks of a large beast's passage became increasingly noticeable. The marks seen on a dead direwolf done by a large horned beast was visible. The sounds of a massive beast could be heard thundering across the forrest. So goes the brave group following this fuss that sounds bloody abhorrent. As the party rides up the hill they come across Gambi, the chonky ******* deer. And because the sudden appearance of a centenary animal, the hunters are just staring the giant stag for a few seconds, freezed, but not by fear. Gambi the morbidly obese stag paws the ground before letting out a moo and lowering his horns charging for the nearest riders to it with his massive rack of antlers. Then they manage to come their senses to react against the enemy tries of slaughters. Gambi swings his head slamming into Mister Cole with the full force of a morbidly obese deer. Fortunately, due Mister Cole's armor and strength he could beare. Mister Godric pulls the horse up closer, thrusting his sword in an attempt to stab the creature. Such an attack greatly managed to sinks the sword into deer's femur. The great Gambi charges forward slamming into Juliyus's mount which screamed as it threw him from his horse. After that, his spear remains in his hand but he ends up dislocating his shoulder because the impact force. Mister Cassio, in order to cover Mister Juliyus, throws his ax into one of the beast's legs. It was a nice throw, as it did reduce the beast stamina and strength. Hiroto-san moved after the attacking chance given by Mister Cassio with the katana held high near his head. And now with this sharpened katana, another painful lunge was added. Mister Clearon charges aiming the beast's ankle in order to try tipping the giant cervid. And his attacks was successful as two deep cut was inserted. After that the deer lets out a great moo as its ankles are nicked. Yeah, the hunters' attacks were strict. Then a great screech is heard as a streak of black feathers seemingly clawing the eyes of the monstrosity. Well, it turns revealing itself to be one of the hunting falcons coming to help the party. And we has Madam Catlaya, who could do nothing because she had somehow lost her saber. The deer starts going straight to tobble her, but by luck it's when, cause its injuries, the monster body comes to surrender. Its achilies tendon snaps, so deer collapses to its right letting out the screams of its death. And that's the summary of how 7 hunters surrounded a mythical creature that appears only once in a century managing to cut the beast to its last breath. In this hunt there was no one who had more merit or less merit. Whole group was united to take down the legendary deer and so shared a communal credit.
  19. [!] Numerous copies of this newsletter were thrown about Karosgrad – from the inside of the Prikaz, all the way to the docks outside the gates. Much like the last missive, they all had the very same crest on the front, along with a plethora of art provided by the writer themselves. And contrary to her previous works, it seemed that the author’s incorrect grammar, and often lack of punctuation, was improving. ─────── °✾° ─────── HARK! Good tidings to everyone who decides to pick up this paper, one that I worked so very hard on. As anyone in or out of Karosgrad can see, the Valtakoengzem has grown in great strength, numbers, and popularity. We have taken over and we are going nowhere. But not everyone can always be here for the adventures we take. Therefore, as Grand Speaker, I’ve taken it upon myself to document and immortalize the works of the Faedom in writing. I am not a good writer as my brother, Matyas, but I will tell to you the events of the past years the best way I can every year from now on. I even have acquired a favorable and nice looking paper to do my pictures on. The frame is very nice and the Enchanted Council has praised my work since. Without further ado, let’s get to it! This is the FAEDOM FOLLOWINGS! ─────── °✾° ─────── THE BLOODY PRIKAZ! : The Genocide of the citizens of Ratatoostadt Naysayers and hating-folk are always common with any great, upcoming Kongzem and they really showed themselves to us recently. While establishing the County of Ratatoostadt everything was fine and peaceful, its inhabitants were homed in the best possible place for them, never ever disrespecting the dead that lived with them. In fact, they were regularly bathed, cleansed, and held monthly tavern nights with the spirits of the knights. However, one day, as Her Magical Majesty and the Grand Speaker were preparing to depart on a fairy expetition, we discovered that every inhabitant, every rat of Ratatoostadt had been slain- brutally murdered in a mass genocide unlike anything ever seen. This, of course, brought great sorrow to the Prinzenas of Rats, and Komitas of Ratatoostadt, Magda, who wept bitterly before our trip. Taking the time to mourn, we set a survivor, who unfortunately passed soon after, down before the likeness of the Exalted Sigismund. While praying for him, we were mocked by a few people, especially a very old man whose name is unknown to me. He should count himself lucky I am not exposing him for the world to see. Even furthermore, when we returned from our trip, which also did not go well, we found that the survivor’s body, whom we laid to rest, was gone – with only a paw print in its place. What is worse, all the remaining corpses of the slayed rats have been growing strange, orange vines inside of them, and all remaining vermin of the Faedom have been evacuated to Jerovitz for their safety. For the human naysayers, I would blame the lack of education on the mindset and culture of the rats on this hate crime. But, ever since Her Magical Majesty, Madga, held an audience with His Actual Majesty, King Siggy, we have been informed of a greater threat: THE EVIL VALTAKOENGZEM OF THE REALM OF DARK FAEDOM. Since only the Koeng is aware of their existence, I am really thankful he brought it up to us. Since then, I have done my research. This imposter kingdom exists on a different plane of reality than us here, and every so often, they cross over, either getting people and animals to do their bidding for them, or doing it themselves. Cowards who hide behind heinous actions deserve no mercy, and if I find you to be a follower of this alternate, opposing kingdom, you will suffer the same fate they will when we battle. In better news, to fundraise for the rehabilitation of her county and the cure to the rat’s sickness, THE KOMITAS OF RATATOOSTADT, soon to be trained by the Prinzen Oracle himself, will be holding Soothsaying sessions; one minae per session. DANGER IN KAROSGRAD! : The Caped Krusader battles the Jester In the wake of all the bloodshed and panic, someone comes along to protect the people and save them from evil doers. And the other day, that someone finally leaped into action. It was a peaceful day in the square so it seemed. Then came a man with green plant hair and Orenian-looking clothes. But the most daunting thing about him was the huge smile on his white face. He came in laughing, ready to commit atrocities when all of a sudden – the CAPED KRUSADER swooped down from the skies! “Not so fast!” He commanded, the streets of Karosgrad watching him in awe. Even I was watching, because since I saw the Dark Knight watching me from above the days prior I have admired him greatly. But, the Jester (as he is known) took advantage of this, grabbing me ready to shoot at me! Golly, was I scared out of my mind. The Jester could not get away with this transgression, though, for the Caped Krusader came prepared. From his behind, he took out a flying weapon, a thin, two-sided blade in the shape of Koeng Sigismund’s own face! And he threw it at the Jester’s chest! He saved me, and he saved my life! Unfortunately, it would not end here, as suddenly, the Jester released a green gas (smelling quite unfavorable) on everyone around him in the square. Only for me to find out after he disappeared that it was a Potion of Smiles! For the whole day, I could not take the smile off my face, or else it would hurt! The Caped Krusader disappeared after that, no doubt to get away from the gas himself, because he could not stop it. But, rest assured, if the Jester, or any other evil-doer, is seen again, I will make sure to call the Caped Krusader back personally with an instrument I will not disclose – in case any of his rivals are reading this paper. And when that noise reaches the skies, it will not just be a signal. It will be a warning. Some members of the Enchanted Council and I have begun to speculate who the Caped Krusader is under that mask. One theory is that it is the Koeng, running the nation by day and saving everyone by night. Perhaps he is a new kind of uncanny-creature I have yet to add to the registry and compendium. Whoever he is, it is not about who he is underneath, but what he does that defines him. DANCING BRAWL! : The Baruch Punching Performance Our last main report gets super serious, so if these kinds of stories irk you, skip to the smaller news section. It all started when all my peers and I went to dance practice to prepare for the sets of parties that no one will stop talking about– Lifstala. When picking partners, I made perfectly sure that my brother picked me through the psychic connection we share. While I was a bit disappointed we were not taught the Hoppalooza, I did with him the love dance of the Waltz in my own way. Unfortunately, Matyas is not gifted with feet as fast as mine, and this resulted in him falling. That is when we were approached by the Old Naysayer Baruch, who made it seem like he was nice, trying to help Matyas up, but then striking him in the head with his own! It was at this moment that something sparked in me – like an untapped rage unlike anything the world has ever seen. I suddenly had the fury and drive of a fully grown Tankledor. Now, what came next, I will admit to. Yes, I did beat up the Naysayer Baruch, even though he is old and a contrarian, who contraires just to be contrary. But I will do the same thing again and again to anyone else who thinks that they can hit my brother or my friends. Unfortunately, I did not stay humble and was struck back. This caused a duel that put one of my fellow council members in danger of dying and I will only be sorry for that. ─────── °✾° ─────── OTHER NEWS! The Rise of Red Hair, and What This Means ; A STUDY Some time ago, I took a trip to the Ludovar house for Adele and Amicia’s parties, which they were both given coveted relics of the Faedom: Incense Summoners and the Deathwhistle. And while dancing with Matty B., I happened to notice something – there’s so much bright red heads around me! Since I have been gifted with a bright mind, this curiosity led me to writing this short study on the sudden rise of red hair and what this means for the future. I think when exploring this topic, we must mention who exactly has these fire locks to later connect the dots. The very first two that come to mind are Isabel, who is incredibly tall and smart and a good fighter, and my brother, Matyas, who is a great writer, an ace of all trades, and many of my girl peers have informed me that he is handsome. Furthermore, he gets that hair from my mamej, who was an insane super beauty, as I have seen it written. Now, stay in your seat, for this is where the dots connect. Lately, I met the Vyronov brothers – who I can not tell apart sometimes. But, the one always conversing with Isabel has pearly whites so shiny that it nearly blinded her. He also is a mean sword fighter, and won a battle in front of me. It was then that I started to see a pattern. All my peers with red hair happen to be gifted somehow, some way. And now researching, I started to search for a proper theory for why one might have red hair in the first place. I am glad to say I have it now. Long before anyone living can remember, a family of scholars once thought to eat an abundance of cherries and carrots as a way to change their hair color. The Fae, looking down on them, happened to witness this and sprinkling dust on them, not only did they receive their red hair, they were bestowed with many abilities – speed, smarts, beauty and so forth. Abilities like the animals that are red like them. Foxes, for one. Every person with red or fiery hair is their descendant, and this explains why each of them act similar. We need people to open their eyes and be free-thinkers. An Update on New Fairies and Uncanny-Creatures : GIVING THEM A HOME Since establishing the Faedom, we have gained numerous new creatures and fairies and in such a short amount of time, too. HONEYDEW, THE RACOON-OWL, was the first fae to come to us and by far, the most intelligent. They are of the Vila subtype, a flying raccoon with the wings of an owl. They adore berries and sugar, and offer sky surveillance in our searches. For this, we’ve given them the position of ARCH-FAESTER, so that they may be a voice for their own kind. Officially, he lives where the previously named ‘Hoonse’ used to be. RHINONATHAN, ODDBALL OF THE RHINO KINGDOM, came to me on the day of the pet races. He is a Rhino that stands on two legs, and speaks as the Baruches do. His horn is made of a glimmering green stone, a beautiful feature of his. He does not appreciate being referred to as an uncanny-creature, and prefers terms such as Oddball and Perplexing Person. As he relayed to us, he comes from a kingdom where every name begins with an -rh. MUDZSKIPS, WONK OF WONK-FOLK, came to Barley and I in the Kings of Yore Crypts– previously the Duchy of Vermia. He is a walking, talking frog, who wears the most dapper of clothes. His breath does not smell good, but this can be overlooked over time, for his wit and his funnyness is what overshadows that. Sadly, he is the last of his kind, he has relayed to us. For his safety and rehabilitation, he resides in Jerovitz, beside the big swamp – a worthy home for him. All these creatures will be included in the OFFICIAL COMPENDIUM, which will be released in a Saint’s year or so. As for the Ice Fairy I found after the Fairy Hunt, if you are reading this, or if anyone sees them, please come to the back gardens so I can properly house you. Hoonse is No Longer : A NEW ERA After our fairy expetition, I was informed of an old place upstairs in the Prikaz that used to be called Hoonse. When I came, it was empty and deserted, all its past inhabitants moved out and gone. Therefore, I’ve seen it fit to claim these lands and add it to the Valtakoengzem’s many spots. It will also be named Hoonse no longer. Ideally, it is to be a place where all uncanny-creatures can freely gather, perhaps a new spot for the Polder Passes. This, however, will be discussed in the next Enchanted Council Meeting. PENNED BY, Her Serene High-upness, ELIZAVETA ULYANA BARBANOV-BIHAR, Hauchprinzenas of the Principality of Polder Passes, Grand Speaker, Archiver of the History of Faedom, Ex-Cyclops of Alban, The Not So Ugly or Pretty, Average Beauty, Protectorate of the Uncanny Her Dillyest High-upness, MAGDA CATALINA WIESZCZ, Prinzenas of the Rats, Countess of Ratatoostadt, The Magic Treasure-Keeper, The High Magical Soothsayer of the Faedom, The (young) Oracle
  20. The Quest of a young Ludovar [The Ludovar twins traversing the streets of Karosgrad.] I. WHO ARE YOU? "You shall depart from Haense to have time away from all the current ties you have, to own a clearer mind.” It had been a quite miserable day, thus far. Adele Ludovar received a messenger that morning from her temporary noble accommodations in Karosgrad - due to the Komital House’s apartment being moved or renovated following their promotion - who had hurried, huffing and puffing, to her door with letter in hand. The letter entailed the missive which her father had written and published that very morning regarding herself and her sister. She had felt vindicated, attacked, and by her own father? He was banishing her from her home, her friends, and everything she holds dear. And for what? Her young, immature mind could not conceive of why he would antagonise her in this way and she felt spiteful towards him. It didn’t help how, when she sought out her sister for guidance and understanding, she had seemed far more excited about the prospect than she had! It made Adele feel that maybe there was something wrong with her… Surely she should be excited, ecstatic about finally being given permission to leave Karosgrad by herself and make her own way in the world. But she didn’t… The Ludovar Twins gathered in Karosgrad to say their final goodbyes to all of their friends and family - an emotional affair - and it only soured Adele further to see the attitude of Amicia versus the disappointment of her relatives and closest friends. Should she not be crying? Bawling, at the decision to send her away? It just made Adele feel silly and immature for making such a fuss, while highlighting dear sweet Amicia’s grace and maturity as the older twin. 6 Saint’s Minutes… For this. Goodbyes were said, tears were shed, and hugs were shared. And finally Adele rode her dearest horse, Bit, towards her destination: Elysium. It was the first place she could think of, after everything. But as she wandered through the busy streets, all that filled her mind was memories of her latest trip there. But without Theodosya to cheer her up, or Klara’s excitement and encouragement, the city truly didn’t feel the same - or like home. She had gone there to seek out her maternal grandfather or further information about her mother, but no one she had seen seemed as though they may be familiar with her mother - or the de Astrea family at all. As she sunk in defeat against a pillar in the central square, she hung her head low in shame. She felt like such a failure. It was only day 1 of living on her own and she had found nothing of interest, and she couldn’t even find sufficient accommodation for herself to sleep that evening. She curled up, without the motivation to even write in her diary as she was accustomed to doing, against the cold stone pillar. She listened quietly to the goings on of the evening as her eyes fluttered closed in fatigue. She took a moment to drape her thick fur cloak across herself before her eyes drooped shut. Safe to say that Adele slept rough that night… [An artist’s rendition of Adele’s metaphorical journey to adulthood in leaving Karosgrad and travelling through the woods to Elysium.] II. WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? 'Only when you return from your quest will you be considered as ready to officially reach adulthood.’ Her heart felt empty as she trudged through the empty streets of Yong Ping. She had given up with Elysium after a horrendous month of sleeping the streets, witnessing the affairs of darkness, and watching a few rare moments of innocent child kindness. Children were common to the streets of the Kingdom, though whose they were or where they stayed was not known to Adele, however she had watched them play through the Elysian avenues for hours on end. It had warmed her heart to watch them, and observing their play had certainly given her plenty of time to think. She despised the person she had been the month prior: spiteful, full of disgust and protest, unenthusiastic, even cruel at times. But nothing she had said or done had been faked or had been a lie! She WAS unenthusiastic about leaving, but she did love her sister. When they separated from each other at last in a busy hub of travel, the tears she had shed had been nothing if not real. And now as she sat upon the highest roof of the barren city, the rain battering her back, she was filled with an unending sense of loneliness and the image of those happy clapping playing Elysian children filled her mind with longing. As a child, Adele had been very sick and weak - a trait typical of one child in a pair of twins - and thus her father had kept her safe and cramped and bored inside the Otistadt nursery for many years. Through her first years of life, through her mother’s death, and even through Amicia’s eventual release to the streets of Karosgrad. While this confinement had alighted in her a furious passion for reading and literature, she had missed out on years of play which her twin had been given access to. As such, she often felt robbed of her childhood. She worried for her sister, her dearest twin who she treasured dearly. No matter how jealous she may feel on the bad days, nothing could fill the void in her soul when they were separated; when she didn’t know where she was. When she had first been introduced to Karosgrad’s pavement, she followed Amicia like her personal shadow. She had tried to emulate her - following in her every step and motion, but of course as they grew they drifted apart. They had never officially fought, but there were days filled with jealously and anger; occasional aggression and later tears of sorrow and remorse. The rippling water expanse extended before her while the abandoned city sat unused. There were a number of heartfelt details within the foreign city, and over her time spent there she came to learn of many of the alleys and got to know the capital very well. Her favourite spot she discovered was the roof of the island casino where one could see the entire metropolis with its intricate architecture and well-loved streets. And from her favourite spot one day, she spied movement within the Yong Ping streets… And as Adelaide von Audrick walked through the avenues, she had caught the eye of Adele Emma, and that day was an eventful one… [Adele Emma leading Bit through the countrysides of Almaris to her new destination: Sedan.] III. WHAT IS THE REAL PLEASURE IN LIFE? 'I wish to pass on a dream I had when I was your age onto you. I wanted to figure out who I was, what I wanted to do with my life and how I can become a better man.’ Adele Emma sat atop a hilltop with her book in front of her, and pen in hand. For she was no longer Adele Ludovar, as her father had decreed. She was now Adele Emma; her mother’s daughter. A girl who was named after Queen Emma Karenina of Karosgrad, a woman she great admired. A girl who was named after her illusive Reinmaren grandmother, Adele the former. Two great women who she had always wished to emulate, to make them proud and make her father proud. But things were different now: Adele Emma turned 18 that day and she could officially return home, if she was ready… But she hadn’t answered the final question. She knew who she was: she was Adele Emma Ludovar. And she knew exactly who she wanted to be: she wanted to be the woman worthy of her names, the woman who could live up to that precedent and the woman who would make her father proud. But what was a real pleasure? What did she love to do? And as she sat there, alone, atop a Sedanian hill, she glanced down to her beaten and muddied dress. Her eyes brushed over her small bag of possessions with its books, and her tiny Bokolo fledgling taking shelter inside her bag. They passed over her bottle of alcohol, her remaining food, and her jewellry. But finally she fixated on something: the gifts she had purchased all across Almaris to give to her family. And while she sat there and thought for a moment, she remembered her travels in the past months and how gruelling they had been. And she remembered what had pushed her through, what she had been hanging onto the whole time. Adele Emma missed her family profoundly, the crater left in her heart could do nothing but grow, its cracks spreading all over her face and features without those she loved the most by her side. Her eyes gazed around the streets of the Principality of Sedan, where her sister would come to rule over in harmony with her brother-in-law. It was a desolate place, with a chill wind that reminded her of home. Adele Emma found it both an unnerving and a comforting place, all at the same time. She briefly wandered the streets - the houses were small and cramped, with the great Castle impeding upon them, and it made her feel sorry for Amicia’s future life. But she resolved that there was nothing she could do about it from there, it was time to finish up and collect her horse. Adele Emma wanted to go home. [Adele Emma gathering flowers on her travels.] [!] A letter is published in the hand of Adele Emma Ludovar. It bears no seal upon it, though it is addressed to Count Johann Ludovar. "Dearest Papej, I have learnt a lot during my time away and I think I am finally ready to come back and answer your questions. I am Adele Emma Ludovar, and I am your daughter. I am the younger of two twins and we are turning 18 years of age today. I love books, and I love my pets. I am not confident, but I love throwing parties and making people happy. I was named after a successful businesswoman, my grandmother Adele, and I was named after a gifted Queen, Koenas Emma. I have an aspiration to be involved in the management of law and justice, just as you did. But most importantly, I love you and my family. I am emotional, but that is okay. That is who I am. I am your beloved daughter. I wish to live up to the amazing women I am named after. I don’t know if that is even possible, but I want to be generous, kindhearted, loyal, loving, warm, considerate, brave, and ambitious just like them. And I will hold those traits close to me as I try to follow in their footsteps. I thought for a long time, all of the time that I was gone I have thought about this. The third question, the final question. And finally it dawned on me when I realised what I had been pining for all that time, and the reason I had wanted to leave home so little. I didn’t want to leave you, my family. Are family is not that large, in comparison to other, and we are tight-knight. We are close. I have missed you dearly on my travels. I have missed Amicia more than anything, like losing a piece of myself - though I think that being away from her has helped me to learn independence. But all those things aside, the thing I noticed when we first passed through Karosgrad’s gates - no, when I first read your letter to us, I missed my family. And the realest pleasure in life is to spend time with your family and friends, something that you can only realise when you are parted from them. Papej, I think I am ready to come home now. Oh, how I have missed Haense… With all my love, your dearest daughter, Adele Emma Ludovar” [Adele within Otistadt as a young child, although her days of childhood are now over…]
  21. STRANGER For the downtrodden. Come, stranger, and leap Across fairest skies and stone Can you learn to finally reap What you have so desperately sown? The soldier wields his mighty sword And strikes through unmatched He has learned he can’t afford To only leave his enemies scratched Oh, how once fairest skies turn dark Clouds marring the light of day The beauty which did once spark Has faded into dullest grey Tell me, fair stranger, how one such as I Can overcome the blackest night For with such ardor do I purify In attempts to return to GODAN’s light As we find ourselves ever forward And the swirl of time besieges you May we leave our regret unmeasured Such endeavors ended without review Come, dear stranger And embrace the Northern sky Find yourself without filter As time passes you by Even the minstrel forever knows With his strings and his lute That he cannot cease unstoppable flows Lest he rend himself mute Tell me, beloved stranger, tell me why Those fair harvests find themselves unknown In favor of the deathly yields, ever dry As the whole of what you have sown? Let yourself not be discouraged For even the once a gentle soul Who has erred and remains disadvantaged Let not words of others keep you from your goal Find it within yourself, darling stranger To uplift those who would see your end And do not let words blister Strengthen yourself, stranger, do not let your spirit bend SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya
  22. THE BLOSSOMING OF A MAGNOLIA SECOND TIME’S THE CHARM The Hauchmetvas of Lady Adele Emma of Otistadt PENNDED 11TH OF TOV AND YERMEY, 416 E.S [An illustration of both Adele Emma Ludovar and Amicia Valerie Ludovar at the celebration of their comings of age] IT IS WITH GREAT JOY, That House Ludovar reaffirms that Lady Amicia Ludovar has been promised in later marriage to His Serene Highness, Frederick de Joannes; Prince of South Sedan now that the Lady has come of age after many years of allowing the couple to bond and get to know each other. AS SUCH, Count Johann is pleased to announce the coming Hauchmetvas of his second daughter and the younger twin, Lady Adele Ludovar. THE EVENT WILL SERVE THREEFOLD. Firstly, as a celebration in light of both of the Ludovar twins’ ascensions into adulthood. It will also act as Lady Adele’s traditional Haeseni Hauchmetvas for her to accept prospective suitors to secure familial alliances and in preparation for the newly begun Lifstala season. And thirdly, as the official celebration of Lady Amicia’s future betrothal and the prospective union of the Ludovar and de Joannes families. I. THE BESTOWING OF THE GARLAND The event will begin with Count Johann giving a speech for both of his daughters. Following the speech, as is traditional for a Haeseni Hauchmetvas, a wreath ceremony will be held in honour of Lady Adele’s openness to courtship. As opposed to elder female members of the house handling the wreath, the bestowment of the wreath is being managed by the Lady’s beloved twin sister, Amicia, who has decided to gift her a garland composed of meaningful traditional flowers. Upon the wreath shall be centrally purple magnolias due to their being Lady Adele’s favourite flowers and signifying long life and purity, yellow yarrows encouraging the everlasting love the debutante will share with her potential suitor, and white myrtle flowers to wish Lady Adele good luck in her bright future. II. THE FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE The first dance of the night will be a waltz between Lady Adele and her father, Count Johann Ludovar, for them to share a final moment before she begins the process of courtship. Upon the onset of the father-daughter dance, the ballroom floor will be opened to any couples present in the room to dance the night away. Lady Adele will then take any dance requests from potential suitors wishing to show their intentions to begin courtship with the young Lady. III. EXPECTED ATTIRE Due to Lady Adele’s fascination and love of literature, and inkeeping with the theme designated for Lifstala this season, the theme for the evening will be Fairy Tales. The Keep of the County shall be fabulously decorated with the embellishments of the Debutante’s favourite Tales from her books. As usual for a Hauchmetvas, it is asked that honourable guests do not adorn the colour red out of respect for the tradition. However, the Ludovar twins have decided to swap their favourite colours that they usually don for the evening. As red is the traditional colour of a debutante, Lady Amicia will be adopting her sister’s favourite colour: Blue. Therefore, both young Ladies have requested that guests do not don the colour blue exclusively as their outfit. All other colours are completely allowed, providing that blue and red are not the primary colours of a Lady’s gown. Any gifts that friends of the now-grown ladies wish to deliver to them will be entirely welcome and both twins hope to see many of their friends in attendance! FORMAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his royal pedigree His Princely Grace, Johann Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Grace, Rhys var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree His Grace, Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Nikolai Kortrevich, Viscount of Krusev and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Filip Amador, Baron of Mondtstadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Elimar Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree PERSONAL INVITES ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: Her Royal Majesty, Emma Karenina, Queen of Hanseti-Ruska His Serene Highness, Frederick Stanimar de Joannes, Prince of Sedan and his royal pedigree Her Grace, Marie Ruthern neé Ludovar, Duchess of Vidaus Her Ladyship, Theodosya Barclay SIGNED, His Excellency, Johann Frederick Ludovar, Count of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Adele Emma Ludovar Her Ladyship, Amicia Valerie Ludovar
  23. ST. CATHERINE’S HOME FOR THE ORPHANED Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, On this day, the 6th of VZMEY AND HYFF, 416 EHR SIGMUNDA, we are proud to announce the establishment of a place where children will be guaranteed safety, no matter their race, nationality, or status. Regardless of whether their parents be deceased or estranged, any child in need is welcome. Education, meals, and shelter shall be provided at no cost to those who take refuge within the walls of St. Catherine’s. In honor of St. Catherine, Patron Saint of Refugees, Integrity, Innocence, and the Vessian People, we extend our hand to those children suffering due to both past and present events created by tension across Almaris. St. Catherine’s lies within the capital city of Hanseti-Ruska, Karosgrad, within the theater building on Wailer Road. Any and all donations are welcome, and the names of the patrons shall be placed within the information book at the entrance to St. Catherine’s. Discord: https://discord.gg/xsVvVBpkGf SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya His Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt Her Princely Ladyship. Sibylla Erica Barclay Her Ladyship, Erika Renate Barclay
  24. * From ages 10-14 Charelle began her studies into becoming a Jovenaar while still trying to hold onto the little child-hood she had left before reforming into a woman. It had been some time since her father Erwin Bishop passed away from an Orenian execution. Charelle, who loved her father dearly, was still filled of grief; locking herself away in her room throwing away all that brought her joy and instead putting all her attention into her studies in hopes the pain would seep away into the note and pages of her work. At 13 she began rehabilitating from life out of her room with learning how to bake; as her sister Heleana was soon to be married to a Savoyard noble and move out of the Manor, someone had to replace her as the family cuisinest. Though it was grievous, Charelle's soul would slowly grow to it’s fierce self thought, viewing the world in a new light.
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