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Found 8 results

  1. https://youtu.be/K-EthATzWzo [Art by Yuri Nikolayev] Cuisine of Hanseti-Ruska “Eat your food, child, lest you want the cold to nip at you more fiercely! Go on, eat!” Haeseni Babushka A cultural treatise presented by Her Royal Highness, Alexandria Karina Wick; Royal Curator of Hanseti-Ruska. The climate of Hanseti-Ruska is cold and cruel, and can be unforgiving to many - especially the unprepared. It has led to the belief the hardly many quality ingredients can be gathered within our Kingdom’s borders in order to prepare a delicious and hearty meal; many people over our generations have gradually taken to forgeign recipes and foods from the Crownlanders and other warmer regions, which has nearly made the spirit of Haeseni cuisine to fade entirely. This document is made in order to save and preserve it - as well as the urge for the denizens of Hanseti-Ruska to follow this example. Despite the hardened climate and landscape of the Haense, there are a wide variety of ingredients able to be grown, hunted, and gathered within the boundaries of the Kingdom. Grains Wheat A commonly grown and hardy grain in the flattened territories of Haense, abundant in supply and used in the preparation of various breads and other doughy goods within the Kingdom. It is one of the most important staple foods within Haense, for bread is a food found in many a Haeseni meal and plays an important role within Haeseni tradition to begin feasts; Breaking the Bread. Barley Being chiefly important with its role as stockfeed for those following the agrarian way of life within the Kingdom, barley is commonly used for various sorts of brews within Haense; most commonly Waldenian ales. Aside from that, the grain makes for a pleasant ingredient for various vegetable and beef stews. Rye Due to its similar uses to wheat and barley, rye may also be cultivated within the borders of Hanseti-Ruska. Haeseni porridges mainly utilize this grain. Meats Venison Deer are abundant in the forests of Hanseti-Ruska and make for a common game for Haeseni hunters and trappers to pursue. Oftentimes, it is prepared for less special occasions due to the gamey flavors of the meat; however, it still provides a quality amount of nutrients and an ample amount of meat for various stews and other fulfilling meals. Mutton A meat that has a strong and gamey flavor, used commonly in Haeseni stews due to his toughness; however, it isn’t as easy to acquire as venison and is saved to cook for more special occasions or to add more flavor to stews in the winter months. Rabbit A meat cooked and treated similarly to chicken, and often used in place of chicken when it is not available. It remains another popular choice for the preparation of hearty, Haeseni meals. A wide variety of meats plays into the cuisine of Hanseti-Ruska, since it offers so many nutrients to keep a Haeseni or Ruskan strong. To avoid repetition and for the sake of brevity, a simplified list of other meats often found in the Kingdom’s borders are as listed below: Pheasant Whale Goat Boar | A favorite game to pursue for Haeseni hunters, though dangerous. Often served at grand festivals or other celebrations by being slow-roasted over a fire. Cod Herring | One of the more favored seafoods of Haense; commonly found in territories bordering large bodies of waters, due to the love many Haeseni bear for the seas. Salmon Cow Fruits, Vegetables, Ect. Haeseni Wild Apples A rather small sort of apple that grows in the territories of Hanseti-Ruska with more mild climates. It has a rather tart taste, which grows sweeter the more it is ripened. It is often an added ingredient to certain stews or porridges for extra flavor and nutrients, though is favored mostly when prepared for pastries such as Ruskan cakes or pies. Prikaburren The national fruit of Haense.Red berries found commonly in the Haense wilderness or in the gardens of those with a sweet tooth. It’s used to accent dishes - often ones with meats; and is rather popular for pastries as well. Teas and alcohols have also been prepared from these berries, proving that they are truly a Haeseni favorite. More information on them may be located in the Tarcharman’s study: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/191294-prikaburren-prikaz-berry-national-fruit-of-haense/?tab=comments#comment-1771196 Pears Ruskan Olives | An olive favored by Prinzenas Aleksandriya Karina i Haense for its medicinal uses; an oil produced from these olives have acted as a base for salves that relieve muscle pains. Potatoes Beetroots Carrots Baby Bella Mushrooms | Small brown-capped mushrooms that grow in the gentler parts of Hanseti-Ruska, most notably clearings and meadows. Named after Prinzenas Theodosiya Ysabel i Markev, since the insides of these mushrooms are a luminous white that was reminiscent of her skin tone. Turnips Onions Herbs and Spices Paprika Oregano Thyme Rosemary Parsley Bay leaves Dill Mint Garlic [Art by Yuri Nikolayev] Recipes Pies Startlaefaf Pirok A savory pie favored by many Haeseni fishermen and sailors, its name translating to common as Salmon Pie. Made primarily from salmon, rice, cabbage, mushrooms, and a mixture of various other vegetables based on the cook’s choice. Cooked eggs, minced red onions, cheese, and parsley to help bring out more flavor. [ https://withinthewild.com/our-recipes/russian-alaska-salmon-pie/ ] Ruskan Apple Cake A sweet and crumbly cake made from Haeseni wild apples, a simple treat for all to bake in the spring and summer months of Haense; other fruits may be used within the cake, if apples don’t fit one’s fancy. Prikaburren are known to be used for cakes such as these. [ https://natashaskitchen.com/apple-sharlotka-recipe-russian-apple-cake/ ] Haeseni Vatrushka A Haeseni cheesecake that can be made sweet for desserts and tasted with prikaburren jams; or savory to eat with soups. If the filling is sweetened, some bakers are known to add dried fruits into it for added flavoring. [ https://russianrecipebook.com/vatrushka/ ] Stews or Soups Huntna Stew A hearty stew made with a wide variety of meats from a boar, vegetables, and wild herbs. Often slow-cooked within a cauldron over a day before it is served to a large group. Meant for celebrations and other popular festivities involving crowds. [ https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/polish_hunters_stew/ ] Mutton Stew A savory stew meant for smaller gatherings, though is fulfilling nonetheless. Cooked with a wide variety of vegetables to accent the mutton. [ https://www.recipecottage.com/german/lamb-stew.html ] Winter Soup Very nutritious and fulfilling, and made from Haeseni vegetables capable of enduring some of the harshest of climates. Winter Soup is a common meal within the Kingdom, especially when meats are difficult to obtain - mainly in the winter months. [ https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/nordic-winter-vegetable-soup ] Roasts Janz Dinna A juicy and tender roast made from the beef of a cow, once the favored dish of Komit Jan Kovachev i Carnatia, though still remains a popular dish for many other Haeseni for its simplicity and delicious flavors. [ https://www.theseasonedmom.com/dutch-oven-pot-roast/ ] Koengzdaf Often called a meal for a King, though it’s not an entirely complex recipe; the few ingredients involved, however, remain rather costly. [ https://nordicfoodliving.com/danish-roast-pork-with-crackling-flaeskesteg/ ] It is encouraged for other Haeseni to prepare and present their own dishes, or to even reference this document in moving forward with their cooking and baking. The soul of a nation is found in their food, and it’s the duty of every citizen of Hanseti-Ruska to keep it thriving.
  2. The Life of a Bounty Hunter What to expect from the Hunts?: As one of the Drifter’s novice hunters, you will have to gain his trust to become one of his “full fledged” hunters. A regular hunt is somewhat life threatening. Now you may ask, “How might one differentiate mortality rates?”” Well the Drifter has you covered with a full tier system with 3 different difficulties that each give you a certain amount of reputation with each one you complete. (Difficulties listed below in detail) The 1 Skull’s: one skull tier’s, or the easiest tier, is known to be the least life threatening to a person looking for a quick job in the lands. These somewhat easy bounties would be considered a “stroll in cloud temple” to those who have become the Drifter’s most trusted. As you may expect, the 1 skull’s give out about as much reputation as one might think, which is 1 reputation towards the season goal of 15. [Payment for doing this tier can be anywhere from 25-50 minas] The 2 Skull’s: the second tier is quite a few steps higher then the first tier. This is more suited for the working class. This tier offers a higher challenge as the 2 Skull tier bounties are considered to be suited for town guards, footmen, and basically other military positions. You get the point. The Drifter will not willingly hand a working class member a 2 skull or above bounty until they reach a total of 5 bounties completed. Another suggested tactic to doing 2 skull’s is that you bring a group along with you, whether it be a drinking buddy, or even the town guard that seems to be the most arrogant man alive. As long as they have clearance to go out on 2 skull bounties, it is fine to bring them along. One may expect to gain 2 to, sometimes, 3 reputation toward the seasonal goal of 15. [Payment for doing this tier of bounties can be anywhere from 200-300 minas] The 3 SKULL’S: the final tier/difficulty of the three, is only given out to those who have gained their seasonal reputation goal with the Drifter. These bounties are no joke ato quote the Drifter, “I’ve lost a lot of good, promising sellswords to these bounties. I don’t willingly give out these bounties to those I don’t trust, or that do their bounties strictly alone”. Other than the fact that the Drifter may actually care about his hunters, the Drifter would be unwilling to give you one of these bounties unless you have a substantial group of other hunters with you. These bounties are very life threatening. He expects hunters to bring back the heads, pieces, remnants, etc. of creatures like Jormun Basilisks, or even a Fleugal. [Payment from doing this tier of bounties can be anywhere from 500-800 minas] 2. Seasonal Goals Being one of the Drifters Trusted hunters will not be a simple walk in the park, it's more like a fight against a Lubba, or more specifically an adult one, Very Hard though not impossible to kill. As you go about your bounties, you will be expected to reach a certain goal every season (they may change or vary depending on the season). Like stated previously, you need reputation with the Drifter to get anywhere with bounty hunting for him. Completing bounties brings you closer to reaching the seasonal goal that grants you a special medallion tailored to the season. With this medallion, you gain access to special items from the Drifter, more specifically weapons, traps, etc. for use on your hunts as well as the Deadly 3 Skulled Bounties. Your status resets upon every new coming of an OOC season. Every season grants new medallions, goals , bounties, items that will be brought into play but the old ones will remain with those who own them. Old seasonal items will almost certainly NEVER BE BROUGHT BACK INTO THE DRIFTERS LINE OF SEASONAL EVENTS. 3. Current season of Bounties The Season of the Great Hunt (1st irp season of bounty hunting): The first recorded season of the bounty dealer’s dealing. Season form reference: The Drifter of Haense 4. Previous seasons of bounties (none yet) (srry about posting this so late. Was supposed to go out a while ago, but I forgot to post.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jUuE2_JAWmFHj0_44jh6_3kiW5mdRjHp5iwNU1elxJY/edit?usp=sharing Heres the link if u don't wanna read an un-formatted mess ( I tried.... ). Its a google docs with the same exact info as in here. Also I figured I’d include an inv to the discord for the bounty dealer. Its where everything is coordinated. Join if you wanna. https://discord.gg/7T7sxeR
  3. It appears someone has eaten all of the medicine out of your house. Lucky(?) for you, it has been replaced with a brand new issue of buck news.
  4. Just when you thought you were safe.. a brand new buck news is taped to your face when you wake up this morning. That way you can walk and read! How convenient. And another one nailed to your door with 13 nails.
  5. ~Encounters in the One Eyed Pit~ As night fell upon Haense while the townsfolk went about their nightly business, whether it be go home and sleep or have a night out in the tavern, would not take notice of a small select group that wandered out of the gates and to the front of the Drifter’s wagon. Seeing that they were ready to continue this war against the damned heretics that had killed one of their comrades and many others, the drifter would lean up to speak to them now having new information that would most definitely help more than the last debriefing did. “I see you lot are back, are ya ready for the next battle against the heretics?” the drifter spoke, letting a small stream of smoke escape his mouth as he looked to the group, examining each and everyone of them. Astoro, a man of the HRA, would reply with something along the lines of a yes. The Drifter would nod to the group as he heard some questions from a few of their bunch asking things like, “Do you have actual information this time,” or “Will it be as bad as the last one?”. The Drifter stood there for a moment as he thought of how to answer their questions. After a few moments of him taking a puff from his pipe passed, he would start his somewhat informing debriefing. “This one won’t be as brutal as the last. See, you crippled their forces in the last encounter so one of the main camps, The House of Darkness, relocated itself basing somewhere in the wick wood near the two birds camp. This camp that they have made is now better known as The Pit for reasons I do not know. I want you to go there and clear those cultists out of their new camp, so that they don’t have time to get too comfortable there. Once you are there, you should notice traps there. If you're careful about it you should be able to avoid them.” the Man paused for a moment after debriefing to everyone the bounty to await a response. The HRA men mixed group would give him a few nods and words of clarification to confirm accepting the job. As the men got ready to go, Leonid Amador offered up a few prayers before battle as they then would venture out into the harsh forests of the wick wood. After a few hours of searching in the cold night, the group would be met by a gate that would have a noticeable trap on it. The group of young hunters alike would all silently and stealthily proceed to make their way into the camp as they would make quick work of the front group, then alarming the rest of the camp. As more men rushed in, Astoro, Leonid, Joshua, and Sheppard would all hold the lines as those who opposed them would perish. The fight was going to plan as Leonid and Astoro would manage to kill the pit’s champion, though it would seemingly become a bit of a struggle as after a *thunking* noise, two giant hulking grizzly bears would burst out from a cage as they charged for those who dared to fight them. After a drawn out engagement against the grizzlies, the group would prove themselves as they cleared the pit. Letting out a sigh of relief, and becoming exhausted, the hunters searched the camp a bit as they found a slip of worn out paper that had an exact location on it that was written in blood. The name Rigut would be placed underneath, as if it were marking their location. With this information, the group would return to the Drifter after a successful hunt. Their talk wouldn’t be too detailed as their relations with each other had somewhat gone on a downward spiral after what happened in the previous massacre in the cultist camp camp, ‘the boiler’. It was a quick tradoff, Astoro gave the man the information they gathered and the Drifter would toss the minas onto the table. Though after the majority of the group left, Joshua stayed as he angrily questioned the Drifter. After their conversation, Joshua stormed off as the Drifter returned into his small unwelcoming wagon.
  6. ~The Feast of the One Eyed Prophet~ The cheers of men and women, and the nice crispy smells of cooked meat would ring throughout the entire Wick Wood as the cultists were having a feast. A newly made holiday that would be dedicated in celebration of their One Eyed Prophet. The HRA would make their advances toward the smell of what was believed to be the smells of cooked human flesh as they searched the Wick Wood. Upon reaching the top of one of the mountains, the group would prepare themselves as they lit their arrows in fire and prepared their cocktails for use. Archer Biano would silently stumble down the hill to make sure it was clear as someone shouted, alarming the feasting men as well as a small hunting force of the cult that there was a disturbance or some kind of intruders in the camp. They would immediately drop their fried limbs, sizzled intestines, and many other cooked organs, limbs, etc., and grip their weapons as the men would rush out from the camp. The hunting group would rush out from the forest and immediately go after Archer. It was a rush to get down the hill as the men fought on 3 fronts in total as the fight went on. The forest group would have a standstill against Ruben, Archer, Genieve, and Astoro. But through Astoro’s command they would finish the fight after gaining an upper hand. On the other front, Reyna, Leonid, Joshua, and Sheppard would hold the hill affront the fort through pushing men back into the flaming fortress and holding the uphill advantage. After an intense struggle, and many injuries, they would manage to hold the hill. At the sight of the 30 dead bodies laid sprawled out all around the field, the HRA would let out a big sigh of relief as they saw everyone still to be living. Sadly, their sigh of relief would be met with a sight of death and sadness. During the battle, Archer Biano took heavy injuries as he would bleed out before the medics could reach him. Archer’s final actions being confessing his love to Reyna as he would give her an emerald ring to symbolize his undying love before closing his heavy eyes one last time and resting peacefully. After a long day, the men would call it at an end. Leonid and Astoro would bring one unresponsive captured cultist back to the church as he was ordered to be executed. Astoro would fling a shot off at his head using his heavy crossbow to deliver a quick and painless death to that heretic. Meanwhile, Reyna brought Archer to the same church as a funeral was held and Archer would be buried at the back of the church for ridding the lands of heathens.
  7. ----------------- The Death Of A Ranger----------------- The day started as any other, Archer Biano awoke in the HRA barracks. After eating a few rations Archer slowly got dressed in his ranger uniform. He had lost his arm a month before to a bandit with a great-sword. The wound was still semi fresh as he had to change the bandages several times a day. Making his rounds around the city of New Reza he had saw Reyna standing in the town center, to him her beauty was unmatched. Slowly he walked up to her, “Hey Reyna, how are you doing?” He had asked, leaning slightly on the giant statue podium. They continued to talk for around 30 minutes before a bird landed in between them with a letter. As Reyna opened the letter with Archer standing behind her, they read out about another bounty. Soon the both of them had armored up for it, Reyna bringing her Crossbow, Sword, and plenty of arrows. While Archer grabbed his shield and a dagger, since he had yet to retrieve his sword from the young Joren. As they set out for The Drifter's wagon they spoke to each other. “Which camp’s were on the map?” He asked, gripping the shield as he walked. “It didn’t specify, but there were 4 of camps.” Reyna told him, walking a bit faster to keep up with Archer’s longer legs. After another minute of walking they arrived at The Drifter's wagon, seeing more than those who were there last time. The lot of them stood in a half circle formation infront of the wagon, listening to the strange man speak about the place to attack. ------=======------ As soon as Archer had left his group, it had all gone to ****. One of the cultist’s had yelled out letting the others know of us. Astoro, Genevieve, and Ruben were in a ditch of sorts, fighting off the enemy berserker. Archer had whipped around, attempting to use his shield to block an incoming attack at his calf. He had failed as the sword went into his calf, scraping just past the bone. As the fight went on Archer got attacked again, this time a man was aiming at his throat. It caused a deep gash to appear going down from his chin to his collarbone. He thankfully he pushed the man back, letting Reyna rain flame arrows over him. Archer soon passed out, holding his shield over his body. ------=======------ When Archer awoke again, Astoro was standing infront of him. “W-where is Reyna-na?” He asked, as he slipped his hand out of the shield. “She is up on the hill, she is safe.” Astoro replied gripping onto his hand, his helmet hiding his face. He only continued to ask, “S-she is safe, and un-unharmed right?” “Don’t worry she’s perfectly fine, only one of us to be unharmed. You’ll be able to see her soon alright?” Astoro spoke through gritted teeth, the lie flowing out like water. “You’re a good man, thank you for being there.” Archer held onto his hand, holding onto him like a lifeline. As Reyna ran up to Archer, Astoro mouthed to a medic that he was dying. “Archer-No!” She cried out, trying to push past Astoro to get to Archer. “Shhhhh, it's fine Archer you'll be fine alright, just fine.” He continued trying to maintain his composure while lying , letting Reyna move closer and removing his hand. Archer reaches out his hand, firmly holding onto her hand. “Reyn-a I need to explain som-me things….” He pasused taking a breath, “You have been the best friend I could ever ask for, you were a kind soul to me in a dark time. You helped me look at a better light, a better future and for that…. I thank you. You could call me crazy but, I love you Reyna. W-Will you take this? For me?” He would retract his arm grabbing a ring from a small bag. Archer slowly and wobbly he placed it on her finger. “H-how would you like to be a Biano?” Reyna nods her head, helping him put the ring on her finger. Then Archer pulled Reyna in giving her a kiss on the check. “Stay happy for me, you are my blessing.” His dying whisper came out, his eyes becoming dull. ------=======------ Archer slowly opened his eyes to a blinding light, a figure standing in the middle of it. “Who?” He asked, holding his hand up infront of his eyes. As the light dyed down his eyes widened with tears brimming the edges. “Momma?” He asked reaching up at the figure. “Yes my dear?” His mother replied, pulling her son up. The boy cried, holding onto his mother for dear life, crying “I love you”s and “I missed you”. As the reunion happened a big black rottieweiler bounded up and jumped onto Archer licking his face. The rest is history....
  8. ~Prologue~ One cold day, the drifter sent out a group of Sellswords to check out a small cave, and none seemingly returned. As the days went on, Bounties would be handed from one hunter to another. Months later, the Drifter wouldn’t know of what had happened to his hunters as none of the parties who got involved in his bounties to search for the missing hunters would find them. As the year would conclude, the Drifter finally decided to stop sending hunters aimlessly out into recon after recon the wick wood to search for what could be deemed as a myth or tale. What really had happened that day in the cave would spark a dark ominous threat, leading people into its grasp of death. This story went a bit as follows... the four brave hunters ventured into the unknown dark cave expecting good pay from a run in the mill bounty, as it was for some reason a tier 3 bounty. The group would find that inside of the cave lied simple traps and other mechanisms to be all over the cave. About an hour would pass as the four struggled to get through trap after trap placed by someone who obviously didn’t like visitors. reaching the lower cave, the four would come across the recover mission that they were tasked with. retrieving one of the Drifter’s supply crates that was stocked with food and stolen by the unknown. Concluding someone probably just left it here to either grab later or leave to rot the group started their walk back up out of the cave as they would be met by a towering figure, that stood 4 meters tall, upon reaching the front of the entrance/exit. The hunters would prepare themselves as they knew they were about to die. After a few moments of the hunters drawing short swords, bows, and mace, the cyclops had already thought up a rather simple plan. Whilst the four brave hunters stood to fight the cyclops, the egotistical giant would pridefully spout out ”Rigut is prop’et...great sav’or to hum’e race” while speaking these words, the 4 Sellswords would look to eachother rather confused as one of them would ask cautiously, still gripping their weapon ”Porphet to our race?” . Rigut would give them a small nod before speaking in a sly Cavemanish tone ”Rigut wont sav’ humee’s unless humee’s help me”. The hunters would watch the prideful one eyed man spout this off, not believing him for a moment. ”Give Rigut meat, and Rigut might help humee’s” the Cyclops went on as the hunters still were quiet unbelieving of the giant as they gripped their weapons not wanting to help this obvious liar. Seeing that the humans still resisted his offers, the cyclops would simply walk out of the way from the cave’s entrance. Though as the hunters left the cave, they would meet the same grizzly fate as just about anyone else who ventured out into that cave and didn’t join this Cyclop’s cult. They would all be struck down , later being used as the Cyclop’s breakfast, lunch, dinner. With this tale ending you might be asking, just how did the Drifter know where to send Sellswords on this first bounty? Well, its quite simple really. The Drifter had heard reports of local people in the Wick wood going missing, and so he sent out one of his Sellswords all on his lonesome to search and find out what has been taking people. After a few months passed, the Drifter grew restless, awaiting for the man’s return he would go out to search himself. Unfortunately the man couldn’t find really anything as he searched through the woods, eventually reaching the bandit camp finding corpses to be missing from the camp, shown by the trails of blood exiting it. Upon finding this, the Drifter would then have a bounty prepared and ready for the next group of Sellswords that came along to his wagon. ~The Two Bird’s Camp~ As the day went by, and Haense Duma would end, Haense soldiers would flock to the Drifter’s wagon expecting a hard bounty based off of what they had been hearing for the past few days. Approaching the wagon, the group of 6 would stand by the Drifter’s wagon awaiting his debriefing. The Drifter would wait until he had took a long puff from his pipe before speaking in his low raspy tone, though anyone could tell whatever was wrong was clearly troubling the man as all of his movements seemed tense and forced. ”Right, I guess this should be enough of you lot.”. The Drifter spoke, leaning back into his wagon before he continued onto the debriefing, ”There have been recent local reports of people going missing near the Wick wood. I sent out one of my sellswords about a month back and he has either failed and is to ashamed to bring himself back here, or he was likely dead because of whatever he found. I sent him out to go near that bandit camp your men sieged a while back. Since he never returned, I decided to go do it myself. Though as I looked around the camp, I only found trails of blood exiting the back of it. I want you lot to go search the area and find some conclusion of what happened to my man.”. And so, the Sellswords were off on their bounty. They found themselves in the camp that had previously been sieged , now becoming a corpse dump it would seem as the group of HRA would see a few men covered in one eyed masks dragging carcass’s of half eaten, rotted humans/animals into the camp and leaving them around the area. Trying to be silent, the HRA hid to the sides of the gates as Ruben Var Ruthern would practice his acting skills and start screaming in pain ”AAARGH, AHH NO NOT MY.” . Ruben left off as the three body dumpers would send out a single one to go over to him. As the man reached him, he drew his knife readying it behind his back as Ruben stood in front of him, towering over the man in his plate as the cultist would ask ”Whats wrong friend?” the cultist asked, prepping his dagger behind his back assuming Ruben was hurt. Tough before the situation escalated any further, Astoro would slit the man’s throat trying to be stealthy as the other two noticed. They would run screaming ”ALERT ALERT, RUN!!” . The HRA would chase down 2 more men killing one of them as they question another that had rolled violently down a hill. From what they could draw from the questioning is that the men of this cult would most likely rather die then reveal their burnt skinned faces to anyone else, and that there was a nearby camp just down the pathway to the left. Going down that road the HRA would start to smell the putrid, stench of rotting corpses that the camp gave off. As the group would start going toward the camp, a few men would be visible behind the small wooden defenses they had though they were very unmoving. as Astoro ordered a few seperate groups to loop around the camp, they would find themselves being ambushed by a giant outnumbering force of the cultists as they were all separated. Astoro and archer would hear their comrades engaging in a fight as they started into the camp and discovering that the men behind the defenses were indeed a trap. though without any second to respond, Astoro and Archer would find themselves ambushed from behind. As the long hard fight went gruesomely on, the HRA would gain the upper hand as they slowly but surely scraped along killing the cultists throughout the fight. As the battle had finished, or so they had thought, the group would then be attacked by a hedge knight as he challenging anyone who wished to step up and fight. His opponent, Astoro, would hold his own against the knight. Though the duel would not end how one might think. It would be rudely interrupted by Archer as he stabbed into the back of the man’s neck. The long hard fight now being over, it would be followed by a big sigh of relief being there no injuries as the HRA went along to search bodies and the camp. They would that every one of the dead cultists held a bottled eye as some sort of ID? They would also find a map locating what seemed to locate 4 other cultist camps. The 6 made started their long walk back to the drifter, once returning would offer the drifter the map and one of the cultist’s bottled eyes. The Drifter would seemingly except this as enough for their payment as his stress and curiosity only grew. The Cultist Camps -In depth- The first one the two bird's camp. Its called this because the cultists that had lured people into the camp would hide in the tree's as the unsuspecting men would wander in as they thought they saw cultists standing behind defenses as when they wandered into the camp, they would find the bodies to be dead as the cultists would come out from the surrounding forests, and kill those who wandered in. The second one is known as the Boiling Pot because the cultists themselves had taken up eaten humans and animals as so did the cyclops. the made a camp for the cooking of the Humans/animals in the wick wood as they had a giant pot underneath a campfire to boil dead creatures. This camp would be somewhat defensible as it's their main point of food making for the followers. The third known as the house of darkness. this house would be placed as a decoy cave to the cyclop's home. upon entering the cave, it would be seen that it is littered by traps of all kinds. It would also hold cages holding bears, wolves, and boars (not greymanes just regular ones). there would be beast handlers that set off cages as well as a few people guarding them. The fourth would be known as the cannibals commons camp. this camp is one based by the Cyclop's cave as it holds a lot of the followers. It would be seen as there main home if they were not staying in the cave with the Cyclops. The fifth camp is known as the burner. known as the area where the skinning and burning of faces happens. It is heavily guarded by some hedge knights and a few others as this camp houses all of their medical cultists. The main Base of Operations is known as the One Eyed Kingdom. the most fortified. known as the Cyclop's main home, there would be walls set up outside of the cave as the inside would be disorienting to those not wearing masks because the moss would cause disorientation -2 to all rolls to anyone inside EXCEPT for the Cyclops. the cave would most likely have traps in it as he was known as a more intelligent Cyclops. a trickster. let me know what you think, its my first time making a forum post for eventlines.
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