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  1. The Sturmholm Folio The works of Vorloin Baruch Vorloin Baruch, shortly after the Athera Expedition Vorloin Baruch, practicing a stage-play With the recent death of poet Vorloin Baruch, it has been requested by his will that his folio be published to the world at large. All that follows is the work of poet, who used the pen-name of Vorloin Sturmholm Editor’s note: For some reason, all of Mr Baruch’s writings refer to himself as ‘Vorion’, instead of ‘Vorloin’. Regardless of whatever caused this error, it has been corrected. ‘Almost all of these
  2. [!] Alad would amend the proposal as directed by state officials to be simplified, without protocol and reflective of Haeseni authority over guild operations. *After this we would walk up to the office and hand over the revised document* [!] The scroll would be marked with the his silver family sigil. Haense Guild Proposal Alad Vel’Telos Celia’thilln shall formally request to open an Adventuring Guild in Haense. Operations: -The business will take on adventuring jobs as per their Good Will policy. -The business will take on rumors an
  3. Soup Kitchen [Wednesday, 1pm EST] House Amador will be setting up a soup kitchen for the poor and those suffering. It will be held once every saint’s week. The meat will most of the time be made from the boar hunted by the family and vegetables grown from our own farm. The stand will be set up in the square where a line can be made for those needing food. SIGNED, HER EXCELLENCY, Ingrid Barclay, Lady Seneschal of Haense and Regent of Mondtstadt HIS LORDSHIP, Ramdir II Amador, Baron of Mondstadt
  4. Her Last Feather PK of Marcella Avern-Barclay Born in 1688, Marcella Baruch was the daughter of Richard Baruch and an unnamed woman from Curon. Her father was a known necromancer in his past and the woman was unknown but to a select few. However, under the custody of her father, he aimed to improve upon his ways and took up an alchemist stand within the city of Sutica. When Marcella was just shy of one her father was arrested and executed for his past crimes, abandoning her in the basement of Richard’s shop. Her adoptive brother Hiren had found her some time later an
  5. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA REVIEW ON THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS OF REPEATING PROPOSALS 5th of Wzuvar & Byvca, 355 E.S. Jovenaars Sir Sigmar J. Baruch Ms. Reza B. Gynsburg Mr. Otto Wittenbach Mr. Lukas Rakoczy MAJORITY: Rakoczy, joined by Gynsburg CONCURRENCE: Wittenbach DISSENT: Baruch Exposition A multitude of acts are rejected at the behest of the Duma vote, as has been seen in recent years. The Josefian reforms have also brought a period of great change t
  6. TO THE PEOPLE OF HAENSEI I write to you today in fair word to your safety, though I may be an initiate I hold the witness of the Barush Manor in this matter. I send this notice to relay to you the important factor of the Orcs. Recently there has been an influx of break-ins by criking of locks in the Barush Manor, and thus has been left the current note. I hope to inform you in this matter and urge you further to secure your belonging and inform your nearest HRA troop in sighting of an Orc, inside and outside the walls. Both for your safety and for the sake of Haensei's overall security.
  7. Census of Hanseti-Ruska 355ES - 367ES KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the OFFICE OF THE SENESCHAL On this Jula ag Piov of 355ES Va Birodeo e Herzenav, Following the lapse of twelve years since the issuance of the First Haeseni Census, the Office of the Seneschal, at the will of the Aulic Council, sees fit to publish this Second Haeseni Census to gather accurate information on the populace of Hanseti-Ruska for the purposes of statistical records. The Second Haeseni Census is attached to this missive, and the
  8. “What gives you worry overtakes you. Let’s work together in order to lessen the worry and get your voices heard.” ~The reason that I personally see myself as an eligible candidate in the debate for Tribune~ Once I had to face many goodbyes to my family and had to bear the deaths of two of the role models that I admired most, I began to think. Though I have taken up knighthood and a role in the HRA, I want to be able to better the lives of those who live within Haense so that their lives become more fulfilled and memorable within this fine capital. Once I had reali
  9. HOLY NOTICE The banishment of the foul beast. As Tuvsmas night ended, reports of a Poltergeist haunting the Basilica of Karosgrad sounded across Almaris. A call for aid was sent out and the Palatine Guard Order of the All-Saints answered that call. The Order settled in the church district of Karosgrad, readying themselves for the battles to come. Multiple times, the noble flock of Godan tried to rid the Basilica of the foul beast, but it's retreat was always temporary. Thus, Lay-Cardinal Johan Vuiller and Cardinal Alfred of Jorenus gathered the local priests
  10. ~The Arbiter~ ~OOC Message to introduce Companies~ As you can see, companies are being introduced this season to the bounty dealer - along with a plethora of other things. But what is a company you may ask? Well, it is quite simple really. They are going to be the basis of where all of the bounties come from. Plus, they consequently will give out rewards upon maxing your reputation out with them. For every bounty that will be on the bounty board, a clear label will be written alongside it stating what company it is from. Some bounties a
  11. December 2020: Happy New Year! That month I wanted to write an appreciation for all of you. As 2020 is now over, and you have all been so brave, kind and patient during that rough year. Many have lost their jobs in this pandemic. The economy has been ****, and I imagine there might have been a few who lost their homes and loved ones as well. So it would not have been fair to celebrate just one person in the last month of that year. I know this pandemic will not suddenly be over now that 2021 is here. And things might never be the same for any of us. But I promise you thi
  12. [!]A piece of parchment would be in front of you! (That's him!) A Lonely Squiring Knight Needs A Wife! My cousin is in need of a wife! There is only a few requirements. ---------------------------------------------------- -Must take Mondblume name -Is Cannonist -Older than 25 but younger than 34 -Can take care of an idiot ----------------------------------------------------- Come find Aeira Mondblume for more information! (AllMemesKill#5157 or WeebMaster36 in-game)
  13. Hidden Chest of Karosgrad [Sunday, 1pm EST] A chest with a certain item will be hidden somewhere in Karosgrad once every saint’s week. A riddle or hint will be given on where it is hidden. So look out, for you won’t be the only seeker in this game. The items are donated from the House of Amador SIGNED, HER EXCELLENCY, Ingrid Barclay, Lady Seneschal of Haense and Regent of Mondtstadt HIS LORDSHIP, Ramdir II Amador, Baron of Mondstadt
  14. Royal Missive - Missing dog Issued and confirmed by Her Majesty, Queen Isabel Franziska Barbanov, 354 ES Her Royal Highness, the Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov, baroness of Antioch’s dog has gone missing. A finder’s prize of 500 minas will be given to those that can find the dog and return it safely to the Nikirala Prikaz in the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. He will respond to the name Alexei, his fur is black and white with brown eyes and has a gold collar on its neck. It is a well trained dog and around 3 years of age. [!] A painting of
  15. ETIQUETTE REFORMS IN THE ROYAL COURT OF HANSETI-RUSKA As penned by HER EXCELLENCY, the Lady Chamberlain Rosalind Elizaveta Amador de Astrea and confirmed by HER MAJESTY, Queen Isabel Franziska Barbanov, 353 ES Table of Contents I. Salutations II. Letters III. Dining IV. Behaviour in Court V. Balls, Masquerades & Parties VI. Marriage & Courtship VII. Hauchmetvas VIII. Conclusion ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. E
  16. Saint Harald Vuiller. The patron St of Priest combatants & Demonic banishment. Born on the First of the amber cold 1699. Dead at the Sixteenth of the Amber Cold 1760. Father Harald Vuiller cirka 1756. The Life of Father Harald Vuiller Harald Vuiller was born on the first of the Amber Cold to Alf & Johanna Vuiller in 1699 in the city of New Reza while his mother and father were on a business trip to the city to buy supplies for their keep and the land around it. He was the firstborn from a group of siblings of three. Harald, Auriann, an
  17. A UNION OF HAENSE AND NORLAND [!] A depiction of the bride preparing for the ceremony. Wedding of Rosalind Amador & Visant de Astrea. St. Henrik’s Basilica, Karosgrad, 20th of December at 5PM EST. The Denizens of Norland and Haense are Welcome to Attend! After the ceremony close friends and family are invited back to the Amador Estate on Koenastriet I for celebrations! It has been years since the respective estates have been inundated with such activity, it's usual
  18. THE LOCATIONS OF KAROSGRAD Newcomer's Guide to the City of the Crows By Brandt Barclay | Jula and Piov, 352 ES _____________________________________________________________________________________ [Painter’s depiction of Karosgrad, adapting a slightly darker and more dramatic outlook, as a Haeseni Squire re-enters te city after finishing his trials.] As you begin exiting the chilly and snowy roads on the way to Haense, before you you notice tall, saturated red walls stretching between a small hill to the right, and the rest of the city walls to the
  19. [!] Flyers were put up around Oren, Haense and Sutica and some of the trees right outside of it! It’d read: Tricks and Mirages Palace is now looking to hire people for their next venture! Currently, we are talking of expansion into settlements or other nations and need more workers to do so. But, we currently reside within Sutica, Oren and Haense. Job Descriptions: Crafter: A crafter makes the approved ideas for the pranks, no rename tokens required. Payment is 200 mina per week. Herbalist: People who simply go out and gather herbs to bring back for use,
  20. The Red Sun Sets The pain was unlike one the veteran had ever felt before. It had begun earlier with a sort of pain in his shoulder which was bearable but quickly was added onto by a feeling of lightheadedness as his breathing got shorter and more ragged. Astoro moved outside to try and get some fresh air, hoping that it would alleviate him. Much the opposite the pain worsened as he tried to alleviate his friend’s concern’s as they both sat down at a nearby table. As more and more time passed the pain grew and so did the concern from his friend Fyodor and
  21. To the women of Karosgrad and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, You are hereby invited to the Czsenz Osrand, as a citizen and resident of our Kingdom. The Czsenz Osrand is an open invitation to the women residing in Hanseti-Ruska, that shall participate and run activities for the group to expand the availability of opportunities, connections, and entertainment for the women of this great Kingdom. The Czsenz Osrand shall not only be participating in commonly womens activities, but branch out and explore all that the cultures and lands of Haense offers. Activities shall inclu
  22. Union of Eagle and Owl [11th december Friday, 4pm EST] [!] A depiction of the Amador family preparing the bride for her wedding. You are hereby invited to attend the holy union between His Lordship the baron of Sigradz, Friedrich Wilheim of house Barclay & Her Ladyship, Ingrid Mariya of house Amador The two shall take their vows in the St. Henrik’s Basilica in five saint’s days. All are welcome to attend and witness this marvelous event. [!] Special invitations are sent out to the following; House of Barclay
  23. UPDATES TO THE ROYAL COURT OF HANSETI-RUSKA Obdatz va ve Hof i ve Hanzeh-Ruzi Gronna and Droba 350 ES ROYAL GOVERNESS Vacant The Royal Governess of the Royal Court of Hanseti-Ruska is in charge of tutoring and caring for the royal children from their toddler years until they are adolescents. They will also need to take care of and teach the children of the highest ranking individuals within the palace, including children of the Palatine, Grand Lady, Chamberlain, etc. They must plan lessons and excursions for the children to experience and ensure they are ed
  24. Monthly Player Appreciation November 2020: Xarkly Xarkly has been part of Haense since 2016. His first character Floris van Loden being a steward, later becoming a maer of St. Karlsburg. Under Piovs reign he was a minor baron. During Atlas he became more involved in Haense under his character Ruslan Amador and was a maer for several terms throughout the map. He also later played as Edward Alimar, who was the Lord Auditor; Better known as the Lord Seneschal nowadays. He worked together with some other people from Markev when things fell apart with R
  25. ~The Season of Rebirth~ Almaris. What has this new land brought to the world? A sanctuary away from the horrid natural disasters that ultimately lead to the end of Arcas? New lands to explore and colonize? Well, young Hildebrand found something else. Something that he felt meant more than new land to explore. Or even a new kingdom that would hold great promise for the, now, independent Haense. He found a rebirth. Once the Drifter had passed, the talk of bounty dealings had mostly vanished from the talks, throughout the kingdom of Haense. Though, this once widely kn
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