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  1. VE WICACZJOEST THE AULIC COURT Issued by THE AULIC COURT Naf zwy 8th hag i Gronna ag Drobba i 468 E.S. Penned by Chief Jovenaar Arthur Stafyr I.) INTRODUCTION With the proclamation of the Edict of Staalgrav, the Aulic Court’s attention has been drawn toward explaining the function of the judiciary, formally establishing judicial procedure, documenting the Jorenic legal traditions, and creating a comprehensive anthology of legal resources. It is with pride that we release the result of these endeavors to the general public, in the hope that doing so might allow for transparency between the Crown’s many subjects and the judiciary. II.) WHAT IS THE AULIC COURT? The Aulic Court is a body which has been invested with the power to conduct impartial, free, and fair trials at the behest of His Majesty, the King of Haense. In line with the principles espoused in the Jorenic Rights, those accused of a crime within the Kongzem are entitled to a fair trial prior to the sentencing of punishment. During these proceedings, they shall have the opportunity to defend their innocence and disprove the claims leveled against them. Additionally, the Aulic Court is charged with interpreting the meaning of the Haeseni legal codex, the Haurul Caezk. This is done through a process known as judicial review, in which Jovenaars are charged with writing opinions on the meaning of the law to act as guidance in future decisions. As per the Edict of Staalgrav, all prosecution is to be handled by the Office of the Lord Palatine, which may be delegated to a Crown Prosecutor in some cases. Investigation is handled by the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, which is charged with gathering evidence pertaining to criminal investigations at the behest of the Lord Palatine or his Crown Prosecutor. III.) THE HAURUL CAEZK One of the primary duties of a Jovenaar of the Aulic Court is to interpret Haeseni law, which is denoted in its legal codex, the Haurul Caezk. In addition to outlining the Kingdom’s governmental operations, the Haurul Caezk is paramount to the arbitration of justice. The Haurul Caezk is split into four elemental books, which define the entirety of the Kongzem’s legal framework. While most trials concern that which is found within the second of these books, the Jura i Krima, the Aulic Court has the ability to review any part of the Haurul Caezk. Reviews of the Haurul Caezk are normally done at the behest of the Aulic Government, a letter affirmed by a majority of the Royal Duma, a direct request from the King, or even an individual’s letter sent to a Jovenaar. The Haurul Caezk can be found here. IV.) THE JOVENAARS The Jovenaars of the Aulic Court must be well versed in the Haurul Caezk, both to be able to pass sentence and to interpret the law when a part of it is brought forth before the Aulic Court to be reviewed. Elevation to the bench of the Aulic Court is usually bestowed after one of two prerequisites for candidate is met: A lifetime dedicated to studying and / or upholding the Haurul Caezk in such a way as to be personally requested to join the court by the King or the Chief Jovenaar. The completion of a clerkship under the Aulic Court, during which an individual has shown exceptional merit. While there is no limit to the number of Jovenaars that may sit on the Aulic Court, it is normally customary for four to six to be on it at any given time. They are appointed by mutual agreement of the King and the Chief Jovenaar as per the structure established in the Edict of Stalgraav. V.) THE VARIETIES OF TRIAL As outlined by the Haurul Caezk, there are three Varieties of Trial by which a dispute may be resolved. These include the following: TRIAL BY PLEA - A trial wherein all parties shall present their case to the court by word of mouth and evidence. This shall be the default form of trial when parties cannot agree to undertake one by another form. TRIAL BY COMBAT - A trial wherein the parties shall duel to first yield to determine the wrongdoer. TRIAL BY WIT - A trial wherein the parties shall play a game of chance or wit in which Godan will favor the righteous. A Jovenaar is charged with being the arbiter of trials of each of these types. In the case of a Trial by Combat, they will serve as referee to the fight. And in the case of a Trial by Wit, they shall determine the rules of the game that is played. VI.) CRIMINAL AND CIVIL TRIALS While it is important to know how to handle the other forms of trial, it is the Trial by Plea for which Jovenaars are most known for arbitrating. In a Trial by Plea, the proceedings may either be civil or criminal in nature. They differentiate in the following ways: CIVIL TRIALS: In a Trial by Plea by which a personal grievance has been brought before the Aulic Court by an individual, civil proceedings will be initiated. The Plaintiff, or the aggrieved individual, shall be given an opportunity to substantiate his case against the Defendant in the matter. These will usually result in a minor punishment being administered if the Defendant is found to be at fault, though not always. CRIMINAL TRIALS: In a Trial by Plea by which the Crown has brought forth a grievance before the Aulic Court, a criminal trial shall be initiated. The Palatine and those prosecutors who serve within his office shall be given the responsibility of substantiating the Defendant’s guilt, and may charge them for higher punishment beyond mere financial restitution and the likes. After all the evidence and testimony that is pertinent in a case, a Jovenaar shall decree a verdict in line with the guidelines espoused in the Haurul Caezk. VII.) TRIAL PROCEDURE While Jovenaars are given implicit leeway to determine the rules behind a Trial by Plea, there are two widely employed variants of trial procedure used most often in the Aulic Court. The first prioritizes careful empirical scrutiny whereas the second prioritizes speed in the deliberations. BEJ KAIYER: The Bej Kaiyer, roughly translating into “The Long Gathering” in New Marian, is meant for careful empirical deliberation. This entails the presentation of witnesses, evidence, objections, and the following of traditional directs and cross-examinations. Those civil disputes or crimes potentially carrying a weighty punishment are usually tried via the Bej Kaiyer. OVIY KAIYER: The Oviy Kaiyer, roughly translating into “The Short Gathering” in New Marian, is a newer form of trial meant to prioritize speed and swift justice in the consideration of a minor criminal or civil matter. It entails short presentations on the part of the Crown or Plaintiff and the Defense, with each being given the opportunity to respond to the arguments and evidence of the other. This trial type is meant to prevent the hindrance of justice and allow the Aulic Court to instead focus on graver matters when using the Bej Kaiyer. The guidelines surrounding the Bej Kaiyer and the Oviy Kaiyer are available for public perusal here. VIII.) JUDICIAL REVIEW The King, the Aulic Government, the Royal Duma, and private citizens all have the ability to request that a part of the Haurul Caezk, as well as any other act of law, be subjected to judicial review by the Aulic Court. During these proceedings, the entire body of the Aulic Court shall meet to interpret or discuss the legality of the text in question. Chaired by the Chief Jovenaar, this body shall discuss and deliberate until a formal vote is held to determine the matter at hand. Thereafter, an opinion on it shall be written and published for the public’s perusal. All matters of judicial review are to be determined by a majority vote of the entire body. Votes may be tendered in absentia, although proceedings are only to be had if at least a majority quorum is met to do so. IX.) THE JORENIC LEGAL TRADITION The Jorenic Legal Tradition refers to the many customs of Highlander law that have been established in the northern realms since Saint Joren, son of Horen, named the first lawspeakers in times immemorable. The ancient philosophy of Biharism, first propagated by Saint Henry Bihar, advocates for political mobility and the freedom of the individual. Among these writings include a set of ancient principles known as the Jorenic Rights. “To each freeman is his own life, to take it is to be a thief, To each freeman his own time, to take it is to be a slaver, To each freeman his own sword, to take it is to blind him, To each freeman his own wife, to take it is to injure him, And to each freeman his own farm, to take is to make him no man.” They are considered to be of the utmost importance to the spirit of the law, and are taken into consideration as Jovenaars conduct the process of judicial review. Other precedents scattered throughout Haeseni culture, such as the Highlander code of honor, are often also taken into account during these proceedings in a similar vein of thought. X.) CLERKSHIP The importance of training the youth of the Kongzem is not unrecognized by the Aulic Court, and thus a robust clerkship program is to be employed within it for young men and women to study under as judicial clerks. Clerks may be asked to write transcripts, perform errands, assist in the drafting of administrative missives, and even serve as counsel during the later stages of their apprenticeship to the bench. It is the hope of the Aulic Court that this training regiment will better prepare those taking part to be considered for appointment to the bench themselves one day, or to otherwise gain valuable skills for use in other branches of the Haeseni government. Those interested should endeavor to reach out to the Chief Jovenaar or any other sitting Jovenaar about doing so. XI.) CONCLUSION We hope that this pamphlet may serve two purposes, first and foremostly to educate the public about the place of the Aulic Court as an arbiter of justice and as an anthology of judicial documents and works for Jovenaars to refer to throughout their careers. For more information on how to get involved with the judiciary, those interested in taking part in the Aulic Court should endeavor to contact the Chief Jovenaar, Arthur Stafyr. Similarly, those interested in becoming a state prosecutor should contact the Lord Palatine, Iosif Basrid, and those predisposed to investigation should reach out to the Lord Marshal, Sebastian Bishop.
  2. The Union of Amador & Roa On this 10th day of Vzmey ag Hyff of 466 ES, invitations are sent out to friends and family members of House Amador and House Roa to announce the marriage of Lord Gregorius Roa, and Ilaria Amador. The ceremony will be held in the the Church of the Canon in Haense, and a reception will take place in The Goat’s Lookout Tavern in Haense following the ceremony. Personal invitations are sent out to the following: Family of the bride & groom The Bride’s family of House Amador, and all their kinsmen The Groom’s family of the House of Roa, and all their kinsmen Nobility & Foreign Delegations His Royal Majesty, King Georg I of Haense, and the citizenry of Haense His Highness, Prince Robert of Sedan, and the citizenry of Sedan His Royal Majesty, King Alexander I of Balian, and the citizenry of Balian His Majesty, Grand King Agnar Grandaxe of Urguan, and the citizenry of Urguan His Highness, Prince Jarad Munnel of Helious, and the citizenry of Helious Additional friends of the bride and groom Her Royal Highness, Princess Augustina Theorisa of Balian, and their esteemed pedigree Her Grace, Duchess Roslin Baruch of Valwyck, and their esteemed pedigree His Grace, Duke Wilheim Barclay of Reinmar, and their esteemed pedigree The Right Honourable, Countess Johanne Vuiller of Aquilae, and their esteemed pedigree The Honourable, Viscount Baldrum and Anastasia Colborn of Venzia, and their esteemed pedigree His Lordship, Baron Aurik Bishop of Ostervik, and their esteemed pedigree The House of Darkwood and their kinsmen Sereven, and any company they wish to bring Herrenmeister, Yvian Galken and his family Signed, Lord Gregorius Roa, Viscount of Pavia Firress Ilaria Amador
  3. THE DREAM OF THE ENDLESS STEPPE 5th of Grand Harvest, 116th Year of the Second Age Sir Milonir of Whitehall leads a Raevir warband of Weiss House Guards to hunt the Harbingers. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ “PRO MARIAAAAA! Dnes dosáhneš svého konce, ďáble! POMSTA ZA MARII!” The clattering of a warhammer, slamming into steel. The whinny of a steed. A clattering of blades. The muffled sound of a tackle to the ground. Steel clatters, and two warriors make ragged grunts. Groans of pure exasperation. Howls of pain. Slit. The setting of the mellow sun cast a rosy hue in those golden southern waves of Almaris, serving to illuminate the triumph in the gigantic northern warrior’s fat, beady brown eyes. Sir Milonir of Whitehall, the colossal beer-bellied Northman, arose from his kill. Below him lay the body of the the Harbinger of Fear, who was responsible for many heinous acts across the lands of Almaris alongside the other Harbingers. One such act was the foolish decision to take the arm of his Liege Lady Maria Weiss in the Red City of Karosgrad. House Weiss does not receive wounds unanswered. And now, that Harbinger knew this. The others would soon know, too. Valkskej i Ghaestenwald, the amber jeweled, black longsword burrowed its way out of the mess that remained of that Harbinger’s skull, and back to the gloves of that valiant Knight. Yet... The reward of triumph fled, as quickly as it set in. A throbbing, all-encompassing pain. Panic, terror replaced triumph. Crimson ichor oozed down his ginormous, mud-caked figure – painting his neck in a deep crimson. Adrenaline coursed through his veins no more. Reality set in. There was a hole in the side of his neck that would not stop flowing. The cost of his vengeance. It was to be determined he must pay this blood price - fluid he had never seen flowing so dramatically as it did now. Desperate, hysteric pants escaped hoggish lips, masked only by the sound of crashing waves. The abyss reached for Milonir. Bells tolled. He was cold. Pale as a ghost; pallid. Crows circled; they found their next feast. The night was coming. The Bogatyrs of Old called for another to fill their Great Hall in the Skies. His soul would soon be theirs. What a fitting end, it would be. Rewarded with the unending throng of battle with heroes of legend for all of time. And he saw them. Beckoning. Despite this warrior’s end, for the first time in years, he understood true fear. He was afraid. Afraid of what truly awaited him in death. Doubt cast through his mind of the abyss that surely awaited him. The Harbinger of Fear had succeeded, inducing fear, and terror which gripped the very fiber of his soul even in its death. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ He was spiraling. Spinning, growing dizzy. Milonir needed to find a way to clog this hole. Fast. Make it stop, he panicked. You're going to die! Mind racing a million miles a minute, his consciousness was polluted with waves of terror and hysteria which washed over him like the sea. He was losing a lot of blood. Milonir desperately spun, searching for any end to the pain. He had to think – and fast, before shock set in. Deep in the recesses of his mind he remembered the words of that medical prodigy, Haus Weiss – stuff it, apply pressure. Yes. This might just work. It is my only option. Vibrating, shaking hands gripped that ornate longsword Valkskej i Ghaestenwald, cutting a selection of cloth from his undershirt. And so entered that grubby cloth sleeve to the oozing hole in his neck. It was thick. Thick enough to absorb the blood like a sponge. The agonizing, hysteric cry of pain was heard for miles - like a dying animal's screech. In an act that saved his life, he applied pressure to his gaping wound, locking an x with his arms around his neck to prevent that wound from flowing. And so, with an oozing hole now plugged, and tremendous pressure applied, that river of blood turned to a dribble. Whether it was GODAN, the Spirits, the Father, the Bogatyrs of Old, or perhaps simply luck, none could say. But powers beyond the mortal realms saw it fit to keep this young Knight alive long enough to receive aid. Whoever it was sought more valorous deeds from this wretch of a Knight. They were not satisfied with his accomplishments yet. There was still work to be done before he was permitted entry to the Great Halls in the Skies. This would not be the end of the glorious song of that Champion of Whitehall. Those Skies would be left without Sir Milonir – for now. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The way to Talon’s Port. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ There was only one town close by: Talon's Port. The forested town of shamans who had healed his Liege not one day before. It was not far now. Under cover of moonlight did dogged, crimson painted warrior be pulled towards that mystic town of Talon’s Port atop a horse black as night called Stargazer, the Wonder-Steed. Rider and steed shared a bond that surpassed words, and that steed galloped as fast as her legs would take her. It was a miracle he hadn’t fallen off of that midnight steed on the thickly wooded path there. He fought the haze of unconsciousness long enough to make it to that town of farseers. Milonir was now with the dark elf shamans in that opulent, mystic town of brick. The shamans were met with a rider who appeared on the verge of sliding right off of that steed, crumpled against her mane. He successfully clung to the little life he had left. A truly mysterious elfess of ebony named Lenora flanked by another named Gusiam were unflinching in their duty. Lenora the guide did not hesitate to lead the Northman and steed through those streets of Talon's Port. Gusiam retrieved an offering to the Spirit of Akezo. A ritual to save his life was to take place. Through delusion, and near unconsciousness, Milonir mistook Lenora as his mother. With breath practically a whisper, he asked, “mamej... did ea... become...” “...Bogatyr... mamej?” “...Yes, my son,” resounded within his head. His life was now in the hands of those shamans. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 360 pounds of highlander and steel collapsed to that poor white medical cot that dutifully supported his tremendous weight. No hesitation was made, as that hideous wretch Milonir became surrounded by the mystical silver and peach mists of the farseers Lenora and Gusiam, engulfed in their ritual. Chanting surrounded him, in a language he was not conscious to listen to. The duo invoked the Spirit of Akezo, who deemed fit to bestow upon to Milonir the gift of life. Blood flowed from him no more. He was truly safe now. Sealed. Whole. Stable. Delirious days of healing, Blood Lotus soup and broth awaited him. He was unconscious for an entire week. And in that time, he was in the land of dreams. Dreams. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The holy, endless steppe of dreams. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Milonir was lost in the endless steppe. He wandered for days. He saw Bodbmakos, Koeng Georg. Lord Felix, Audo, Haus, Sir Onon, Sangilak, Ikumak, Veronica, Via, Sierra. All joined him on this journey. After what felt to be years of wandering, he saw the Bogatyrs of Old. They were in two columns, stretched to the horizon over endless hills. Thousands of blades were raised, forming a tunnel endlessly long to a destination unknown. Friends, Lieges, and Bogatyr alike welcomed him to traverse the tunnel of swords. For the path of blades led to an ocean of golden grass. It was familiar. He knew this place. Somewhere he had not seen in many, many years. It was the grass of his homeland. His home was right over the horizon: Whitehall. He knew what awaited him in Whitehall; his mother. Milonir, atop that steed of midnight, galloped with might towards Whitehall, towards mother. Blades retreated with thundering hooves, as he cantered past those Heroes of Old. They who roared, relishing his name endlessly: Milonir, Champion of Whitehall. The road home was not to be made without a fight. For past the hills of heroes swarmed an army of one million enemies as black as death. Banners as black as their armor were raised, and in unison, chanted a dark, evil language. Sir Milonir faced the army utterly alone. Or so he thought. On his sides an army of one million did appear, all atop horseback. All manner of warriors from his homeland were present. Glorious Haeseni Hussars, their armor gleaming like gold. Grim, unflinching Raevir knights remained true, composed. Men and women adorned in the colors of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and even Czevuskoving warriors and shieldmaidens of Whitehall joined the army, with shields as wide and thick as oak. And his Friends, Lieges, and Bogatyr alike did accompany him. Warriors unflinching prepared to charge, atop eager steeds. In his quiver lay a million arrows. In his hands a lance made of unbreakable gold. And under him, that horse as black as night; Stargazer. The golden sun of the endless steppe penetrated the eyes of the enemy, dousing the glorious army led by Sir Milonir in divine rays. Days of battle ensued. The battle of Whitehall. The battle of dreams. Sir Milonir was invincible, indomitable. Victorious in endless battle, a reward was due. Entry to that nostalgic village of Whitehall. Yet, in dreams, victory in battle was to be the only reward. For he was not met with Whitehall, nor his mother he so desperately wished to see. He was met with a smoldering ruin. And silence. Heroes and his immortal army vanished to dust. His friends and followers were gone. He was alone. And he looked to his hands. He was a kid once again. Stood before him was his father. He was flanked by two Harbingers on each side. Father’s face, as still as death, donned a mask as black as night and took lead of the Harbingers. All charged with blade in hand. Milonir, no longer Sir, was defenseless. Those blades of both his father and the Harbingers plunged into the chest of that screaming, fat kid. The child was dead. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ He awoke screaming cries of agony, tears streaming down his portly cheeks. Milonir was covered in beads of salty sweat as the pale, crescent moonlight shone like a silvery claw through silk purple curtains. He was alone. Just like in his dream. Brown orbs gazed to his shaking hands. It was just a dream. A nightmare. The Harbinger of Fear’s reach gripped his psyche. With the guidance of the farseers, many offerings to Akezo were made by Milonir in the following weeks. The Spirits had won a new follower. After weeks of ritualistic healing chants, visits from his friends of House Weiss and his personal Raevir guard, as well as many discussions on how best to venerate the Spirits, Sir Milonir found himself atop Stargazer, the Wonder-Steed. He bid farewell to those dark elven shamans who had saved his life. This debt would never be forgotten, and he would find a way to repay their kindness and venerate Akezo and the Spirits. He was a new man, who possessed new convictions and beliefs. For now he too counted himself amongst the believers of those Spirits. Gone was that stupid, oafish kid. Killed in dreams. Yet gloom followed him like the plague. Fear cast through his mind. Where there was unending confidence before, doubt, weakness rooted themselves in his being. He could be killed. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yet, he remembered why he had started this path. His love for House Weiss. The defense of his friends. His conviction. His pride. The unending, soul-burning desire for vengeance against the careless enemies of House Weiss. This all-encompassing vortex of emotion controlled every part of him. Suffer not the Unworthy. Stand against the Long Dark. Venerate the Spirits. Hold GODAN above all else. These tenets gripped every fiber of his being. Sir Milonir was not allowed to fail. He must be unflinching. He was on a righteous path toward becoming a true Bogatyr and he knew it. Conviction restored; every wound received to Lady Maria and House Weiss would be returned with limitless fury. There would be more blood spilled. Sir Milonir, Hero of Whitehall was prepared to lose every drop of blood in his body to this end. But it was time to return to Zvaervauld. North. Northman and steed began the long path home. Yet, reaching jungle's end, they paused. They observed endless golden grass beyond the cover of that humid forest. This land was known. Milonir and Stargazer were in the endless steppe from dreams. The Stargazer and Knight stared skyward at the blanket of stars that stretched to infinity for hours. He knew peace unending. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The infinity of stars. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Harbingers thought it would be they to assume the role of hunter. Not so. They would soon learn they were the prey. Woe unto them. And woe to the enemies of House Weiss. There would be Vengeance for Maria.
  4. THE HAESENI HOROSCOPE ISSUE I Issued by the COURT ASTROLOGER On this 15th day of Wzuvar ag Byvca of 465 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Throughout the history of the Kingdom of Haense, the Sigmundic Calendar and the astrological signs associated with it have served as a cultural practice that allows the stars to guide believers through their daily trials and tribulations, as well as predict both good fortune and shortcomings of the relatively near future. While many may accuse horoscopes as leading people astray, or preaching outright blasphemy, it is important to keep in mind that the following horoscopes are merely metaphors, and are open to diverse interpretations. THE MOON: As the most mellow and neutral of the signs, The Moon is often known for being content with what they have, and seldom indulging in greedy tendencies. In order to maintain this fulfilment, the moon should not only hold onto the positive aspects of their lives, but also cleanse themselves of negative energies and grudges that may be holding them back. The moon may find themselves with little romantic luck this year, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Other forms of love may blossom during this time, and more importantly, the moon may be able to invest more love in themselves. THE QUEEN: Hence its regal name, the sign of The Queen is well known for its perseverance and leadership skills. During this year, it would do well for the queen to take advantage of this, and search for opportunities to lead. To the younger generations born under this sign, this year may mark the start of a rebellious phase. Parents, however, should worry not, as even the strongest leaders need a shoulder to fall upon and an example to live up to. If you are in a relationship with someone born under this sign, your partner may greatly appreciate reassurance of your love to them. After all, a great leader is nothing without their following, and your partner will need to be certain of your loyalty to the relationship if they are to call you their closest advisor. THE CROW: While many born under the sign of The Crow have proven to bear immense intelligence and uniquely wise ideas, it is important to remember that everything must be learned. That is why, for this year, it is important for the crows to gain new information from their superiors, whether in age or standing. This year, the crow may find themselves frustrated romantically. Whether they are already in a relationship, or pursuing a person of interest, the crow must take into account that their wisdom does not excuse arrogance. The pride this sign carries in their intelligence may be seen as rude or condescending, which can be unappealing to those the crow attempts to woo. THE WYRM: As one of the most impromptu of the signs, The Wyrm’s bold impulsivity may be one of their fallbacks this year. It would do the wyrm well to keep their fiery and bold tempers in check, lest their impulsivity take advantage and get them into trouble. Romantically, wyrms can expect a lot of passion from their person of interest. However, whether this intensity will prove to be positive towards the relationship is uncertain. The wyrm should take time to put their beloved first, which may be difficult at first for such an outlandish personality, but in the end, this selflessness may be helpful. THE GIANT: In contrast to the impulsive wyrm, The Giant should attempt to branch out this year. While their honour-bound duties are indeed to be admired, they can at times be rigid, which may prove to be a setback. Should the giant indeed practise spontaneity, their financial investments may see a change as well. To go out on a limb is often how businesses make it big, and the giant could see improvements should they act a little more bold. THE WOPPERKLAW: Similar to their raven ally, The Wopperklaw is notably one of the more inquisitive of the signs, and is known for being rather aloof, even when it comes to their core morals. This year, the wopperklaw would do well to stay true to their gut; instincts rarely fail one in times of need. Romantically, the wopperklaw is bound for prosperity this coming year. However, this should only happen if the wopperklaw is loyal and true to the person they hold dear, and does not let their curiosity lead them into temptation. For wopperklaws who are without a partner, this may be prosperity in itself. They should practise contentment, and not go out looking for lust or drama. To summarise: Stay where you are; if it is meant to be, it will come to you. THE DRAKE: And finally, as one of the most bold signs, The Drake holds much fire in their personality, and oftentimes, this fire is accompanied by resentment. This year, the drake should focus not on those who have done them wrong, but rather take care of themselves first. Spending time outside and doing the things you love are both great ways to practise self care. Oftentimes, the drake may be seen as unfriendly or cold. However, this is untrue, as the drake holds the people they hold dear very close. The drake, along with self care, should also take time to thank the people in their life for all they do for the drake. And, if you know a drake, you should thank them in turn for the flavour they bring to what could otherwise be a very bleak life. IV JOVEO MAAN Her Royal Majesty, Esfir of Jerovitz, Queen-Consort of Hanseti and Ruska. Her Excellency, Viorica Irena Kortrevich, Grand Lady of the Morrivi Court, Countess-Consort of Jerovttz, Viscountess-Consort of Krusev, Baroness-Consort of Koravia Firress Ilaria Amador, Court Astrologer of Hanseti-Ruska
  5. Audo Weiss for Military Tribune Election of 462 ES I, Audo Weiss, do declare my intent to run for military tribune and represent the needs, wants and voices of my fellow comrades. Having been enlisted in the Brotherhood for a decade, it is my home and unquestionably my second family. For nine of those years, I have been active in combat, serving not for glory or honour but because I believe in loyalty to my kingdom, my people and my family above all else. I believe that there is no age at which loyalty begins: it just is. This opportunity is the next step I wish to take to aid my brothers and sisters in arms. Qualifications My military service, even given my age of 18, gives me some insight into the current woes of our military. I have lived and breathed war and combat for as long as I can remember. I have previously come to accept these woes as mere necessities of the brotherhood. We are not always held in high regard. However, as time has gone on I have come to realise that this is not the case; any areas of lacking can be fixed with enough hard work and dedication. Moreover, this would not be my first role in the Duma as I undertook becoming the representative of House Weiss in place of my father at the age of 11. This would not be my first expression of interest in joining the governing of our kingdom in a role beyond my family as I sought permission to run for tribune early, as well as throwing myself forward for the likes of Lord Handler. While neither were a success given my age of 15 at the time, the efforts are a testament to my dedication and standing desire to enter into the Duma and would be more than proud to do so for my comrades. Agenda Foremostly, I seek to promote integration of the brotherhood and the knightly order. In recent times, the brotherhood and the order have pulled away from each other to the point where some knights are no longer enlisted and as such are merely a silent and guarding presence. We are all brothers in arms, and we all have voices to be heard. I hope to see greater acknowledgements of those performing thankless and extra duties within the brotherhood reflected in their pay, including the roles of quartermaster, field medic, and blacksmith. I wish to promote the learning and undertaking of medical studies within members of the brotherhood, not only to ensure that those enlisted have basic medical knowledge but also to boost the lacking pool of doctors in Karosgrad. Training in the Brotherhood is lacking in some areas. I hope to promote and encourage more formalised training of combat and military tactics to ensure prompt responses when soldiers are in the field. I send my deepest thanks to my brothers and sisters in arms, young or old. Your service is outstanding and a mighty shield for our great kingdom. Regardless of whether I undertake the role as representative for us or not, I will always be an ear ready to hear your voice and act however I may in my capacity. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Armsman Audo Weiss
  6. [!] A notif has been posted among the noticeboards of Ciudad de Plata, Karosgrad and Haense vassals alike, detailing an upcoming class hosted by the Vicereine, Laurelie de Pelear and Princess Amity de Pelear within Hyspia! [!] An oil painting done by Vicereine, Laurelie de Pelear, 1896. The Vicereine and Princess of Hyspia invite the children of Haense and allied nations from the ages of five to seventeen to a painting class. Here they will be taken on a tour of the island, learn the craft of painting, mingle, and make connections among their peers. Canvas, brushes, oil paint, paint pallets & aprons will be provided. The de Pelear family looks forward to your attendance. Signed, Her Highness, Laurelie de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep and Gereon's Hold Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelear, Princess-Consort of Hyspia
  7. Zvaervauld Honeydrops Issued naf zwy 14th hag i Joma ag Umund i 462 ES. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, With the production of Zvaervauld lilac honey now consistently underway, House Weiss has sought to expand beyond the raw product into more refined goods. Given the sweet and delectable taste of honey we saw no venture more fit for the first expansion than an irresistible candy: honeydrops. Honeydrops are a hard candy, crafted with care by our dedicated artisans. By mixing sugar, water and lemon juice then heating the mixture we get a solid base for the creation of our hard candies. Our signature lilac honey is then added to the mix, stirred and all is caramelised until the hard-crack stage. At this point, we pour the mixture into moulds and allow the candies to set. Then off they go - straight to your tummy! For an endearing flare, we take the extra time to craft moulds of all bee-related varieties. When you buy a pack of mouth-watering honeydrops you’ll find yourself with bees, hives, honeycombs, and flowers (especially lilac, of course!). Get your first un-bee-lievable pack today! Sold on Market Stall III. Tested and accredited by the youngest of Weiss! Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Armsman Audo Weiss Her Excellency, Dame Via Weiss, Knight Paramount of Hoonseti-Ruska Lady Sierra Weiss
  8. A little Godunov’s candle was seen flickering in the crevice of her window late one eve. Her governess had wished her goodnight already, her parents a peck each on the cheek - yet her mind was restless. Tonight was a night of fruitful thought. Tonight was a night for plotting. Alyona’s mind had been rampant for weeks on end, and it was only until now she took the pleasure in letting herself express her wishes. Her wax crayons, black and yellow and brown and red, scribbled on letter-writing parchment she had stolen from her father’s room. Only then would she send it out by sneaking off early morn for Karosgrad, posting her elaborate missive to the notice board… A Y O U N G s p a r r o w s t r i k e s A G A I N ! [!] A depiction of the eldest Godunov doing her own Duma with 'other children', no matter how monstrous they were drawn 2 F E C H I L L Y D R E N O V H A N S , Wee shall not bee SEALENSED! Wen I went 2 fe DUMA, Layday Judgey Loo-dow-far was a NAYSTAY wooman and sayd vat fe aduwlts ov Hans shuld NOT lissen 2 ve voyses ov keeds and vat mya MISSY LETHER was mayd wiv crayons in a BAD way... how MEAYN! Ven, Baroyn Bissssop COYLLED OWT MY AYGE wen I tryd 2 vowte as mya papej's reypreesentaytif! Just beeycuz his fameeliy was beeing showwted at! How dayre HE! Mya vowte was NOT cowunted in fe eynd and vat mayde me fery SAD. I huffed and puffed. HUFF. PUFF. Huw carys if yam 6? Mya vowte matters! Instayd, vey ar mayking me SAD biy not letting me bee a parrrrrrt ov vem. Wee ar fe fewturre! As a chiyuld in Hans, I DEEMAND vat wee riyus 2gever and and stop fe adultees from steeyling ower vowtes. If U carye abowt ower fewture and fe adultees and mamejs and papejs ruwin in it, ven meat me at AETERNITY ANCHORAGE (I copeed vis from fe siyn) in fe capitol in 2 saynt days. Adultees ar so MEAN and vey just SQUAWSH allll fe FUN owt of LYFE. Piyck whiysly. Colmb and joiwn me. Do not bee a stinkee cri babee. S I G N E D, ALYONA GODUNOV The Sparrow
  9. The Zvaervauld Great Horse Issued naf zwy 4th hag i Gronna ag Droba i 463ES By the Barony of Zvaervauld Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, In line with the proud legacy of Felix Weiss as part of the glorious hussars, the Barony of Zvaervauld has seen fit to create their own breed of horse befitting the use of hussars and knights: a succession of steeds with the sole purpose of becoming uncontested destriers. The Zvaervauld Great Horse is set to become the epitome of a heavy duty war-horse, bred for their high spirit and sensitivity to their surroundings. Paramount to all their attributes is their keen connection with humans, giving them a fierce intelligence and willingness to train. With their height and musculature, this draft-type can carry the load of their armour, gear, their rider, and their equipment with ease. However, would-be riders should be warned: a high-spirited steed is not one for beginners in the field and requires a skilled handler to not only direct his steed’s attention but also to keep its acute mind occupied. Each Zvaervauld Great Horse is treated and trained with the utmost care. From a young age, they must learn to be independent and be unadulterated in their growth. They must learn to take immediate command, and become used to acting as one with their rider. Given their destiny as horses of war, they are given particular attention in the matter of focus: they are taught to normalise loud noises, sudden changes and to patiently endure the mishandling of weaponry through hours of exercises prior to sale. Criteria must be met for any single horse to be considered a Zvaervauld Great Horse: They must be descended from the line of Boldizar, They must have been vetted and record for authenticity by a Weiss handler, They must be the most physically fit and capable they can be, The coat must be pure black in colour, No markings may mar or obscure their colouration, Stallions must measure 15 hands or higher while mares 14 or higher, The trunk must be proportional as to have the height match the width, Their growth in all stages must be unadulterated. Not all horses born unto the field of Zvaervauld are fated to fall under the designation of ‘Great’. There are those who, while admirable for other qualities, are only befitting of the title ‘Lesser’. Any who fail to match the criteria but who are still of the line of Boldizar will be considered ‘Zvaervauld Lesser Horses’. These lesser steeds may find themselves more akin to coursers or, for a handful, ought to be treated solely as companions. To ensure accurate tracking and record-keeping, a Stud Book was opened on the 10th i Joma ag Umund i 461 ES to record every new individual. All horses are given a name and unique 6-digit ID. However, given the desire to keep the tracking of Zvaervauld Great Horses immaculate, all such steeds also come with a Certificate of Ownership. As such, while the purchase of Zvaervauld Lesser Horses may be permissible without the presence of handler, all Zvaervauld Great Horses may only be obtained via appointment. For this appointment, speak to or bird his Lordship, Audo Weiss. While the ownership of Zvaevauld Lesser Horses need not be tracked as rigorously, particularly invested steed holders may also seek a certificate if they desire through appointment though the horse they own must be brought to be presented upon request. Zvaervauld Lesser Horses are sold on Market Stall III Zvaervauld Greater Horses are sold only by appointment. Bird or speak to Audo Weiss. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Audo Weiss Bossir Felix Weiss, Lord of Zvaervauld and Lord Marshal of His Majesty’s Brotherhood.
  10. Zvaervauld Lilac Honey Issued naf zwy 13th hag i Msitza ag Dargund i 461 ES. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, House Weiss introduces its first batch of lilac honey this Saint’s day. With a selection of rolling fields belonging to our great king being left under our protection comes an opportunity to expand the commerce of the realm internally and externally. We have chosen the first export we will invest time into: honey. For some it is a delectable snack, for others a medicinal wonder. Tender practices and attentive care has allowed the lands surrounding Staalgrav to flourish in the vibrant pinks and purples of blooming lilac. Within such oceans of petals we have established strong colonies of persistent honey bees, all who work diligently to create the lilac honey of the future. For these bees we have provided only the most quality of man-made hives with roomy confines and easily removable racks that have been hand-carved with the utmost vigilance to mimic the internal starting structure of a colony: a love letter to the wonder of Godan’s Creation. Though we have tried our best, we have found that some bees inevitably prefer nature. To encourage the utmost comfort for our hard workers (and to gain the tastiest of honey) we also allow the construction of natural hives. With great effort, we ensure that we disturb these small worlds as little as possible. Whichever the source, we can assure the quality of our Zvaervauld lilac honey. Sold on Market Stall III or speak to Audo Weiss. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Audo Weiss
  11. ᚱᛟᚲᚴ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛋᛏᛟᚾᛖ Cultural Exchange: Chess Tournament Between Hanseti-Ruska & Urguan ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛒᛟᚾᛖ ROCK AND STONE TO THE BONE 12th of the Amber Cold, in the 111th Year of the Second Age 12th of Joma Ag Umund in the Year 460th of Exalted Sigismund, As per the Renewed Iron Accord, Signed in the 110th Year of the Second Age/459th Year of Exalted Sigismund, The Grand-Kingdom of Urguan hereby Announces a Cultural Exchange Event within the Dual-Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. A Chess Tournament will be held within the Capital of the Dual-Kingdom: Karosgrad, upon the Palace Grounds. There will be a Trophy Handed out to the Winner of the Tournament, for those willing to test their mettle, whilst friendlier games available for the participation of all those who wish to come. CHESS TOURNAMENT I. The Chess Tournament will be held on two boards outside the Palace of Karosgrad. II: Competitors will be arranged into pairs to compete against each other, with the winner of each pair moving to the next round. III: The winner of the chess Tournament will be granted the honorific title of ‘Chess Grandmaster’, confirmed to them by the receiving of a Chess Grandmaster Trophy, as well as prize of mina. IV: If you are interested in competing, please reply to this announcement stating your name and your race. These will be compiled by the Grand Ambassador of Urguan for the Tournament. Other available games: I. Naughts & Crosses II: Hanseti Chess III: Bowling EVENT LOCATION & TIME The Karosgrad Palace grounds The Snow’s Maiden, In the 113th Year of the Second Age Msitza Ag Dargund, In the 462nd Year of Exalted Sigismund Signed, Her Excellency, Viorica Kortrevich, Grand Lady of the Morrivi Court His Lordship, Aurik Bishop, Baron of Ostervik, Ambassador to Urguan Dagmir Grandaxe, Grand Ambassador of Urguan
  12. The Inaugural Grand Tournament of Haense Hosted by Ruslan Kvazyev @Aidoro and Elia Eryka Colborn-Stafyr @DahStalker ___________________________________________________________________ ┏━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┓ The Inaugural Grand Tournament of Haense will determine for the first time ever who the strongest, most skilled warrior is in all of Haense. Representatives from the great families of Haense are cordially invited to participate in the most pure form of combat, with the victor being dubbed the Champion of Haense. The tournament will be hosted every five years, with the victor being rewarded with the Resplendent Belt of Haense, a grandiose bear hide belt adorned with the finest jewels found in Almaris. In addition, courtesy of Her Ladyship, Ada Natalya Colborn, the victor shall have a brew in the Goat’s Lookout named after them until the next tournament! This belt will be contested over by sixteen warriors, with twelve families of Haense earning automatic spots, with four spots being given to the first warriors to register their name. All matchups shall be determined by the roll of a dice, so that fairness is guaranteed. The warrior who emerges victorious will earn honor, respect, and glory for their family, and solidify their mark as the best amongst us. The runner up shall earn a spectacular gold brooch, to signify their accomplishments in combat. In addition, a third place match will be held, with the winner receiving a silver brooch. This event shall take place in the fighting pits beneath the tavern, with ample viewing space so every drop of blood, sweat, and tears will be seen! To take a break from the combat, halfway through the event there shall be a performance by Borris Iver Kortrevich (@alamo), whose lively music will be much appreciated! The families who have been granted an automatic position are as follows: - The Ducal House of Barclay @Fionn__TWG - The Ducal House of Baruch @Drew2_dude - The Ducal House of Ruthern @Demavend - The Comital House of Ludovar @DearConnorMurphy - The Comital House of Kortrevich @MapleSunflower - The Margravial House of Draco @ItemVendor - The Vicomital House of Colborn @worldeltaii - The Varonial House of Pelear @Javert - The Baronial House of Bishop @Lomiei - The Baronial House of Godunov @poki - The Baronial House of Weiss @SethWolf The final four slots shall be granted to the four individuals who register first. In the event that a house does not submit a warrior in time, those who registered after the aforementioned four shall be given the positions in the order they registered. Houses may not have more than one warrior participating. Signed, Ruslan Kvazyev & Lady Eryka Colborn-Stafyr 14th of Deep Cold
  13. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 5 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- Two Royal Courtships! A certainly grand announcement is to be had as this generation of Hyspia begins to come to a head, the announcement of not one but two courtships has come to this writer's ears. The first; heralding in a new age for Hyspia is the courtship of Crown Prince Francisco de Pelear and Lady Amity Morovar. Though, who can really say we are surprised? The Lady had been sent as a Ward to the family at the mere age of twelve, and we all saw this coming. The second courtship is one not quite expected after the drama previously mentioned in another volume of the Herald, the courtship of Prince Alejandro de Pelear and Senorita Callista Santos! What will come of their match as Callista's own brother pines after the Prince's twin, the Princess Sofia de Pelear? Only time will tell! The wedding of Baron Felix Weiss and Maria Antonella! As announced in the previous Herald, the marriage of the now ennobled Baron Felix Weiss and the Senorita Maria Antonella, now Baroness-Consort of Zvaervauld took place within the Church of Blessed Francisco in Hyspia. The first marriage to happen upon the Ciudad de Plata lands since it was settled! A lovely ceremony took place, with the King of Haense himself sitting at the very front row. Shortly after the ceremony, a match began in the Hyspian bullring - sans the Bulls. An all-out fisticuffs match with a large sum given to the winner! That wasn’t the end, though, as the rapidly bonding families of Weiss and de Pelear seemed to not be quite done. The Baron Felix Weiss had called the oldest attending down below and delivered a donation of minas for the de Pelears ongoing expansions! The Attack of the Ferrymen! Shortly after those departed from the Baron Weiss wedding and celebrations thereafter, the Ferrymen had descended on those of Hyspia and a fight began! Many jumped before the royalty present, some making their escape to bird for help while others stayed and defended their home. It wasn’t long before the tables were turned, as those of Hyspia and those of Haense who arrived worked together to drive away those who’d ruin the day! A chaotic day certainly to remember! Skeletons in the Clinic?! Injuries were tended to after the fight and reports were made, though believed to be hallucinations after an exhausting day had, of skeletons getting to their feet and running after people when their caretaker no longer wished to help them! Strange times! Perhaps some of those clinical herbs were the cause of a joint hallucination? The Recovery of Relics and Reabsorption of Household Titles! The second Hyspian court to take place within Ciudad de Plata was hosted by the Crown Prince Francisco de Pelear, where a few announcements took place; though, the real winner in this was the recovery of relics. Thought lost to time and strife, the banner of Castila Arenisca recovered from when the Hyspians lived under Urguan alongside the Monet artifacts, the Crown of Baroness Frisket, the mother of our Viceroy and a daemon steel spear. With the recovery of the artifacts, and with the embracing of ancestors, the title of Barony of Del’mar had been reabsorbed by the de Pelear household. Shortly following this announcement and some others, petitions took place where the Princess Sofia de Pelear approached with a relic recovered of her own, the Blessed Franciscos staff. Certainly a day of celebration for the Hyspians as history thought to be lost is recovered! The Growing Bond of the de Pelear and Weiss Household! One would have to be blind to miss the growing bond between the two households, never seen far apart from one another. The de Pelears supporting Weiss in the vying for nobility, the now Baron Felix Weiss taking on a position of Master-At-Arms of the Princess Veronica de Pelear and training her, among many other moments anyone with eyes can see. With the Princess Veronica de Pelear and the heir to the Barony of Weiss, Lord Audo Weiss becoming fast friends, one does has to wonder where this growing bond will lead. The Banishment of Lorec Bani Stormheart! Not a surprise to anyone, that was for sure! The banishment of Lorec Bani Stormheart came as a petition during the second court of Hyspia by concerned parties, a list of grievances and many more added on by onlookers as those pleaded the man be banished from their home. Having been responsible for the loss of limbs, plural, thievery, the murder of livestock and breaking and entering of homes, it was only natural the Crown Prince accepted the peoples plight and announced the banishment. The New Court Mage and Summoning of a Crackadonk! As of recent, a Court Mage may have been noticed within Ciudad de Platas walls, making himself known upon arrival with a grand display of magic: The summon of a Crackadonk! Having invited the Weiss heir to fight the summoned being, those watched on and it was rumored that the Crown Prince and the Baron Weiss discussed punishments in the background should the heir get hurt in this fight! A Grand Princes Interview: Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar! A depiction of Grand Prince, Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar. With the recent granting of honorary Hyspian citizenship to the Grand Prince of Haense, an interview was conducted with the man himself, the Grand Prince of Haense, Grand Prince Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar! In the effort of keeping this writer's identity hidden, the interview has been done entirely via letter. “What is your name?” ‘Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar, the Grand Prince of Kusoraev! I've two more middle names, actually, Tuvya is my baptismal name, after Saint Tuvya. Very fitting during this Tuvmas season, no? The other is Antonio, given to me with my honourary Hyspian citizenship, which I received recently!’ “What is it like being born as the heir to a Nation?” ‘A lot! It comes with many things, being the heir to a nation. A lot of people, I think, would say that there's a lot of pressure in it. I don't really disagree, you meet these people every day, and you realise that these are people who you'll hold great influence over one day. Of course I've tried to be a friend to everyone, which I think has helped take a lot of the pressure off me. I'm not quite so worried or, what's the word? Hesitant? About what my life is going to be like, I'm quite excited actually, I always have been, just ask Esfir!’ “What is your favorite thing about Hyspia?” ‘I'd have to go with the answer I'd use about any place in the world, the people. I've met quite a few people from Hyspia, both in and outside of it, and they've all had these wonderful personalities and stories to themselves. Of course, Hyspian cuisine is also excellent. I specifically assigned my chef, Arjen Morovar, to learn more of their cuisine, and I'm hoping to send Otto Gant to get some Hyspian wine as well. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm sure it's excellent! It also just has an incredibly unique culture, which I rather enjoy.’ “What would you say your greatest accomplishment as Grand Prince is?” ‘I do not know if you would count it as Grand Prince, but as a person generally: Finding love, of course. I do think it is my greatest guide of all, to have my dear Esfir by side. I do not know what I would be without her. Of all the things I have accomplished, and all the things I will accomplish, that shall always be the greatest of all.’ “What are your future goals for Haense?” ‘Oh, there are so very many! I've many things that I want to look at, the Law, the Royal Duma, and the Aulic Court are first on the list, but trust that I hope to not let a stone remain unturned. Though the guiding principle of it all shall be to set Haense up for growth. We are a nation which grows still by the day, and the ambitions of our institutions must match this!’ “Anything else you’d like to tell us?” ‘I haven't quite so much, only to let everyone in Hyspia know that they can always come to me. I aim to be a King as much for the Hyspian people as for the Haeseni people, for you are all part of my people, and as I sign all of my documents: "Damar lifsti va Edlerviki."’ Honorable Mentions! This writer gives thanks to the shoutout in the fifth volume of the Palatial post and looks forward to future editions! Alongside this, we eagerly watch to see the Kvaz Khronicle and its doings as the most recent publication and newsletter within Haense as a whole! Upcoming events! The ridding of the Sea Monster! The finished construction of a boat upon the ports! Ronan tea and talk party with the Musins! A game of Sardines within the Sapphire mines! Keep a lookout for coming events within Hyspia! --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on notice boards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  14. By order of Princess Sofia de Pelear of Ciudad de Plata a Notif of Dama de Honor has been issued for Senorita Callista Santos @Lmcfc The first trial has been issued with the approval of Viceroy, Cesar I for one such Callista Santos entrance into the position of Dama de Honor for Princess Sofia de Pelear of Ciudad de Plata. The role is a hefty one, though it comes with perks of the trade, should you go on to pass all three. During this time, the Viceroyal family will be watching the girls actions to see if she’d be a good fit and look forward to what may come of this all. The first trial is this; Plan, coordinate and host an event that will fit your perspective Princess standards. The rules are this, it must be within Ciudad de Plata. You may have assistance, within reason. An invite must be sent out to the public as a whole. Should you accept this first trial, come in person to state your intentions. May DIOS guide you! Viva Hyspia! Signed, His Highness, Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep and Gereon's Hold Her Highness, Sofia de Pelear, Princess of Hyspia
  15. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 4 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- The De Pelear Twins Quinceanera! The royal twins turned fifteen, having their Quinceanera and quite the chaotic time! Having just departed the Crown Prince of Haense, Georg Sigismund wedding and banquet, they made their way back to Hyspia, opening first with a bull fight, four contenders stepped forth, seemingly quite happy to get trampled even with the knowledge of another getting paralyzed due to these same actions! To everyones surprise and somes disappointment, the duos won against their challenge after having been tossed a few times against the wall, having grasped the Bulls horns and got it down for the count after the Hyspian house guard led the Bull in amidst bucking and wild snorts. Those left for the palace soon afterwards, coming to a viewing party of exotic animals. The Peacock, an Alligator, Bokolo and other exotic animals alike all made an appearance upon the palace roofs, amazing and delighting those alike! Quite notably, the Alligator was kept in a separate area with its own handler nearby to keep the party-goers safe. A pinata was brought out following the viewing party and for a time, this writer thought it must have been indestructible! One by one, those tried their hand at hitting and bursting it open, some collapsing to the ground, others being knocked back and some plain failing. Some even took multiple turns, the party soon raging at a seemingly simple floral pinata before finally after many, many tries, did it come open! Following the pinata challenge, which really shouldn’t have been a challenge in the first place, it was announced a bean can be found within one of the goodie bags passed out! An Olog stepped forth, having won the bean and the honor of being a ‘Royal for the Day’ the next Saints day, before a competition was offered and had. Many people battled the Olog, taking turns as they’d gone to the arena for a chance at winning the bean from them, only to all be beaten miserably in a match of fists. How miserable! --- To end the night off, those retired back to the palace once more where catering done by the La Terra Fresca tavern within Hyspia had been delivered, with two large cakes set neatly upon the table, towering high above the party-goers alongside food and drink matching the exotic theme. It wasn’t until the end, a special surprise unveiled, that the true drama of the night happened. The Princess Sofia's very own pet Peacock had been killed and roasted, over a misunderstood catering order! How cruel and to some, positively delicious! Courtships Abound! In previous Heralds, both the Santos and Lovatos have been recorded respectively and it has come to this writer's attention that Nora Lovato, the heiress to the Lovato household and Santiago Santos have come to the agreement of courtship! How exciting as love must be in the air! Will their courtship prevail and lead to marriage? Following this, is the announcement of the upcoming wedding of Felix Weiss and Maria Antonella within the Church of Venerated Francisco, joining the duo together in matrimony! Will Maria come to take on the role of mother to her soon-to-be Husbands previous children? A Song to Woo the Princess! Shortly following the de Pelear twins Quinceanera, one Calderon Santos had been said to have approached Princess Sofia and break out into a song he’d written just for her, asking her to be his date to his own upcoming Quinceanera! A delightful scene, the boy knowing how to get straight to the girls heart with charming smiles and compliments! For those wondering as to the Princess' answer, it was a yes, the girl seen on his arm later in the year at the Quinceanera in question! The Santos Twins Quinceanera! The second Quinceanera within a week, they had a tough party to follow and they certainly did well! With a theme of Fire and Water, the duo had crimson and azure colored streamers strewn about and made a grand entrance, one with his date, Princess Sofia and the other quite notably, with her own date missing. Where might he be? It soon opened with a game of Pin the tail on the bull, where many failed miserably in their venture and some even left in a huff, unable to handle the heat! Following this, it was rumored Nora Lovato had asked the Princess Sofia to speak in private after having seen her and Calderon Santos together and shortly after the conversation, for Nora to leave the palace in a huff. Following this, an eating competition is had of disgusting proportions! Curdled goats milk, prune pies and baby mice drowned in wine over a bed of rice, too many stayed out and too many vomited, unable to keep in the game one bit. With the game over, the Viceroy soon appeared, taking in the scene with clear disapproval. His disapproval only grew, when his daughter and Calderon Santos danced together soon afterward in the ball portion of the evening, where notably, Callistas Santos date finally arrived. Calderon Santos is called before the Viceroy, peering down at the boy that was soon kneeling before him. Threats, presumably were made though this writer wasn’t close enough to hear the juicy details. Hear this, readers, the Viceroy does not appreciate his daughter being asked on a date without his permission! Perhaps chasing death, the night soon ended with two last events, the previously kneeling boy now standing upon the stage and singing yet another song for the Princess. One must certainly question where he finds the time between courting death and attempting to court the Princess both! Some pinata whacking and sparring followed, allowing an end to the otherwise busy night. A Wards Interview: Lady Amity Ionna Morovar! A depiction of Lady Amity Ionna Morovar. What with the recent return of the Lady Amity, an interview has been conducted with Hyspias all-time favorite and only ward: Lady Amity Ionna Morovar! In the effort of keeping this writer's identity hidden, the interview has been done entirely via letter. “What is your name?” ‘Amity Ionna Morovar.’ “How did you come to be a Ward to the Vicereine?” ‘My best friends are Crown Prince Francisco and Princess Sofia, so naturally I warded under their Mamej.’ “What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned from her?” ‘How to take on the responsibilities and pressure you get as you grow older into adulthood.’ “What would you say your greatest accomplishment during your time as a Ward is?” ‘Hosting all of the successful events thus far.’ “Do you have any future goals?” ‘To be someone that others can look up to. I want to set a good example and be someone that others look to for guidance and safety’ “Anything else you’d like to tell us?” ‘I wouldn’t gotten this far without Sofia and Fran, they mean the world to me.’ And there you have it, resident Ward of Ciudad de Plata, Lady Amity Ionna Morovar! Upcoming events! A camping trip hosted by the Santos at the recently fixed lake! Navidad ornament making in the Hyspian square! Felix Weiss and Maria Antonella's wedding! Cooking class in the square! Tavern night! Keep a lookout for coming events within Hyspia! --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on notice boards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  16. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 3 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- The First Hyspian Court! The First Hyspian court took place after Ciudad de Plata was constructed, where a few interesting things took place! The Santos family, mentioned in the previous edition of the Hyspian Herald stood before the Viceroy and declared their loyalty, and in turn Cesar I had offered one of their members of their choosing to Squire beneath him. How exciting! Following this, the Wick children or now teenagers approached the dais and they too swore their loyalty and in turn asked to be provided a more fitting last name, now deemed the de Rosas! Wyn de la Plata, one of the guards within the house guard had been promoted as well for his continued and storied work! Survival of the Inferi Siege! The siege of the Inferi on the Haense capital of Karosgrad is something highly covered and known, not needing to be elaborated on too much for the readers. Nonetheless, it’s been said that the Hyspians showed fully armored and kept guard of the East gate during the fight and proved strong much as many others did during the ongoing siege! This writer is proud of their work that day and applauds them on their efforts. A New Family? The Lovatos house sigil is depicted here. After the arrival of the Santos, a new family seems to be making their rise, though certainly not as quick as the first! The Lovato household appeared from the sunset, making their way through the city and getting settled in a home near instantly. They are too often found in the clinic tending to injuries, Inigo Lovato here making a few of the girls about swoon with his gentlemanly attitude and friendly demeanor. Will they soon give the Santos a run for their mina? A Dama de Honor Leaves! Once Dama de Honor to Princess Sofia de Pelear, one Wilhelmina de Rosa has packed her bags and left Hyspia behind. Rumors speculate it having to do with the Princess twin, Prince Alejandro, though that can neither be confirmed or denied as of this moment. With the departure of the Dama de Honor, will the Princess set out new trials for those willing or chase after a girl intent on staying away? Amity Ionna is back! The Lady Amity had been in her mourning blacks for some time now after the loss of yet another family member, though now they have been put away in favor of velvety blues and purples. She’s right back at it, planning and hosting events as ward under Vicereine Laurelie I. Quite notably, though, shortly after her Quinceanera took place, a series of gifts began arriving for the girl. A new necklace here. A delicious treat there. Whoever could be wooing the young Lady? A Guards Interview: Wyn de la Plata! A depiction of Wyn de la Plata and the Princess Sofia de Pelear. What with the recent conflicts and promotion alike, an interview has been conducted with Hyspias all-time favorite guard: Wyn de la Plata! In the effort of keeping this writer's identity hidden, the interview has been done entirely via letter. “What is your name?” ‘Wyn de la Plata.’ “How did you come to be a guard for the Viceroyal family?” ‘I was talked into joining by the Princess when we were kids.’ “What is your go-to weapon?” ‘Mainly between dual shortswords or my fists, but I can pick up just about anything that’s needed.’ “What would you say your greatest accomplishment during the Inferi siege was?” ‘My greatest accomplishment while it may not seem much to some people is escorting the wounded to safety and help so that they may breathe and fight another another day.’ “Anything else you’d like to tell us?” ‘No.’ And there you have it, resident guard of Ciudad de Plata, Wyn de la Plata! Upcoming events! Princess Sofia and Prince Alejandro Quincenera is coming up, celebrating their fifteenth birthday! The day before, each will separately host events to prepare them and for a day of fun! An invite to a dinner party with Musins is had, allowing those to go for a night of fine dining! A high-stakes game within the Ciudad de Plata palace! A poetry night within the tavern hosted by the Santos! A feast within the palace to celebrate the survival of the Inferi siege! The Viceroyals vow renewal! The Quinceanera of the Santos twins! Keep a lookout for coming events within Hyspia! --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on notice boards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  17. [!] Couriers fill the streets, hand-delivering invitations from the Viceroyal family of Hyspia while others are nailed neatly upon a noticeboard. A Notif of Quinceanera has been issued for Princess Sofia Camila de Pelear and Prince Alejandro Arman de Pelear A depiction of the Viceroyal family, Crown Prince Francisco, Princess Sofia, Prince Alejandro and Princess Veronica. It brings the Viceroyal family great joy to announce the coming of age of their Prince and Princess, Sofia and Alejandro. The twins, despite having been born so alike, have grown into their own individual selves and have made their mark on Hyspia bringing unto it a new age of prosperity as the next generation comes to a head. The day before the duos Quinceanera, separate parties will be hosted as a form of preparations for the big day, allowing them time to relax and enjoy another day of fun before they reach the grand age of fifteen. The events contained within will be posted in a separate missive to their discretion. The theme of the Quinceanera is that of ‘Exotic Finds’, the meaning of such up to the attendees discretion, though heavily encouraged to come dressed in your best. As per Quinceanera tradition, the color blue is forbidden save for being the Princess and Prince family or court. The day of, the Quinceanera will open with a tournament, a classic duel for those seeking to prove themselves in bouts. It will be hosted within the Ciudad de Platas bullring, with a prize of 200 minas for the winner. Upon the conclusion of the tournament, those will make way to the palace where a series of events will take place; The first, a viewing party within the palace garden rooftop where a series of exotic animals shall be seen, offering an afternoon of delight and fun. Some time during the viewing party, a series of pinatas will be brought out, filled with varying candies. In a timed competition, two individuals will be paired up in an attempt at breaking their pinata. This will keep going until everyone has had a chance! Following the pinata challenge, those that took part will be told to check their goodie bags and one lucky individual will find a bean, denoting them the winner of ‘Royal for a Day’ which would take place the next Saints day. To finish the night off, a ball will be hosted within the palace where the Princess and Prince will have their first dance with their Padre, Viceroy Cesar I and Madre, Vicereine Laurelie I alike. After that, the dancing is open to those attending! May DIOS guide you! Viva Hyspia! Signed, His Highness, Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep and Gereon's Hold Cesar de Pelear Her Highness, Laurelie de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep and Gereon’s Hold Her Highness, Sofia de Pelear, Princess of Hyspia His Highness, Alejandro de Pelear, Prince of Hyspia
  18. The day, that day, would one be burned forever into the Hyspian Princesses mind. It’d haunt her dreams, her waking moments, awakening her as her frightened gaze darted about those first nights since. She’d weep and cry and pray, much like she did the day of the siege. It was still all so fresh. --- Princess Sofia de Pelear, merely fourteen years old, had awoken within her recently renovated tower of the Ciudad de Plata palace. The ministrations of day to day life was had, a Lady-in-Waiting brushing her hair, breakfast being delivered upon the table as she sat with her family, uttering out a prayer before breakfast. It was all so simple. Peaceful in its own way, with its mundane likeness to the young girl. It was simple until it wasn’t. Her father, Viceroy Cesar de Pelear stood tall, strong as he rallied the house guard, this coming shortly after breakfast as he was called from their table. They were to protect Haense, to protect their people and ensure the day was not lost. Her guard, her friend, she’d taken Wyn to the side mere moments before they left for the capital. Teary-eyed and frightened, she peered up at him and with all of her usual demands bleeding into one, and her vulnerability and moment of weakness showed, she’d state with no lack of strength to her tone. “If you die, I will kill you.” And so they marched. Armor, it felt so cold against her skin at first. The pieces a bit too big, fitting not quite right as she’d never donned it in her life. Soon, though, that cold turned suffocating. Sweat beaded. Had she ever sweat before? Had she ever felt that sweltering heat bearing down on her? The soldiers gathered, from many a nation, many a vassal and she could feel her heart thudding frantically in her chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. If she hadn’t known better, she may have thought she was running a fever. Her gauntleted hand clasped at her sisters, that feeling all too strange as she felt Veronicas small hand in her own and as the words of her father came down the line, they were sent to the palace to await what may happen. --- And so they rushed. The jostling and clanking of armor sounding, the heavy breaths and pants as they paused in the grand foyer. Fabric rustled, a medic preparing a med-bay for those injured during the siege and footsteps sounded. The Princess Royal was soon leading them, the woman keeping careful steps as it went round and round deep into the crypts, grip ever so tight against the wall and pews, movements tight due to her pregnancy. They’d made it. Sofia removed her helmet, taking in the stale crypt air with shuddering gasps leaving her as she kept close to her sister, worried for her family and friends undergoing the siege outside. They sat upon a mattress, and the scent of blood soon seeped into the crypts, cloying the air and the stench choking up the space. Many a time, a perfume bottle rose, spritzing the area around them but it’d only help so long. Leathery scents adding to the blood, honeyed scents only highlighting it in turn. Then, the prayers began. Never had she prayed to GOD so much in a day and yet, the prayers spilled out, leading the fellow children within the crypts in prayer as the adults spoke in their own corners, worrying over what was happening above. "Saint Edmond, as our soldiers go into battle today, grant them fortitude and protect them. Pray for God to show mercy to the dead, and that in hoping for victory today, we may win the peace tomorrow.” One after another, it’d come forth, whispered and cried as the thudding booms crashed and rocked the ceiling above. Dust and debris filtered down, and more joined them. The Princess Royal, she’d collapsed against the wall and her water had broken. Medics overwhelmed by the injured above, it was the mothers, mothers who’ve had babies of their own previously that saved the day. They led the woman through her birth, even as the cries and prayers of the people echoed around the crypts. And so a little girl was born amidst dread and disaster. --- A meteor struck soon after. It rocked the palace, delivering destruction and renewing the cries and prayers with a fervor. The Princess Royal seized, and the injured were delivered down below as the scent of blood grew only stronger and the children in the back prayed and pleaded, wishing to be with their parents, to go home, to see another day. And yet, the crypt was not safe. The buzzing of bugs within the walls sounded, echoing and shaking the walls. The Haense gates at the front were overtaken. And evacuation went underway. The previously seizing Princess is carried, her newborn baby lost within the crowd as the girl is brought to safety. Sofia kept her hand in Veronicas, frantic whispers sounding as she feared losing her sister in the now converging crowd. One last prayer was said and they were off. Rushing up the steps with Ser Walton leading the way. Coverings taken from windows, the carpets, a dress to protect from the flames raining down. Feverish pleas and cries coming forth from the evacuees, as they made way for Reinmar. Fire. Fire was the first thing Sofia noticed upon the exit of the palace. It overtook the sky in a terrifying kaleidoscope of burnt oranges and bloody crimsons, almost beautiful in its misery. The plop of something wet was felt as they made their escape. Then another. And another. Blood. Blood rained down on them, drenching those in their escape. But they did escape, they made way to Reinmar, taking refuge within yet another basement. This one was smaller. The press of the bodies were all too tight. The stench of blood, sweat and fear clogging the very air as the children of the group pressed close, frightened they may lose each other in the chaos. More injured are ferried in. News came, as her dear friend Wyn entered, delivering more injured. He was okay. Uninjured. Her father is alive. And then he was gone, back off to fight. And news soon came, of the triumph in the battlefield. The group rushed, pushed as they exited the basement of Reinmar, cries of joy and relief sounding as they poured forth in their effort to go home to Karosgrad. Her family made it. Her friends are alive. She is alive. --- As she went home that night, peeling off bloodied pieces of armor in favor of silken dresses and dinner around the table with her family following a prayer, she knew one thing. She’d never think of it as mundane again.
  19. I write this whilst laying in bed, half-delirious so forgive me of my errors, and forgive me of my wish to lead another life through story. I love my husband and daughter but all the death that surrounds me while I sleep suspended in time by sickness wearies me of life. I want to get better, I do, to finally be a part of my family again before more people leave me. I miss the years when I ran through the woods, searching for nothing at all, simply enjoying the freedom and burn of my lungs. I miss returning home to the Morovar family’s loving embrace, finding my mamej at the center of it all, leading the chaos steadily. I miss my papej, who was always running the house, dealing with court shenanigans, and yet found the energy to love each and every one of us. I miss my eldest borsa Wilhelm and the many fond times we had together, from jumping off roofs into his arms to the day he got my first puppy, Iris. Then there's my borsa Arjen, always up for some mischief and adventure, who was the first to sneak me alcohol in my younger years, and went hunting for goblins in the woods with me. I miss my whole family, together, like those nights in my childhood that I thought would never end. I miss myself as well, and mourn for my loss of strength, the energy I have lost in my battle against sickness that has disallowed me from making the changes I wish to see happen. Even so, I am thankful towards my husband who has stood by me every step of the way- since my very first outing alone to Karosgrad all those years ago. You have been my dearest and best friend and I cherish every moment I spend with you, even while I lay here, writing in our bed. It started during Lifstala, when what I thought was merely a bad season of colds took away my experiences, robbed me of my debut along with many other events I wished to enjoy. I was then given a grace period, though that time was filled with arguments between my favorite borsa Wilhelm and my love Lorence. They both feared losing me and thus could only see the other as the enemy. I was unable salvage their relationship as I fell sick shortly after my marriage to Lorence, and I was rendered unable to tell my borsa about the wedding because his duties had taken him elsewhere. I thank all those who did show up for our union, it being the last time I saw both of my parents, Leopold and Maeve Morovar. Though my mamej still lives Leopold was murdered shortly after I fell ill, his death occurring at the height of my sickness and rendering me blindsided upon hearing the news when I was finally better. At that point all I wanted, and all I still want, was to reconcile with the family I have left, raise my little Laila who came into this world shortly after my papej died, and be a good wife. I started the process of mending the ties between my love and Wilhelm, but sickness once again rendered me useless despite new attempts at finding out the source of the problem, and I was unable to finish my work. I fell ill once again and this time I woke up with the news of my borsa’s death on my husband’s lips. I cannot describe to anyone the pure madness that moment brought me, nor the grief that tore through me, but I am sure those who have lost their most important confidants can imagine. I write and finish this a saint’s day after his death reaches my ears, unable to get up from my bed and comfort those he held dearest in his later life. I apologize for my absence yet again. So in my grief I am picking up my ink and quill to write as I did in my younger years, to write and write and write until I can figure out this puzzle. Now, however, I write not only for entertainment but to bring meaning to the world around me which seems to get darker by the day, as I lay here suspended in time by my illness. I write to reach someone else who may be in pain, who may need an escape, who may need a reason to live and fight just as I do. I write just in case I die tomorrow, so that all those I know in life are sure of my love for them, and to get them through what could be a tumultuous time. I write so if I do get better I understand the thoughts going through my head in this feverish time, and to explain to my daughter why her mamej was so absent for her first steps, words, and all the other firsts 1st’s I've missed. Dedicated to: Lorence Colborn, my husband and best friend Wilhelm Morovar, my beloved borsa and role-model Maeve Morovar, my mamej who encouraged me through everything And Little Laila Colborn, my daughter who gives me the courage to live. Beauty Incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, insanity in which my life lies tattered and broken. To find my dearest husband besides me, looking handsome as he sleeps With rays of early morning sunshine lighting upon his skin. His eyes flutter open and I am met by an alluring ocean Filled to the brim with love and happiness. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which my dearest borsa is dead. I am left giggling however as he sits up at the same time I do and our heads clatter together. We had fallen asleep together underneath the apple tree at Ghastenwald, After playing together forever in our home. We both jump up together, and run off to have more adventures, hand-in-hand. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which my mamej is nowhere to be found. Only to delight upon the sound of her voice ringing out downstairs, traveling towards me. She opens the door and the breath is taken from my lungs upon realizing just how similar we are. My mamej, the most dazzling, intelligent, and loving woman I will ever know. I get up from my desk to embrace her, telling her about all the ways I am trying to live up to her. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which I left my little Laila all alone. Only to hear her screeches of excitement as my husband plays with her in the other room. My little bundle of mischief, I will someday delight upon how far you’ve come. But for now I join them, playing simple little games you seem to never grow tired of. Oh how happy we are together. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which my papej was murdered. But I flash my toothy grin at him as he gently shakes me, for I had fallen asleep at dinner. I then pretend to sleep, and even though he knows I am awake, he carries me to bed, Night after long night. My diligent, hard working papej, forever looking after us. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which I hadn’t talked to my brother Arjen for years. Only to hear him getting yelled at for his mischief in Karosgrad. She promises our parents will hear about this, but I am able to charm his way out. And we walk off to fight goblins in the woods, makeshift swords in hand. My mischievous, trouble causing, lovely, fun borsa, who always has my back. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which I am unsure of what my sister Juliya is up to. Only to find her scrapping with another kid over the Morovar house honor. I laugh, and cheer her on, and of course she wins. And I help her up, bringing her to the medics. She is strong, beautiful, prideful, and on her way to become the best knight in Karosgrad. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which the Barony of Ghastenwald is dissolved. To hear the laughter of my family around me at a family dinner. We are joyous, and proud, and mad in the best way. Most importantly though we are together. And we know as long as that’s true, nothing else matters. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which I have nothing to do with my new family, the Colborns. To around the fireplace, hearty conversation filling the room along with laughter, A sense of belonging in the air, kinship. I know I will be right at home, serving as the bridge between the Colborns and Morovars A giant family who all love me. Beauty incarnate. I awaken from a nightmare, in which I am no longer myself. Finding my face smeared with ink, having knocked it over in my sleep. I get up and clean it up, staring in the mirror for a moment at my healthy complexion, Before going off to do everything I love, from writing, to adventuring around the forest And bonding with each and every person I love. Beauty incarnate I awaken from a dream, into the nightmare my life has become. As I look at the broken pieces, and every place I have messed up I realize I still have a chance. Wilhelm and Leopold may be dead, but there are so many others to love So many chances I hope not to waste, and to do so I have to fight. Fight to get better, and reach a place where I can be happy again. I will never forgive myself for being lulled to sleep, never forget those I have lost, As I look in the mirror at my sallow skin, I find strength. Beauty incarnate. While I may not have the opportunity to live through most of what is above, I still have a chance to live a happy, full life.
  20. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 2 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- A Camping Trip! Previously covered in another missive, The Children of Hyspia and their Camping Shenanigans, this writer thought they might give a bit more on the drama that unfolded! The children of CIudad de Plata gathered at the gates of the city, sleeping bags and belongings in hand as they chattered excitedly and soon enough, they made way for the campsite! It opened with varying events already touched on, only for the first drama worthy moment to happen! Marshmallow after marshmallow fell into the flames as one such Senor Reetus struggled in his attempt to make smores! By the help of Senor Gaius and Princess Sofia, he was able to enjoy his sweet treat! More interesting, naturally, was the game of Sardines they all played towards the end. The children gathered up by the sapphire mines nearby the campsite and after the rules of the game were explained, they began. One child hid, the rest looking for him and as they found him, they’d join that same hiding spot, packing in tight. Grumbling, annoyance and fights broke out in such close quarters! The second round led to a lengthy session as two of the children couldn’t seem to find the rest packed tight like sardines, so much so, a sign was put just out of their hiding spot! Eventually, the group gave up and went back above, calling for the duo to join them. To finish off the night, a set of scary stories were told, with too many questions for anyone's liking. The scariest thing there had to be the threats given if Senor Adam didn’t finish his story! The Santos Family! The Santos family are a recent but rising addition to Hyspia! Having recently come from another place unknown, their family is arriving in droves and making waves. What with one sibling attempting to fight for the affection of one Prince Alejandro! They aren’t the only Santos making themselves known, either. Senor Mateo had decided running with the bulls would be a great idea, though covered later in the Herald! Will the Santos family continue to rise or will their moment of stardom wane? Amity Ionnas Quince! The blonde lady of Morovar had her Quince just last night, her sister-in-law opening with a speech and the girl herself opting for a grand entrance, where she was then crowned with an heirloom tiara! Varying music played, dances were had, most notably her with the Crown Prince Francisco and a special treat by Morovars Kebabs and its proprietor and her brother, Senor Arjen Morovar came off the grill! Kebabs! Kebabs, followed by varying Hyspian dishes and a multi-layered vibrantly pink cake having to be delivered by not two, nor three but four people to the table where the guests waited. A wish was made and gifts given to the girl, ranging from badly written poetry to gifts of the magical variety. Certainly not an end to the night, the adults were thanked for attending the party and the younger generation made way for the converted tower, where varying blankets and pillows sprawled about for a sleepover! Running with the Bulls! While this happened during Senorita Amity Ionnas Quince sleepover, it deserved a section in its own right. The group having decided they wanted a new game after Crown Prince Francisco took victory in a pillowfight that left many a kid rubbing a bruised arm, one such Senor Adam suggested he run with the bulls and Senor Mateo agreed to join him! The resident bull caretaker, Prince Alejandro released Jose the prized bull into the arena and the struggle began! The two boys ran about the arena, at times avoiding the bulls horns and others trying to grab on in an attempt to get on its back. Jose bucked and huffed, and to the crowd's surprise, the two boys seemed to be doing just fine! They got upon the bulls back, holding on for dear life and just as we’d thought they’d win the night, Senor Mateo went flying straight into the nearby wall! Prince Alejandro came down and in one fell swoop, flipped the Bull on its side with natural agility and it stayed down. A medic was called soon after, for any worried readers! The Infatuation of the Royal Family! The Infatuation of the Royal Family has come to whole new levels for each member of the de Pelear generation, save for the youngest. A series of gifts began arriving for Princess Sofia, namely flowers before letters soon began to follow. The house guard naturally investigating it, the culprit seems to be passing them on by! If that were not enough, as poems begin being delivered via a dropoff point, it was found out she had not one but two stalkers. If only that’d be the only de Pelear child affected! The twin to Princess Sofia and seemingly of infatuation, is Prince Alejandro. With the arrival of the Santos, comes the constant catfight of one Dama de Honor and one such member of the family, both crushing on the boy-prince! Dances are interrupted and accusations thrown about! And the icing on the cake, or the tip of the iceberg, the Crown Prince finds himself receiving barrels of soup from a secret admirer. A strange gift but a gift nonetheless! Alligator on the attack: Hand lost! Recent news of an Alligator prowling the waters of Ciudad de Plata has circled the city, bringing with it news. One of the Santos, a Senorita Callista Santos, had fallen into the waters or was rumored pushed, losing a hand in her frenzied escape as the Alligator snapped it away. What will be done of this fiendish creature? Upcoming events! The first court of Viceroy Cesar I will take place shortly after this missive, covering what has been happening in the city and allowing for the petitions of his people! A bonfire feast will take place later this week, the lake and gardens mentioned in the last Herald having been healed and celebration to be had! A game of secret Krugsmas is to take place, those signing up assigned someone they are to secretly get a gift for! Sign-ups end at the very beginning of the Saints month of Krugsmas! The decorating and lighting of the Krugsmas tree soon to be in the Ciudad de Plata square is to take place! Keep a lookout for coming events within Hyspia! --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on notice boards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  21. Dear Analiesa!: A Hyspian Song by Princess Sofia Camila Valentina Isidora Ravn de Pelear written in celebration of the Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar as a wedding gift of the ages! ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa Sing me a dream Cántame un sueño The only Princess of Haense wedding La boda de la única Princesa de Haense With family held dear Con la familia querida And corset strung tight Y corsé apretado Hear the cries of the peoples delight Escucha los gritos de deleite del pueblo ♩ ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa Dons a veil Se pone un velo As she floats down the aisle Mientras ella flota por el pasillo Dashing husband in wait Esposo apuesto al acecho Now is the time to celebrate! ¡Ahora es el momento de celebrar! ♩ ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa Hear me sing Escúchame cantar May you have a blessed family Que tengas una familia bendecida And make a magnificent team! ¡Y hagáis un magnífico equipo! ♩ ♪ Dear Analiesa Querida Analiesa May you gleam Que brilles A cherubim ceremony! ¡Una ceremonia de querubines! ♩
  22. Music Dissolving of Ghastenwald Its with recent council from His Majesty king Karl III that I Last Baron of Ghastenwald Wilhelm Otto Morovar dissolve the barony of Ghastenwald and hand title back to His Majesty. Though this is not my only reason on this matter, I find myself unfit to hold the title with no education of how to be a baron after the passing of my late father Baron Leopold Morovar, for the betterment of the Morovar family and to keep this houses name, honor, and history in well maintained order I considered it right to do such an act of dissolvement. SIGNED, Wilhelm Otto Morovar
  23. By order of Princesa Sofia de Pelear of Ciudad de Plata a Notif of Dama de Honor has been issued for Senora Wihelmina Wick The first trial has been issued with the approval of Viceroy, Cesar I for one such Wilhelmina Wicks entrance into the position of Dama de Honor for Princesa Sofia de Pelear of Ciudad de Plata. The role is a hefty one, though it comes with perks of the trade, should you go on to pass all three. During this time, the Viceroyal family will be watching the girls actions to see if she’d be a good fit and look forward to what may come of this all. The first trial is this; Plan, coordinate and host an event that will fit your perspective Princesas standards. The rules are this, it must be within Ciudad de Plata. You may have assistance, within reason. An invite must be sent out to the public as a whole. Should you accept this first trial, come in person to state your intentions. May DIOS guide you! Viva Hyspia! Signed, His Highness, Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep and Gereon's Hold Her Highness, Sofia de Pelear, Princesa of Ciudad de Plata of Hyspia
  24. Welcome to Ciudad de Plata!: A Hyspian Song by Princesa Sofia Camila Valentina Isidora Ravn de Pelear written in celebration of the construction of the Hyspians new city within Haense! ♪ Desert Sands Fly Away Las arenas del desierto se van volando Snow now paves my way La nieve ahora pavimenta mi camino Haense chill nips at my heels El frío de Haense pellizca mis talones Is this the Hyspian way? Es así como se hace en Hyspia? ♩ ♪ The snow now melts away La nieve ahora se derrite The Silver Island at the bay La isla de plata en la bahía Boats rock up to shores Los barcos se balancean hasta las costas Is this the Hyspian way? Es así como se hace en Hyspia? ♩ ♪ Sapphires glitter prettily in mines Los zafiros brillan bellamente en las minas Pearls pried from beach lands Perlas arrancadas de las tierras de la playa Fish caught by the fishers band Pescado capturado por la banda de pescadores Is this the Hyspian way? Es así como se hace en Hyspia? ♩ ♪ Bulls snort and push Los toros resoplan y empujan Crowds grow in the tavern Las multitudes crecen en la taberna Horchata passed all around Horchata pasó por todos lados Is this the Hyspian way? Es así como se hace en Hyspia? ♩ ♪ Welcome to the City of Silver Bienvenidos a la Ciudad de Plata Where Hyspians make their way! donde los Hyspians se abren camino! ♩
  25. OH'SEHN VAL LOCH'TOHL The Barony of Al'Ildic presents. . . Rare is it that this occasion befalls on the Barony keep, especially of the heiress Al'Ildic and a lord Jerovitz. . . The bride and groom invite those of the Old Regime, Knights of Hanseti-Ruska and the Old Regime of Petra, and peers of both. [OCTOBER 29TH, 2022. 4PM EST] In the Emma of Woldzmir Chapel, The Commonwealth of Petra Synopsis of Lovers Vladrik Kortrevich II and Sadie O'Rourke, two souls that begun their conquest of courtship at the age of youths. Together, they ensued many cricket-sounded nights, summer-sunned days and an entire childhood with one another. The Stone Rose of Krusev was given to the Baroness Al'ildic in honor of Kaitlyn Kortrevich, the first baroness of Jerovitz. The heirloom is treasured by House Kortrevich, and now passes onto its future generation of star-crossed lovers. In Kortrevich tradition, the ring is only given to koravian brides whom are a clear and constituted choice for suitor. The Northman himself, enacted his dedication by opting out of lifstalan events, required by his nation. Focusing on scholarly pursuits. Now, he settles into his knighthood trials and a life with his dearest Baroness, as her loyal consort. Ceremony The proceedings will take place in the bride's chosen chapel for it's patron saint, Emma of Woldzmir. Show to the courtyard near the Margrave of Minitz, carrying into the church for the blessed ceremony under star and sun. The clergy of Canonism oversees in the eyes of Mother Maya vas Ruthern, and in holy matrimony they will stay. ____________________________________________ INVITEES Count Nikolai Mikhail Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @Phersades) Countess-Consort Esmée Gabrielle Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @dove ) Ser Calahan O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @Pyrite ) Holy Mother Maya vas Ruthern II of Vidaus ( @milkyi ) Dame Catherine, Regent of the Commonwealth ( @AndrewTech ) His Royal Majesty, Keong Karl Barbanov III of Karosgrad ( @GMRO ) Her Royal Majesty, Keonas Amadea Ulyssa of Susa ( @shay ) Knights & Squires of the Circle of Saint Emma Knights & Squires of the Round Table Dame Irene of Vienne ( @ RainedropF ) Best Man, Firr Tulip van Wick ( @HurferDurfer1 ) Lord Everett Patrick O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @CanadaMatt ) Lady Alexandrina Maya O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @ ) Lady Mischa Florentia Lesanov-Falcone of Florentine ( @Melpomenne Haunch-Prinzen Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar ( @gusanoarentonio ) Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar ( @PerfectlyPeachy ) Prince Marius Audemar Barbanov-Bihar ( @Mio ) Lady Esfir Rose Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @marslol ) Lord Matviy Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @MapleSunflower ) Lord Anton Otto Rique Kortrevich ( @AgentofDeath13 ) Lady Inessa Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @GlassySkies ) Duchess-Consort Josefina Renée Kortrevich-Barclay of Reinmar ( @crazedpudding) Ser Matyas Baruch of Valwyck ( @ThanksChris ) Ser Barley van Wick of Woldzmir ( @ScourgeOfOrders) Lord Cosimo Falcone of The Holy Land, Florentine ( @Goon) Lady Margosha Lesanov ( @Bonito ) Manon Yvaine de Falstaff ( @wowsirss) Viorica Barrow of Jerovitz ( @sarahbarah ) Wynanya Arvellon of Nevaehlen ( @critter) & her invited kin from the Vale Princess Elizaveta Ulyssa van Wick ( @Moenah) Lady High Justicar Adele Emma Ludovar ( @CopOwl) Ser Sebastien 'The White Sun' de Savoie ( @tcs_tonsils_ ) Signed. . . Her Ladyship, Sadie Cristonia O'Rourke, Baroness of Al'Ildic His Lordship, Vladrik Iov Robaire Kortrevich II, Baron-Consort of Al'Ildic
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