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  1. Nataliya Reza, writing her letter in Freeport. Hello, to those whom are reading this letter. three years it has been since the execution of the former Princess Royal, Nataliya Reza Barabanov-Wick. As you may know, rumors have been floating about, that she has survived. And I am here to share with you, that those rumors are true. I am Alive. "Name and Business." an Oren Guard inquired as he looked down upon the figure, hidden behind a dark cloak. "Nataliya Reza." The woman stated simply, pulling the cloak away from her head, revealing herself
  2. [!] A letter is sent out to the citizens of Haense and a select few from Oren. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss Agnes de Frand and Mister Emil-Dardot Ashford de Falstaff. Join us for a celebration of love and matrimony in Haense! Specific invitations are as follows, with letters attached to each of them. Albrecht Mondblume - "It is with great joy I invite you to attend our wedding, dear sir. You were a kind and hospitable soul when we first encountered you in Haense and have been kind enough to keep the secret of our impending wed
  3. The Attempts Of Assassinations Written by: Father Ivarus, Saint Heinrik Basilica, Jorenus Diocese This is a short letter regarding the recent situations that have happened against men of the Church and it's followers. Quite recently, many attempts of assassinations have been made on those who are serving God. This is why I call all believers of our Church to stay cautious wherever you are! As the threats are not just made to us, men of God but also against the believers of the Church! These people (The Qalasheen).. who claim to believe in 'God' are in fact b
  4. Census of Hanseti-Ruska 368ES - 380ES KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the OFFICE OF THE SENESCHAL On this Wzuvar and Byvca 368ES Va Birodeo e Herzenav, Following the lapse of twelve years since the issuance of the Secondt Haeseni Census, the Office of the Seneschal, at the will of the Aulic Council, sees fit to publish this Third Haeseni Census to gather accurate information on the populace of Hanseti-Ruska for the purposes of statistical records. The Second Haeseni Census is attached to this missive
  5. A new poem, a new day for Miss Mirabella. The true meaning of her words may be unknown. But there is a point to it all, be sure of that. A fire within a city is not an uncommon thing. Hearth’s blaze, and crackle with life. The problem arises when they get out of hand. Buildings burn, shops lose their stock. People lose their livelihoods. And, their lives. As men try to put out the flames. Hopefully, with success. As those who started them watch, They watch w
  6. https://youtu.be/rzDPk8tqwvQ (listen to if you want dramatic music) (please make sure to read the end of this post for an important MESSAGE!) Ash In The Snow. Nataliya Reza Barbanov-Wick's Execution, 5th of Jula and Piov, 1813 On a cool spring day, Nataliya Reza had agreed to accompany Lady Margaux Helvets on a trip to Haense, to visit her brother Ser Aleksandr and her Niece, Princess Katerina. Upon arrival as the two entered the palace, they were greeted by an empty hall. Margaux decided to stay in the palace and
  7. Are you feeling bored? -- Looking for a fun night-out, or maybe somewhere to bring your kids? -- Well look no further than the Four-Leaf Clover! Our wide selection of enticing board games can keep you and your friends busy for hours on end! From Haensi Chess to games you’ve never even heard of, come and experience the fun! We offer a selection of drinks and snacks for your relaxation pleasure, and gambling is absolutely permitted. Low price -- Hours of fun The full deluxe experience of Four-Leaf is
  8. A homely city, full of color and life. Yellows and blacks, all strung up along banners when one looks above. Caws heard from the distance, amongst the rustling trees outside the walls. Many shops of weapons, drinks, and toys, with outliers as well! Shops to speak with spirits, and gain furry companions. Shops that offer clothing, along with many other items. Each with their own charm, all differing. A city that is large, yet somehow quaint. Fires crackling, flickering orange and yellow.
  9. A Grand Re-Opening! An Event to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the NGS The Great Crest of the Northern Geographical Society Est. 1762 ✵ NGS KAROSGRAD ✵ Exhibits Opening! After nearly a decade of collecting artifacts and producing scholarly writings, the Northern Geographical Society is proud to announce the opening of two more permanent exhibits in our flagship Karosgrad museum. ✵ Haeseni History Hall ✵ Explore the history of the Kingdom of Ha
  10. Women's Fashion of Hanseti-Ruska Fashion, an ever changing beauty of a population. Yet traditions are also an important part when it comes to the certain rules of clothing and how it is worn. This is a study on the current fashion of women in the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Wzuvar and Bycva I. Fashion in the Royal Court II. The Kokoshnik Tiara III. Traditional wear of Hanseti IV. Traditional wear of Reinmar V. Traditional wear of Ruska VI. Coats, Shawls and Pants I. Fashion in the Royal Court The fashion in the ro
  11. A painting of the baroness of Antioch in Nikirala Prikaz Prinzenas Hauchmetvas of Her Royal Highness, Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov, Bossiras of Antioch Themed for Grandness and Elegance Vzmey and Hyff A Lady Hauchmetvas or debutante in common, shall be held in the Nikirala Prikaz palace to celebrate Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov’s 14th name day, the only daughter of the late Koeng Josef I and Koenas Isabel of Valwyck. This occasion commemorates her ascent from adolescence to adulthood. Suitors are welcome to introduce themsel
  12. *Alad would send out fliers* [!] The message would read. Looking to Hire a Guild master. Someone proficient with a sword and able to handle monsters. Experience with delving and company management is an asset.
  13. *Alad would nail the protocol list to the message board and would update the board as necessary. Secondary controlled documents could be found throughout the clerk's offices.* Haense Adventuring Guild Protocol Founded by Alad Vel’Telos Celia’thilln Version 1.3 A n adventurer shall seek the thrill of the world’s benefit for the Good Will of others. They shall seek out evil & cast it away so that the innocent folk may live lazy and prosperous. Amend 1.3 All reference to rank not referrin
  14. THE HAESENI SEASON Ve Lifstala 360 ES ______________________________________________________________________________________ It is with this official missive that the Queen's Council announce the beginning fo the new Haeseni tradition, Lifstala. Otherwise known as the Season, its aim is to bring together the eligible young people of the city in an andlesss whirlwind of festivities and pleasures as well as providing an opportunity to enjoy oneself in the upcoming events. There is no minimum age limit to partake in the festivities, since the Season is geared towards ma
  15. *Alad would post the message to the guild board as well as hand out pamphlets. Additional forms could be found on the Scrivener desks.* Now accepting Adventuring Jobs. Monster exterminator, look no further. Fetch quest gopher, we are already on it. Estcourt quest or merchant guard, know none more qualified. Reasonable & competitive rates. We offer job insurance and can schedule grinding jobs. Please submit a job form as posted below or see your nearest Haense Adventuring Guild Representative. H.AG.
  16. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Cadaver Protection Act 357 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to protect the sanctity of corpses. INTRODUCTION This bill aims to incriminate those who would aim to defile fresh corpses before they have entered the grave. This bill further aims to enforce that autopsies must be given consent by the family of the deceased, as well as ensure that bodies within the morgue are both recorded and find their final resting place. I. Amendments 414.02: The defacement or autopsy of a body wi
  17. Althea Frostfire Born in 1753 FA Human Female 5’3” tall Althea was a woman that slowly grew old, her hair was an ever present factor. She had an ever present motherly aura to herself, coming from years of helping children grow up. Her will to protect her family was stronger after her husband had passed, she felt the need to keep them as close as can be. She was also a massive alcoholic, spending her money on alcohol more than food at times. Like her mother and her mother before her, Althea had a love for making foods. More so the delicate sweets and treats of deserts
  18. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Clinical Trespassing Act of 357ES Introduced in the Duma A bill that incriminates the act of intruding on medical operations INTRODUCTION This bill aims to incriminate the act of intruding on an active medical operation, whether it be in the Royal Clinic or anywhere else. It also ensures that medical professionals hold the right to remove a person from their presence during an operation if they do not hold the consent of the patient to be there. I. Necessary Definitions Medical Operations sha
  19. Welcome one and all to the grand opening of the Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor’s Shop! Bringing to the people of Haense some of the quality goods of the Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor, we are proud to announce our official opening! Currently manned by the metal dwed himself, Rylanor Goldhand, this shop represents the quality craftsmanship of the many dwedmar that put their passion and effort into each item crafted. Be it swords to necklaces, to even a thing as simple as a thimble. You think it, We make it. If what we have in stock is not to your liking, we can personally take any commission
  20. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Emancipation Act of 357 EST Introduced in the Duma A bill that officially puts an end to the institution of slavery by making it criminal within the Haural Caezk. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this bill is to officially protect the citizens of this nation against the vile and uncanonist institution of slavery, making it illegal and criminal. I. Necessary Definitions Emancipation is defined as the act of freeing any person from slavery Slaves shall be defined as a person taken into
  21. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Illegal Fees Act of 355 ES Introduced in the Duma An act that incriminates the charging of fees that contradicts the laws of the Haural Caezk. INTRODUCTION This bill shall create a new section under ‘The Law of Crime’ and would incriminate those who would unlawfully place fees upon the Haeseni people. I. Necessary Definitions A new section under Chapter four of the Haural Caezk ‘The Law of Crime’ shall be titled ‘430: Illegal Fees’ “Illegal Fees” shall be defined as any fees that have been placed upon
  22. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Guilds Bill of 356 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to establish proper definitions for what a guild is. INTRODUCTION In tandem with the First Edict of the Barbanov Maership, which established a Guild Initiative. Grand Maer Barbanov seeks to create a proper legal definition of what a Guild is and the perks of being a Guild. I. Necessary Definitions Guild: A non-government non-military organisation. Guild Hall: The headquarters of a guild. Guild Master: The leader
  23. Hello would be traveler. We are looking for a new clerk for our work force. With 18 official members and a host of others, we are looking for a clerk to have the job of recording deeds of our members. Bards, lore writers and other are welcome. We have hired a guild master, but we are still recruiting for all positions. Healers, alchemists and botanists are wanted the most. We are still looking for more jobs or those who have led events to join up and have fun taking members on adventures. Fighters are an asset but not needed. Feel fr
  24. Ajax Frostbeard in his usual stint of writing has composed a new song! Posting it quickly in the tavern hall in Urguan's mountain holme he returns to his home to make additional copies, wishing to send them out to the other nations of the world. His hopes are this song can become popular enough and be enjoyed outside the kingdom as well. The Indomitable Cavalryman I'm Haenseti, I'm Norlan Im a Holy Oren son Charging Khazadmar across the plain I'm the lancer on a dun I'm an Uruk on the run I'm a Horseman here to bring you pain. Was with Verthaik an
  25. January 2021: SemiColin Most people from Haense all know SemiColin, especially if you were or are in the HRA. He became a sort of mascot of Haense with his famous character Buck Dirtgrub. He is a really nice dude and often surprised us with his wonderful animations that made all laugh. My favourite being the one that says goodbye to New Reza from Zaerie’s “OUR MEMORIES OF REZA AND ARCAS” forum post. Along with this he also made hilarious newspapers in roleplay called "Buck News" with drawings that he posted on the forums. I remember SemiColin’s character Buck
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