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  1. ❦ Cozy Cafe Skin Auction ❦ [ SOLD !] This is my first ever skin Auction! I didn't know that I coincidentally named every single outfit after food when Imade these, thus leading to the 'cafe' theme! These skins are for females and are based on the clothing from Haense, Oren and Yong Ping! ALL SIX SKINS ARE MADE BY YOURS TRULY! ♥ ───── ❝ RULES ❞ ───── ➤ All bidding starts at 250 Mina ➤ Minimum Increase of Bids will be 10 - 100 Mina ➤ No editing any of your bids. Only comment if you are bidding. If you are bidding again please make a NEW COMMENT. ➤ No reposting/claiming/reselling ANY of the Skins. ➤ Any edits to the skin MUST BE REQUESTED to me, after the Auction is over and is sold to the winners. ➤ If you have any questions, please DO NOT COMMENT IT. Send the question to my Discord : agape#1755 ! The Auction will end in 3 days. Tuesday, August 24th, 5PM MT (Mountain Time)! ❝ FORMAT COMMENT ❞ DISCORD: IGN: SKIN TITLE: BID: ───── ༻✧༺ ───── ❦ SKIN MENU ❦ [ CLICK TO VIEW UP CLOSE! ] ❀ Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok ❁ Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok ✾ Sakura Tea At Midnight Kimono ❋ Soft Sugar Plum Kimono ✧ Tangarine Dreams ❇ Pale Marine Gin ❦ Good Luck! ❦
  2. ~A Hunter’s Life~ We who inhabit this world have done plenty of horrifying things. Things that have been eternally engraved in the scrolls and books which hold our long and unforgotten history. However, it seems that even though we wage large wars against our own kind and have caused many crises which have led to our demise, that our accumulation of races continues along with no fear of what has happened in the past - as they had no other choice but to. Instead of wallowing around and trapping ourselves in the worst of pasts, our kind moves forward and learns from the mistakes we make. We make sure never make them again, les we wish for our heads to part from our bodies. Though some things in this world us inhabitants simply cannot push through. . . or exterminate entirely in the end. Though we descendants do our best to get past these small obstacles the world we live in has. But the lingering beasts and creatures who terrorize and threaten the very existence of many kinds must be dealt with. Hell, even though they are plentiful in number, and never able to be fully extinguished from existence, it is our job as those who’ve chosen a Hunter’s life to rid as many of these dark beings and monstrous creatures who walk our lands - all so that people stop cowering behind their gates and walls whilst their lives unravel quickly before them. Signed- Yvo Mondblume “It’s a Hunter’s Life for me!” ~A Hunter’s Code~ Members must abide by this code in order to keep their spot in the guild. Taking a contract or job up means seeing it through No matter the cost. We don’t hunt our own kind, and, under absolutely 0 circumstances, will not ever take jobs to harm other descendants. Monster hunters don’t ask many questions when under contract. See out the job unless it is questionable to your morals, and remember that there are many ways of completing a hunt. In fighting with guildmates is restricted. Help others instead of harming them. :OOC Guild post area: The Haense Monster Hunting guild is a place for those yearning to take on mighty beasts and become reputable to other nations shall thrive! We are a guild that offers out player-run events from those wishing to test the waters in event running, as well as some ST events. Not only will we be doing monster hunts in Haense, and with our own event runners, but we also will be branching out into other nations, looking for work so that we can gather fellow guildmates and attend a larger array of hunts. ~Location of Guildhall~ Haense/Karosgrad The Hunter’s Inn ~Application~ Full name: Ign: Reasons for joining: Experience: Discord:
  3. LUDOVAR RESTORED Tov y Yermey, 386 ES Those around the keep of Otistadt and the Kingdom of Haense would receive a flurry of invitations, in the form of flyers, detailing a grand party in the noble Ludovar keep where everyone was invited. The contents would read as followed… “Tell all of the up and commence of House Ludovar, Some may have thought we were done but that is niet the case, we have been working hard over the last year for this day, and we would like to share it with you below are specific invites though all will be allowed within the keeps walls upon the day. “The celebration will be one regarding the Expansion of House Ludovar and the Return of Lord Roberts Brother, Lord Aleksey. Within such, we have founded many new enterprises and even a charity, this will be a catalyst for a new GOLDEN AGE for House Ludovar!” The flyer would go on, mentioning plentiful fine wine and food available to the guests, along with jovial music to dance to. Not only that, but a final duel would commence, crowning a Champion for the entertainment of the noble lords and ladies in attendance. In the name of charity - any and all spare drink and food will be donated to the poor and homeless of the city. Any charitable donation throughout the night would be appreciated, and invested in further upcoming plans of the organisation. At the base of the flyer, a list was attached, naming the current businesses falling under the Ludovar Company. The Royal Ludovar Company Ludovar Luxuries Ludovar Securities Safe Storage The Ludovar Foundation Invitations were sent, but not limited to: His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his pedigree @Rudi His Grace, Erich Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree @DeadGuyMatt His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his pedigree @biggestdon His Grace, Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his pedigree @Sarmadon The Honorable, Isaac Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt and his pedigree @Pureimp10 His Lordship, Yvo Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his pedigree @Limo_man His Royal Highness, Franz Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his pedigree @Gusano His Lordship, Stefan Vyronov, Baron of Astfield and his pedigree @Wolfey34 The Honorable, Jan Kortrevich, County of Jerovitz and his pedigree @Luminaire His Serene Highness, Leopold de Joannes, Prince of Sedan and his noble pedigree @yopplwasupxxx SIGNED, His Lordship, Aleksey Ludovar, Founder of The Ludovar Foundation OOC- This Event will be held on Wednesday! the 18th of August at 4pm EST, Feel free to show up and Support your favourite Charity and enjoy the duel. All those who wish to Join the Duel Send me a message to win a purse of 100 mina and be crowned the Champion of Otistadt.
  4. The Union of the Eagle and the White Fox [!] Many tired couriers travel across the continent to deliver invitations to anyone who eyes them with interest, along with a few personal invitations to certain individuals. [A detailed painting of Lord Reinhardt and his bride leaving the chapel on their wedding day, arm in arm.] We the House of Barclay and the House of De Astrea hereby announce a joyous occasion! The wedding of Lord Reinhardt Barclay and Lady Noemie De Astrea is officially going to be held in the Chapel of St. Tylos during Juma and Umund of 385 E.S. [OOC: Tuesday August 10, 4:45 pm est] After the ceremony there will be drinks and celebrations in the Barclay Keep to congratulate the new couple with a jousting competition to follow. Special invitations would be extended to the following: The Family of the groom and all other family of: His Grace, The Duke of Reinmar Johann Barclay and His Lordship, Regent of Reinmar Friedrich Barclay. The Family of the bride and all other family of His Grace, The Duke of Elysium Eugeo de Astrea. The Royal House of Barbanov: His Royal Majesty, Koeng Heinrik II and his Royal pedigree. The Ducal House of Baruch: His Grace, Duke Ruslan Baruch and his noble pedigree. The Ducal House of Ruthern: His Grace, Duke Ailred var Ruthern and his noble pedigree. The Comital House of Kortrevich: The Right Honourable, Count Jan Otto Kortrevich and his noble pedigree. The Viscountal House of Amador: The Honourable, Viscount Isaak Amador and his noble pedigree. The Viscountal House of Ludovar: The Honourable, Viscount Kazimar Ludovar and his noble pedigree. The Baronial House of Vyronov: His Lordship, Baron Stefan Vyronov II and his noble pedigree. The Baronial House of Mondblume: His Lordship, Baron Hildebrand Mondblume and his noble pedigree The Baronial House of Morovar: His Royal Highness, Baron Franz Morovar and his Royal pedigree. Individual invitations would be extended to the following: His Holiness, Pontiff Tylos I His Lordship, Lord Charles Darkwood His Excellency, Fionn Castaway and House Castaway Ser Zoddric Calliban and House Calliban The Honourable Jorg Iron’Heartz and his clan of Ironheart The Sedanian Count House of Bishop: The Right Honourable, Count Henry Bishop and his noble pedigree Signed His Lordship, Reinhardt Erwin Barclay Signed Her Ladyship, Noemie Claire de Astrea [The seal of House Barclay lies at the bottom of the invitation.]
  5. A LUCKY RETURN Lord Aleksey Luka Ludovar Gronna and Droba 385 E.S. As Aleksey would arrive to the place in which he had called home, the landscape would be covered in a thick velvet black, with a glance to the sky the Man could determine that it was around 3 in the morning, as the stars passed over head, he was truthfully exhausted having left Haense in search of himself, he had found quite the adventure across Almaris. The time spent away had aged him not just physically but mentally, the 12 years spent away from his home, his family allowed him to mature greatly, his dark green eyes scanned the landscape as the frozen northern winds continued to whistle against his jacket, gently lapping against his exposed skin, causing his hair to stand on ends, the faint glow of the first gates of Haense coming into view, narrowly lit by the torches that laid within the wall braziers. He urged his steed onward towards the gates, noting quickly that the ground had gone from rough stone to more polished and worn cobble, within the space of a few steps a welcoming noise to his ears, as he approached the guards who stood ever vigilant he would slow himself down to a halt nodding to the men, he wondered what they must have thought seeing this random man in battered and ruined armor bearing no house colours and covered in dirt, though he himself too tired to care, his only distinguishing feature was the cape he wore, despite its tattered look it still beared a clear Ludovar House crest. “Name, Where you’re from, Allegiance, Purpose of visit” Was announced by a clearly tired guard, to which came a very grateful reply “Lord Aleksey Luka Ludovar, Kingdom of Haense, Aligned to the family Ludovar and my purpose of visit…” He thinks for a moment before creaking a light smile “Returning home” The guards upon the gate reared upon hearing the name, No one had seen the “Lucky” lord in over twelve years, so as responsible men they brought the torch closer to the mans face, reveal a much aged Aleksey, his patch on his arm confirming such “Welcome home Lord Ludovar” They smiled as he passed throughout the gate making his way towards the main street. A tear built within his eye as he looked over the City in which he had grown up, he was Home. After a long deepend sleep, The lord Ludovar awoke within the Tavern located in the center of Haense, he found fresh clothes laid upon his bed including a letter bearing the official house Ludovar symbol with a simple crack it read “Kazstadt” Upon reading it he knew what it meant, with a slight sigh and a quick wash he changed and set off toward his family Keep. “Father, Brother” He nodded to them both before glancing around the keep “It seems… quiet?” With no words of welcome the men of the House informed him of the recent event within Haense as well as the troubles that had occurred within Ludovar itself, Appears Aleksey has a lot of work to do….
  6. ~The Haense Monster Hunting Guild’s 1st annual guild meeting~ The Haense Monster Hunting Guild has very recently had its first meeting which went over a few important topics that all members of the guild should need to be informed of. It is the job of this official guild documentation to cover and inform those of what we have discussed in our guild hall, The Hunter’s Inn. Thank you for your time to those who came, and here’s to many more successful meetings in the future. Topics of Discussion: In today’s official meeting, we went over the fundamental functions of our guild and how it runs. These functions include the new board that will be constructed within our Inn’s walls which holds any sightings or jobs to take up, The weekly meetings that will be held in order to discuss the possible locations of new monsters - and any jobs/hunts which have been completed, and finally - the trades and payments we offer to those who bring their gathered trophies from hunts. -Signed Yvo Mondblume 383 E.S
  7. THE PACT OF CROW AND STONE With the Iron Accord having diminished into non-existence in recent years, The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska have decided to continue their friendship into present times, renewing some of their vows originally proclaimed during the past alliance. After meeting recently in the Hanseti halls, the two parties agree: SECTION I: PEACE & NON-AGGRESSION The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, hereby referred to as ‘the signatories’, declare that any individuals affiliated with their nation, militaries, or clans/houses shall not engage in hostile or combative action against the other signatory. If such actions do occur, both signatories agree to deal with said problems through diplomacy. I. THE signatories hereby recognize the sovereignty and lands of both nations. II. THE signatories hereby officially enter into a pact of non-aggression. III. THE signatories shall avoid conflicts that could potentially put them at odds with one another. IV. THE signatories and their residents shall be protected whilst in one another’s lands. V. THE signatories agree that any attacks by third-party groups with no affiliation to them shall not be a breach of non-aggression. SECTION II: TRADE The signatories agree that a pact of free-trade shall begin between both parties, with each agreeing: I. THAT nation-affiliated merchants shall be allowed to trade in the other signatory’s nation without unnecessary tax or harassment. II. THAT each signatory shall receive one untaxed stall to sell whatever goods they see fit, so long as they do not break said nation’s laws. Shall these oaths sworn to each other be renewed in 12 years time, otherwise the Pact shall be declared null. signed, Grand King of Urguan, IV JOVEO MAAN, His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II, by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik, Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, Turov and Markev, Viscount of Grauspin and Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  8. [!] A flier reaches your doorstep, printed in black ink. On its front, is depicted some sickly woman donning a feathered hat & coat, and above her head read; On its back, however, laid a long few paragraphs on the woman’s promises & beliefs. _________________ is a long-standing War veteran -- of just over eighty years and counting, with multiple careers in the 1700’s ranging from Deputy-Mayor [Maer] to Alderwoman of a neighboring nation. However, following certain developments -- the Dame immigrated to the Kingdom of Haense and at long last, settled with her family of eighteen to pursue a career in the Hanseni military. _________________ Viktoriya that all citizenry; be them of pure [Non-Interbred] heritage and Canonist creed should have equal input in the government and their laws. No taxation without representation; and while our Duma is incredibly efficient, we’ve found that it’s compiled mostly of nobility that are unaware of the poorer denizen’s struggles. The government should assist its citizenry where it can and ensure their populace is well-fed and content with their lives. _________________ Economic Cooperation: Viktoriya hopes to lower taxes for those that serve the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Brave men & women serve and fight for the Kingdom, knocking on death’s door to slay the Nachezer and unholy that plague their lands, are given no pity in regards to housing. Like Dame Viktoriya, they likely have their own families -- hobbies -- and, possibly, second jobs to support themselves. It’s in our belief that soldiers should get a slightly decreased tax rate as a protectorate of our realm. Reconciliation With the Canon Church: Those that openly denounce Canonism, and GODANI, are not currently barred from running in the Royal Duma. Dame Viktoriya feels as though this is an open insult - for, if we pander to sinners and allow them to shape our government, what difference do we have from ourselves to them? Any descendants that label themselves as Atheist, Malinism-Practicing, Xionist, et cetera should not be allowed to participate in government. Subsidize a Citizenry-Aid Program: With the utter incompetence of our late High Seneschal - the woman that was just impeached - newer citizens have been left in the dark on how our city functions. Folk just immigrating to Haense as-of-recent should, at least, have an information center to read from to help in getting settled. Supposedly, there are programs where newer citizens can work in order for a lower tax payment: this, however, has never been mentioned by any Steward! Strengthen Canonist Bonds: It’s of Viktoriya’s belief that other Canonist nations and settlements, like Sutica, should be aided and convened with more closely than nations of paganry and malificar. Our Envoys and Diplomats should seek to forge closer bonds to these nations, and find brotherhood in countries of the same faith. Hanseni News Source: Society is often rife with gossiping and misunderstanding. In order to ensure Haense’s citizens are properly educated on matters like recent victories, wars, et cetera, a certified Royal Newspaper should be established that produces a paper, at least, bi-weekly. Land Grants: The system of land grants should be stream-lined and neatened. In order to bolster Haense’s economy, some larger families and guilds should be allowed to purchase land via a forum of some sort and apply for a small piece of land. While it’s still possible, the process is messy and might take from months to multiple years to process. Better Use of Land: Land should be surveyed, and if possible, exploited for their economic benefit. This includes creating mines, quarries, timber farms, and crop farms to support the booming Hanseni population! _________________ A citizen of Haense can vote for 3 Royal Alderman, and 1 Grand Maer. Dame Viktoriya endorses; Aldermen: Britannus Vanir [His Campaign: See attached!] Grand Maer: Karl Amador [His Campaign: See attached!] _________________ “For the People; For the Realm; For the Greater Good!”
  9. Mondblume Family Lore Limo_Man (Ziggity #0979) | Amelot the Brave and ozark (0zark#2665) | Zeydl Mondblume A manual for those in the Mondblume family. A history of the family name and origins. Family Origins The Lore of the Moon Rose Spoiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydaj81_E7LU A ranger stood alone in a valley of freshly fallen snow. He had never enjoyed the city life, the noise, the cobblestone keep towers which hide those fortunate enough to be born rich nobility. His short, messy, light blond hair shined in the dark night. The blackened sky almost entirely darkened, except a brightly shining full moon center sky. The ranger’s cloak tussled in the light winter night wind, a bow strung over his shoulder with a quiver full of arrows. The ranger stood silent gazing into the darkness of the forests around him. As he would step in the snowy fields the crisp snow crackled and stirred along with him. Snowy mountains surrounded him as he sauntered through a thicket of pine trees. He was searching… perhaps hunting for dinner... perhaps he searched for something more. The wandering ranger flipped his cowl from his ranger cloak up over his head as the forest wind began to pick up. The trees croaked and moaned in the night as the blizzard approached. It became evident that the ranger was in need of shelter. The ranger’s head rotated searching until his entire body froze and tensed. He came into view of a tight cave entrance in which he could slide into for shelter. Ducking his head under the rocky cave roof as his body was engulfed by the opening in the mountain. The ranger found himself looking around the cave walls covered in thick moss and dripping stalactites from the ceiling. It became evident that this cave had not been disturbed in a great many years. As he walked through the darkened cave he noticed a light to the back of the cave… the hiss of steel echoed in the cave as his blade was drawn. The cave became eerily silent as the ranger approached the growing light. Spoiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbcGRNDiaKM A white rose stood before him shining in the moonlit light through an opening in the ceiling of the cave onto a patch of the greenest grass and thicket the ranger had ever seen. A stone cross lay behind it lit by the glowing moonlight in the cave. Etched into the cross were the words, “Those who seek clarity need only taste a petal.” The ranger set up a small fire in the darkened cave, using his small metal cooking pot to heat some winter snow into fresh steaming water. Delicately the ranger cut off a small petal from the moonlit rose and dropped it into his steamed water. Strangely the petal dissolved instantaneously into the water turning the liquid a silvery white color as if moon dust itself had been sprinkled in. The ranger grasped the pot of steamed water, closing his eyes he drank the petal laced liquid. A strange sensation enveloped him. As the ranger opened his eyes the cave was gone. His mind unhinged as he could see clearly what he was searching for. The ranger could see only the glow of the moon in his mind setting him in a fevered trance. His purpose which he had been searching for his entire life was revealed in a brief instant. The lone ranger entered the ancient cave lost but left a renewed man with purpose. He left a Mondblume. Mondblume Family Values “A petal laced in clarity.” Mondblume Family Tree Spoiler: https://gyazo.com/541d78e28512cb76a598cd4d254ad22f Mondblume Focus Professions Knighthood HRA Politician Beast Hunting Mondblume Family Accent Examples: With Accent Regular common/without accent Zhou net zhou go zhou bet. You need to go to bed. Zy don’t know vy zhou asked? I don’t know why you asked? Somesing iz in ze vater. Something is in the water. Zy am taking a valk down ze street. I am taking a walk down the street. Ze game vas rigged from ze start. The game was rigged from the start. “Th” becomes “s” >> Thinking > Sinking; when used in sharp TH words like therapy, thinking, thesis, Thor etc. “Th” becomes “z” >> That > Zat; with less sharp TH words like thankful, thanks, those, the, etc. “Y” becomes “z” > You > Zhou or “Ending duh sound” becomes “t” such as bed > bet; head, read, knead, mood, food, etc. >> Zy need ze foodt. Family Swear Words: Bagool = Bastard Goon Fool, “Zose bagools vill get zemselves killed.” Vilgrein = fucker; “Zet worthless vilgrein got himself kilt.” Fett Tauschen = fat fool Fruhlingsgarten = calling someone a noob. (spring daisy) “Zhou’re zuch a fruhlingsgarten, zhou don’t know how to do zat?” Mondblume Family History Scyfling Invasion 1773-1775 The origins of the family date back to 1774 during the Scyfling conflict under King Sigismund II of Hanseti-Ruska. The original family participated in this conflict on the opposing side of Bralt the Boar and his invading Scyfling forces. Øzark Mondblume, before adopting his family name, participated in a great deal of battles serving as a Haense Royal Army Ranger during the conflict. His army regiment saw the most battles and largest casualties during the invasion. This war was a major turning point in the beginnings of the journey into the creation of the Mondblume family. Inferni Conflict 1776 The strength of this family was put to the test, for the first real time, in the Inferi war that had been waged near the end of Almaris. In this engagement, the two founding Mondblumes were forever remembered as war heroes of this brutal battle which left one of them in the seven skies. Amelot the Brave. This honorable man had quite a history in Haense’s great city, leaving the lands with five daughters to carry on his legacy. Deserters of the Haeseni throne Taking place right after the Inferi war had finished, and the new lands of Almaris presented themselves, a good sum of the Mondblumes left Haense’s lands in search of another. This hurt the fledgling house, almost causing the house of Mondblume to be left in the dust of history as Øzark Mondblume and several other Mondblumes went with him; only three of the original ten members of Mondblumes remained. Yet the remaining loyal members kept going. The Attenlund Expedition Forever astray, our members of the family scraped and scrambled toward regaining some sense of reputation within Haense - broken by a portion of the lineage seceding from Karosgrad’s steel gates. Though years and years passed, yet it seemed nothing was in the family’s gaze of desperation. Nothing for them to grasp or latch onto; to bring their name out of the cold mud. Eventually, A large expedition to new lands was called upon the nation. Hildebrand Mondblume and his son Albrecht Mondblume were chosen as expedition leaders to host and conquer the lands unknown. Throughout the time in the Attenlund, the Mondblumes had done a fine score for the kingdom - redeemed and recognized for their dire efforts after decades of a no man’s land. The Barony of Richtenburg A small sum of years after the Attenlund expedition was the first court session since the Mondblumes had returned to the city. A large score of citizens amassed within the palace halls, happily waiting to be met with their Koeng’s presence. Once court had begun, Ser Hildebrand Mondblume was called to stand before the Koeng, Koeng Heinrik, as he was made Lord of the newly named Baron house of Mondblume. ~Mondblume Family Traditions~ The Wild Hunt This ‘trial’ sort to speak, is where a young Mondblume, who has yet to be initiated into the family as an adult, is sent outside of Karosgrad’s warm protection to prove in the harsh cold of the Rimeveld region. Said Mondblume child is expected to not return until they’ve successfully hunted a wolf and anything else they managed to gather, while also having to survive solely off of their surroundings as they hunt. Perhaps the most important part of this Hunt is acquiring a white pedal of a rose to symbolize their presence in the family. Later on, this pedal is to be buried/burnt along with the Mondblume who had gathered it during their trial. A Kin’s Bout Whenever Mondblume relatives experience conflict amongst one another, and is not being resolved, the members must take up a competition/bout in hunting. Whoever manages to get more for a feast that will follow this friendly bout is declared the winner, and thus rising as the winner to the original conflict between family. The Grimgold Pact Back when the Mondblumes were still coming to life, in the first line of the family, Amelot the Brave challenged one of the Dwarven marshals to a duel of sorts. Alaric Grimgold was his name, and he made the young Amelot a deal in his early years. One that he’d have to carry on his own. The small agreement required him to grow and progress through the ranks of the BSK - underneath the great marshal Erwin Barclay. Eventually the boy deemed himself ready for this spar, though wasn’t ever able to finish his deal before his passing in the Inferi war’s final engagement. After Amelot’s demise, his family inherited mostly everything that he’d owned - including the duel against Alaric Grimgold. Though, this fated and fabled duel has begun to drift into more of myth and legend to the Mondblume lines - leaving the trial of dueling a Grimgold in a friendly spar in order to prove themselves as stalwart heroes and accomplished warriors who’ve thoroughly lived their lives. ~A History of House Patriarchs~ ~0zark Mondblume~ Not only one of the two founders of the Mondblumes, but was also a successful leader within the HRA. He used to be in control of the Ranger unit within Haense until it was disbanded, making many friends in the great cities of Haense while patriarch. Unfortunately, once the rangers had been disbanded, the adorned war hero felt it time to hang up his rank in Haense and offer his talents to the forming ranger squad within Norland’s city of Elysium. ~Ser Hildebrand Mondblume The Gryphon //Master of the Hunt// //executioner of Koeng Heinrik//~ Hildebrand Mondblume was a knight of Haense, adorned by the moniker of 'The Gryphon'. This knight's time in Haense as the house patriarch set the Mondblumes on a path to gain Barony - through his efforts in the expedition as the Koeng's executioner, the strong presence he and his son Albrecht Mondblume held in the nation's duma, and his time served under both The Order of The Crow and the HRA/BSK. This will be added to in the future whenever we get new lore to put in.
  10. A painting of the Prinzenas Royal. Petra Emma Barbanov Prinzenas Hauchmetvas of Her Royal Highness, Prinzenas Royal Petra Emma Barbanov, Duchess of Karosgrad Joma and Umund 379 ES A Lady Hauchmetvas (known as a Debutante in Common) shall be held in the Nikirala Prikaz to celebrate Prinzenas Royal Petra Emma Barbanov’s 14th birthday and her ascension from adolescence to adulthood. Suitors are encouraged to introduce themselves and offer gifts and flowers to the young Prinzenas Royal during the occasion! Kokoshnik Tiara Bestowment to the Prinzenas Royal A kokoshnik tiara inherited from the former Prinzenas Royal, Katerina Ceciliya, will be bestowed upon Petra for her to wear as a symbol of Haenseti pride and prosperity. Father-Daughter Dance A ball in the Nikirala Prikaz shall be held while the Prinzenas Royal begins the event alongside her father, Koeng Heinrik II, who will dance with her. After the conclusion of the dance, the ball will fully commence and suitors may ask to dance with the Prinzenas Royal if they so wish. Expected Attire Guests are expected to don soft, pastel colors or floral patterns, although it is not required! The Prinzenas Royal also requests that no one else adorns yellow, as she has chosen that color to wear for her special day. SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Annika Anastasija Barbanov, Queen of Hanseti-Ruska HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Petra Emma Barbanov, Prinzenas Royal of Hanseti-Ruska [OOC] July 11, Sunday at 5:30 PM EST Nikirala Prikaz in Karosgrad, Haense
  11. A New Year’s Joust [i] Flyers would be sent out to the people of Hanseti-Ruska decorated with the wax seal of the House of Baruch. A painting of the jousting grounds within the Duchy of Valwyck. Penned by the hand of Lady Eleanora Baruch Duke and Duchess-Consort Baruch are pleased to announce their hosting of a jousting tournament located at Lichtestadt to celebrate the beginning 31st year of the Second Age. Any man or woman from Hanseti-Ruska or it’s allies are invited and welcome to attend or compete in the tournament. Prizes The prize for first place will be one hundred mina provided by House Baruch along with a bouquet of Silver Roses grown in the gardens of Lichtestadt. Second place shall receive sixty mina provided by House Baruch and a bouquet of Night Tulips grown in the gardens of Lichtestadt. [OOC: Please reply with your IGN and Character Name if you plan to compete. Tournament is to be held on Thursday, July 1st at 3PM EST.] His Grace, Ruslan Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Viscount of Voron, Baron of Laval and Riveryn, Guardian of the Haenseni Coast Her Grace, Marjorie Helaine Baruch, Duchess-Consort of Valwyck, Countess-Consort of Ayr, Vicountess-Consort of Voron, Baroness-Consort of Laval and Riveryn Her Ladyship, Eleanora Helaine Baruch established, 1581 "By Mountain, River, and Coal"
  12. The Final Strike PK of Marie Vyronov An eerie silence stood out in the fields past the Kortrevich keep, grass swaying quietly in the darkness that was rapidly closing in on the patrol led by Ser Cedric Barclay and Ellisar Aevaris at the prompting of Flemius. Hushed whispers were exchanged among the rally, the unease sinking in as the patrol neared the hay shack, barricaded from entrance. The patrol split into two, one to look out for potential attack in a perimeter, another to search the interior. Dame Marie Vyronov, once Barclay, was assigned to the search party, following at the front of the group in order to assist as Jork’Iron’heartz strode forwards, kicking in the crude barricade which splintered easily. Soon the party swept through, searching the interior thoroughly. The building had been intruded with vines and mushroom growth, though the sense of dread only deepened further in the party as the search began. There were papers and torn books strewn about, though this was normal. The real concern was with the nooses from which dead bodies hung within the building. As the party split to search the rubble, Marie set up an old ladder which was held on by bare threads to a loft above. Once she reached the top, the Dame shuffled around until she found a paper, one that caught particular interest. This paper spoke of a cult, likely once inhabiting this now abandoned building. As Marie descended she had offered this paper to the officers present of the BSK, to which none had taken the offer and such the paper was put into a pocket within her Crow Knight armour. Soon the party rejoined those outside to start to return to Karosgrad, the soft murmur growing near a chatter as the soldiers stared at the tree line, knowing that the demons that plagued the area would not be far behind as they moved along. Not half way through this near parade home, a shrill scream broke out through the fields, drawing the attention of Ser Cedric and Ellisar. The party veered West to investigate the commotion only to be met with a horrific sight. A large gathering of Nachezer had gathered in an encampment of a family. As the patrol approached they tried to keep to the element of surprise as the demons terrorized the local inhabitants, soon killing the father of the family that were under attack. However this advantage was soon stripped of the patrol as the orc within the party was reminded of wars of past… charging past the throng in a blood rage towards the demons. His cry was soon echoed by the remaining BSK soldiers, who soon joined their brother in arms at the charge. Blades soon clashed in a thunderous roar, arrows soaring overhead and cries ringing out as the soldiers were outnumbered by the demons. No matter how many were felled, two more filled in their place. Soon a retreat was called as the demons started to encircle the patrol, the Dame finding herself in the depths of the battle. At first she did not even sustain a scratch, however her luck soon ran out. A sword slashed her shoulder, biting into the metal plate as though it were not even there. Time was running out. As the patrol retreated, Marie found herself and Lynette remaining, too many demons to fend off even with the power of the full patrol. It is at this point the knight’s demeanor changed, not from one of rescue but one of survival. She let out a cry as she swung her poleaxe in an arc to try to create space. It was successful but not for long. As the demons closed in, Marie’s grip tightened. A cry came out as Lynette was skewered with a javelin. This cry only steeled the Dame’s resolve as she soon turned quickly, giving Lynette a shove as the demon circle enclosed on her, rather than trap both of the female warriors. “GO!” Marie shouted at the top of her lungs in an attempt to get her word out to the remaining soldiers over the roar of shrill screams from the demons. Marie continued to fight, though the light at the end of the tunnel started to dim as escape became more of a fantasy rather than a real possibility. Shouts and clamour were heard as the others noticed her disappearance, however their protests met deaf ears as commands rang out. None of this reached Marie. Soon her injuries multiplied as she continued to fight the growing numbers. Swords to the abdomen landed with a sickening screech against her metal plate. Her vision narrowed as blood loss began to set in rapidly. The stench of death only grew as the demons began to circle closer as the BSK knights tried to make their retreat in a burst of smoke. Memories flashed in these final moments for Marie, playing swords with her father as a child. Early years spent learning to cook as she began her squireship. Many… many moments of adoration with Stefan and Mariya. Oh Mariya… The poor friend of her’s that met an even earlier demise than her. Nearly an angel… that pants wearing girl that refused to accept her fate. The days out in the harbour the three of them spent in contemplation accompanied with laughter. The horror at finding out Mariya had passed could have killed her but she took it as a resolve, to protect Mariya’s children. Soon Marie had succeeded in becoming a squire, hopeful to follow her father’s path in being knighted, fueled by her desire to protect Mariya’s children and admiration for her grandfather, Ser Ivan. Soon though these memories were overwhelmed with her own family. The marriage where she sealed her fate to Stefan’s, the promise to always return… Soon the day of welcoming their children into the world. The love she felt for them and her husband causing tears to well up and fall as she fought for her life… It was a loosing fight. She would not make it back, no matter how hard she tried, breaking her promise with Stefan. However, Marie could not just lie over and accept her fate. Marie soon clenched her hand, willing her mana to collect and pool in the palm of her hand before thrusting it upwards. A large series of blue and white sparks shot outwards, creating a distraction for her brothers and sisters at arms to escape, however this turned the attention of all demons on her. Soon, many blades joined in ending the Dame’s life, though not before a final prayer could make it out of her lips. “Godan, please… protect my family… Mutter und vater… Stefan… our children. Help them to know the love Ich would have given them and then some.... Stefan, Ich am sorry… I promised. I always promised I would return, but perhaps, that was not Godan’s will… It seems it was his for me to follow mein grossmutter into battle and die for the lives of others. Don’t let it all end…. Our kinder need du more than me. Ich liebe dich…” A sob came out as she took a ragged breath. She raised her head to the sky in these final moments. “Krusae Zwy Kongzem!” Marie cried her final words only to be cut off by a final sword through her chest, her vision fading completely as she fell to the ground, soon her thoughts drowned out by the shrill cries of the demons that now pounced on the fallen Dame, fighting their claim over her body and personal effects. The one thing that remained by the time they were done was her wedding ring, her hand clenched around it where her killers would not notice in their frenzy. By the time they cleared enough for her body to be retrieved, the letter was gone, as were her belongings… All but the ring the Dame held close. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soon after her death, a series of letters would be delivered to the following people by Marie’s Eldritch Guardian, Mr. Squiggles. Her cat elder than her by 10 years and a mangy thing she had found in the basement as a child. Seems this cat outlived her just for the purpose of delivering these letters. Mother and Father, If you receive this, it is likely I have died before you. I am sorry to leave you with such grief. It is probably your one fear, my departure before my own. I love you both so much more than I could possibly convey in these simple words. I will miss you both dearly, but I will await you in the skies to greet you. Take your time, look after my siblings, enjoy your time with my children. Look out for them please, I could not ask for better parents than you two, so I must thank you for that. I love you both. Kleiner Bar Edmund, Adele, and Wilheim, I am sorry… in pursuit of what I thought to be the right thing to do in this world, I have left you three far too soon. I love you all so much, please do not bicker and fight with each-other. Hold each-other tightly and never let go. There is no greater bond than that which we had, and it will remain even after my passing. Stay strong and enjoy life as much as you can. Marie Igor, I never thought I would depart this realm before you… but here we are. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye, cousin. I know we weren’t blood, but you made a huge difference in my life and I wish I could have done more with you. Take time off from work. Take a deep breath and keep your head high. I know you can do it. I believe you just as much now as I ever have. Don’t be afraid to grieve, but keep an eye out for your children. I love you. Marie Cedric and Friedrich, Thank you both for being the closest friends and cousins I could have asked for. I would not have made it this far without you two to tell me when I’m being dumb. I can only imagine how I would have passed, what it would do for you two, but I am who I am because of you two guiding me. I admit, I am a hot headed idiot but you two tolerated me none-the-less… I love you both. Please don’t forget me, tell my children stories, treat them as your own. I wish I had more time to say goodbye, but it seems that this is it. Keep your heads up. Marie Reinhardt and Klaus, Please keep each-other close, now more than ever. I can’t intervene in your fighting now. I will watch over you two, but protect one another. There is no stronger bond than the one you two hold, even if you bicker now. Keep an eye on your father, he will need you two. You are strong, don’t forget where you come from. Stride ahead. Do great things and make a path for yourself in life. You can do anything you put yourself to. I love you both, stay strong. Marie Ser Aleks Heiromar, You were right. I was not cut out to be a Dame, but I made it anyway. Your teachings made it possible even though you didn’t wish to see me become a knight, for better or worse. I am grateful for every moment of it and I wish we could have had one last conversation to exchange words, even if by paper. The few you said though? They ring true and are held dear to my heart. Please, never give up, Ser. Haense needs more people like you, no matter how the world may seem to beat you down. Thank you, for everything. I am glad we shared what moments we could, I will miss you. With love, Marie Karl, You are bound to do great things, Karl. Keep your head up and eye on the prize. I know you can do it, that is for sure, and good luck with your squireship. I am sorry I could not stay in order to watch you grow up and be knighted, however I did see great potential in you. As such, I wish to leave you my grandfather, Ser Ivan Kortrevich’s sword, Vanquisher. The terms of this, however, is that you hold onto this sword until you find a squire worthy of the blade under yourself. When he or she is knighted, they are to receive the blade to pass onto a worthy successor of their own. While it is early to pass it to you, I have not had a squire of my own be knighted and as such I believe you have the greatest potential. I know when the time comes you will make the best choice. Stay safe and do what you believe is best. Dame Marie Vyronov My dearest children, I am sorry to have passed so early in your lives. I wish I could have held you all one last time, place a kiss upon the top of your head and read you another story. However, my time has come. I will always be with you all no matter what. Figure out your paths in life and no matter what I will always love you and be proud in everything that you do. Stay safe, and look after your vater. Ich liebe euch alle. Love, Mutter Stefan, I am so sorry I went back on my promise, Stefan. I told you I would always come back but it seems I finally met my match. I’m sorry…. I am so… so sorry. I wish I could just hold you one last time. Hear your laugh. See your smile. Watch you play with the kinder… But it seems I have been taken early. I will miss you, oh so very much. I hope one day you can forgive me. All those years of training, all the troubles we faced… yet it was still not enough to make it back to you. You deserve so much better than to be left with our children on your own, but I really am sorry. Please, take care of them but also yourself. I love you, I always have and always will. Please, do not give up hope, I will be with you always, no matter what. Ich liebe dich, Marie Along with these letters, items of Marie’s will are distributed to the respective recipients. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [OOC] It has been absolutely wonderful being able to play Marie, and I wish things weren’t to be cut short as they are, however… here we are! This is certainly not my ideal ending but this is it. Thank you all for making Marie an absolutely wonderful character to play and hopefully I will see you all as I take up Marie’s daughter, Mariya. Information in this post is just retelling, parts likely able to be told by those present but not thoughts expressed. Please see me with any questions!
  13. To the women of Karosgrad and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, You are hereby invited to the Czsenz Osrand, as a citizen and resident of our Kingdom. The Czsenz Osrand is an open invitation to the women residing in Hanseti-Ruska, that shall participate and run activities for the group to expand the availability of opportunities, connections, and entertainment for the women of this great Kingdom. The Czsenz Osrand shall not only be participating in commonly womens activities, but branch out and explore all that the cultures and lands of Haense offers. Activities shall include: hunting, fishing, tea drinking, camping, and much more. Are you looking for a place to start out and make connections with other women in Haense? Hoping to get more involved in Haeseni society and culture? Looking for something to pass the time, and expand your horizons? Then you’re invited and welcomed to the Czsenz Osrand! Send a letter to Her Majesty, Koenas Isabel, (Juli#9597) if you are interested in joining. CZSENZ I HANSETI-RUSKA OSENSK Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Isabel of Valwyck, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska Her Grace, Charlotte Irena Baruch, Duchess-Consort of Valwyck, Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Marcella Karolina Barclay
  14. A Call for Ecclestical Trial Issued by the Auditor of the Tribunal. Johan “Horens Giant” Vullier Table of context. THE OFFENDERS CALLED FOR TRIAL. THE EVIDENCE. THE WITNESS LIST. THE JURY THE CRIMES. THE OFFENDERS CALLED FOR TRIAL. The organization known as the Ferrymen. Reasoning : I. During the assassination of his Holiness High Pontiff Jude II, Two members of the Ferrymen organization where found with their blades drawn surrounding the body of Jude II and the body of another member of the clergy. One of these men where quickly struck down by members of the Imperial State Army as well as the Ministry of Justice. Sadly one wearing the armor of the organization was able to escape the city. II. During the battle of Northguard thousands of Imperial witnesses could see the organization known as the Ferrymen fighting on the side of the heathen armies of Norland. This furthering the assumption that they in fact work for the heathen army. THE EVIDENCE During the Tribunal investigation dubbed “The Dove has fallen” we have gathered evidence from multiple sources. Not only witnesses of the crime itself, but other witnesses who saw one of the men behind the murder of High Pontiff Jude II while escaping the city of Providence while being ran after by multiple guards. The Tribunal has also been getting numerous reports of the criminal activities of the organization in question as well as one of them seeming to try and spy on the Imperial Household and staff. Its with these reports and accusations as well as the murder of his Holiness Jude II and their partaking in the ongoing war against the heathens hordes of Norland that the Tribunal had decided that enough evidence is gathered to call for an Trial of the whole organization known as the Ferrymen. THE WITNESS LIST. Due to the nature of the organization called to trial the names of the witnesses shall not be published. This to ensure their and their families safety. We know from experience and sources that the organization known as the Ferrymen do not take into consideration if they have to strike down a man, woman nor child if they gain from it. Thus it would be a crime against Godan if we where to put these witnesses and their loved ones in danger. THE JURY The jury itself shall consist of the members of the Tribunal offices and their Cardinal Judges. it will be under the command and word of the Auditor of the Tribunal and his word shall be final and absolute. In the case of a missing member of the Tribunal, the Auditor can see it to elect someone who steps into the role of that missing role or holds the position abstained. THE CRIMES On the day of first amber cold a horrid and blasphemous crime was committed within the cathedral of the Ex Godfrey. Not only was this crime against Imperial Law, but a crime against our faith, a crime against Him, the one true Creator. During the General Audience held by his Holiness Jude II. our Vicar of God, a General Audience that ended up as his last public Audience before his Holiness was brutally murdered during the time he was taking the confessions of our noble canonist flock. This is a crime that there is no turning back from, a crime against the Canonist flock as a whole and each and every person, nation or organization who calls themselves Canonist or believes in Him. Not only where our beloved High Pontiff Jude II murdered in cold blood, His body has also been stolen after the murder. The bodies of the Vicar of God do not belong in some ditch, nor as a trophy for those who have committed the crime. He belongs with the church, in the halls of those who came before him. where he shall lay at peace until the seven skies shall come from all of us. The fact of his body being stolen will forever be seen as one of the worst cases of theft in the History of our Holy Mother Church, a crime that will not be forgotten nor forgiven. The crimes committed go as follows.. TITLE III. Crimes against ecclesiastical authorities. §1 A person using excessive physical force against the Pontiff incurs excommunication. Members of the clergy may incur greater penalties depending on the severity of the crime. §2 A person who further uses excessive force against a bishop or cardinal are to face a just penalty as decided by an ecclesiastical court. §4 A person joining a group plotting against the church are to face a just penalty as decided by an ecclesiastical court. §9 Those who see it fit to insult or threaten a member of the clergy. These individuals are guilty of the crime of indignity. Let it be known that if the Organization does not show to this trial they will by default be punished with the worst punishment that the Holy Mother Church can grant. That of being declared excommunicate and anathema. SIT PERDUCAT NOS PATRIS LAPIS, AMEN. "May the stone father guide us, Amen" Johan Vuiller “Horens Giant” Head of House Vuiller, Auditor of the Tribunal. Knight-Regent Emeritus. Knight of the Black Sepulchre. Protector of the Church of the Canon and her faithful The Trial shall find place on the 1st of Horens folly within the Imperial City of Providence. [THIS SATURDAY 5.06.2021 TIME: 5:30PM EST]
  15. A Successful Campaign I would like to thank all of my dedicated supporters. Without your faith in me, I would not be a worthy representative of the Edlervik, and without Godan’s guidance, I would not be in this position at all. I swear to dutifully uphold our laws, the will of the people, and Godan’s Word. I have high hopes for what our nation may accomplish in due time. As most of you may know, we held a charity event alongside my campaign. All in all, we were able to raise a total of twelve krawns for St. Henrik’s Basilica. Given that I too am a heavy supporter of the Church, I will be adding onto this amount as well- bringing the total funds raised to one hundred and eighty-five krawns. Furthermore, any payment that I receive in my position as Royal Alderman shall be donated to the Basilica after all life and work-related expenses. This money shall be given to an ordained priest of the Basilica so that they may combine it with the rest of their treasury and spend it how they see fit. With Godan in my Prayers, Anders Kortrevich 13th of Gronna ag Droba, 375 E.S.
  16. KNOXVILLE AGREEMENT Agreed on 5th of Joma & Umund, 374 E.S. Between The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Wee Folk of Knoxville ARTICLE I: PREAMBLE As war and conflict rages on near the Halfling village of Bramblebury, it has become clear to both the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the wee folk of Bramblebury that their current village is no longer safe from conflict and strife, nor can Hanseti-Ruska properly aid in the protection of their village from such a distance. Therefore, The agreement below has been constructed to outline a new partnership between the Kingdom of Haense and the Wee Folk of Knoxville, the newly established village which will lie under the demesne and protection of Hanseti-Ruska. ARTICLE II: PROTECTORATE WHEREAS the village of Knoxville does recognize the Sovereignty of the Crown of Hanseti-Ruska. WHEREAS the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska grants local autonomy and governmental independence to the village of Knoxville. WHEREAS the village of Knoxville shall be placed under the protection and defense of the Kingdom of Hanseti Ruska. ARTICLE III: CHARTER WHEREAS the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska does grant a landed charter to the Wee Folk of Knoxville in order to construct their new village. The Land South of the Duchy of Valwyck, west of Lake Voron, and north of the Barony of Mondstadt shall henceforth be considered the Protectorate village of Knoxville. His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II, by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Korstadt and Rothswald, Count of Chatnik, Nenzing, Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, Kaunas, Alban, Reza and Markev, Viscount of Grauspin, Baron of Antioch, Thurant, Rytsburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost, Kralta, and Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. His Excellency, Andrik Jan Baruch, Aulic Envoy of the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Camilla vas Ruthern, Ambassador to Elvenesse and Bramblebury Onelia Evangeline Peregrin, Mayor of the village of Knoxville
  17. Rally of the Red Rose Our men and women, devout in their faith with loyalty in their hearts. We give earnestly to each other and to our neighbours, but sometimes we overlook the dedication that we owe to Godan for the Virtue He shares with us. We know He is the most holy, and we know He is the most virtuous. We are told in the Scroll of Virtue that He breathes life into our hearts, and into our children. He breathes life into the crops we sow, and He breathes life into the animals we raise. Godan has given us everything and we, as a society, and as Godan’s flock, do not show the appreciation that is deserved for He who breathes life into our children, our farmers, and our kings. Not all pray. Not all confess. Not all attend mass where the Word of Godan is spoken. We fall short of making Godan a daily part of our lives. This is the result of nurture that failed to highlight the importance of Godan. With the appropriate support, it can be addressed and solved in the Royal Duma. Faith must be put to action. Anders Kortrevich, prospective alderman, will be holding a rally outside St. Henrik’s Basilica in the Karosgrad marketplace to encourage the Edlervik to vote in the upcoming elections. Any questions can be asked and answered there. To show your support, red and black cockades shall be sold at the event with all proceeds going towards St. Henrik’s Basilica to fund equipment as well any projects they undergo. 19th of Wzuvar ag Byvca, 375 E.S.
  18. Third Skin Auction POG! Hi guys its me doreebear again :) ! this will be my third skin auction! I just want to say thank you to all the people who have supported me through my past auctions money is a bit of a problem for me sometimes, but the amount of support and bids I've received has helped me and I want to thank y'all so much for it ;~; I love you all! Some info below! ALL BIDDINGS WILL START OUT AS 3$ USD! the bidding will end tomorrow night at 4pm CST (yeah im in CST suck it.) I will have male AND female skins! theres plenty to go around! cope and paste this for the bids DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID: RULES Ping the person whom you're trying to outbid so they know! I will not be putting my payment info out publicly so please PM ME FOR THAT INFO BECAUSE IT IS PRIVATE! ALSO! please no reposting on PMC! just because you bought the dress does not mean you take credit acting like you made it, I still made it! also do not resell if you want to just pm and I might. if you have any questions my discord is doreebear#3218 I can and Will refuse to sell a skin to a person. If they are a known skin stealer, frankenstien-er, post without credit or even just a toxic and hateful person whom I don't see fit to have my skins. I believe my skins should go to people who respect my work and respect others and myself as a person. Please give people a fighting chance, do not bid on all of my skins at once! you can bid on several just not all of them! also, NO RESELLING MY SKINS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR PUTTING THEM UP FOR AUCTION! good god >:( let the Auction BEGIN! Another winterfell vibe (MALE) Roman Queen (FEMALE) Red Russian (FEMALE) Charming Red (MALE) Vasoyevi Royal (FEMALE) Blue Rider (MALE) Blue Middle Ages (FEMALE) Commander Erwin (MALE) Spring Tea Time (FEMALE) Mother Russia (MALE) Red Renaissance (FEMALE) Battered Brown Armor (MALE)
  19. https://imgur.com/a/Iy0CnM5 BUCK 4 BOSS!!! !
  20. Anders Kortrevich for Alderman Faith in Action Who is Anders Kortrevich? Anders Kortrevich was born in 355 E.S. in the Viscounty of Krusev prior to its destruction and occupation by trolls. In his youth, he lived piously with Godan in his heart and mind. Now, Anders seeks to stand up for Godan’s Word as he follows his virtuous path with His guidance and favour. Although inexperienced with Haeseni politics, Anders is exceedingly literate- being able to speak, read, and write in both Naumariav and Common. He also has extensive knowledge in the Holy Scrolls, having studied it in his spare time with the assistance of the former Archbishop Yaromir, now Cardinal Jorenus. Straying from Godan While the newly appointed High Pontiff is Haeseni-born, it is unfortunate to see that the Kingdom has not taken to integrating Godan's Word in its institutions to a higher degree- something that could benefit the Kingdom's future generations. With Godan overlooked in some areas of its institutions, this has allowed undesirable outcomes that disbenefit the Canonists of the world. deeply felt that the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska is straying further from Godan. This can be seen in the Royal Duma, where a bill was put forth offering legal leniency to those who engage in interracial relationships- a violation of the Canticle of Temperance in the Scroll of Virtue. Unfortunately, this bill gained major support in the Duma; opposed only by those in House Kortrevich. An example of this, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska has chosen not to assist the Empire with its defence against the barbaric pagans in the Kingdom of Norland. These instances are unacceptable by themselves and represent the larger issue that Godan is losing His presence in Haeseni society. It is unacceptable and the nation should take better actions to defend Godan's faithful. A Solution for Hanseti-Ruska With Godan’s virtue and guidance, Anders Kortrevich will propose and support policies that promote the role of Godan and the Holy Scrolls in Haeseni society and law. He will uphold his office in accordance to His virtues, working diligently yet humbly as a servant of Godan, whilst also upholding it in accordance to Haeseni law and standards. Should Anders Kortrevich be voted into the Royal Duma as a Royal Alderman, he will act loyally, humbly, and painstakingly with faith in action as a servant of Godan and a representative of the Edlervik. 20th of Tov ag Yermey, 374 E.S.
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  22. Jackson Porter b. 323 ES | d. 372 ES The Rimeveld Jackson was undisputedly tired, for the last few years barely a day went by when he wasn’t battling the elements of the Rimeveld, whether it was the cold sweeping winds, that felt as if pure ice had settled beneath your skin, or the beasts that prowl the deep cold tundra, and yet here he was still enduring the seemingly tortured existence, that had been so gratefully bestowed upon him, his sharp blue eyes stared out into the snow white landscape the woods that surround him hiding the majority of anything in its dark clutches, however with his traps painfully empty, the old Lieutenant of Haense simply marches upward back to his basecamp atop a painfully steep incline, and opts to rest for the evening. However as the saying goes there is no rest for the wicked, the man sits, toes pointing toward an orange hue the flames licking at his stabbatons, the stars above seem to watch the ever Resolute Jackson Porter, his trusty blade made for him by the Ever present father figure in his life Ser Zoddric Calliban, rests by his side sheathed, it's only recent glory was slaying a bear or two, He hums as he watches the sky darken over head, and from his glacial isolation Jackson would wait, the last words of the man he had done so much to save Friedrich barclay Rattling from within his conscious tomb, a great sadness falling over him once again, “I miss my home” He would utter glumly as a fall of light snow would begin to fall from the sky to which the only answer Jackson had was to throw his large bear cloak over his chest, taking a deep sigh he wasn’t entirely sure this could be any worse. As the night began to fall in atop the snow tipped peak of Jackson’s eternal concealment he hears the soft lull of the wind and the occasional howl of the wolves that roam the deep woods below and yet he slumbers reasonably sound, his dreams entirely revolving around his fiance, and how he had slipped away, grabbing only his essentials before making his move into the Rimeveld, knowing he hadn’t got long he broke away from Haense with haste, desperate to not answer any further awkward questions and perhaps be forced into more uncomfortable situations as the one that had forced his hand had been. Within two weeks he had found himself in his now aforementioned camp, and years had passed since his abrupt departure, but yet there was not a day he did not think of her, with that notion in his mind it stuck like a brand to naked flesh, the man could never forget, he jolts up suddenly. Jackson would awake to the sound of all hell fire erupting around him, staring out into the crisp white landscape still mostly veiled by the velvet darkness of night, he would see what appeared to be torches, and the booming echoes of combat harrowing up the mountain side he eyes the scene though due to the distance and the darkness he could only make out in a squint, grabbing his blade he stamps out the remnants of his fire crushing the embers beneath his boot, before moving alongside the outskirt of his mountain abode, trekking down slowly but carefully as to not reveal himself, his greatest fear was that his failure had not been forgotten and now the consequences came for him, so with that thought placed firmly he would set forth down the slope. As he approaches the rather interesting scene, he would see around fifteen HRA men, sieging a defended position against the troll menace, though it seemed they had come under heavy fire and in fact taking a severe beating, Jackson ponders a moment holding the sheathed claymore as he watches the onslaught continue for a few moments, before taking a deep breath allowing the cool mist like Rimeveld air pass from his lungs, he waits for a prime moment to begin his plan, watching the lord marshal bellow his orders to those gathered as they continued to struggle against the heavily armed troll position. After the momentary silence, Jackson would stand taking a mighty deep breath raising a Haeseni War Horn to his mouth, a gift from Friedrich Barclay months before he had left, and blowing hard to create a deep rumbling sound of war, from the mountainside the natural echo of the sheltered cave only amplifying the sound into a vicious roar, the whole field would hear as Jackson lept from his position drawing the Claymore Corvus Albus and charging towards the trolls whom had managed to corner the Lord marshal of Haense, Jackson Crashed into their lines swinging his blade with every ounce of Ferocity the old Lieutenant had, slashing across limbs the man fought bravely his only task to make his way to the Lord marshal, his oldest friend. Crashing through the line, he faced off amongst the infinitely more powerful troll group the only thing standing between the lord marshal and certain death. As the dance of death intensifies, the Resolute would be faced with a deadly ultimatum he found himself picked up by a troll, tightly in its grip, its war hammer cocked back ready to near enough wipe him from the lands of Almaris, his only solace was his blade was still free, so as the beast moved to slam him with the force of 10 men, Jackson rammed his blade downward meeting the trolls shoulder, slipping between the bones and deep into the chest cavity, eventually meeting its mark, at the beating heart of the enraged being, the victory was short lived however, as the piercing blow felt from the back end of the hammer was felt rupturing through his chest and armour, deep into his organs, Jackson’s eyes fell wide as he slipped from the trolls grip, his blood like so many times before staining the cold snow below him, though it seemed that this time, was the last time, the damage irreparable. Jackson would lay there, coughing weakly as his life force drains from him, the warm crimson ichor snaking rivers and trenches into the cold snow below, his eyes setting upon the sky above him as the dark velvet night had slowly transpired into dawn, the bright golden hue shone over the highland peaks however the valley in which they found themselves in became illuminated, the trolls around lay dead the HRA stood Unbroken in the dawn of the light the brotherhood having survived another costly ordeal, and yet Jackson found himself lying there, unable to express the joy the others had found, instead he knew that within a few moments his soul would leave his mortal coil, and his faith in Godan would be tested, the only solace was that of the sun, its warm light seemed to embrace Jackson’s body for the first time in years, he was not cold and it was bliss. A unison of howls emerged front the untamed forests of the Rimeveld, the day was won, the true cost no one would know but as Jackson found his own peace Friedrich would approach, Jackson would stare at him before beckoning him closer whispering into his ear, the exact details are unknown though it is told that he recited his Othaman’s oath, and gave Friedrich his final will and testament. The man's slow death was painful yet a slight relief of the burden of his rather interesting existence, he closed his eyes for his final time, as his soul dispersed from his body, leaving the mortal essence left, and thus ended Jackson’s final battle. His final debt to the Lord marshal repaid, in blood, Jackson’s name respectfully restored into the kind thoughts in people's minds, from the eighteen year old boy who had wandered into Haense to escape his boring life, to the twenty year old serving upon the front lines of the Inferi war, to the thirty year old who had spent his time protecting kings, and pontiffs and now the fifty year old, who had died where he belonged, alongside his brothers in arms, despite rescinding his oath he had always been a true Haeseni and now laid to rest in Haense land. Memoriae At a young age it was clear to Jackson that he was destined to be a little more than the oversized farm boy abused by his parents, and from his tragic beginning he transformed into someone of notability and stature, the man practised his craft, and in his time saw two kings, two pontiffs and two Lord marshals, serving each in his own distinction, He had loved, he had lost but most importantly he had found his true self, Jackson Porter goes down into Memory, though with any luck his legacy survives. Upon the heated battle field of the inferi war, Jackson Found himself side by side by the first Lord Marshal of Haeseni Ruska, Lord Manfred Barclay, Jackson had fought bravely and as per usual the HRA had won the day, but as a brutally heated clash came to fruition Jackson Saw a spear heading straight for the Honorable lord, and instinctively threw himself into harm's way to protect the man, which in its own right had saved him, before dragging him back before the medics to be helped, he returned moments later to engage once again upon the field. This act earned him two medals, One being the Queens cross gifted to him by the Queen, Isabel Barbonov, a woman who unfortunately for Jackson only spelled trouble for his future, and also the Infernal scourge medal, presented to all those whom had put their lives on the line to hold back the demonic tides. As Jackson Progressed through his time with the HRA there came a moment after his oath hunt in which he had to make the choice of what regiment he was destined to join, in the end he picked the Rangers guild led by none other then Ozark Mondblume, whom quickly took Jackson under his wing as he realised his own potential, for the first time in his Life Jackson felt as if he belonged a smile would emerge and stay for most of the man's youth, a vibrant happy smile, one of a completed person. He rose to infamy within the Guild of Bounty hunters which resided outside of haense, Jackson leading the group on many assaults against the seemingly never ending enemy, here he met his lifelong friend Fyodor Erhdhart although they didn’t always see eye to eye, the care these two placed within one another was astounding, as when the slum dwellers looked to Jackson to lead them for a final assault against those who wished to do them harm, Jackson had no choice but to answer the call, the man knowing full well he was their last and only hope, he led the group of unarmed untrained slum dwellers against a well equipped and well provisioned stack of men and by the luck of Godan above Jackson and his men, won the day, at the expense of many, though nonetheless a victory was a victory. His new found confidence saw him skyrocket within the HRA as he continuously showed his value in trainings and leading, in fact it became apparent that the men that surrounded him had grown a fond respect for him, his brothers in arms, some notable ones were Friedrich Barclay, Ellisar Aevaris, Fionn Castaway and of course William Carolus, the bond between these men emanating to this very day, this showed to his most profound achievement, Becoming a Lieutenant within the HRA, Jackson was working side by side the Lord marshal as his second in command. Jackson earned himself a holy medal, in quite the extraordinary fashion, as the City of Haense welcomed the newly elected Pontiff within her walls, they had come to realise this pontiff was not so well liked throughout the lands of Almaris, in fact so much so that the HRA was on a full standby for riots and assassins, and after returning from an intensive situation the HRA were armed with batons and riot gear by the current lord marshal Manfred Barclay, and took up positions over the church to defend from all manners of evils, Jackson found himself as he always did on roof duty, which up until this point had been quite the boring set up, however when Jackson rounded the corner to find an assassin attempting to murder the pontiff from the window his reactions kicked in, Jackson went toe to toe with the man, fighting with him until he had managed to subdue him with a small help from none other then the young Stefan Vyronov, and act that still had impressed the middle aged man to the day he passed. He was awarded a medal for his efforts from the High pontiff himself, though notably a few years later when a new one was elected Jackson handed the medal back to the High pontiff saying that he did not feel like he had earned the right to wear such a thing as things about the man who had given him the medal began to surface. Jackson was offered a knighthood for his service to Haense and Almaris, something he had longed for, and yet in the end was unable to claim, he had always felt a desperate urge to make a name for himself and to bring the wreckage that was the Porter name up into value and legacy, perhaps he did manage it in his own way though only time will tell, either way, he passed through his trials with relative ease, taking on a dire boar for Norland, even a wyvern for the Druids and still continued in his duties, to the Koeng and to Godan he found himself at his last trial before the Late Isabel Barbanov at this time the queen mother as well as Princess Juliya found themselves placed seconds from death as a suicide bomber entered Haense, within an instant Jackson had flung himself before the royalty of haense taking much of the blast to his back, littering his flesh with yet more scars, his blood stained into the Crow in the center of the city forever, for such a deed he was awarded a free pass on his trials, deeming him to be a man worthy of Knighthood. Yet just a few days before his oathing, He pulled out, advised by the Koeng himself to do so, as to provide himself once more to service in Haense, though that service can never be spoken off, and though he will never utter the words again one could likely decipher that what the Koeng had Asked Jackson Porter to do was at the utmost importance.
  23. .Formal declaration of a challenge. I, Aleksey Luka Ludovar, hereby challenge the Amador Dog Ramdir, to a duel of which tests our mettle and our honour, you have disrupted my families livelihood, and escaped punishment though I will remind you as Haense has appeared to have forgotten, Ludovar’s never forget. When you sat by idly like the mouse of a man you are, you left us to die in the Godan forsaken cave, had you have any inclination of being truly worthy of a noble title you would have stood and protected our right to exist and yet, you stood there and watched as they buried us under the mountain. Due to this insult you caused my family great harm, my Aunt now must use forged legs as her own were destroyed by the sheer cold, so in kind, I will be taking your life in avengement, I promised you in the tavern moments after I was released that I would end your bloodline, I intend to keep my word, unlike yourself whom broke it at the first sign of any resistance you cowardly dog. So in this open letter I leave it to you, Ramdir Amador, face me in single combat, blades only or forever be known as a cowardly worm, and bring shame upon your noble name for eternity, I shall give you three saints days to answer the call. -Signed Aleksey Luka Ludovar
  24. April 2021: Livrose Livrose, one of our many wonderful people in the community of Haense that works hard to bring culture and fun into it. She has been with us for quite some time now and we are happy to have her. She is also a fun person to speak to in vc and a very funny lady in general. She has written beautiful posts of etiquette and marriage culture here in Haense along with so many event posts. They are always a thrill to read and the formatting is beautiful. Livrose truly deserves a lot of praise as she worked on a lot of them for quite a long time. Her events are always so well thought and planned. Haense’s activity can thank her a lot for all the work she has put in to raise it with her events. She and her team are doing amazing and have continued to work hard for so long. Livrose currently plays Rosalind Amador de Astrea and Fenika Lichte. We love both characters, but I think we can all agree that most of us adore the drama queen that is Rosalind. The roleplay she has created with that character is amazing and we stand for it. Thank you for bringing us many laughs through Rosalind! My personal message to you is that you are a wonderful person who always works hard. Many girls look up to you for it and you are someone who is brave enough to play a character that has many flaws. Thank you for giving us such amazing events and being there for many of us. This month is for you livrose! @livrose
  25. [!] Letters of fresh parchment sealed with the crest of House Vyronov would arrive across to each head of the noble houses in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by a messenger bearing a most noble uniform while fliers were tacked to the notice board in the square for all to see. A UNION BETWEEN VYRONOV & BARCLAY 370 of Vzmey and Hyff It is with great pleasure that the houses of Vyronov and Barclay officially announce a long anticipated union between her Ladyship Marie Barclay and his Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov, Baron of Astfield. The ceremony will take place in the Basilica of Saint Henrik conducted by KML Alfred Patriarch Jorenus. Following the ceremony, a reception will be held at the Barony of Astfield, the future home of the newlyweds. Food and drink will be provided and the guests will be welcomed to join in merriment with music and dancing. We anticipate your arrival on the most joyous day! Special Invitations Listed Below His Royal Majesty, Heinrik of House Barbanov and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Friedrich of House Barclay and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Ruslan of House Baruch Baruch and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Fiske of House Vanir and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Maric of House Ruthern and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable, Kazimar of House Ludovar and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Aldrik of House Amador and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Janb of House Kortrevich and his esteemed pedigree Laurir Tarathiel of house Asul'onn and her esteemed pedigree The Aevaris Household Imperial Practitioner-General Doctor Mayan Avern All Haeseni Subjects and Allies of the Iron Accord Signed, His Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov Baron of Astfield Her Ladyship, Marie Barclay [[OOC: Friday April 30th @4:00 pm EST/ 9:00 pm GMT]]
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