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  1. Tora


    Tora had always felt like she didn't belong in the small, suffocating town she grew up in. Adopted by a couple who never failed to remind her of how grateful she should be for being taken in, Tora experienced years of mental abuse that left deep scars on her spirit. At 17 years old, she decided enough was enough - it was time to break free and discover who she truly was beyond the confines of her adoptive parents' expectations.With nothing more than a backpack filled with essentials and a few meager savings, Tora set out on an adventure to explore the world and live life on her own terms. She wandered through bustling cities and serene countryside, meeting kind strangers who taught her lessons about resilience and self-love. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, Tora began to shed the weight of her painful past and embrace the freedom that came with forging her own path.But no matter how far she traveled or how many new experiences she had, Tora couldn't shake the feeling of abandonment that lingered within her heart. Deep down, she longed for a sense of belonging that went beyond fleeting connections with strangers along the way. And as tears welled up in her eyes one night under a starry sky, Tora made a vow to herself - to find where she truly belonged and create a home within herself first before seeking it elsewhere.
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