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  1. Ludwig smiles proudly at his daughter from the seven skies. He turns to his wife "Look at zhat, our daughter!" @esotericas
  2. PVE is superior for large events

  3. Cesar de Pelear smiled proudly as he heard of the birth of his Grandchildren once more
  4. Since Democracies are hardly ever done on LOTC (And I mean true democracies where the actual PRO is elected, not just a constitutional monarchy like Haense's Duma), I've always wondered. How do people feel about them and why do you think they've not been tried as much?
  5. THE FINAL MARCH The march of Ser Chadvik ‘The Bold’ After a failed attempt to storm Joannesport and yet another failed attempt to capture the Prince of Sedan, Aleksy of Rozania was running low on options. If the war effort went on much longer without success, his Father would soon order him to abandon Almaris and return to Cahir in disgrace. Prince Aleksy could not allow it, as after all his life he finally had an opportunity to prove himself to both his Father and older brother. He needed a victory, and very soon. A stroke of luck came after the failed attempt to capture Prince Frederick de Joannes. A Rozanian soldier by the name of Chadvik had proven to have exemplary skills, having fended off three attackers simultaneously and almost escaping with the Prince of Sedan in his custody. Even if the Sedanian Prince had been just barely recovered, Chadvik’s skills were undeniable. Prince Aleksy hailed him as a true Rozanian warrior, and had Chadvik knighted and promoted to the rank of Commander. A man of such skill to fend off three well-trained Sedanian warriors would surely be the key to defeating the Sedanian forces in battle. “Go forth, Ser Chadvik ‘The Bold’. I give you leave to engage the forces of Sedan in battle, and to put an end to this Sedanian menace once and for all!” The assembled soldiers erupted in cheers, inspired to follow their new Commander into battle. And so, Ser Chadvik ‘The Bold’ marched forth with an army of 10,000 men to engage the Sedanian alliance in the open field and decide the fate of this war once and for all. OOC: NOTE: Field camps Will be set up for both sides on the opposing sides of the field. Contact Javert#3430 for more information Event Date: Friday, January 27th Event Time: 5:30 PM EST Event Location:
  6. Louis Owyn Haverlock is proud of his nephew! Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, rises from his sleep to read the missive. Upon reading it, he has another heart attack and blacks out again.
  7. The time will come, my friend

  8. Cesar de Pelear ******* snoozes in his bed as his children try to literally kill each other
  9. The Viceroy of Hyspia laughs in his bed as the missive is published, going to pull out a cigar despite the protests of his House Hand "Now you'll think twice before not taking my offer for a Cigar!"
  10. Perry the Parrot, the wanderer-bird of Almaris Perry the Parrot, a wild red Parrot from the forests of Idol's Garden, had spent many saint's months travelling around the descendant cities of Almaris. He had visited Karosgrad, Alisgrad, Dunrath, Celia'nor, Barrowton, Nor'Asath, Haelun'or, Atrus, Urguan, Minitz, New Vienne, and many other descendant cities and realms. Eventually, the adventurous Parrot decided that he wished to settle down, and so began to construct a nest. After successfully finding a partner and her laying eggs, Perry has devoted himself to hunting for food for his children. It is rumored that Perry's nest is somewhere on Almaris, and that those who successfully locate his nest may find trinkets of his various bird adventures around Almaris.
  11. A DECLARATION OF WAR TO THE SQUATTERS OF JOANNESPORT Your Rejection of our terms has left my Father, His Majesty King Armitage, greatly disappointed. While I had hoped you would be reasonable enough to evacuate our rightful lands and prevent bloodshed, I should have known that it was not to be. Sedanian stubbornness has been and always shall be your greatest flaw, one that shall lead to your downfall in the field of battle. On behalf of His Majesty, Armitage Roza, Rightful King of Rozania; I, Prince Aleksy Vyztoryas Roza, issue a Declaration of War upon the Principality of Sedan and its allies. Our swords shall cross, our dead shall litter the fields, and GOD shall determine who he favors. You have made a grave error, Prince Frederick of Sedan, and I will not rest until either Joannesport is naught but ash or I am rotting in the field. To those who call themselves allies of these Sedanian Squatters, be weary. My Father has no wish to combat those he has no quarrel with, yet should you intervene we will unleash our swords upon you as well. Signed, Prince Aleksy Vyztoryas Roza, Second born son of Rightful King Armitage Roza
  12. The Battle of Neu Brandthof By Louis Owyn Haverlock The Urban Warfare that swept New Brandthof, circa 111 S.A. It was a rather normal saint's day. I was returning home from a visit to New Vienne and had just walked through the gates of Minitz. I walked by the statue of Sir Brandt Barclay that stood proudly over the town center, then I heard shouting coming from the City's southern gates. I turned my head and suddenly there were what seemed to be 600 to 800 Ferrymen bearing their teal bandanas and masks, crossbows and bows primed. I turned and darted to the Tavern for cover, shouting out: "Ferrymen! Ferrymen in Minitz!" The people of Minitz had already been dealing with a criminal inside the tavern, whos name I frankly do not recall. Upon hearing that the Ferrymen had arrived in the city, the inhabitants of the Tavern dispatched of the criminal and withdrew their own ranged weaponry. Among these men was my old friend, Ottomar von Alstreim. I pat him on the shoulder with a confident smile as I withdrew my bow, asking if he was ready. He was either too nervous or too focused to respond, as he didn't reply to my inquiry. Nonetheless, I heard the Ferrymen commander give the order to open fire on us within the Tavern. Monk-E, who I think was a metal creation of sorts, was immediately caught in the crossfire. Three to four crossbow bolts struck the poor creature, leaving it disabled and knocking it out of the fight. Immediately I stepped out from cover, took aim at a Ferrymen who I believe was their leader, and loosened my arrow. By this point the Ferrymen had neglected to take cover, so I was able to get a shot on either his upper arm or shoulder. It was hard to tell as he immediately dived for cover afterwards alongside his comrades. What came next was nothing short of brutal, chaotic, and unforgettable Urban Warfare. Arrowfire was exchanged between the Ferrymen and the ordinary Citizens of Minitz - most of us taking cover in the Tavern. I believe Ottomar had been struck once or twice by this point and had to take cover. I got another few shots off, two of them aimed at a Ferrymen who I believe is named Livius (Based on the shouts of his comrades and himself). I remember after peaking out to get another shot, a crossbow bolt struck me in my left thigh and caused me to have to duck behind cover and lean against a wall. A bit later another arrow struck me in the ribs and I fell onto my back, thankfully being dragged away by one of Minitz's medics whom I have unfortunately forgotten the name of. The Battle kept raging for at least two more Saint's Hours with several injuries sustained on both sides. I believe at one point both sides began to run low on projectiles, so some of our comrades rushed out to meet the Ferrymen in a melee. I grabbed my sword in my left hand (My right arm had been shot by an arrow) and joined in this melee, fighting as hard as I could in my wounded state in the streets of Minitz. Yet, while we had the advantage of ranged combat, the Ferrymen were phenomenal fighters in melee combat. Watching them cut down my comrades, although morbid, was as if I was watching an artist paint using only the color red. Nonetheless, once the melee began we were severely outskilled. I was forced to make a run for it out of the Minitz gates with a few other comrades, all of whom were progressively shot down or cut down as we attempted our escape. By the time we made it to the fields, it was me and one other. We made a run down to the Vienne bridge but were then separated, I believe the comrade having lost his life to the pursing Ferrymen. I do not know, I did not look back to see. I turned and fired a few arrows at my pursuers to attempt to buy me time to run, but it was for naught. After jumping into the water and swimming a considerable distance to escape, two Ferrymen still managed to pursue me and attacked me near the eastern banks of the Vienne coastline. I fought for a few more seconds, but my wounds overcame me and I was easily subdued by the skill of the two ferrymen. I expected them to kill or capture me, but for some reason they spared my life. I remember them saying "You have fought with Valor. Run." I wasn't one to think twice, so I did just that. I ran into the forests near Vienne, where I eventually stopped to start a small fire to cauterize my wounds. After I'd made sure my wounds wouldn't be infected, I made the long trek back to Minitz. I count myself extremely lucky to have survived the Battle of Neu Brandthof.
  13. Cesar briefly wakes up, reads the missive, witnesses people's response to this missive, and promptly blacks out again after realizing the drama that has began.
  14. ON THE STATE OF THE VICEROY 4th of the Grand Harvest, 111 S.A. To the Hyspian People and whoever it may concern, Recently, a great tragedy has befallen our beloved Viceroyalty of Hyspia. His Highness, Viceroy Cesar I of Hyspia, has been incapacitated and made bedridden by a sudden heart attack brought on by what is believed to be an overwhelming amount of stress regarding recent scenarios. The suffering of a Cardiac Arrest has left the Viceroy incapable of overseeing day-to-day governance of the Viceroyalty, and as a result the Viceroy has consented to Crown-Prince Francisco, heir to the Viceroyalty, being appointed as his regent until his recovery. We hope that the people of Hyspia and Haense join us in praying for the recovery of the Viceroy. Signed, His Highness, Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep, Gereon’s Hold, and Ciudad de Plata His Highness, Francisco de Pelear, Crown-Prince of Hyspia, Prince-Regent of Hyspia
  15. "Good to hear!" the Viceroy of Hyspia said as he heard of the recovery of his fellow peer.
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