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  1. "Vampyres die a death suited for Vampyres. In the words of my Father - Frederick de Joannes - Cope and Seethe." said Louis de Joannes
  2. The Viceroy of Hyspia smiles as Haense asserts its dominance in the north, then returning to overseeing the construction of his new holding "Odin...you gutless craven" grumbled a Norlandic farmer living in the countryside
  3. Urugail Hailstorm, formerly an elder of Clan Stormheart, lofts a brow. He recognizes none of these signatures
  4. Urugail Hailstorm, formerly an elder of Clan Stormheart and long absent from Urguan hums in contemplation as he reads the missive "Wot ahn interestin' development."
  5. FOR THE GLORY OF DIOS 5th of the Amber Cold, 94 S.A. To His Holiness Pontian IV, the Viceroyalty of Hyspia has heard your call to arms from our new home on the Silver Isle. While we no longer reign as an independent nation, we still remember the courtesies afforded to Our People by the Holy Mother Church. A Hyspian does not forget, and nor does Our Viceroyal Council. Being a people adhering to the One True Faith, our heart aches for those in the Harvest Confederacy who have been harassed by these abominations of nature. It is therefore with the utmost satisfaction and pleasure that we join our new rulers within the Kingdom of Haense in this most noble Crusade against the infidels of Serheim. His Highness, Cesar de Pelear shall personally contribute his own sword to the cause and we hereby call upon all Hyspians to make their way to Karosgrad so that we may join our Haeseni comrades in this Holy War. For the glory of DIOS, the Hyspians ride to war. Signed, His Highness, Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep and Gereon’s Hold
  6. Viceroy Cesar of Hyspia prepares to take up arms with his King!
  7. Finally, a Crusade

  8. "DEUS VULT!" roared Louis de Joannes of Sedan!

    1. Anore


      All I had to do was harass itdontmatta in a VC to upload my files. Now just need someone to fix the formatting on the new theme to fully launch it

  10. "Punish the ingrates and let the Bastards make their own path. They should not be legitimized just because of sympathies for their station; if they earn it, that is a different story." said Cesar of Hyspia
  11. Jarvis don't go...

  12. 8iWUCdM.gif

    Jarvis, Javert is now following us. You share similar names; make a JARVISPOST pointing this out. Follow them back. Give them a sausage. Bump fists with them.

  13. The Viceroy of Hyspia, presiding over the construction of a camp within the Silver Island, smiles proudly at the first victory of the coalition!
  14. lets gooooo autumn war

  15. "Oh come on! At least let Norland have fun too!" said a disappointed Norlander as he realized Norland was not joining their allies against the Horde. Meanwhile, a Hyspian vassal of Haense grins from ear to ear "Long Live Karl III!"
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