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  1. INAUGURATION OF ANTONIO DE RIVERA Issued in the 15th of Suns Smile, Twelfth Year of the Second Age It is the wish of the Realm of Hyspia to officially invite its citizens and allies to the inauguration of Antonio de Rivera as Jarl of Nueva Tierra and Protector of the Hyspian People in the aforementioned village of Nueva Tierra. Following the ceremony, it is the wish of Antonio that the attendees then be invited to the following Festival that is to be hosted within Nueva Tierra to celebrate Hyspian tradition and survival throughout these trying times in their history. Now is th
  2. Antonio is soon brought to tears after receiving word of Javier's death. While they may have been on opposing sides, Javier was a Hyspian and in his mind no Hyspian should have had to die this way.
  3. Antonio blinks a few times at the missive from his home in Nueva Tierra, the new Hyspian settlement. "'Displaced Hyspian people'? You mean the Altamirano family?"
  4. "Hm, interesting. My people and I will keep in contact." Antonio says after reading the missive
  5. Resignation of Heinrich Argos 8th of Snow's Maiden, 11 SA Multiple copies of the letter are placed around Leumont's streets and houses. Courageous people of Leumont, allow me to first begin with a word of thanks. When I first came to Norland I found myself with nothing to my name except a handful of companions and a sword at my side, I did not even share the same faith as the populace. It is the people of Leumont who welcomed a man foreign to them into their lands and allowed my companions and I to stay under no conditions, and without them I fear I may have fallen into a
  6. Franklin lifts his father's beating stick into the air and lets out a large warcry after hearing of the Halfling's involvement
  7. Franklin Matthews cheers rather loudly after hearing the announcement by a Cardinal of all people. He looks over to his two younger brothers "Godan is with us! Ave the Boys of Karosgrad!"
  8. Franklin Matthews silently takes his Father's beating stick and prepares to search for the Girl's fortress
  9. "Finally, some action in the South." He says, awaiting to hear what else is to come
  10. Antonio I looks upon the letter at first with surprise, and then with indifference. "Perhaps now is the time for the healing he has done."
  11. IGN: RagnarAKAJavvy RP Name: Antonio I Nation/Settlement/Charter: Hyspia/Norland
  12. IGN: RagnarAKAJavvy RP name: Caesar Einarsson Kvitravn Nation/Settlement/Charter: Varhelm, Norland
  13. Antonio simply bursts out with laughter as he reads the letter
  14. Prince Antonio smiles at the invitation, deciding that a good tea party would help get his mind off of all the Hyspian dramas. "I will most definitely be there!"
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