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  1. Maegor I, Grand Prince of Aeltarys, strokes his beard upon hearing of the Haelun'orian victory over Nevaehlen. "A most impressive victory. I am certain this is not the outcome many expected, yet I look forward to seeing how this Southerner's war develops from here." And with that, the Grand Prince went back to crashing due to college wifi governing his domain.
  2. "Hyspia rides to war." Javier II de Pelear said as he returned from his pilgrimage just in time to save his Father. Meanwhile Javier I de Pelear and Cesar I de Pelear both smile upon their descendant as he takes no shit from kidnappers.
  3. Javier II, Son of the captured Francisco, said no words. Instead, he just called a few friends and told a servant to fetch his armor. From there, he prepared to go forth and serve his older Brother.
  4. A man read the missive with great interest, then nodding his head in agreement. "Coalition the Ferrymen, for they are the Imperialists." The man stated simply, knowing full well that such a statement will soon have him cleaved in half by a Ferrymen at the least.
  5. Grand Prince Maegor I signs the document with a proud smile on his face
  6. A HAVERLOCK’S FLAME Louis Owyn Haverlock camping within the Mountains of Aaun The old Count of Talentine had many regrets in his mind. The chapters of his life replayed in his head many nights over and over again, demanding that Louis never live them down. It brought down Louis’ ability to effectively lead his House or be part of the Regency council, and so he sought out a way to clear his mind of the rough storms that swirled in his brain. Often the Count would set out in the later hours of the day and find a quiet place to make camp and lay his head. He would find solace in the stars and comfort in the moonlight, and at last Louis felt as if he had found his path to mental clarity. Finally, he could allow himself to enjoy the present rather than reminisce about the past. This night was no different. After briefly speaking with his old friend Heinrich, Louis gave charge of the House to his eldest son Ser Leopold and left the house with his camping items. Louis trekked for some miles before arriving at the plateau of a mountain near Whitespire, the cold Autumn air filling his lungs and granting him relief as he placed down his belongings and struck up a fire. After his usual stargazing and having a quick dinner consisting of rabbit meat, Louis set up his tent and allowed himself to lay within it. Louis allowed the fire to continue as it allowed him to keep warm in the cold Autumn nights. Louis finally let his guard drop, and the Count began to rest within his tent. Yet, it would be the allowance of the Fire to continue that would be the Count’s undoing. A small ember, no larger than an ant, fluttered its way over to Louis’ tent as it was carried by the wind. Suddenly the wool caught aflame and fire began to roar around the startled Louis. The old man, too tired and slow to escape the flame, felt the tent begin to lose its hold and collapse around him. Smoke rose from the distance, visible from Whitespire itself. The grass, bush, and even some trees caught alight and burned in the mountains near the capital. A simple mistake had been made, and it was a simple mistake that cost the Count everything. In the morning, the Whitespire city guard found a corpse burnt beyond recognition near the campfire. With no other sign of Louis anywhere, it was assumed that the Count had been unable to escape the flame and as a result had perished in the fire. The corpse would be returned to the Haverlock family thereafter, with his son and heir Ser Leopold taking up his Father’s titles. Louis Owyn Haverlock (born de Joannes) 75 S.A. - 147 S.A.
  7. The Old ass man Dominic Kvitravn looks on in horror as his Nation loses against the Dwedmar, unable to do anything due to Skygod intervention.
  8. Maegor I, Grand Prince of Aeltarys, makes a mental note to not allow anything Orenian in his nation. "I would rather not have Ferrymen at my door." Maegor stated as he sat within his home.
  9. "Son of a ***** actually did it." said Maegor I, Grand Prince of Aeltarys. He made a mental note to watch this developing war with great interest.
  10. Holy ******* shit the Wood Elven-High Elven war is actually happening

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  11. "Is it time for a second Brothers' War?" said a certain old man as he sipped on some wine in the Aaunic countryside.
  12. "I didn't have 'Wood Elf-High Elf' war on my bingo sheet." said a man residing within an insane asylum as he played Bingo with his fellow inmates.
  13. Ludwig von Audrick, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, Henry Bishop, Viktor Bishop, Hali Kvitravn, Dominic Kvitravn, Caesar Kvitravn, Einar Kvitravn, Javier de Pelear, Cesar de Pelear I, and Urugail Hailstorm all collectively die of a heart attack upon hearing the words "Aster Court", all having fought against Oren in some way in their lifetimes.
  14. Gonna reform Oren rq brb guys

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      when will humanity learn from its mistakes

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  15. "Yes! These demon spawn must die immediately! KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!!" says an utterly insane man as the asylum staff attempt to wrestle him back into his padded cell.
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