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  1. oisin roza, who lived in Sarissa and now Rozania, is still fully alive and well! Though, he is somewhat saddened by the departure of Brawly and spends some time to contemplate his past.
  2. Antonius Barclay looks at the missive, looks at his two Cousins, and then looks back at the missive. "Vhat did du two get yourselfs into now?" ( @Capt_Chief26 @Ziggitee)
  3. When all is said and done, I'm bringing back Wheelism

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      no no no no no no no no no no no please

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      I may be a Boat Mormon, but I support this.

  4. Antonius Barclay frowns silently as he goes to show his pregnant wife the missive. (@carebear)

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      This guy is pretty based. Congratz man.

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  6. Antonius Barclay silently mourns the loss of the member of his family and utters a small prayer for her spirit.
  7. me when Lionbileti sees my lair app 🥰😍 @Lionbileti

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  8. Lair PRO MC Name: RagnarAKAJavvy Lair Name: Barony of Arenisca Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Our main choice is tile 126, though the build will work for the other two as well. Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): (Family lore) The de Pelear family did not originally seek to break away to become its own separate entity, but times had changed. The land they called home in Savoy just would not bode well for the Hyspian family any longer, especially if they didn't want their ideals to clash with the Savoyard's politically. As a result, the de Pelears packed their belongings, summoned all Hyspians who shared their ideals of a free Hyspian estate, and set out. Their goal was not to reform the Kingdom of Hyspia by any means, but it was to give any free-seeking Hyspians a safe haven to go to when all other realms of the world fail or disappoint them. This estate, which the de Pelears decided to call Arenisca, would serve as a home for Hyspians, by Hyspians. Again, by no means did the de Pelear wish to form a nation, but they wished to form a private enclave which only Hyspians could reside in. As the de Pelears and their bannermen set out, plans were drawn up to create a brand new estate, which would serve as both a castle and a home for the family and all their followers. As a result, the idea of the Sovereign Barony of Arenisca was born. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required): Why can you not accomplish the niche of this lair’s roleplay in an existing settlement or nation? (We expect a substantial answer for this, not just ‘I don’t like them’). For a long time, many Hyspians as a whole have maintained the idea of cultural preservation and independence. The de Pelear family takes this idea to the maximum, and utterly despises being under another nation that will especially not respect the cultural individuality of their people. That, and their severe worship of Canonism does not allow them to vassalize under any non-canonist nation. I have made a list of each nation and why the de Pelear family does not and will not vassalize under them under any circumstances. Kingdom of Haense: While Haense is a very pious Canonist nation, and there is a small minority of Hyspians living there, the de Pelears do not wish to move there for a simple reason: Land and culture. The Hyspian culture that the de Pelear practices does not mix well with the culture of Haense. The primary cultural difference being that the de Pelears will not follow any non-Hyspian as their ruler permanently. As for land, the Kingdom of Haense is not one to give out land to people such as the Hyspians and reserves nobility for highlander families, which the de Pelears are not. On top of this, there was one historical incident during the times of Arcas where the people of Haense laughed and ridiculed the Hyspians when King Cesar went to visit Haense, and the de Pelears have still held that grudge since. Kingdom of Norland: This reason has a lot more history and religious reasons to it more than cultural. Norland often gives out land fine enough, but as mentioned before, the de Pelears are a very canonist family and will not serve under a monarch who does not share their faith. As for history, during the Hyspian Schism, the Kingdom of Norland actively backed the Red Hyspians, whom were apostates and fought against the Canonist White Hyspians. The de Pelears, having been loyal White Hyspians, still have not forgiven Norland for their part in backing the faction they saw as heretical and will never serve Norland. Holy Orenian Empire: Oren is indeed a Canonist nation, but the reasoning behind this is more political than anything cultural or historical. In Orenian law, vassals of the Empire are not allowed to maintain a noble levy of their own, which is something the de Pelear see as a right given to them by DIOS and dislike the idea of Orenian centralization. Rather than vassalize under Oren and risk the political friction between themselves and the Empire, the de Pelears would rather avoid vassalizing under the Empire all together. Principality of Savoy: A majority of Hyspians have already moved to Savoy, including the de Riveras and Mendez family, however the de Pelears take problem with the Savoyard government in mostly political regards. Firstly, Savoy reduced the Archduchy of Hyspia to the Barony of Rivera, which the de Pelear see as an insult to Hyspian pride, even if it is not actually that way. Another rift between the de Pelear and the Savoyard government was their recent vassalization of the Silver State of Haelun'or. The vassalization of Haelun'or was seen as an insult to a great many in the de Pelear family, especially due to Haelun'or's usage of voidal mages. For this reason, the de Pelear has left Savoy and now wishes to make their own safe haven. Grand Kingdom of Urguan: This option has been considered by the de Pelear family before, however on the basis of Urguan believing in the Brathmordakin instead of Canonism, the de Pelear decided not to go on with the idea. That, and the de Pelear are unfamiliar with the mountainous landscape of the dwed realm and would rather avoid it entirely. What does this lair add to the greater world around them?: This lair in specific gives a new sort of RP that sadly began to die out in other places, but independently is able to thrive. This new RP is the Hyspian culture, which is very heavily based off the real life Mexican, Salvadoran(which I personally descend from), and in general latino cultures. While yes, this culture could be played out in other nations, it tends to do better in a place where Hyspians can call home freely with no oversight potentially restricting their culture. If you wish to see more about Hyspian culture, feel free to view the House de Pelear post, which goes into some of the Hyspian traditions.
  9. [!] A depiction of Skanarri survivors fleeing from Ikarusbrug under the cover of snow The Skanarri were in ruins. Grejon, their High Chieftain, laid dead at the feet of the Svarlings. More than Seventy percent of their population had been utterly obliterated by just fifty of the Northern Berserkers. Ikarusbrug had been burnt to the ground. What hope was left for the Skanarri? Though they had come out of isolation nearly fourteen years ago to settle and conquer the lands of the south, they now found themselves subject to a foe twenty times as unforgiving and ruthless. In the thirty percent of Skanarri whom still remained, only ten percent were old enough to wield a spear. Still, a tiny flame of hope remained in the survivors of Fnod's Folk. No matter how badly the Svarlings battered them down and destroyed all they loved, there was still one thing the Skanarri held onto that not even the Svarlings could take away. It was their identity. Fnod's Folk had fought each other for decades to establish themselves as a free culture who bowed to nobody but their own. The Skanarri were not going to simply submit and die as the Svarlings ravaged the place they called home. No, the Skanarri were going to stand and fight. They were going to fight until the last Skanarri warrior drew his last breath. They were going to fight until they had slain those whom had brought ruination to Ikarusbrug. The Skanarri, despite being so badly bloodied, despite losing almost seventy percent of their entire population, now had a flame inside their hearts that burned through their souls and filled them with rage and a thirst for vengeance. In the time that the surviving Skanarri made preparations and built defences in Camp Fnod, a saying began to pass around to each of them. A saying that echoed throughout the cold northern mountains of the Skanarri and Norlandic lands. We Will Not Fade.
  10. As death and ruination came raining down upon the Skanarri in Ikarusbrug, the very few whom had survived the massacre made their way just a mile south of the village. There, they connected with the Skanarri whom had been stationed at Camp Fnod and moved to fortify the camp, being the very last Skanarri outpost left on Almaris...
  11. Oisin Roza strokes his beard, thinking that this can go quite a few ways.
  12. [!] The dockyard of San Luciano, bustling with life. It had been three years... Three long years since the end of Oisin's Rebellion and the claimant's flight from Almaris. Three years since the battles that scarred a people and tore a family apart. He was unable to get his mind off it the entire time he was in exile. How could he? Though he had already made his peace with GOD many years ago, there was still a tinge of guilt that plagued him. Ate at his insides. As Oisin sat pacing on the deck of the ship, he contemplated on what he had been doing with his life following the rebellion. By all means, he should be grateful. He finally married the love of his life despite all odds, he had fathered a beautiful baby boy whom he named Armitage Roza, and he lived out of harms way in a far away land. Despite all of this and more, Oisin was longing. He was longing for home, for his siblings he had torn himself from. For the people he used to call friends. Thus, he came to a decision. Not one of malice or hatred, but one of sadness and the need for closure. To right the wrongs in the eyes of GOD. Oisin Roza was coming home.
  13. The Wedding of the Eagles Sigils of House von Barclay & House of Bishop On this bright Saint’s day, it is with great joy that Antonius von Barclay and Clara Sophia Bishop wish to announce their engagement in holy matrimony to one another. The couple implores all friends and family of the Groom and Bride to attend, and to stay and enjoy the festivities afterwards. The marriage will be hosted in the Karosgrad Basilica within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, with the later celebration being hosted within the halls of Reinmar. Invitations are formally extended to: Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti-Ruska, and his Pedigree, The Right Honorable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar, and his Pedigree, His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt, and his Pedigree, His Lordship, Yvo Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg, and his Pedigree, Mister Erwin Bishop, Patriarch of the Bishop Family, and his Family, Principality of Sedan His Serene Highness, Leopold I, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, and his Pedigree, The Right Honorable, Lukas Castille, Count of Castile, and his Pedigree, The Honorable, John Hartcold, Viscount of Fauconberg, and his Pedigree, His Lordship, Hogo Bojo II, Baron of Huvaardia, and his Peedigree, His Lordship, Edmond Ashford de Rouen, Baron of Blackwald, and his Pedigree, Principality of Savoy His Serene Highness, Olivier I, Prince of Savoy, and his Pedigree, His Highness, Corwin Barclay, Prince of Sutica, and his Pedigree, His Highness, Ulrich von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather, and his Pedigree, The Right Honorable, Catherine Barclay, Countess of Sarissa, and her Pedigree, The Right Honorable, Cesar de Rivera II, Baron of Rivera, and his Pedigree, The Right Honorable, Ernst Barclay, Baron of Freimark, and his Pedigree, All citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska are invited to attend All citizens of the Principality of Savoy are invited to attend All citizen of the Principality of Sedan are invited to attend Signed, Antonius von Barclay Clara Sophia Bishop (@carebear)
  14. Antonius Barclay, who remembers that Haense is at war with Haelun'or, squints at the missive. "What the ****?"
  15. A person of no importance wonders if the Urguani claims will thusly denounce Du Locian independence and sovereignty...suppose we will find out!
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