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  1. Just found out that I have been banned :(

  2. Anyone else having problems to log in to the server?

    1. Lykos


      Yes... I am at school with no pcs around.

    2. Aodran


      No, I mean that I can't log in. Every time I try, it says "Landscarring". Can anyone help me?

    3. Ⓢⓚⓘⓟⓟⓨ
  3. You are... ACCEPTED!Come to Aliquam and we'll start your training.
  4. WOW!! Server is full and still there is no event going on. How remarkable.

    1. nppeck


      Um the fall of Salvus?

    2. Aodran


      Oh yeah, I forget it was today

  5. I want to log in, but I can't! Why?! Why me? It's so wrong!

    1. Religious_Pie


      Server = It's dead jim.

  6. So has the spectre plan has been chosen. Does it mean that the spectres control the town?
  7. Since non of us isn't getting any plans, I am hireing an architect to plan new buildings.
  8. What is your name?: Aodran_Venesies How old are you?: 179 What city do you currently live in?: Aliquam Purus Do you agree to follow the rules?: I do Have you had any experience with magic? If so, what kinds?; I have been taught fire magic by nameless mage and froze magic by Tempir Amedaius. I also have some experience on alchemy. What race are you? [Human, Orc, Elf, Dwarf]: Elf What are you efficient with? What are you inefficient with?: Well I suppose that would be swords and magic. But still I'm not very good at bow or axe so it would be the inefficient part. Biography: [2 Paragraph minimum please] I was found in a ditch by a young human female and she raised me with her husband. In a age of 70 (elven) I left my home and started to wander around Aegis. Soon I was captured by slavers and they brought me to their mine where I worked for years. I managed to escape when I was rescued by a dwarf called Alger. He taught me to fight with sword and without it and the he left. I moved to a little camp in the forests of Malin. And only one month later, one of the slavers found me and tried to drag me back to the mine. We had a fight and luckily I won. I spent many peaceful years in the orest, but in one day an old man came to me. He asked for food and shelter, so I let him stay in my cmap for few days. The Man told me about a vision he had, about an young elf who ived in a forest. I can't remeber what he said, but I tought that he was crazy and sent him away. Few weeks later, I decided to move to Laurelin. Soon after that I heard about the white ravens. I joined to them as a guard, but then I met Scylas Shadows who peomised to teach me magic. From that day towards, I was a mage apprentice. He taught me some alchemy, but that was all. One day he came to me (he was changed his name to Seraph Shadows) and promoted me as the bishop of the blade. I got my own house and life was going pretty nice. But then the undeads came and Aegis was destroyed. Everybody escaped to the verge and left Aegis. We sailed to the new world. In the place called Asulon, I contacted to the other ravens. Our temporary base was destroyed by the orcs and we had to move. We built ourselves a town called Aliquam Purus. Everything was going nice, but then I heard that Seraph had passed away and I became the new archbishop. That was the most importnt parts of my life. Open response, answer with as much detail as possible. You see a man attempting to kill a Seventis citizen, you walk upto the man and asks what he is doing, what do you do?: If the man attacks or still trys to kill the raven, I simply say t him "You don't want to hurt a raven. If you do, we all are coming after you." If he still trys to kill the raven, I just use some spell that will wound, but don't kill him and say "That was a warning. The Next one is going to be lethal" You see the lord of Seventis and a man, the man is in full armour with a gold sword. What do you do?: I notice that the man has a golden sword, so he doesn't probably want money. He threatens the lord for personal reasons. I'll ask "Why do you want to harm him. Mayby we can slove this without violence." I'll wait for responce and if he still continues his attempt to kill the lord, I'll try to frighten him by some fire magic. If he still continues, I'll have no other choices then killing him. You see another mage using magic to harm another mage, and or citizen, what do you do?: I'll shout "Hey, if you want to attack to someone, that shouldn't be some innocent citizen! Don't waste your talents to that" I'll try to save the citizen and will challenge the mage. I'll tell the citizen to run. If I'll manage to defeat the mage, I'll go check that the citizen is okay. If not, atleast I saved someones life.
  9. In all respect, I don't want spectres to rebuild our town. So Relgard, you may help, but the town wont become the capital of the spectres. The Order still owns and rules the town. Under Renati of course. And about the taxes, we can remove them, but if we want to expand, you all need to donate some money.
  10. We also got Tempirs idea. He presented it a while ago. Tempir, can you show it again?
  11. Renati! How can you accept these terms?!
  12. Relgard, if you'll try to conquer Aliquam, the Order will resist. We will fight if we have to. Aliquam Purus is and will stay as the city of the Order.
  13. Mayby your'e right, but we still need some kind of building that will provide safety, can easily be defended and work as the operations building.
  14. ((I think we should expand so we could follow the original plan. Castle/Fortress in the middle and the town around it.))
  15. I'm just saying that everything was going fine in Aegis when we had the castle/fortress. No one could enter in there without help of someone inside or without the keys. ((We should follow the prototupe in the creative server.))
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