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  1. I have no idea what’s going on


    I’m hungry

  2. Havn’t been on in 2 years. And now I’m missin’ it again. Blessed be.  I    f e a r

    1. Crabs In A Bucket

      Crabs In A Bucket

      Run and don’t look back!

  3. Anyone have any interest in a character-based forum rp anymore? I yearn for the glory of dem olden days with the 300 page zombie rp :V

  4. Wish we had a good character-based forum rp. Nation rps are well and good, but not my cup of tea.

    1. Gaius Marius

      Gaius Marius

      Lykos, jump into my Nation RP and I promise Ill make a character-based one afterwards or during the nation RP tenure. I will say this, you and people agreeing with you NEVER joined my two character-based FRPs ;)

    2. Lykos


      It was just a matter of taste. Don't want to rp in this universe, yada yada.

  5. Wish we had a good character-based forum rp. Nation rps are well and good, but not my cup of tea.

  6. I'm building a new pc. Fed up with getting 14fps on minecraft on a crappy old laptop. Gaming Computer time... And since my computer will no longer be a piece of crepe, I'ma get on LotC regularly again. Time to look up some old friends...

  7. Like forum rp? We could use more characters at http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/111778-sparks-of-liberation-ooc/ Another character-driven (as opposed to nation-based) rp written up by White Wolf. Shameless advertising? Yep. We need more people to make sure this thing lives up to the potential it deserves.

  8. Who's this Ctap fellow? Sounds like quite the villein.

  9. I havn't 'found the time' to play on the server in a long, long while... But with summer comes possibility. That's if I can figure out the changes to the server that have been implemented. Huzzah for waffels.

  10. Just played me some Project Zomboid. Still alpha, but pretty awesome. My character figured out he was infected, so I just had him drop his supplies, take his weapons to the streets, and kill every walker he could find before he turned. Good fun.

  11. Majora's Mask is best Zelda game.

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    2. Twilight Druid

      Twilight Druid

      i'm more an Ocarina fan. I loved Wind Waker but hated how to held your hand for so long

    3. MetaSolaray


      Lykos; we can be friends now...

    4. oblivionsbane


      I consider Ocarina to be the perfect Zelda game. It isn't too much, isn't too little, it is just perfect.

  12. Zombie apocalypse survival Forum rp! http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/102341-deterioration-zombie-frp-oocapp/ There's 17 people already... I am excite

  13. Hey buddeh. Y u serving teh dark. Y not teh Sun instaead. Prase teh son. \[T]/

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