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  1. What did you do to the forums

  2. how do I become dwar f

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      HI EVER

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      be beard!

  3. Yep, it's so frustrating. I see no reason why people from all over the world are seemingly having the same connectivity issues. There has to be an issue with a plugin or something - it's either I get lagged out, giving me the error message in OP. Or, I can chat/play just fine - I just can't input ANY commands (they will not work, and not give any error message.)
  4. GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN KING'S COURT 10th of the First Seed, Year 1 of the 2nd Age Transcribed by Skippy Irongut II INTRODUCTION Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker welcomes the populace to the first of many King's Courts within the city of Kal'Darakaan. He reminds all to act with sense, and to not disrupt the meeting. He also reminds all that there will be no interruptions, and that there will be a period of time for questions. Questions are to be taken once at a time via hand raise. In addition, a reminder is repeated that the King
  5. Often times I find myself stuck in a cycle of connecting, having connection for 3-5 seconds, then lagging out. I am greeted with this error message. https://gyazo.com/99c36e8b5c509f89f3f0d0a1019d6749 Any ideas what might be causing this? This has happened to me in multiple locations/internet connections.
  6. Skippy

    New 8.0 CT

    Really nice take on a Cloud Temple design, well done
  7. Sup Skippy ❤️ Hope you are doing well bro! Many fond memories man, do you have any contact details for MyStronghold. I would love to check in with the guy and see how he’s doing.

    1. Skippy


      Zezimus PM’d you it I believe! Nice seeing you around bro! Hope all is well ❤️

    2. DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      Thanks! Same to you good sir ❤️

  8. So if nothing changes like you seem to like to emphasize, why... change something? All this does is pisses off some people on Minemen. Very disappointing, but not unexpected.
  9. “This Dwed be stark raving mad! Har har har!” Mugdor-Dharok would chuckle, as he heads back into the mines.
  10. Hey! I’m hoping to request a skin for a wood elf hunter! I’m hoping to have this skin made alongside having the outfit as an additional skin file (may want to use it for a hunters guild). I’d love to pay you in USD! Lemme know your rates! Skippy#1354
  11. Mugdor-Dharok lit the furnaces of Kal’Mugdor, as a horde of Dwed joined him in the smithing of new ferrum weaponry. They all cheered while smithing, “Narzak oz Urguan! Narzak oz Jorvin!”
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