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  1. Got myself a job in a nice little town.

  2. IMPLEMENTED! Yeaaaah buddy!

    1. xFrozt


      congrats :D hopefully you don't look like your picture.

  3. The one in the white box will be the one you put in your forum post. The one below it shows you what it will look like when you enter it and has the questions written down.

  4. thanks ive read it but you know the template it wont let me type in it and i have no idea what the questions are then it said for viewing puposes only im confused

  5. falgrim, I sent you a message explaining ;)

  6. do you go on something like word then send it to them or is there a plase where you can type it in

  7. Yes! My application got accepted. Third time lucky!

    1. Skippy


      Congratz, can't wait to get RPing with you.

    2. Galadorn


      Thanks and likewise.

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