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  1. IGN(s): hotaDEATH Ban Reason: I don't have this, considering it was in 2012. Also the account isn't banned, it's a wandering soul. Player(s) Involved: @Urara @Chaqery Details: Well I was about to quit the server and follow a group of people to play MB warband, and for some reason I decided to attack the first two people I saw and random them then proceed to log off. Honestly I don't remember much about what exactly took place, I didn't even know I was banned till I was told by a staff member. I'd gladly apologize to the duo that's rp I interrupted and completely ruined, and promise to not do so again if I was to be un-banned from the server. It happened awhile ago, and it was a stupid, childish thing for myself to do. I hope your give me a second chance to try out the server once more. Additional Media: Here's the link to the report on me -
  2. Out-Of-Character Details Minecraft Account Name:hotaDEATH How old are you?:15 Time-Zone/Country of Residence:GMT/UK Do you have a good grip on English grammar and the English language?:Yes I do. Have you had any previous experience in roleplaying?:I played on a SAMP server called Los Santos roleplay where they have great roleplay, so i'm ust to roleplaying. Have you read and understood and agree to the rules?:Yes How did you hear about the Lord of the Craft?:Me and my friend were looking for a server. Link any previous applications you have made to the Lord of the Craft:http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/67969-hotadeaths1st-app/. Definitions In your own words, define what the act of roleplaying is:Role playing is the act of taking a life onto a video game. Acting as the character you have created and forged threw the actions you have made it do In your own words, define what the act of meta-gaming is:It's when you take OOC information and put it into a IC situation E.G Someone knowing that the Orcs where planning a attack on the human kingdom, by a ORC telling his friend IRL and the friend going and telling the Human king. In your own words, define what the act of power-emoting is:Where you write a emote that makes a player be dragged into the roleplay, like saying you're going to knock him out on the first hit or cut his throat open. In-Character Details Character Name:Tazhoth Character Race:Orc Character biography - Make this at least 2 paragraphs long, which must explain your character’s history, appearance, personality, age and any other details you deem necessary: Tazhoth Lived in a small village on the edges of Strigzgoi, he would collect water for his people due to his size of 6 foot 10 and his muscles they would slave him away, but everyone in the village respected Tazhoth for his hard work and dedication to helping the people.(BlackEyes with a tint of white,Not shy, Has a short temper and will protect his honor if ever threatend, Age of twenty three.) Tazhoth walked down the dirt road of his village, weakly as he mumbled to himself about is ambition of becoming Rex of the whole Orc nation, picturing the rein he would run and how he would make the world fall to there feet, he chuckled to himself lightly as he looked down to the ground, he raised his head as Aliona, a girl he'd liked for awhile now walked past him, the smell of her made him want to faint Tazhoth looked at her for awhile before walking back to his hut. Tazhoth was a honourable fighter who would fight at the arena once a week to deem himself worthy to the tribes of the Orcs, if he was not to become Rex he wished to become a gladiator or a imperial body-guard of his Nations leader. Tazhoth dodged the mans attack, as he span around sending his axe to attempt to damage the mans sword or even break it into pieces, this was the special thing about Tazhoth he used a axe not a sword, and everyone looked at him with pride or sometimes disgust What are your characters ambitions?: To become the Rex of the Orc nation. Please provide an in-game screenshot of your skin here: Is there anything else you would like to say about your character? Nothing Open-Response-Questions Each question here must be answered with a minimum of one full paragraph, and detail the scene you are given in the way it would happen in roleplay. These questions should be answered in first person. Be detailed, not short. Upon entering the Mighty Human City of Arethor, you come across a shop-keeper calling out to sell his wares to passers-by. The shopkeeper is not a Human, he is a poor dwarf looking to make a living in a new city. What is your response?Tazhoth walks up to the dwarf, staring down at him he shakes his head in disgust, not at the dwarf but the way he lives, Tazhoth reachs into his pocket pulling out some money he would throw some to the dwarf, grinning. The dwarf would run towards Tazhoth excitedly hugging him with praise. Tazhoth jerked the dwarf off, grinning at himself with praise as he began to walk down the cobblestone streets of Arethor. You’re in the Cloud Sanctuary late at night, when a large Orc begins to threaten a nearby dwarf. The only present monk is fast asleep, and the situation looks like it will escalate into violence soon, what does your character do?Tazhoth stands out of his prayer stance, shaking his head he looks at them both "Leave" he demands, scowling at them both "This is a sacred place be gone with you both!" as he stood there waitting for them to leave. shaking his head with disgust thinking what would of happend if more people were here to watch the dishonour of the Orc and dwarf. Whilst walking down the road to Malinor, you stumble upon an old man. His walking stick , looks weak and frail, and just as you are about to ask something, the stick breaks, and the man falls to the ground. As he falls down, a bag of Minas falls to the ground, and splits open. As you watch the multiple coins spill out, you peer down at the defenceless man. What does your character do?:Tazhoth goes down to his knees, helping the man up he would then begin collecting the Minas from the floor, he would then grab the old mans hand lightly and begin dropping the coins in, before he could put the last three in the oldman would clench his hand tight while shaking his head "Keep them" he said towards Tazhoth with a crooked toothed smile, Tazhoth chuckled to himself and shook his head "I would feel dishonoured to take money from a wise man." smiling lightly.