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  1. IGN(s): hotaDEATH Ban Reason: I don't have this, considering it was in 2012. Also the account isn't banned, it's a wandering soul. Player(s) Involved: @Urara @Chaqery Details: Well I was about to quit the server and follow a group of people to play MB warband, and for some reason I decided to attack the first two people I saw and random them then proceed to log off. Honestly I don't remember much about what exactly took place, I didn't even know I was banned till I was told by a staff member. I'd gladly apologize to the duo that's rp I interrupted and completely ruined, and promise to not do so again if I was to be un-banned from the server. It happened awhile ago, and it was a stupid, childish thing for myself to do. I hope your give me a second chance to try out the server once more. Additional Media: Here's the link to the report on me -