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  1. [!] Scrolls were nailed all throughout the city of Celia'nor, and in the paths leading up to it. To The Lost Sheep of Celia’nor To the lost sheep of Celia’nor: I bid you good tidings and love from God, that which was, is, and forever will be; for the Lord is benevolent, and though you did not heed my warning once, you are yet presented with another opportunity for redemption. You cannot be blamed for egoic delusion, but acedia is the devil: Stagnation is willingness unto nothing, It is the hollowness that creeps when you slumber, For you can be deceived, You can deceive others, But you cannot deceive yourself, The world can never be stagnant, The God can never be stagnant, And neither can you. This is the voice of the God of One-Thousand Tongues: I know your unwillingness to believe that which you cannot fathom. I know of your loyalty to my mouth, but the mouth is only one part of the whole. The mouth rambles, and blabbers, and shouts and cries. The mouth thoughtlessly devours and consumes. Become loyal as well to my eyes, for with them you may see. And become loyal to my ears, for with them you may listen. And become loyal to my mind, for with it you may think. And only then will my mouth have a purpose. Now I say to those who still revel in their own stagnation, living is easy with eyes closed, but it shall not be so for much longer. The beast is coming, and it will bring its plague with it. And only those sheep who are lost may be devoured. To the lost sheep of Celia’nor, The God of One-Thousand Houses has spoken.
  2. Once I rose above the noise and confusion, just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion...

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      There'll be peace when you are done... 

  3. MC NAME: Nozgoth CHARACTER NAME: Welfley DISCORD: Grungoth-Gung#5616
  4. don't ignore me

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      do it ignore the cookie

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      @ImCookiieim not ignoring sorry I forgot <3

  5. I am your father now.

  6. We need to talk about the atrociously disgusting state of the moderation team, and specifically one of its members: ZachySnacco. Through my numerous and recent experiences with this individual, I have deemed that he is unfit not only for moderation, but for the server as a whole. We simply do not need players that lack the morals to make what is clearly the right decision. This is about the Allblades ban and appeal situation. Unlike San Francisco’s “catch and release” philosophy with charges and imprisonment, LOTC bans virtuous players like Allblades, and then denies every appeal. For those who do not know, a player by the name of Allblades has been falsely chastised for a singular mistake, and despite every effort, cannot be unbanned. NOT TO MENTION, ZacoSnacho is an obtusely abhorrent “person”. Remember the icepick incident of 1997? When he brutally murdered 6 teenage girls with an icepick? Or in 2009 when he set a building on fire (which Allblades extinguished and saved the people from before the fire department even showed up)? To think that one’s judgment could be so clouded is beyond me, simply look at the stats: Allblades is universally renowned as a pillar of the community for what little time he has been on the server. He has saved LIVES. Allblades is a hero. And we only know the accounts of various LOTC players, imagine how many other lives he has saved and permanently changed through his kindness and virtue. It is absolutely heinous to keep this man banned for but a “rape joke”. Where were these hecklers when 30 innocent schoolchildren were about to fall to their deaths due to a tragic vehicular accident? Not where Allblades was. From saving marriages, removing children from burning buildings, bus crashes, and even sacrificing himself by giving away his only parachute during a skydiving expedition, Allblades can do everything. Here are some of many accounts of this man’s virtue: GOD SAVE THE ALLBLADES! And here is a screenshot of the mod team lacking human decency: Honorary mention to the story team for despicably denying his voidal fire MA (seriously can’t believe they would do this. Allblades is possibly one of the greatest magic rpers I have bore witness to): This but a singular misshap in a long line of incompetency by the moderation team, but it is without a doubt the most damaging. Allblades is no ordinary player, or person. He is special. And despite his solemn vow to “try not to offend anyone with what I say,” the despot known as “ZacheSnacke” feels content to molest him off of the platform! Well I say enough is enough! Heroes like Allblades, real heroes, should not be subjected to the tyranny of internet dicktators like “ZachySnacki!” We, the playerbase of LOTC, must force them to do better! That is why I encourage everyone to upvote and comment their good words on Allblades latest appeal: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/216573-in-game-ban-allblades-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-1936299 . Share your stories. Share how he changed YOUR lives. Together, we can make a difference, and repay but a small fraction of the debt we all owe to Allblades. #FREEALLBLADES #WEWUZKANGS #RIPBOZOELIZABETH #1997ICEPICKMASSACRE #ZACOSNACHOISOVERPARTY
  7. normalize playing without being in lotc discords

    1. Whiplash


      bro i did this for like 6 months it was so awesome
      shit actually felt organic when i wasn't in a giganto-200 person discord server that constantly pinged

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      im trying it out rn

    3. Battle Unit
  8. [!] This is a letter directed to one character, so if you are not that person then do not assume this knowledge IC. Usually I frown upon these types of posts but I figured it might be entertaining to read regardless of context and IC involvement. @Jentos A Letter to A Friend: My life boils down to this one question; to which I must find the answer. They said that once I find the answer, everything will make sense, and I will be at peace, and I will have a reason. And so I have spent my whole life searching. Searching the minds of those around me, of those rich and poor, who have varying degrees of wisdom. Searching the natural world with the hope I might find the answer. Searching the depths of my own mind. Searching for the answer to a question I do not know. Searching… searching Every time, I feel it on the tip of my tongue, but then remember that I do not know the question to which I am seeking the answer for. Is it the meaning of life? I am hell-bent on this paradoxical dilemma, and it always leads me back to the same place. And in that place I realize that perhaps there was nothing to figure out after all. And maybe that is the answer - I cannot know. It is hard to see the dream, when I am lost inside of one, I feel the God’s tears because the evil has begun, I looked up to the sky but I couldn’t see the sun, For the gates have closed behind us, And we have all been shunned. I write you this letter to tell you that we were wrong, and now the world must carry their own sins again. The gates have closed, and there can be no passage back to the place we were before. I am leaving, and I implore you to abandon the frivolous mission, and embrace instead our true purpose. I will await you to accept my offer. ~ Yahya
  9. single-celled supremacy, slimemancy coming soon

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      All hail the blob

  10. A clever illustration depicting what would seem to most as three dwarves surrounded by mushrooms. Long-Tunnel’s Fathomless Fruits The story went like this: There once lived an old creature, as old as the hills some say, and this creature had no name. He seemed somewhere in between a wiseman and a druid, and was often seen peddling various goods to and fro between villages and towns now unknown. He was stout but gangly, with green skin, cobbled yellow teeth, and a nose that sharply hooked downward. The creature was a goblin. And since he had no name, he took off to explore with the hope of finding one. On his journey, the goblin encountered many oddities and curious things. One day, he came upon a curious fruit that was born directly of the earth; a mushroom, as most know them. But this was no regular mushroom, it was peculiar, and the goblin could tell just by looking at it. So he consumed it, and up until that day, he had no name. Now he was Long-Tunnel, at least that is the moniker he came to claim. So Long-Tunnel he became. Long-Tunnel went on to discover two more peculiar species of fungi, learning how to cultivate them himself, and this is said to be how the mystical fruits spread far and wide across the world. They were sought after for the potent psychoactive effects that take hold upon consumption. [Reagent] Madcap [Reagent] Golden Elephant [Reagent] White Rabbit
  11. who wants to make a new character with me and have our characters be hippies and then slowly devolve into wooks
  12. rip hurdog

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