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  1. From the Journal of a Homunculus: I. The Dream Before See… Dark… Feel… Space… Think… Thoughts… First, there was darkness. I could see, but there was nothing to see. Then, I could feel. I could sense. And finally, I became aware that the whole time I had been thinking. I had thoughts of concepts in a language I did not know. It all happened so fast. Soon, my eyes opened. There were lights so bright I could feel their warmth scorching my skin. A horrible cacophonous ringing rushed into my ears and stunned me. I lifted my head up. Pale skin, nearly green, wrinkled and shriveled as if it had been in water too long. I could see feet, legs, arms - hands that began to twitch and grasp like someone had slept on them. Pins and needles came first, and then I could feel, and I realized that those were my hands, and my feet, and my legs. “Me”, I thought. What is “Me?” Who am “I?” I could feel my mind kick into overtime, its gears turning and churning like a machine - in a desperate attempt to explain its own existence. Fear. My first emotion. It penetrated my mind and drove me in circles. “Why?” I remember repeating over and over. The first words were hard, dry, I could feel them scratching against my throat as they left my mouth. Then, footsteps. Outside the room. Coming closer. I stood up. My vision grew dark. Fear again. Something had made its way into my hand - a surgical instrument. Something metal, cold. Shambling. Screams. Red. Blood. It was not until the next day when I woke up. I was on the floor, covered in the blood of my maker. Still the question “Why?” gnawed at my insides, but now it could not be answered. For the only one who could have answered it was dead. So there I laid, on the cold stone floor of the lair of an alchemist. If there were answers, they must be here somewhere. I began to comb through old manuscripts, looking only at the diagrams at first. I came to understand them with quite remarkable speed. I was a homunculus after-all, at least according to the texts. Everything I am. Ever was. Ever will be. It was right here on the paper. A recipe. As if my entire existence could be quantified as a recipe. How confusing that will always be. I made for the entrance. A rush. Now I knew sensation. I knew it was because of chemicals in my brain that I felt this way, but I didn’t care. I did not know what was next, but I had no intention of ever returning to the dream before. Now I have a life.
  2. would any artists here be able to make a cool album cover?

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    2. Werew0lf


      yeh pay up young boy

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      what style u wanting?

    4. Nozgoth


      @UnBaedstoner doom/black metal

  3. toxposters vs philposters

  4. Whispers escaped the lips of Newt as he passed on the news...
  5. The Black Market Where Secrets are Currency The Black Market is neither a place nor an organization, but rather an idea. It is the network which connects and facilitates the hidden and illicit businesses of Aevos. Its members: anyone and yet no one, known as “secret-keepers”. Its sound: a song of silence broken by whispers. And its appearance: inconspicuous, yet still detectable. A rune here, a flier there, or a private conversation spoken too loudly: there are many ways to bare entry into the hidden kingdom of The Black Market. Through murmurs and hushed whispers, it is what you seek when in need of services that can be found nowhere else. What follows is a compendium of fliers advertising services and goods in connection with The Black Market. [!] A flier was found in the darkest corners of the realm, written in black ink and with a curious sigil at the bottom. “The Black Market is now open! Aspiring businesses, organizations, those in need of money, or those of faulty moral scruples should seek out Newt for work. ~ Secret-Keeper Newt” Vendors
  6. exactly dude. We should totally make a criminal organization together
  7. I love jentos and I schizo rped alongside him for many years, legend has it we even balled up together one time nah go for it, I just think it's lazy that EVERY character these days does the same schizo rp i havent really rped with u much so I cant comment on ur character specifically, im just saying in general

  9. it's not bait I promise im being dead serious
  10. END SCHIZO RP: A Critique on Today's Roleplay ** I just want to note, this is not a jab at anyone in particular. I am just as guilty of this as the rest of you. Some of my favorite writers and rpers on this platform are considered “schizo rpers”. This post is meant to be a motivation to seek new ways in which to express your character and their beliefs and goals. To be honest, I think that we need to cut it out with the schizo rp. Literally every dark mage and CA has been doing it for YEARS and I am sick and tired of it. I’ll admit to it as well. Schizo rp was the only thing I did for like 3 years straight. I used to think I was a God because my rp was soooo “complex” and “incomprehensible”, but as I look back at it, I question whether or not I was even doing a good job. On the occasion, schizo rp can be exciting, thrilling, interesting, and if done well, thought provoking. However, I fear it has become bland with the sheer amount of people that do it these days. In my opinion, if that’s what you’re going for, you should try your best to make your RP thought provoking and leave somebody with a lasting impression of terror in their minds (especially in the context of dark magics). But I think we need to move on from schizo rp. Why don’t we find something new and unique to do? Something creative that still fits the theme of dark magic. Something that allows our characters to be more than babbling and raving lunatics, or zealous followers of a God they don’t truly understand. I find many people imitate what they think is cool on this server, but often schizo RP is lazy, boring, and stale at the best of times. Why do we always need to involve THEOLOGY and PHILOSOPHY into our roleplay. WE ARE NOT INTELLECTUALS. I’M NOT AN INTELLECTUAL AND NEITHER ARE YOU. When I did that type of roleplay I was literally pretending the whole time, I had no idea what I was talking about. I’ve never read an alchemical text in my life. It was cool for a while but it’s gotten way out of hand. Can’t we give our characters something new to motivate them to do what they do? For dark mages/villains, there are numerous other reasons to commit villainy than to do it for some theological/philosophical reason that you’ve brainwashed your character into believing. Obviously it’s fine to roleplay theology and philosophy, I just mean to say it’s gotten real boring when literally EVERY character does it. Every character uses it as an excuse to drive their actions. PLEASE LET US FIND SOMETHING NEW. Emotions, history, personality, money, illness, etc. Speaking of personality, I find that many schizo RPers/dark mages/CAs have ZERO personality in their characters. So that is another thing to consider. I think we also need to bring back more common forms of villainy. We need burglars, murderers, drug dealers, bandits, etc. I would love to start up a group involved in this sort of thing, so if you are interested, hit my discord: priestofworms Imaginative and fun simplicity will always be better than lazily roleplaying something complex! We don’t all have to be HP Lovecraft, some of us can be Tolkien too! (poor example because I know the Tolkien lore is quite complex, but you know what I’m getting at). Anyway, that’s all I have to say. I’d love to hear any thoughts in the comments.
  11. all fun and games til Nozgoth on the beat

  12. can a mod please ban my account (ign: Nozgoth) or unwhitelist me or smth

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