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  1. Edward Clement looked at the names on the list "How come I don't get my name written all fancy." He huffed lightly.
  2. Edward Clement clapped gently as his mother informed him of his uncles upcoming wedding!
  3. The Late Baroness of Halcourt watches her daughters second marriage, scrunching her face slightly as she looked over towards her daughter Elisabeth Cecile “Maybe this husband won’t be so lazy.” She commented.
  4. A young Edward Clement would take notice of all the bustling and busy event planners around Aldersberg, all preparing for the wedding! "What is all the fuss about? It is just a wedding." Commented the oblivious youth, glancing down to his sister Georgiana "Though I am excited for Princess Aunt Charlotte's special day and to see her pretty dress, it will be fun!" He spoke to the mere tot. @neii
  5. Edward Clement certainly cheered for his aunt Charlotte, and Philip Aurelian!
  6. Wilhelm read the closing article with a small smile “That was a fun to read I suppose.”
  7. skin name: shoulder cloak, orenian champagne discord: Manny#0500 bid: 10$, 5$
  8. Poisoned Well Water Adalene de Motte, Baroness of Halcourt 1783-1835 Having grown up most of her life tucked away in Aeldin, the girl would come to Oren and quickly catch the eye of the Baron of Halcourt, and even sooner being made the Baroness. She lived a rather private life and was a terrible mother to her children, hardly speaking to them except for her daughter Elisabeth Cecile, whom she frequently spoke about and openly allowed her other children to know was her favorite, even after Elisabeths death. She would develop a neat relationship with her husband, though truthfully never loved him. After many years of being locked in her home, the Baroness would unfortunately die of lead poisoning from the make-up she often wore, especially in her youth. Long story short, she was alive, and now she is not.
  9. skin name: shoulder cloak discord: Manny#0500 bid: 10$
  10. "...Actually- I don't care where he went! I hope he is happy with his decision!" The pale figure would lament loudly, pacing back and forth "It is no matter. I won't think about it a second longer!" Elijah turned to face the person he'd been speaking to, though when he turned there would be no person. Instead it would be a tombstone, upon the front would be the hollow letters engraved to read Vespira Angelica Ruthern nee d'Emyth. The aging man lets out a soft sigh after the briefly loud words, his expression softening "Though... I do hope he is alright..." He pondered, perhaps frowning as he sat before the grave, bringing his knees up to his chest as he continued to speak. "Perhaps he is alright... Perhaps- Perhaps it will all be fine." Elijah turned somber as he spoke, then pausing for a moment, as if to listen for a response. "What do you mean?" He paused once more, looking over 'Vespira' "Hmm, perhaps you are right. Maybe he will be back, but what makes you so sure?" The seemingly confused man queried to the dirt "Hmm... it is... certainly something to think about." He listened once more, quickly he stood upward at that, dusting off his coat in an almost frustrated or offended manner "No- No I don't know what you're talking about... I don't want to hear it!" He covered his ears with a loud huff, hiss brows furrowing deeply "No I didn't! He left because of what happened- Not-" He stopped as if he was cut off "Perhaps that is why you are in the ground." He let out a forced, mocking laugh, though it quickly disappeared as he waved a hand dismissively, pacing away.
  11. Wilhelm Lucius reads over the childrens article "It's not as... Dramatic as when I was in the season." He commented, tilting his chin upwards gently, "Though surely it would be hard to compare.." The Baron snickered as he reflected upon the drama of his past season. Edward hears of the document, "Who wrote this?" He arched a brow.
  12. The Baron of Carrington hears of the news regarding the Countess, having certainly been in love with the Pompourelian Heiress since the day he met her, the day of her wedding when he was merely 7 years of age. As a young boy Wilhelm would always seem rather flushed upon noticing her nearby, and this fondness would certainly continue well into his teenage and adult years. When he would learn of her demise, the now-aging Baron would be distraught, in tears. He was never one for being able to conceal his emotions, the floor of his bedroom was certainly all too familiar with the weight of his sleepless, mourning body. “They never treated her as she deserved.” Wilhelm remarked towards himself, growing almost mad at the situation.
  13. Wilhelm heard of such an event, furrowing his brows "Hmph."
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