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  1. It's beginning to look a lot like

  2. Don't unfriend me, please.

  3. Please, don't unfriend me.

    1. Cloakedsphere


      unfriended, blocked, reported.

  4. Not sure which race to go with or what kind of character to make. Any help?

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    2. LaCabra (Soda)

      LaCabra (Soda)

      You'd always be welcome with the Adunians!

    3. boy
    4. Celtic_Clouds


      Darkies are the best.

  5. Thought about getting back into drawing. Of course my tablet pen is now missing.

    1. Space
    2. Omar Grimmer'Lak

      Omar Grimmer'Lak

      thats like... not even real drawing...

  6. Willing to do an art for someone if they'd be able to do a female skin in exchange. Pm me if interested.

  7. ..April fools?

  8. If you've ever posted on my art archive Then I've finished it. Except for one recent one.

  9. Playing around with minimalist styles.
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    2. Major Dom

      Major Dom

      great that you could get the entire kha population together for 1 picture!!

    3. Porko


      Wait... what's a Kha? I forgot

    4. _Jandy_