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  1. Kim

    [Accepted] The Womping Wizard's Forum Moderator Application

    yeah he's okay for the job -sincerely, the best FM ever
  2. i love the expression you show through the simplicity! good stuff
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    Hes desperate give him what he wants
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    Ask your favorite halfling main anything

    ooft ^ destroyed
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    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    damn charge more my dude
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    [Updated 7/13] Kim's Art Thread ✍

    late update! I hope to come back and get in touch with those who're waiting for my commissions to open up.
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    (4/27/18) A Cow's Art Dump

    sick as **** dude, i love coming back and seeing what you're up to @CowsGoMoo
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    oh my god you're 19
  9. Hey! I just saw this thread. While I do think there are some things outdated about cervitaur lore, can I request some things be kept in? If there is a chat or discussion going on with some lore members, I'd like to be included (if you're going to continue with the rewrite). Them being fae is an essential part to when I created the lore because of creature restrictions, and I did not want them to be seen as a new race. That includes no magic, aside from communing with nature. In regards to the no gender, it was put in place to 1) offer a form of roleplay for those who typically do not care for gender, and 2) limit the criticisms of potential bestiality when creating the creature. I am one of the number of firm believers that good roleplay does not have to come from strictly gender influenced rp, though attraction is still something cervitaur are completely capable of =) As for anatomy, the insides are not comprised of typical organs or structural anatomy as cervitaur are made entirely out of plant base. They are not necessarily all easily destructible or weak-bodied creatures, as plant fibers can get incredibly durable. That is part of the reason they cannot be ridden as a mount (the main example being like ridden into battle). They can carry people for sure, but it would be just as exhausting as a man carrying another man to town. Finally, I see the creation and birthing of the cervitaur have been changed in your proposed lore! If anything, that is one thing I request not be changed. Thank you for taking a continued intrest in my lil creations, and I hope that whatever comes of this, I will continue to see them roaming around!
  10. Kim

    [Updated 7/13] Kim's Art Thread ✍

    bump also if you see this i need commissions so pm me to see if im interested
  11. Kim

    [Updated 7/13] Kim's Art Thread ✍

    i forgot i drew him!! I will add him
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    [Updated 7/13] Kim's Art Thread ✍

    idk why im still updating but oh well!! ib4 combine