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  1. [Complete]buying books

    Chrysanthos would read yell out "Visit a the Aem Emporium stall outside the wood elves capital they have books in stock."
  2. *Chrysanthos Ties a knot regarding Aem Emporiums postion on the matter on thr leg of a dove* "Hopefully they will receive the message soon"
  3. [Complete][BUYING] Diamond Axes & Pickaxes

    Chat to Chrysanthos or Fiyaleh we have some available feel free to visit us in Linandria or our up coming stall in Alderburg -Chrysanthos
  4. Dev Update: Sparkles and Glitter

    Great rework! *cough* give non vip's more shop chests <3
  5. [BOUNTY] Big Mouthed Snow Elf

    Chrysanthos notices the bounty nailed on a large tree on the outskirts of the wood elven capital. "Violence is so commen these days I do feel terrible for this poor mali he deserves better." He then shreds it into tiny parts and chucks them into a nearby river.
  6. -= Celestial Documentation =-

    found olen today
  7. Can't Join LOTC ;-;

    Aye success thank you so much :)
  8. Can't Join LOTC ;-;

    Hi thanks for posting so quick I'm gonna do it in a url as it shows other servers in the list (Also side note i joined a different server to show that my internet is working fine so prepare for that.) alas i think url will be better as i don't want to advertise u know :p http://imgur.com/a/AnLSB
  9. Can't Join LOTC ;-;

    Hi there!, I've been trying to get onto lOTC for the last week but to no avail ;-;. I've tried a multitude of different versions (not all though) and re-logged multiple times.I can join on all the other servers but this one and idk as I've previously been able to join. Hopefully you can assist :)
  10. [Shop] The North Wood Trading Company!

    Chrysanthos sends a dove [!] Karin'ayla Thylsealaes. Would you be in need of a tinker? If so do keep in contact. Ahern ito nae'leh for your time. From Chrysanthos.