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  1. looking forward to lord of the craft

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mordhaund


      good old ******* hunter


      back on the rabbi now are we


    3. Hunwald
    4. Heero



  2. Somewhere in the depths of the jungle, a disgruntled Cao Cao can be heard wringing his hands in a distinctly simian manner. ”Stinky monkey think they best Cao Cao, enrightened representative of forever-Emperor. Arr according to plan.”
  3. Bertholdt’s weary eyes take note of the message. He orders his servants to pack his belongings; it’s time for another road trip.
  4. @ScreamingDingo First act as LT lead is to delete the Snow Elves from lore, right? I can support this new and radical agenda for the story team.

    Edited by Ambduscias
    1. ScreamingDingo


      yeah snelves are a culture


      and then my next act is lifting techlock to put guns in

    2. FlemishSupremacy


      god bless the new LT lead

    3. gone_fishin
  5. the years may change but the dumb stuff that goes on doesn’t
  6. can’t believe the bad guys won :\

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    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      “we dont lead via ooc! cmon guys, we’re the RP nation! we’re good!”

      >emperor and empress banned for metagame

      >commanded in skirmishes by two constantly alting, permanently banned players



    3. ApplePieKathy


      wasn’t even a rebellion, we were released from all oaths to Renatus

      Edited by PapiZapii
    4. FlemishSupremacy


      @PapiZapiiAiim disbanded the Empire out of spite after he was removed from power for his inactivity.

  7. @Sporadic #help

    my chat style resets whenever i go into another channel


    also quotations style still requires a *in front of a full-emote to register as Not-Dialogue. pls fix

    1. Sporadic


      sounds like you want to be using emotestyle ALWAYS

  8. can’t say i ever expected much out of fireheart as an admin (lol!) but this is really just a clown world

    lmao any1 remember when they banned people who broke the rules and didn't invalidate the work of 160~ of their players

    1. Esterlen


      what about the other 200

    2. ferdaboys69


      the 200 that lost?

    3. Esterlen


      @ferdaboys69 Yes, the 200 that lost. I am just highlighting that number of supporters is an entirely bad metric to use here – it is a very bad rabbit hole. 

  10. the host of jacques de felsen saves the day... just another job by the FELSEN WATCH

  11. Big day coming. Thanks @Kid Mackin.

  12. really good post keep it up
  13. “Mastering others is intelligence; Mastering yourself is true wisdom. Knowing others is strength; knowing that the ‘Aheral are not fit to live free of the Shen yolk is true power.” Cao Cao Shen remarks, running his fingers through his goatee.
  14. “The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be.” Cao Cao remarks thoughtfully, considering the implications of the claimants to the throne of Alderyn; he is amused that so many squabble over what is rightfully a province of the enlightened Shen dynasty. It is only a matter of time.
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