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  1. Bertholdt’s weary eyes take note of the message. He orders his servants to pack his belongings; it’s time for another road trip.
  2. @ScreamingDingo First act as LT lead is to delete the Snow Elves from lore, right? I can support this new and radical agenda for the story team.

    Edited by Ambduscias
    1. ScreamingDingo


      yeah snelves are a culture


      and then my next act is lifting techlock to put guns in

    2. FlemishSupremacy


      god bless the new LT lead

    3. Aeldrin
  3. the years may change but the dumb stuff that goes on doesn’t
  4. can’t believe the bad guys won :\

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      “we dont lead via ooc! cmon guys, we’re the RP nation! we’re good!”

      >emperor and empress banned for metagame

      >commanded in skirmishes by two constantly alting, permanently banned players



    3. PapiZapii


      wasn’t even a rebellion, we were released from all oaths to Renatus

      Edited by PapiZapii
    4. FlemishSupremacy


      @PapiZapiiAiim disbanded the Empire out of spite after he was removed from power for his inactivity.

  5. Cao Cao’s retinas burn as he reads the rebel missive, wishing that his traitorous disciples had learned the integral nature of good formatting to any legitimate body of government.
  6. As it began, it ended. Cao Cao, the fat and indolent warlord of the Shen Dynasty, drew his club; to his left, Shen Bu, to his right, the Butcher of Donghai. The Yellow Turbans – aptly dubbed rebels – were cornered on their boats, flanked by the eminent tactical mind of the Emperor’s chosen. Few words were spared; both sides had known that day was coming for quite some time – and Cao Cao, perhaps alone, knew that it would be the beginning of a new era in Hou history: the Romance of the Two Dynasties. So it was with a great joy that he began the festivities with a few simple words; ”Might the blood of the insect sew the fields of all Qinghai for years to come; at least in death, they will serve a purpose.” And with that, the first blows began to fly. A flurry of arrows filled the sky; it rained upon the Yellow Turban’s boats, making them weak and bloody. Soon, Lang Xiahou had fallen; there was only three sonorous booms like the beat of a drum until his skull was nothing but pulp, and the blade of Shen Bu found his heart. By this point, many of the Hou fled to the water; their boat was lost, and presumably some were lost to the tempestuous seas off of the coastline of Krugmar. Next fell, standing his ground like a man, the Councillor of the Chen family. He too found his end ingloriously, broken beneath the armored boot of Cao Cao – left a wreck of bone and spilled blood on the once-sacred floors of Qinghai. Battle roared all around, the night sky filled with flame and smoke and the odeur of the recently dead. The butcher of Donghai rode out with the thunder and fury of all Hou Shen’s servants behind him; as his water-chariot cut across the seas, the Warlord knew that he had seen the birth of a saint. And so it was that murderous brigand dressed in Imperial Colours that brought fire and sword to the retreating bands of peasants – women, children, and a few monks sworn never to take a life. He struck hard and fast, and clashed blades with the Warrior Monk Hsieh-Xin; and as they locked swords, the horde of peasants charged forth in support, and ripped him limb from limb: but as he died, the corpse of the Butcher lit like a pheonix: it became ash on the wind, like a leaf on the vine – a little soldier boy meeting his end. And there Cao Cao sat, in the new Imperial Palace. An old face, fresh to the fray, approached his throne. “It has been too long, Sun Wukong... The games started without you.” @Ggt
  7. @Sporadic #help

    my chat style resets whenever i go into another channel


    also quotations style still requires a *in front of a full-emote to register as Not-Dialogue. pls fix

    1. Sporadic


      sounds like you want to be using emotestyle ALWAYS

  8. Autonomous Central Province of Qinghai From and by the golden blessing of the Three Brothers and the Mandate of Hou Shen, it is found to be the prerogative of the Emperor to ensure the stability of Qinghai and the health of its peoples. To that end, the Emperor-Regent, blessed be his name, has ordered the creation of an assembly from which the plights of the peasant and burgher might be addressed to ensure true harmony. Henceforth, the provincial state of Qinghai is no longer directly subordinate to the Imperial Authority; it is granted the right of moderated self-governance under the assurance of eternal loyalty to the seat of the Jade Throne and the dominion of All That is Under Heaven. The Autonomous Governance Council At the discretion of the Emperor Regent, the Autonomous Government Council is granted provisional authority to exercise any and all of the rights afforded to them by mandate of Hou Shen. If the heart of the Tiger is the immortal spirit of Hou Shen, then it’s eyes are found in Qinghai to be the vigilance of the Governor-General. The domain of the Governor-General is the oversight of the province and ensuring that it retains all the bounties the City of the Sun provides; he is to appoint individuals known as Ministers to carry out duties conducive to the health of the province and oversee Councillors, who he serves at the behest of. The Ministers serve as the hands and agents of the office of the Governor-General; they organize festivals, oversee trade, and oversee the enforcement of law within the domain of the province. They serve at the good graces of the Governor-General; they are appointed at will, and dismissed at will. The Councillors are the representatives of the Esteemed Families, the Temple, and the great Industries of the City; the three points that must thrive if the province is to become truly enlightened in governance. Their powers, while limited in individuality, encompass all the powers of the Governor General and more; they declare war, manage the budget and payment of the ministers, and retain the ability to remove or punish the Governor General with Imperial Assent. Offices within the Governance Council The Secretary-General of the Autonomous Government Council is an office afforded to the provisional “leader” of the Council. They are responsible for order within the meeting, the announcement of agendas to be raised, and the tallying of votes for said agendas. The First Among Equals is, by virtue of seniority or respect, afforded the first statement on any agenda and the first vote when they wish to exercise the power. The Imperial Scribe is a member of the city who is assigned to take the minutes of the meeting and handle the publication of important statements; they are not a voting member of the Council, but receive an Imperial Stipend for their services. The Powers of the Autonomous Government Council The Governor-General may: Hold absolute authority over the enforcement of law and civil authority in the city. Manage stewardship of the cities’ facilities Maintain the military arm of the Hou-Zi Appoint Ministers to handle specific duties Ministers may: Carry the authority of the Governor General in their given duty, and are able to prosecute it to the fullest extent they might desire. Can be removed at will by the Governor-General on any account. Councillors may: Set the pay for Ministers and the Governor General. Remove or punish the Governor General with Imperial Assent. Declare hostility, peace, condemnation or reprimand with Imperial Assent. Present Appointments Shen Cao Cao, Emperor Regent and Honorary Councillor Liao-Chen, Governor General Hsieh-Xin, Master of the Temple and Councillor Feng-Kuaisu, Councillor Tian-Hong, Councillor
  9. can’t say i ever expected much out of fireheart as an admin (lol!) but this is really just a clown world

    lmao any1 remember when they banned people who broke the rules and didn't invalidate the work of 160~ of their players

    1. Esterlen


      what about the other 200

    2. ferdaboys69


      the 200 that lost?

    3. Esterlen


      @ferdaboys69 Yes, the 200 that lost. I am just highlighting that number of supporters is an entirely bad metric to use here – it is a very bad rabbit hole. 

  11. the host of jacques de felsen saves the day... just another job by the FELSEN WATCH

  12. Big day coming. Thanks @Kid Mackin.

  13. Ambduscias

    BunnyBoy PvP

    really good post keep it up
  14. “Mastering others is intelligence; Mastering yourself is true wisdom. Knowing others is strength; knowing that the ‘Aheral are not fit to live free of the Shen yolk is true power.” Cao Cao Shen remarks, running his fingers through his goatee.
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