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  1. @Sporadic are we going to see a day where undead eventually don't need to eat again or are race mechanics a thing of the past

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    2. Wolfdwg


      I mean food will be easily obtainable tho...

    3. ForeverGinger


      Muh immersion.  I can't be edgy and have to eat at the same time.


      But in all honesty, the dead eating is a bit silly.

    4. Sporadic


      I really don't know let's see what the players and LT say.

  2. The Learned Elders of Azdromoth

    i'll have you know it's an edit to an existing creature, not a magic. ......retard
  3. The Learned Elders of Azdromoth

    i'm trying to find an organic way to get rid of something op without 100% rewriting lore and negating history. i don't disagree that it isn't 100% necessary, but i prefer it over the alternative. if you have a suggestion, feel free to PM me or say it here.
  4. The Learned Elders of Azdromoth The Transformation Day yielded unto day, and all remembered one key fact; that the road they’d embarked upon had not yet seen its end, and of which they knew not the destination of. As in those first long days, they felt a compulsive pull that managed to warp both body and mind alike. Each felt the essence that was their Humanity dwindle and pull farther and farther, slowly loosening their grasp upon the world and their worldly homes and purposes. Some of the kindred fought tooth and nail against this pull; some of the kindred managed to stop this process that ate at individuality and one’s person. Others permitted the enactment of Azdromoth’s plan. The effect was clear. Towards the latter end, it became “natural” to linger in the Superior Form; it was simply the most comfortable body, suited for warped minds and scales. None could deny it’s natural power, with long, weapon-like limbs, it’s great weight and laden muscle. Yet the form restricted something far more dire to Azdromoth’s brood; it fogged their minds, stealing clarity and a sense of definite purpose. It had made them animalistic, and many rightly feared the form for it. Something entirely different came next. The next Dawn came suddenly; unlike the slow, meandering mutation of their body, that came with acquiring the ascendant form, it was akin to the bursting of a cocoon. Their flesh and scales split and cracked, shedding their skin like reptiles and leaving sloughs of flesh and biological mush, from which emerged a familiar creature - albeit, something wholly new to them. Before those few lucky enough to witness the nascent hours of the new form stood a long, wirey creature with utterly alien proportions. It no longer seemed a parallel to man, instead a step closer to true ascension to the form of the Dragons and their patron. Long, reptilian wings curled about the body of the newborn; it’s neck long and arching, and a head more akin to a Wyvern’s than a man mounted atop it. Obscene muscleage gave way to limber, long limbs - almost as gratuitous as the Superior, but lacking the same heinous power that could break men over their knees in it’s latter stages. Over time, these aforementioned “elders” found that their perception had changed; time became trifling, negligible -- one year, ten years, all the same. Akin to their ilk, the Dragon, they became patient and clever; Azdromoth’s plots need not be fulfilled in a day, nor must they expose themselves to elicit progress. Accompanying the more notable physical changes; each, perceivably, a step towards the coveted ‘Dragonhood’ they expected -- were several more particular and interesting adventations. Their power had radically changed, its heat becoming more lurid and potent; so too did they find their capacity to manipulate it more particular, able to muster it at greater distances -- albeit at diminishing returns, as one might expect. A Digression Akin to the Superior, Elders still possess a particularly defined figure. With this change, they are not physically ‘incapable’ or suddenly lacking prowess in their former arts of combat, simply lacking the overwhelming weight Azdrazi were previously renowned for. This is a repeating theme; their scales are also, notably, not as rock hard as they once were; they still possess a level of natural armor, but it doesn’t pad damage from blows of devices like maces and so forth. Such easily bypasses it’s layered padding, and lacking the overwhelming musculature they previously had, is more likely to break bone or cause internal damage. In turn, as detailed prior, they possess a set of vestigial “wings” incapable of true flight - though with proper reinforcement, they can be used to glide short distances, otherwise inept for much but an expression of Draconic heritage - and, potentially - an indicator of further things to come. Much of their body, aside from this, remains similar to its original makeup and compound. They still possess reptilian eyes, distinctive horns, and a tail. There is a nuance to the aforementioned “eyes” that was not previously relevant. This body fine tunes the understanding of sight and perception, tuning the Azdrazi to surveil the ‘heat’ of visible surfaces. Understandably, this makes looking at the sun an extremely unpleasant experience for the Elder shepard, often accompanied by a period of brief blindness. Most remarkable of this alteration (besides increased cognisance and the lack of damage upon exiting the aforementioned form) is the increased ability to manipulate heat and temperature. Alongside this comes a few new abilities that utilise their “internal” flame -- that being their unique variety of mana, the prime reason of their incapability to use voidal magics. Such includes the ability to conjure flame in and around themselves, as well as now ‘shooting’ it, as if it were a projectile. The process is not instantaneous and remains possible to be interrupted before it is channeled. The most alien technique discovered at present is the ability to transform their limbs into a heat-based substance akin to malleable flame, able to squeeze through thin gaps and project extreme heat. To further expand on their fire -- a topic previously untouched -- an Azdrazi’s would burn at roughly seven hundred and fifty degrees fahrenheit, presuming it were retained exclusively upon their blade. For Superior form, this peaks out after several years at one thousand and four hundred and fifty degrees fahrenheit. For Elders, this peaks at roughly two thousand at their most ancient stages. Keep in mind that the consumption of mana increases with temperature, if at an incremental rate. The further this flame is from their body, the more harsh the drop in temperature it becomes and the more “mana” it costs to maintain. Furthermore, there exist a few other peculiar feats they are capable of. Utilising their “mana” as a gradient fuel, they are capable of building and shaping raw heat; the culmination of which can lead to the production of faux “electricity.” It appears similar to lightning, but is more simply an extremely focused condensation of heat that requires notable labour to prepare (four emotes of preparation, four of continuous use before exhaustion). spell info red lines much much weaker than superior form cannot melt steel beams 300 iq big brained lizard mages still cannot learn other magics or break azdrazi redlines
  5. -= The Ascended will Cry. =-

    "the goy will know fear" chuckles a necromancer
  6. [CA] [Darkstalker] Coalition Time

    i did this
  7. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    itt people who think magics being "open" increases quality of rp when you have a magic that gets handed out to anyone who asks, you get groups like [redacted] with no quality control and they lose sight of their original purpose and get lost in the sauce of cute family and romance rp. honestly, it's not even just [redacted]; i can name four or fice magics like [redacted] that no longer fit with their theme because they take in people who want power and don't have an interest in keeping to thematics. people can accuse me/aerial of being cliquey w/ azdrazi but if you're a good roleplayer who is willing to abide by the culture and lore (while promoting decent RP) there's a 95% chance of you getting turned. the same can be said for at least *a few* other creatures, like Darkstalkers/Ghouls (which become shitty when too overpopulated) so a little bit of exclusion is necessary. also humans shouldn't get fucked on when it comes to learning magic as badly as they currently are. literally the only decent (human) wizard ended up becoming a lich before too long. on the other hand some voidal magics really have no reason to be cliquey but get chokeholded by """guilds""" who demand cooperation. it'd be nice if the occasional LT event could teach a few others to bust up a hegemony.
  8. Awakened Blood Magic

    You're aware (as a blood mage with access to the Runes) that the rite of Firestorm currently exists, almost word for word, in our current approved runepage/ritual collection? It has been used multiple times in the past, most notably in the destruction of Waldenia. I don't necessarily disagree with the fact it's too strong, but there's a small issue with your assumption that this is somehow more overpowered than current blood magic. As for the point of materials, it'd be interesting to see some LT moderation of rune creation (with material cost, IE, iron/gold/etc for respective elements/materials) but I somehow doubt the team is competent enough to handle something like that in it's current state. Either way, it's interesting to get an LT perspective. I'm not the author nor did I have anything directly to do with the piece, but thanks for being vocal enough to discuss it unlike many others.
  9. From the Mouth of the Dragon

    ON THE TITAN A Primer on Azdromoth “... To say that our world is without end is blind; time and time again those who sought to imitate He have driven Man to the brink of extermination...” Quintessentially, the Titan is the manifold presence of our Lord; through his will, history was made, and man was given a Shepard to its flock. Pervasive throughout history are the tales of His glory, and the steadfast efforts of the Dragon to safeguard man from the taint of the foul Pretenders who sought to claim his title. The followers of Azdromoth do not see him as a God, persay - he is the servant of the almighty GOD, hallowed be his name and patron of children who serve the same purpose and ideals. Dragonkind was devised with the purpose of safeguarding HUMANITY, persecuted by leeches wearing coats of golden paint to mask their ill intents. It is imperative that Man not forget the betrayals of the supposed “immortals” - all servants of the Pretenders, aside for the short-statured kin of the earth and the Greenskins; the HIGH ELVES, misled to believe that it is their demeanor which constitutes Godliness, and who reject the LORD, hallowed be his name; the Wood Elves, who praise parasites that claw at HIS domain and claim it as their own; the SNOW ELVES, who worship the false Dragon, Wyvrun, a long-nosed merchant peddling lies and deceit masquerading as knowledge. HIS followers have not forgotten these betrayals, inscribed in stone during the crescendo of the LONG WAR. In which HIS children, HUMANITY, and their lesser kith fought in arms against the spawn of the Great Betrayer, where the Titan martyred himself for the sake of affording Man the time to best the eternal enemy. Pursuant to these recollections, it is only natural that His children be revered; as they rightfully have for years immemorial, remembering that the Horens rule not simply through right but their legitimate claim to divinity through the blood of the Father, which still courses through their veins to the modern day. This appreciation of the Titan is not forgotten, and his remaining Children exist to extend their hand in aid to their eternal ally - and to those misguided others, ignorant of the nature of salvation. Obedience to the pretenders, in Azdromoth’s eyes, is not a sin or grievous crime; it is simply a mistake to be corrected, of which any reasonable man should see the nature of. It is only those steadfast and vile servants who dub themselves with terms of the Cloth, such as “clerics,” “paladins,” and “Ascended” who find themselves truly and utterly contemptible. Mistake these individuals not for the ignorant, but for the collaborators of thieves and Killers. On Doctrine and the Three Virtues “Be it theological convenience, or a universal truth that were conveyed to us in our infancy; there are definitive evils in this world. Each has power of its own, and the proliferation of their worships causes the wells of power behind each concept to grow more imposing.” an excerpt on the necessity of a faithful life circa 1121 In their infinite wisdom, the Titan and the Lord God saw fit to give his children three principles through which to conduct their lives before all else. Three words, each with a complexity and theology of their own; PRAGMATISM, LOYALTY, DILIGENCE. Each represents a facsimile of the versatility of the Human spirit. Pragmatism the eternal will to adapt and carry on, Loyalty devotion to your State, your People, and your Goal. Diligence, which is the steadfast nature of devotion. As he is all-knowing, the Titan does not see the need for arbitrary restrictions upon the individual; instead, he calls for temperance and passion. His followers are expected to overcome any challenge, and to pursue an aspect of life they consider most desirable; many acolytes among the Faithful go on to found institutions known as “devotaries,” which are in effect Churches with a focus upon an aspect of life. For some, this will be literature; for others, this will be dueling and the making of war; they are as varied as his followers, and by no means restricted. Pragmatism is the chief virtue required of His people. Do not overstep the bounds of man, but act as needed to overcome the challenges both life and your foes would seek to bring down upon you; there is ignominy only in failing to achieve the true potential outlined for man by the LORD GOD and his Titan. Loyalty, arguably, is almost as of much importance as pragmatism; a desire to accomplish is nothing without a nation, ideal, or people that your deeds serve to aid. So to speak, a cause without a banner is meaningless; a banner without a cause is lost. Diligence, akin to loyalty, is the dedication to one’s Divine task; the fate the LORD ascribed to each and every man who lived, and which the Titan exists to safeguard. It is considered an unspoken duty that men are left to discover, varied from individual to individual. It is not unusual that followers might realize their prior belief was incorrect, and that there task is another; this is considered a failure, but not scathing enough to disgrace the man. Holy Days -- Fourthday; the fourth day, as the name would imply, of every spring is to be a time of remembrance; this is the day that the LORD GOD’s servant martyred himself for the purpose of protecting man. Oftentimes, this is coupled with festivals where effigies of the Dragon are stuffed with silks and candles and burned in pyres so that his Followers might not forget what he endured at the hands of the Pretenders. Unification(Godfrey’s) Day; The [insert historically relevant day, if another Human RPer could help me out with this], in which the conquest of Kingdoms came to its end and the Emperor that was promised brought man under the heel of the Dragonblooded. This is a day to be celebrated, as it was when Man learned of the glory of their patrons and how those with his blood are blessed with the right to rule. Oftentimes, this day is when normal societal norms are overturned; peasants and nobles revel alike in the street in a reconciliation of their shared mortality - a gift of the Titan and the Lord. Symbology -- The Eternal Fire The faithful, when in times of strife, are offered penance and succor from the Kindred; they need only emblazon the Eternal Fire upon their regalia, be it by tabard, by rune, or by amulet. This is to denote the Titan’s flame, and the warmth that it provides to man. The Black Cube The flock of Dragonkind recognizes Azdromoth’s dominance through a particular sigil. A small, black cube, without ornamentation. On holy days (the sabbath most especially), those of his blood take to wearing the device upon their forehead, bound about the ears by a strap. Often, this is only carried out by the most devout of his brood. On Priests, their Vestments, and Ecclesiarchy The concept of a “central” organization through which the LORD’s faith is spread is seen to be tantamount to a state of anathema. Men function best when presented with challenge and adversity, so there is no surprise that competition between Devotaries is common. Often, it is expected that one’s dominance will sway, bolster, and falter depending on the region and time. Sometimes, these devotaries are bonded to the ruling government; other times, they are disconnected ventures or estranged temples standing lonesome in hostile lands. There is no “rite” to ascend from ley to priest but self determination and your recognition by your fellow Mortals. The only “ordained” that exist are those of Dragon’s Blood; be it Azdrazi, Horen, or otherwise - possessing the privilege to claim dominance as the chosen among Man. This does not make other men lesser, for all men’s Devotions are of equal value; it just determines their worldly authority among their kindred. Oftentimes, as if the vogue, priests will drape themselves in the colours of the Titan. Blacks, earthy browns, and reds, are often the choices for vestments. Sometimes these will be more ergonomic, designed simply, or as ostentatious dress-robes reminiscent of Cannonist mainstay. It varies upon the Devotary and personal taste, though one is often the same as the other. Past this, there are certain “holy sites” that have special importance. The Titan’s Seat is chief among them, for it is where Azdromoth guided Man and Dragon from when he walked the world as the spawn of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Consider this the most Holy city, to be defended regardless of affiliation; it transcends Mortal affairs, safeguarded by the Dragonblooded for eternity, until the Titan returns to man. More ephemeral is the Stars, the home of the Seven Heavens, and of the Dragons. Within the expanse of the cosmos, all is sacred - for it is the design of the Creator, shielded from the horrors of the Void and the machinations of the horrors without. Special reverence is paid to specific constellations, believed to be the home of specific Dragons and Men - often named after such parties.
  10. Hraesvelgr's Eyrr

    -1 the color scheme is bad
  11. Minecraft Account Name(s): Cuteboywithhorns Discord: jehovahs witness ft. lil yachty#6957 How long have you played on LotC?: Way too long. Time zone and availability: When I'm awake and not preoccupied with something more important than LotC, EST (gmt -5) What lore are you versed in most?: SotA, Nephilim(wrote it), Necromancy, Dark Shamanism, Transfig, Paladin Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: GM. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): I wrote 2/3rds of current Nephilim(Azdrazi) lore w/ the intro done by Aerial and the spells done by Freema and myself. Besides that, I've written a bunch of content that's been self denied; included is the Word magic, Warlocks + Demonology (Perrin beat me to it by a week). Beside that, I've written some misc. historical lore. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: No blacklists but I've been tasered by GMs a few times. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: @fighting evil by moonlight @The Pink Lion @Swgrclan (he's still there in spirit) @luv @Fitermon @Parkins and pretty much everybody else on the LT except Sporadic because he's a nice boy. list of threads i made for submissions:✗-invocation/ (it was a joke that went too far)✗-warlock-magic-straatosian-horror/
  12. MC Name: cuteboywithhorns Character's Name: Bul-Kathos Character's Age: 55 Character's Race: Human Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Necromancy Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Necromancy is a relatively simple magic. The basis of Necromancy is using the lifeforce of living beings to do a variety of different things. These things include, but are not limited to: draining, tainting, cursing, and raising of the dead just to name a few. Necromancers need lifeforce to sustain themselves, as their dark hollow feeds off their own. Therefor they must drain the lifeforce of others, or any living thing, to sustain themselves. If a Necromancer were to stop feeding their dark hollow, they would wither away. Necromancy can make many creatures, these creatures include: Ghouls, Liches, and Darkstalker and their various adaptations. Some require a different amount of Necromancers, i.e Liches need at least three other Necromancers to be created. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Bul-Kathos would turn to his student who had recently entered the dimly lit room. Inside would be various plants all held on shelves. The student looks around a bit, wetting his lips. She would appear rather sickly looking, his eyes sunken in and his cheeks hollow. Bul waves a hand to a potted plant upon the table before him, smiling softly. “Today we’re going to be doing the most basic of lessons, draining.” The student hobbles beside the Necromancer, narrowing her gaze onto the plant. “W-what do I do?” Bul chuckles a bit before raising his own hand to the plant, soon an ebon smog would begin to manifest around his digits. The student crosses her arms, looking to Bul with a lofted brow. Soon the smog from Bul’s hands would begin to creep towards the plant, engulfing the entire flower. After a few moments, the plant would begin to wither, a leaf falling from the stem. The woman would turn and reach for one of the plants, setting it onto the table. “I’ve only done this once before, just like last time, right?” Bul would nod to the woman, soon halting his drain on the now dead flower. The student raises her hands before the plant, closing her eyes with a scrunched face. After a minute or two her shaky hands would begin to produce an ebon mist. The mist weakly traveled to the plant and surrounded it. Bul crosses his arms, eyeing the woman with a smirk. “Perfect, perfect.” The plant soon begins to decay as the mist continues to sap it of lifeforce, the woman releases a sigh of relief before lowering her arms and disconnecting. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Maybe Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  13. what would you like to see in a player antagonist?

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      @Harrison its ironic harry bc ur my favorite antag for single and attention hungry e-girls. u provide them a unique revenge story for u dicking and dipping .

    3. Harrison
    4. HONOR
  14. [CA]Ghoul ElvenHuntress's undead app