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  1. Ambduscias


    jonathan theodore offers his services as legal counsel
  2. theodore consults with his advisor, jacues de felsen, on this deeply concerning matter. “whatever shall we do?...”
  3. sometimes u just know u have to do it to em

  4. Ambduscias

    [✓] [Daemon Rewrite] Vaasek, The Dark Star

    What was my favorite daemon prior becomes better. I haven't went over it too in depth, but your writing is keeping to it's old fashioned high bar of quality Smaw. I miss the old Elder God-esque aspect of "protecting the world from itself," but this rewrite might see him eventually(TM) become used and/or more recognized. Not to imply that support means anything, but I'm a fan and you get an arbitrary +1.
  5. is there any activity left in dwarven clergy?? looking to play a beardman priest

    1. Dreek


      When I return from my vacation in the uk I'm gonna be doing some things there, so you'll see a resurgence in religious clergy in a couple of days

    2. Ambduscias


      ayo @Dreek feel free to give me a shout if you'd have any use for another random preacher. looking to do **** with the dwarves in general and thought it'd be a good place to get started.

  6. Ambduscias

    [✓] [Lore Addition] Strigae Enthrallment

    uh oh spaghetti oh
  7. Ambduscias

    Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    as the prophecies foretold the dark times return
  8. Ambduscias

    The Eternal Court

    "Who?" inquires the elderly Necromancer after hearing word about the return of the Gravelords. "Never heard of them."
  9. Ambduscias

    The Eternal Court

    The Eternal Court In the outskirts of Atlas, if one were to follow the rumors and speculation of tavern dwellers in hushed voices, one might be so unfortunate to behold the sight of the Coutiers. They feed of the life forces of the conquered, and in so, make themselves the enemy of the meek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T3Du6_34l8&index=1&list=RD_T3Du6_34l8 Origins Much in the way of the deathless folk have existed in a stagnant purgatory for some time now. Creatures created in the same fashion as Liches, they differ from their cousins in necromancy in that they were incapable of magic in their past lives and therefore remain incapable of most magic in their modern existence. They remain subservient to those who own their Phylactery, and as time has gone on, more and more of these have ended up in the hands of a few, select entities. It is these people that have rallied the Darkstalkers, and have in doing this created a culture of warriors dependent on the enslaving and slaughter of aliens. They rally under the name of The Court, and unite with the purpose of bettering their own lives through cooperation with their necromantic kin. To say one person united the dead would be foolish, however it does seem that, as time has gone on, the power over these creatures and their wills has come into the control of a sole entity. Government The Courtiers are led by a monarch, who they call King. Their hierarchy is much like that of the humans that they are shadows of, with self-styled dukes, barons and knights, although very little else, as they are not bound to the typical needs of mortals. The roles of serfs and peasants are reserved for the lesser undead, the Ghouls. The Darkstalkers themselves are all a self-styled level of aristocracy. The Ghouls serve as the footmen of the band, and follow their lord into battle as hulking shields of resistant flesh. Knights are the lowest form of nobility in the Broken court, often the cavalry or shock troops of the army. Although they do not possess footmen, they often are in units with other Knights, meant to inflict as much damage as possible. Groups of Knights will serve a Baron, and Barons to Dukes, Dukes to Kings. These individual governments, however, more resemble warbands than actual fiefdoms, and land is scarcely distributed amongst the dead, armor and weaponry taking that role. Customs The Courtiers are characterized by their life drain. By draining a sentient creature of their essence, it prolongs its own life. Many might see them as barbaric brutes, killing and draining on the battlefield. However, while some of this is true, the culture that has developed around the exploitation of the living is far more systemic than that of a ghoul. The normal rites begin with the gathering of prisoners after the conflict, whether it be the soldiers or women and children they were protecting. The Broken Lords will proceed to sacrifice a share of their captives, often the weaker, frailer specimens, giving the majority of these chosen few to be shared amongst the upper echelon of aristocracy. The majority are taken as slaves.Their lives are lived as prisoners, often as cattle for the Lords to feast on, their tax on their souls instead of their pockets. The slaves are divided up amongst the raiding band, given to all ranks of nobility. What follows is a form of tribute, with Courtiers giving their respective servants a large share of the slaves they’ve collected, and this process repeating itself up to the level of king. The likelihood of survival is low, and often it could be found that these slaves end up becoming some lower undead themselves. Often, when a slave has finished its service, its soul broken by the constant exposure to the draining of a Lord, it will be plucked from its hovel and ritually drained much like a criminal, except far less humiliatingly and prominent, and often without the painful torture provided by crucifiction. Indeed, they may be tied down, but often they are so meek already that resistance is impossible. After they are drained, the necromancer does what he will. Laws: Amongst themselves, the Eternal Court holds a code of chivalry. Things that determine knighthood to a mortal man apply to the Lords and their courtiers, however laws regarding slaves are solely determining what one may do to another’s slaves, meaning each Darkstalker has a right to do what they please with their slaves, so long as it is not snubbing their lord of his due tax. Murder, theft, etc. are punishable by both imprisonment (with the supplementary starvation of aura) and execution of the Darkstalker by draining at the hands of its liege lord. The process begins by taking the imprisoned and crucifying him, binding his bones to a cross. From that point, the cross is brought before the court, and, with the Lord in front of him, the draining begins. Execution takes roughly fifteen minutes, and the victim is subject to extreme pain, which is normally unfelt by Darkstalkers. Laws concerning the peasantry of Ghouls, those converted to the undeath, are conflicted. A ghoul may not own slaves, but it may feast at his pleasure on the surrounding countryside. He must accept the summons for the levy, and treat nobles as nobles must be treated, however in most senses they are free to live their lives as they please. Attire: The Court and it's Lords prefer eccentric full plate armor, ornate and decorated much like that of their living counterparts. They do not, however, ever take off their arms unless it is in dire need of cleaning, mostly for the purpose of improving their own appearance. Broken Lord armor is often a symbol of status, made of magical alloy similar to bronze and steel. The Mask is the quintessential part of the Lords’ culture. It is the key decoration on each Lord, their status and emblem, a tool for both intimidation and sensation in the court and on the battlefield. Often, they will depict sculls, or screaming men, although some prefer completely outlandish masks to frighten an enemy or draw attention to one’s self. The more prominent a Lord, the more outstanding their armor and mask are.
  10. Ambduscias

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Creamiest

    creamiest couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag with a katana
  11. Ambduscias

    Anti-Spook Ward Amendment Proposal

    nice shitpost my friend, very witty
  12. Ambduscias

    Necromancy Amendment Proposal

    cameron doesn't even play a necromancer anymore and isn't vocally making his support for this known i'd put more weight on the opinions of certain people if they were proactive and did things in RP for this to become an issue, but it's very clearly a further line in the sand to encourage the low-pop ganksquadding and OOC "us vs them" mentality by gangbanging innocent little ghoul boys to get at their necromancer piece of advice? make it so only that a ghoul's creator can do this to them if you really want it to be a tool for moderation and not clique warfare. also billy literally said on the firs page that neither he nor parkins is pushing this so ???
  13. Ambduscias

    Necromancy Amendment Proposal

    t. "literally whos" making blogposts edit that isn't exclusively BM: then report it instead of writing and backlining underhanded lore to support an OOC agenda my friend
  14. Ambduscias

    Necromancy Amendment Proposal

    perhaps, instead of writing additions to deal with "bad ghouls", mat could instead do their job and deny the apps of those who've roleplayed it incorrectly i don't think other than one or two "literally whos?" anyone is particularly in favor of this.
  15. Ambduscias

    [Shelved][✓] Clerical Ward Amendment Proposal

    To be fair there's a striking difference between abyss seeds (something that's never been used) and Cleric Wards, which exist in literally every minor town. I get what you mean, but previously there was no mention (from what I've seen/read) of it dispelling/blocking things like Shade/Necromancy in it's area, just exclusively causing agony (which would interrupt casting) if they were undead. I don't think it's crazy strong, just that it's a big jump for an already strong magic.