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  1. Please support my old accepted plugin idea, The Bard Plugin. Link below.


    Also sorry for re-posting, accidentally hit hide on the other one.

  2. The Jayamen Emporium is back in business!

    Link V


  3. “Sounds good.” Zarion would reply, “One of each Right?”
  4. “I will take pumpkins, melons, cactus, potatoies, and sugarcane if I could have the same amount of each if proportion to all the books value.”Zarion would say, “As well as any mina if you can spare any. Just a fair amount of each crop is what I meant, equal to the books total value, also, do you have any beetroot seeds?” “Oh and if you have any feathers, I need those too.” Zarion would add.
  5. “Ah I see, i’m not in need of those at the moment, i’m sorry. “ Zarion would reply.
  6. “That depends on what you offer “ Zarion would reply.
  7. ((We have re-opened as of 10/13/2019)) The Jayamen Emporium ((ALL PRICES MAY CHANGE)) ((Feedback on prices is appreciated)) (Feel free to leave a post, msg me ingame, message me on forums, or msg me on discord if you want to buy anything on this topic. You can also fill out an order form, found at the bottom of this post.) Discord: Sofetios#0374 Minecraft Username: Sofetios Character Name: Zarion Jayamen Sections ______________________ Section 1: The Bookstore Section 2: The Piano Store Section 3: The Game Store ______________________________ Section 1: The Bookstore The Bookstore I sell an assortment of fiction books. Some adventure, horror, poetry, and philosophical. Please feel free to send me feedback. BOOK LIST ( Title ) – ( Genre ) – ( Price ) A Game of Minds, Chapter 1 – Adventure – 80 Minas A Game of Minds, Chapter 2 – Adventure – 80 Minas A Game of Minds, Chapter 3 – Adventure – 100 Minas 8 Elements, Chapter 1 – Adventure – 60 Minas 8 Elements, Chapter 2 – Adventure – 60 Minas Odd Events, Chapter 1 – Horror – 80 Minas Poetry, Volume 1 – Poetry – 100 minas Melunis the Mad – Philosophical – 60 Minas An Opinion on Truth – Philosophical – 80 Minas Theory of Infinity – Philosophical – 40 Minas I also sell Book & Quill material sets ( the materials for making them, not the book & quill item. ). 15 Minas per set. I can gather as many as needed. (( If you have any questions about any of this, please let me know. msg Sofetios )) Section 2: The Piano Store The Piano Store Here we offer Pianos ((actually playable in-game, read for more info)) for sale and song books for sale. We currently have 4 different models for both the Grand Piano. The different models types are Regular, Bass, Pluck ((like a guitar)), bar ((like xylophone)), Pluck two ((like a banjo)), and Wind((like a flute)). This refers to the kind of noise the pianos make. Grand Pianos come with free tuning for life, as well as A Piano guide book (The Piano Guide Book covers tuning it yourself and how to read songbooks). We Can Deliver! Grand Piano: 300 Minas (Free tuning for life! Just ask Zarion if you need your piano tuned. Also you get a free copy of the Piano Guide and everything that comes with it, listed below. (note you only get one Grand piano, not two.) Song Books: Various Prices (( See below )) (The contents of the song books are all OOC. In RP it can be used as sheet music for the song. Since the grand piano in RP is a regular piano and not 9 blocks with only 9 notes, in RP the contents of the sheet music would be different then what is written.) Songs For Sale (( IMPORTANT: For song books, you need to have read The Piano Guide book that is for sale in order to read the music and tune your Grand Piano.)) ( Song name ) – ( Difficulty in stars ( * = Easy ***** = Hard ) ) – ( Price ) Piano Guide – None – 300 Minas ( This book is needed to know how to play songs and tune your Grand Piano by yourself. It also comes with a free Grand piano installation if you ask. That comes with a grand piano with a sound of your choice. The sounds can be a piano, a guitar, a flute, a double bass, a banjo, or a xylophone. It also contains a free song.) Jurassic Park - * - 30 Minas Peer Gynt- * - 30 Minas In The Little Town of Bethlehem - ** - 50 Minas When The Saints Go Marching In - ** - 40 Minas Song of Healing - ** - 60 Minas Concerning Hobbits - ** - 50 Minas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - ** - 60 Minas Intro to Green Greens (Kirby) - ** - 40 Minas ( Lesson only ) Hey Jude - ** - 60 Minas ( Lesson only ) Jingle Bells - *** - 70 Minas Oh Susanna - *** - 100 Minas Joy To The World - *** - 50 Minas ( Lesson only ) Pokemon Red/Blue Route 1 - **** - 100 Minas Wonka’s Welcome - **** - 130 Minas Can Can - ***** - 90 Minas Jaya’s Song - ****** - 180 Minas ____________________________________________ ((OOC)) The Grand piano is basically 9 noteblocks in a 3x3. they are each tuned to 9 different notes that allow for simple songs to be played, such as the hobbit theme and the Jurassic park theme. It is easy to learn, even with no musical skill, though that helps. If you know music a bit, the noteblocks are tuned in C Major. The Grand Pianos can come in the sounds of a piano, a bass guitar, a guitar, and a flute.) Grand pianos take up a 3x4x2 (3 wide, 4 deep, 2 high) For song books, you need to have read The Piano Guide book that is for sale in order to read the Grand Piano music and tune your Grand Piano. _________________________________________________________ Section 3: The Game Store The Game Store This is a place for all the games I sell. A list, prices, and descriptions are below. The price is for 1 set for the game. (Game name) – (Description) – (Game Pieces) – (Price) – (Availability) Seto – A Card game for two people involving Luck and Strategy – A Deck of 11 cards and a rulebook – 100 Minas – Yes 4 in a Row – ((pretty much connect 4. It is a strategy game.)) – 22 red tokens, 22 light blue tokens, 2 NTT Tokens, and a rulebook – 100 Minas – Yes Catapult – (( Mini battleship )) – 19 light blue tokens, 11 red tokens, row and column pieces, 2 NTT Tokens, and a rulebook – 75 Minas – Yes Jumper – ((Mini checkers)) – 7 oak tokens, 6 oak Full tokens, 7 spruce tokens, 6 spruce Full tokens, 2 NTT Tokens, and a rulebook – 75 Minas – Yes Tic Tac Toe – (( It’s Tic Tac Toe )) – 6 red tokens, 6 blue tokens, 2 NTT Tokens, and a rulebook – 50 Minas – Yes More to come! (( For any questions or to buy any of these ( can deliver ) please message me, Fill out an order form, or post here. Feedback is appreciated. Discord: Sofetios#0374 Minecraft Username: Sofetios Character Name: Zarion Jayamen )) ORDER FORM Username: Character name: Items needed and amounts: Deliver location and coordinates (If not at CT):
  8. The Ozara ((application at bottom)) A Short overview The Ozara is an organisation that protects all and all lands. Meaning they are friendly to all, even enemies, though this doesn't mean they will be taken advantage of or anything of that nature. The Ozara see everyone as equal. They also think that all are deserving of good. Currently The Ozara are just a few individuals. But as the numbers grow, so will the organisation, leading to more rules, being more organised, and a more complex organisation. We are currently recruiting, we have 16 rooms available at our base of operations. Ranks Orizen - Head of the group Rizen – Council Member Kiazen - Elite - Specialists, showing uncommon skill Sozen - masters, a general master Hezen - A Journeyman ( Middle ) Lezen - a novice Jezen - a Recruit Skill Ranks Each member has a rank in each skill. These are a list of the skills. Combat - Skill with hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, archery, etc. Negotiation - Skill at negotiation, reasoning, and cleverness. Job - General productiveness at regular Jobs General - A combination of all three. Your general rank is your official rank. The Code Each member must follow the code. Keep a level head. Never use violence except as the last option. Be virtuous. Always try to do what is the highest good in a situation. Be friendly to all, even to an enemy. Though don’t be taken advantage of. Do not look down on others, whether they be a different race, status, personality, or look different. Treat all with respect and kindness. Show compassion to others. Help those in need. Try viewing the other’s perspective in a conflict. What reasons are there for the other doing what they are doing? Why? There could be a lot of unknown factors. Put this in part of your judgement. doing things would be considered bad to the organisation in general is not allowed. Use common sense. Look for opportunities to help others. See a merchant on the road? Offer to protect them on their route for a while if you are not busy. More to come. Code breaking Those caught breaking the code or doing things that would be considered bad to the organisation in general, not specifically to the code, will get a active warning. The more active warnings you get, the higher the level you are put as. The Organisation has 6 Levels for code breaking. An Active warning takes 2 saints days for 1 to subside. This timing will probably change. You can obtain more than 1 active warning at a time depending on what it is that you have done. Level 0 - Clear, No active warnings. - no negatives Level 1 - You have 1 active warning - No negatives Level 2 - You have 3 active warnings - You are to be watched more closely. Level 3 - You have 5 active warnings - You are near having your room at headquarters taken away and having Membership revoked. You will be closely monitored when doing Ozara related things. Level 4 - You have 7 active warnings - Your room is to be taken and horse returned. You are temporarily not part of the Ozara for two Saints weeks. Level 5 - Permanently not in The Ozara Jobs These are some jobs that The Ozara perform. Road patrol Patrolling main roads looking for any trouble. Always travel with a partner. City Patrol Patrolling a friendly city, making sure all is well. Always travel with a partner. Job Requests People may request jobs of our members. As long as it has nothing wrong with it, a member or two will fulfill the request. These are done for free. Job Request Form Name((RP name)): (( Username )): Job Information: Is the job dangerous: How many people are needed: When do you need it done by: Application to join The Ozara Name((RP Name)): ((Username)): Age: Race: Do you have any combat skills: Do you promise to follow The Code: Are you good at negotiating: Do you need a room or place to stay while you are part of The Ozara: Do you want a horse while with The Ozara: ((Discord Username?)): If you have any questions or want to join, please let me, Jaya Jayamen (( Sofetios )) know. (( I can be contacted in-game, on this topic, or on discord. Discord Username: Sofetios#0374 The Ozara Discord Server: https://discord.gg/sxt92xW ))
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