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  1. ((Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I don't know where to post for small group things.)) The Jayamen Band The Jayamen Band is now looking for people to join! No musical experience needed. We will be playing actual songs using noteblocks ( for an example of noteblock playing see below). It may sound hard, but it is actually very easy, just takes a bit of practice. We will likely perform at many places, including the my theatre in the dominion. We need Lead pianists, bass pianists, and drummers. Learning to play should be easy. even a simple rhythm can do a lot for a song. If you are interested in joining , please let me know. Drummers: Drummers just need to be able to play steady beats. This is the easiest position. Bass Pianists: Bass Pianists will have to play simple to slightly complex melodies and repeat them to make a base for the lead pianist to play on. This is mainly simple memorization. Lead Pianist: Lead Pianists will have to be able to memorize songs, play simple to complex melodies, and have decent timing when playing the songs to the bass pianists rhythm. This is the hardest position. To join talk to me on the discord, message me on the forums, or talk to me in-game. Discord: https://discord.gg/Q72yhgE Example of how a duet would sound.  Example of one person playing. Example of a song we could play when more experienced: Thank you and I hope you join!
  2. Sections ______________________ Section 1: The Book Stall Section 2: The Piano Store Section 3: The Jayamen Band Section 4: The Theatre ______________________________ Section 1: The Book Stall The Book Stall I sell an assortment of fiction books at my stall which is Shop 5 in The Dominion, near the fountain. Some adventure, horror, poetry, and philosophical. ((Currently there is a bug where written books show as 0 stock, if you want a book from this stall, message Sofetios. I can deliver. )) Please leave any feedback at the fan mail box there. BOOK LIST ( Title ) – ( Genre ) – ( Price ) A Game of Minds, Chapter 1 – Adventure – 80 Minas A Game of Minds, Chapter 2 – Adventure – 80 Minas A Game of Minds, Chapter 3 – Adventure – 100 Minas 8 Elements, Chapter 1 – Adventure – 60 Minas 8 Elements, Chapter 2 – Adventure – 60 Minas Odd Events, Chapter 1 – Horror – 80 Minas Poetry, Volume 1 – Poetry – 100 minas Melunis the Mad – Philosophical – 40 Minas An Opinion on Truth – Philosophical – 80 Minas Theory of Infinity – Philosophical – 20 Minas (( If you have any questions about any of this, please let me know. msg Sofetios )) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section 2: The Piano Store The Piano Store -Located at Southwest 1 in The Dominion, Take a left after entering the gate and you should come to it on your left. Here we offer Pianos ((actually playable in-game, read for more info)) for sale and song books for sale. We currently have 4 different models for both the Grand Piano and The Grand Master Piano. The different models types are Regular, Bass, Pluck ((like a guitar)), and Wind((like a flute)). This refers to the kind of noise the pianos make. Grand Pianos and Grand Master pianos come with free tuning for life ( We also offer a book on how to tune your piano and read the songs for sale. ). We Can Deliver! Grand Piano: 120 Minas (Free tuning for life! Just ask Jaya if you need your piano tuned) Grand Master Piano: 300 Minas (Free tuning for life! Just ask Jaya if you need your piano tuned) Song Books: Various Prices (( See below )) (The contents of the song books are all OOC. In RP it can be used as sheet music for the song. Since the grand piano in RP is a regular piano and not 9 blocks with only 9 notes, in RP the contents of this music sheet would be different then what is written.) Songs For Sale (( IMPORTANT: For song books, you need to have read The Piano Guide book that is for sale in order to read the music and tune your piano. )) ( Song name ) – ( Difficulty in stars ( * = Easy ***** = Hard ) ) – ( Price ) Piano Guide – None – 120 Minas ( This book is needed to know how to play songs and tune your piano by yourself. ) Jurassic Park - * - 30 Minas Peer Gynt- * - 30 Minas In The Little Town of Bethlehem - ** - 50 Minas When The Saints Go Marching In - ** - 40 Minas Song of Healing - ** - 60 Minas Concerning Hobbits - ** - 50 Minas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - ** - 60 Minas Intro to Green Greens (Kirby) - ** - 40 Minas ( Lesson only ) Hey Jude - ** - 60 Minas ( Lesson only ) Jingle Bells - *** - 70 Minas Oh Susanna - *** - 100 Minas Joy To The World - *** - 50 Minas ( Lesson only ) Pokemon Red/Blue Route 1 - **** - 100 Minas Wonka’s Welcome - **** - 130 Minas Can Can - ***** - 90 Minas Jaya’s Song - ****** - 180 Minas ____________________________________________ ((OOC)) The Grand piano is basically 9 noteblocks in a 3x3. they are each tuned to 9 different notes that allow for simple songs to be played, such as the hobbit theme and the Jurassic park theme. It is easy to learn, even with no musical skill, though that helps. If you know music a bit, the noteblocks are tuned in C Major. The Grand master pianos are a bit different, they are 18 noteblocks all tuned one note higher then the next. This is for more complex songs and is a fair amount harder then The Grand Piano. Both the Grand Pianos and Grand Master Pianos can come in the sounds of a piano, a bass guitar, a guitar, and a flute.) The grand master pianos take up a 5x5x2 (5 wide, 5 deep, 2 high) area. grand pianos take up a 3x4x2 (3 wide, 4 deep, 2 high) For song books, you need to have read The Piano Guide book that is for sale in order to read the music and tune your piano. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Section 3: The Jayamen Band The Jayamen Band I am trying to make a band to perform at the theatre. We need Lead pianists and drummers. ((we willl be playing noteblock music. for an example of how it would sound see the video below. a song will be like that and have a beat as well.)) No prior musical experience needed. Learning to play should be easy. even a simple rhythm can do a lot for a song. If you are interested in joining or making your own band, please let me know. Example of one person playing. Example of a song we could play when more experienced: _______________________________________ Section 4: The Theatre The Jayamen Theatre -Located at Southwest 1 in The Dominion. Take a left after entering the gate and you should come to it near the end of the road. We are looking for acts and performances to play at the theatre. You may charge what you like for tickets. a quarter of the ticket sales goes to me, the rest goes to you. if you have a good act or perfomance, please let me know. we can get a time and date for you to perform. We will need to know how many elven minutes the performance is as well as how much you wish to charge for tickets per person. Ask Jaya Jayamen (( Sofetios )) any questions. _______________________________ (( For any questions or to buy any of these ( can deliver ) please message me. Discord: Sofetios#0374 Minecraft Username: Sofetios Character Name: Jaya Jayamen ))
  3. that is the coordinates of the shop i tested it at. i do have another book shop near the fountain in the dominion that it happened at. the dominion book shop is at X -585 Z -1545 Y 64. at both there are written books in the shop chest and the slabs showing 0 in stock for each. i can confirm i tested if it happens at restarts where it goes to 0 and it does.
  4. **MC Names of all involved** Sofetios **Description** <!--- Please give a short description of the issue here --> I have a shop with many written books, every time a restart happens, my shop shows that i have 0 stock with all the written books. I look in my shop chest and they are all still there, plenty of written books. When i set the shop up and see if it shows there are written books in stock, the stock shows the right number, but whenever a restart happens, it changes to 0 even though there are written books in the chest. **Date of occurance** <!--- Please try to give us as accurate a date as you can recall to the time this bug occurred --> 7:00 PM EST 07/25/2018 when the server restarted i tested it out. I live in east coast USA if needed. **In game specifications** <!--- Who are you, what persona were you on at the time of this bug, etc. --> Username is Sofetios. The character I use is called Jaya Jayamen. I was at The Jayamen Retreat at the time I tested the bug. coordinates X 1843, Z -784, Y 73. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Enter Shop Building Mode 2. Set up a chest as a shop chest 3. Put any amount of a written book in the chest 4. Set up a slab next to the chest and set up the slab for selling the written book 5. exit shop building mode and note the stock number (it should show as normal) 6. Wait for a restart of the server 7. Log back in and check the stock of the written book on the slab 8. Notice that the stock now shows as 0 9. Check shop chest and see that the written books are still in the chest. **Expected Behavior** <!--- Tell us what should happen --> My shop's slabs should show written books in stock with the right numbers that are in the chest. after a restart it should still say those numbers. **Actual Behavior** <!--- Tell us what happens instead --> I have a shop that has slabs that say i have stock of written books. The server restarts and the stock on the slabs now shows as 0 even though there are still written books in the shop chest. **Additional Information** <!--- Please provide any additional information here --> Nothing at the moment **Error Message** <!--- If you received an error then please post it in the empty space below, --> Shop sells for: 20.0 (In stock: 0)
  5. Just posting saying this topic is still active!
  6. Jaya Jayamen's Game House and Theatre Located at Southwest 1 in The Dominion The Game house is part 1, The Theatre is part 2. PART 1: The Game House A Call To Game Makers Game Making Tips Part 2: The Theatre Seeking Acts Looking For Bands, Aspiring and Seasoned Band Music Examples The Game House Welcome game lovers and new gamers alike, to The Game House. Here you can find fun games and competition as well as much more. At the game house we have plenty of tables made for playing games. We have a good selection of games that you can try, buy, and play with. Playing games here costs 50 Minas per elven hour. in that elven hour you can use any games you'd like, just remember to return them to the staff after you use them. You can only have pieces for one game at a time. Just talk to a staff member and they can set you up. If you buy a game set, you can play that without paying the 50 minas. Game sets costs vary. We have food and drink available for free. We will be having tournaments with prize money every once in a while, so stay informed and play often to better your chances of winning! We have a tournament board outside so you can stay informed! If you are playing in the game house and need a staff member, just ring the bell near your table. A Call To Game Makers, New and Old I am looking for game makers who have a game they would like to be sold at this establishment. (( The games must have been made by you. not actual game published and made by someone else. even versions of a game that was made by someone else that are made to be playable in LotC is not welcome. it needs to be your own work.)) If you are a game maker with a game for sale please let me know. Here are some tips with game making that I came up with. (( picking random cards/dealing ((have your cards in inventory and follow this order, going top to bottom, left to right. the first card in the order is card one, second is card 2 and so on. just roll the amount of cards you have /roll (Number) and deal that card that the roll lands on. so if i rolled a 6, i would choose the 6th card in the order top to bottom, left to right.)) a grid for gameplay You can use a chest or a double chest as a game board for games. for example you could use a 3x3 square in a chest to play tic tac toe. this can be used in a lot of ways for many different games. revealing cards Simultaneously Simply have one player count slowly from 5 to 1 then show your cards. /countdown does not work well as it has a 1 minute cooldown. Where the deck is have a person who is not playing or a trustworthy player keep the cards in their inventory. Then have them pick cards that would be dealt from the deck by using the rolling system. if the players are not supposed to know other players cards, have an outside person hold the deck. I will likely add more tips i think of later on. )) The Theatre Every once and a while we will have shows in the theatre. we will be selling tickets for shows when it comes near for the time for the show to start. Ticket costs will vary depending on the show happening. There is free food and drink available at the theatre. We have plenty of seating, so feel free to bring friends! 39 Tickets will be available for shows as that is how many seats that are available. Seeking Entertainers, Acts, and Performers We are looking for entertainment, Acts, and Performances to show at the theatre. If you have something like this and want to schedule a show, just contact Jaya Jayamen (( Sofetios )). Pay can be discussed. Looking for Bands, both aspiring and seasoned If you are a band that would like to perform, please let Jaya Jayamen (( Sofetios )) know. If you are a new band, or want to form one, Jaya Jayamen can sell or let you use instruments. Letting you use instruments is free. Instruments include pianos, bass pianos, pluck ((Guitar)) pianos, and Wind ((Flute)) pianos all in both grand piano size and grand master piano size. We also have drum sets available. Also, If you are needing music to play, Jaya Jayamen also composes songs that you can use. if you do not know how to play these instruments, simply ask Jaya Jayamen for a lesson. If you are going the route of buying the instruments, Grand Pianos are 150 Minas each and come with free tuning for life. Grand Master Pianos are 350 Minas Each and come with free tuning for life. Drum kits cost 100 minas. Again if you just want to use the instruments and not buy them, please ask Jaya Jayamen (( Sofetios )). We can let you use instuments, but not keep them. (( examples of how things would sound Duet Band Play In game example )) If you have any questions, feel free to send a bird to Jaya Jayamen (( Sofetios )). ((or message me on forums ))
  7. Any citys need a visit from the piano man?

  8. /tr The Jayamen Retreat - A Relaxing Getaway - Bring Friends, Your Partner, or Just Yourself! – Come make a reservation!



  9. finally finished testing the card game, now on to the main course.

  10. Thank you BDanecker, i hope it comes to reality!
  11. Looking for one person to test out a card game in-game. You will need to read a rulebook. I am testing to see if someone can get how to play from just the rulebook and not me telling them. It is 16 minecraft pages long. After you know the rules it is easy. if you want to pm me in-game or on the forums.

  12. Looking for play-testers for a game i'm making in LotC! See the link! 


  13. Come to The Jayamen Retreat! Bring freinds, your partner, or even just yourself! we have plenty of fun activities and things to do here. We have 8 rooms available, first come first serve!



  14. Come have a relaxing get-away with friends at The Jayamen Retreat!