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  1. Phineas II Warlai Basic Information: Name: Phineas Warlai, the Second. Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: Human (Heartlander) Biography: Phineas Warlai was born to Phineas Warlai sr. and his wife, Evelyn, in 1534 during "The Amber Cold". He was raised, for around eight years of his life, in the Copper District of Felsen, his father slowly building up a fortune in selling jewelery. After taking a loan from a Dark Elf merchant, Phineas Warlai was killed for not repaying the debt, thus forcing the family to flee the city. Whilst Evelyn thought it safe to keep their eldest child, Gwyn, with her, she decided to have Phineas II fostered at a farm a days ride from where they lived, hoping to conceal his identity and hide him from the guards. After learning how merchants trade, then learning from soldiers how to use a sword and bow, Phineas II returns to Felsen on his fifteenth birthday, to meet his sister once more. Having heard from a passing guardsman that she was employed at the Imperial Palace, he seeks her out there. However, to his anguish, he discovers she has killed herself, the cause unknown to him. He thus takes up her fortune and home in the city, pledging himself to the Emperor, who says he may be knighted if he can prove himself as a member of the Felsen Watch. After a year in the Watch and earning a knighthood for saving a Imperial Princess from a group of rebels, Phineas leaves the city in search of better position, finding such at the court of Baron Jory Marbrand in Vandoria and renouncing his knighthood and citizenship in the Orenian Empire. Personality: Phineas is a people-pleaser at best, always saying what he thinks will make his mentor's and master's happy. Whilst not as ambitious as his sister, he does wish for the finer things in life and seeks a knighthood, perhaps a title coming not to far after. He is kind to most people, he feels he is obligated to help those who need it most. Strengths: Good with a bow, Intelligent, Ambitious, Strong, Diplomatic Weaknesses: Too timid around strangers, Brooding, Often spends too much Mina Appearance: Phineas stands at 5'8, slightly tall for his age, and has tanner skin than his sister did due to his work as a farmhand. He has deep green eyes, which are very wide and large, and has a mop of thick, coarse black hair. Family and Relationships: Phineas Warlai sr. - Father - Deceased Evelyn Warlai (nee' Underfoot) - Mother - Alive Gwyn Warlai - Older Sister - Deceased Duke Jan Kovachev - Former Guardian - Alive Commandant Beezlebub of the Felsen Watch - Former Guardian - Alive Baron Jory Marbrand - Current Liege - Alive Vanessa Longridge - Friend - Alive
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