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  1. We have an academy?
  2. Thats why good villains adapt
  3. after having evaded taxes for months the stewards of petrus had the gall to repo one of my many unused buildings. terrifying moment.
  4. Daily reminder that Civilization is for plebs. Patricians play Europa Universalis. Like and share if u agree

    1. El Ricktador

      El Ricktador

      both are games for weak men

    2. Oodles


      eu4 is for children, patricians play vicky 

  5. "God wills it!" Jovarn shouts from the temple steps of Metz
  6. Finally we can truly indulge in twilight RP
  7. "Istria is DEAD!" Philip Augustus de Capua froths in the Seven Skies, lamenting with his cousin for the seven hundredth time.
  8. Jovarn sends his blessings to the young King.
  9. The Bishop Jovarn laughs in glee.
  10. "So be it." Father Jovarn muttered after the King made his decision in the council chambers.
  11. Are the current generation of Savoyards capable of not being treacherous rats?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. FORƎST


      Magic 8 ball says: Unlikely

    3. Heero 阴

      Heero 阴

      maly was right

    4. EternalSaturn💫


      "Are the current generation of Savoyards capable of not being treacherous rats?"


  12. The thing is that Striga do their damndest to hide their curse. They either find you or you somehow find one of them. Best secret society.
  13. Welcome to the world of dark elven roleplay. I'll be your guide.
  14. ((Maybe this time you'll get something done))
  15. For those of you who don't know, the figure in the controversial screenshot is Gerhard "Judentot" Himmler, the grandson of the infamous general of Hitler's regime. Check your facts before you start a shitstorm, idiots~!