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  1. My first bid has been raised to TWO hundred dollaroos, Tythus..
  2. 100 bucks, Tythus. Hit me up when you want it.
  3. Knowing our playerbase it's probably gonna end up as a new battleground. At least we'll have a resurgence of good propaganda memes.
  4. Name a price, Tythus. I'll take this off your hands.
  5. Y'know, ****'s pretty fucked when a whole lot of the old guard and staffmembers are leaving for Massivecraft. I really want LotC to get back on it's feet but I cannot see that happening with the current administration. We need a firm hand of action to purge them and appoint people who actually are widely accepted as competent. It has been made clear that there are no more arguments to be made.
  6. This just popped up in my recommended sidebar?
  7. There should have been a "**** off with this ****." option to really capture my opinion
  8. I'm gone for like half a week and this happens.
  9. Welcome to the corporate shill community homie
  10. Mithius Dalma prepares to venture to this fabled land, in the search of both a summer house and a feast.
  11. Mithius Dalma is deeply moved.
  12. @joey calabreeni
  13. "I think I'll have to take you up on that offer, Good Eddard. Now I must find this Manticore Initiative of yours, then. 'Till we meet, Theodal Thorne."
  14. "The former, Good Sarrion. Though, learning how to create useful concoctions and whatnot is something I am very much yearning for. Herbalism I simply think would be a good way of helping the good folk here in the world." -Theodal