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  1. monks you say..?

  2. looking for neat courtier/servant rp. please respond

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Heff


      monk humbertines are diplomat lawyer courtier clergymen real fun we real cute real fun could use some people contact me or bungo

    3. Publius


      Come join me in the Yatl wastes old friend.

    4. grubgoth_wud


      goblin servant / scrivener hmu if ur interested 



  3. Mithius Dalma disagrees, laughing heartily to himself reading about the humans' concern of an elven empire.
  4. Hail friends, it is I, Janus.

    1. Birdnerdy
    2. boy


      jonas my friend, how u been?

  5. I'll be back.

    1. Jonificus


      local man says for 17th time

  6. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    We don't need magic gimmicks for Striggers, the entire gist of their power is that it's unknown. You're not supposed you're fucked untill its too late. Just play an elf or something if you want your sorceror character to be practically immortal.
  7. Bedrock VIP w-when?

  8. Bedrock VIP back when?

  9. I want my bedrock VIP back, friendo

  10. Where are the upvote buttons. This is not a ******* drill, people.

    1. Archipelego


      its the little white circle lmao

      oh wait **** i see what you mean now

  11. 0w0 whats this??

  12. [Denied]Game Man

    Why would you want to spend your time playing mineman professionally untill you joined boot camp?