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  1. Name: Lord Mithius Dalma, titles innumerable! IGN: Jonificus Age: 814 Province: Aaun Address: Enjoys spending nights on palace grounds and inn rooms, but was promised a home in Enswerp. Campaigning for: Lord-Mayor Discord: jonificus
  2. Mithius Dalma is pleased with his whitewashed self, proud to continue the age old tradition of denying his existence to the history books.
  3. The lord Dalma stood at the bridge to the Hand of Horen, lamenting the loss of another friend, with only a cigar and a bottle of wine for company. "They always seem so young when they go.. Oh well, here's to your life, James." The ancient one murmured to himself, tipping the contents of the wine bottle out into the sea.
  4. Mithius Dalma calls upon his artisans to make a memorable set of gifts!
  5. I think the most reasonable IC choice would be to sail off to The Fringe. Also this is embarassing, ngl! I assumed it'd be just the cave itself or something, but when I clicked the video I had to laugh, just immediatedly showing us the exact same houses, gatehouse and trees that are in 'our' map. Sad !
  6. Two more weeks, I'm gonna screech.
  7. Who's out here making neat armour skins?

  8. I rise and salute the honorable chairman. I'm with Gaius!
  9. This decision isn't doing anything of what you wish to accomplish. You're only showing how comfortable you lot are at keeping the old toxic parts of the server warm so you can keep some of your totally not friends around a little while longer. Try again next time this shit's going to happen lol.
  10. The Adrian Charter of Trade and Commerce The 4th of The Amber Cold, The 119th year of the Second Age A common fear of the encroachment of foreign influences has been on the minds of many for years now, and it was agreed at the Duma that the Merchants’ Guild was to assist in protecting the Duchy’s inhabitants from his threat. If that is to be done appropriately, a certain set of laws and ordinances must be put in place to accommodate the Guild’s coming efforts. With that said, the Guild has so graciously requested of the Adrian Duma that the following is instituted into Adrian Law, with the consent of its people and Duke. The Adrian Charter of Trade and Commerce bestows the Merchants’ Guild of Adria the following rights and duties to oversee and regulate the economic growth and wellbeing of the Duchy of Adria and all territories therein. The Merchant’s Guild (From now simply referred to as ‘The Guild’ or ‘Guild’) has full authority to regulate the prices of all goods in the Duchy of Adria. These changes will be publicly announced whenever the Guild has made a decision. The Guild may not challenge any Royal Decrees that would go against these regulations. Citizens and peers have a right to challenge any specific regulation before the Guild, temporarily suspending the challenged regulation until a new verdict has been reached. Citizens and peers may bring any number of attorneys to these hearings. The Guild has the authority to bestow certain individuals, businesses, guilds and institutions the sole rights to the purchase and sale of certain goods and resources. Multiple individuals, businesses, guilds and institutions may share in the same privileges. This privilege is granted with the expectation that exceptional standards are to be maintained. If the privileged fails to uphold the agreement between themselves and the Guild, the Guild reserves the right to withdraw said privilege at any time. These privileges may be challenged before the Guild. If the verdict does not please, then it may be appealed before the Duma. The Guild has the right to issue fines to any person, company or institution who are found to be in breach of Guild regulations and ordinances. The Guild has the right to impose sanctions upon specific persons, companies or institutions who are found to be in breach of Guild regulations and ordinances. Sanctions may be challenged through a successful appeal to the Duma. The Guild will maintain a registry of businesses, guilds and institutions within the Duchy of Adria. This registry will remain accessible to the public upon request. To ensure the information is correct and up to date, the Guild may inquire into any individual, business, guild or institution’s workings. To refuse to be entered into the registry will see your enterprise kept out of the Adrian market until this attitude has been rectified. The Guild will be held responsible for any breaches of Aaunic trade agreements within the Duchy. Rectification will be personally negotiated between the offended parties and the upper management of the Guild. The Guild will be made responsible to upholding healthy standards of businesses, guilds and institutions within the Duchy. Of this, the following is to be overseen. The wellbeing of employees within Adrian businesses. The growth and maintenance of Adrian businesses, guilds and institutions. The adherence to Adrian law and Guild regulations and ordinances. The Guild has the right to put any who are in breach of their standards before a trial. The accused may choose a Guild or Ducal trial, if it so pleases them. All rights granted to citizens of Aaun and Adria are to be respected at a Guild trial. Signed, His Grace, Heinrik Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Protector of the Aaunic South, Keep of the Swans His Excellency, Sigismond Varoche, Chancellor of Adria, Count of Varoche, Lover of Dumacracy Mithius Dalma, Master of The Merchant’s Guild and 3rd Alderman of Velec
  11. Not repeating myself. We all knew what was happening, we could've stopped him.
  12. Mithius Dalma rubbed his chins as he read over the missive. The enormous 'Ker reached for his choice of thinking tea as he leaned back in his hardy seat, sipping and smacking his lips in quiet contemplation. "Just like the old days. Fetch me my paper!" The grand merchant hollered out to no one in particular in his abode, rising up minutes later to do it himself.
  13. Imma just say it.. Nexus or whatever system added recipes and skills/professions wasn't that bad. The grind sucked, but the specializations made people more reliant on eachother.
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