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  1. you miss me yet ?

    1. Privet
    2. Old Man Boiendl
    3. Travista


      ~my norwegian prince :3   o w o ❤️

  2. Jonificus

    [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    We don't need magic gimmicks for Striggers, the entire gist of their power is that it's unknown. You're not supposed you're fucked untill its too late. Just play an elf or something if you want your sorceror character to be practically immortal.
  3. Jonificus

    [Denied]Game Man

    Why would you want to spend your time playing mineman professionally untill you joined boot camp?
  4. Jonificus

    Pirate Group Discussion.

    @joey calabreeni
  5. "Holy ****." Comments Mithius Dalma
  6. Jonificus

    [✓] Mani - Demigods of the Wild

    Can I play Prince of Snakes?
  7. Jonificus

    [✗] Visitants ~ Huntsmen of Yore

    Right. Constructive criticism on the way. We already have a well established group doing the exact same thing this lore's talking about. The Marked Men have been around here for years and fulfilling whatever Witchering desires players might have. What my earlier post had to say was a perfectly constructive criticism by the way, this is simply unecessary.
  8. Jonificus

    Shogunate of Oyashima

  9. Jonificus

    The Hidden Ruins of Magara'lin

    There's a severe lack of ancient Dalma treasure vaults in this post
  10. Jonificus

    [✗] Ferals ~ Primitive Beasts

    Finally we can truly indulge in twilight RP
  11. Jonificus

    ▲ Angharad ▲

    Welcome to the world of dark elven roleplay. I'll be your guide.
  12. Jonificus

    [Complete][Buying] Brewing stands

    "We'll take one, then. For now...!"
  13. Jonificus

    [Complete][Buying] Brewing stands

    "Are you daft! I could hire a crew to steal it from you at that cost! Unreasonable price, indeed!" The fat man tells his messenger to let Sarya know.
  14. "It is I, Mithius Dalma. I've great need of brewing stands for my latest endevour and passion. I could use about three brewing stands, and I am paying anything within reason! -M. Dalma"
  15. Jonificus

    [Bounty] Release the Spirit [Moderate]

    ((But what about Northern European timezones? Also, it's easter vacation so a lot of Europeans probably have the week off