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  1. Maybe a rule for Bandits not to start robbing in a city without 2 guards on as how would the bandits be stopped from doing whatever they want?
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    Once upon a time in the realm of Arcas two twins were born in a peaceful city of Helana in the empire of Renatus. They had a happy life and loving parents. But soon that all turned to ashes. Their father began to become a drunkard due to their wealth dwindling down which led to the mother and the brother being beat. As time went by their mother couldn't take anymore of the stress so she began to beat the brothers as well to relieve her stress. As years came to pass their mother suddenly left without a word as she left a note saying “Im done with this god forsake place you all call home”. A few months after her her disappearance the father brought back a new mother. The new mother had two girls herself which were twins. When the two boys tried to befriend their now new siblings the two sisters and the mother would belittle them in many hummilating ways. The two brothers growing tired of this abuse tried to tell their father but all they met was a father who would ignore their complaints and existence. As a few more years went by like a fast clock, their father suddenly died from an illness which the two twin brothers obviously knew was poison made by the mother. After the death of their father, their step mother brought in another man into the household. The two boys thought the new father would care for them but they would only end up with more despair. The new father would constantly abuse them way worse then the mother did. He would treat the two brothers like they were animals then human. As few months past after his arrival the brothers eventually found out apparently the father and mother already knew each other and was the actual father of the two sisters. many more months went by like a burning candle many hideous scars would be left on their body. The Brothers now on the brink of losing their sanity couldn’t take it anymore so they were left with only one option and that was to run away as far as they could now becoming street smart punks.
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