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  1. Story Update Thread Been a hot minute since we made one of these so here is one. Lore Games We are now in the final stretch of the Lore Games. Deadlines: Those that turned in their drafts by the correct turn in date are being given a month to make edits to their lore once it has been fully reviewed. After that they will have their lore accepted/denied. Those that failed to meet the draft deadline however will need to turn their lore in by the 28th of December at the latest. At that point their lore will be accepted or denied and shelved, unless they have taken the deal that has been offered. This deal will only be up for 1 more week before we close it. You can read more about it here. Current pieces under the deal: Projects We’ve had a number of projects in the works, and we intend to have them all wrapped up by the end of January. A few of the projects are on a large scale and due to the amount of impact they will have, we’re going to give updates on it. We would like to hear your input on it, and for the Void we’re hosting a project for those interested in winning some prizes. Pantheon Project + Player Input – We’re looking for player input on the Pantheon Project. Void Project + Contest – We’re hosting a contest for people who can turn in interesting reagents/bonds. Event Updates Our fabulous Mystery has written this thread up for you, which I encourage you to read over as it goes over more specific things that we’ve had rolling out: Event Update - December. Event-wise we’ve had a change of direction in how we approach things. For a while there’s been an individualistic mindset to how the event side of things should be handled. Unfortunately this led to poor results and the lack of a team environment. As such we have been making strides to encourage cooperation and so far we have seen much better results within the event sect. Later this month we will begin planning for a more expansive eventline to help spice things up on the server. This will be a server-wise scale eventline that uses multiple people on the team, rather than being carried on the back of one or two people. This approach is being taken as we’ve seen eventlines carried on the back of one or two people crumble as the person is unable to keep up with demand (e.g. the Bastion/Westerlands fiasco) or things stall for weeks on end as the person tries to keep up with things. However if we work on something as a team, we will be able to support a larger eventline without having to fear it crumbling from the loss of a person or two. This does not mean we won’t be focusing on individual events though, and we will still be rolling those out (which you can read about in the thread linked above).
  2. Debate completed. I’ve already responded to the follow up thread made based on the discussion found on this thread/the poll. I recommend giving it a read as some of the things stated on this thread have been misinformation and not accurate: click me.
  3. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.
  4. This lore has been denied. You have been sent a message containing a list of issues that Story members had with the lore.
  5. This lore has been denied. You have been sent a message containing a list of issues that Story members had with the lore.
  6. Thank you for submitting your Lore Games draft! You will receive input on what needs to be fixed within the next 2 weeks. Edit: This lore has been denied and the things that need to be fixing for its next submission given to the lore writer.
  7. GodEmperorFlam

    Admin Update

    Admin Update Hey guys, as some of you may have noticed, a few threads went up lately covering three topics. One regarding a redacted (wasn’t named in the thread) individual and the others about Pun/RideTheSky. I’ve posted the below replies onto the threads directly, but I’m making this thread to spread awareness. [Redacted] from Kaelan’s Thread The evidence provided was cropped screenshots from 2017, which as some of you know, can easily be doctored. As there was no outright evidence of the act, and we have asked for such and no one has provided it. In the conversation, the reporter has mentioned they intend to take legal action against the individual reported, which we strongly encourage. If you have the evidence to take him to court, go for it. For the time being, we will be temporarily banning him for a period of time while we look into matters further. I get that this is going to anger many of you, but you have to realize that without concrete evidence, we will not be acting to permanently remove a member from the community. Discord and Skype evidence is easily doctored to look like something else, and we must verify to the best of our ability that it is authentic. If you have additional information or evidence that was not shared, we advise that you come forward as well and use the aforementioned process. Pun from Knox’s Thread This situation is different from the others that recently cropped up as Pun has admitted to the act. As such, the lack of substantial evidence regarding the actual act can be ignored. Pun is no longer a member of staff and will be receiving a permanent ban for her actions. RideTheSky from JoeltheGinger’s Thread Likewise with Kaelan’s thread, we need more substantial evidence. What was provided is not enough to warrant a permanent ban, and in addition the evidence is rather old. There were some claims that pictures were sent to people when they were underage, but again, no evidence was provided to back this up. For the time being, this member will be temporarily removed from the server, and during this time we will be investigating the matter further. If you have additional information or evidence that was not shared, we advise that you come forward as well and use the aforementioned process. Reporting Discord Matters We are standardizing how we are going to be handling discord matters. You can read more here: click me.
  8. Lore Games Update - Drafts & Criteria Changes Hello folks, I am making this thread to notify you that you have until the 25th to turn in your drafts (one week from now). This deadline isn’t out of the blue, it was stated in the original Lore Games thread that you’d have 2.5 months to work on a draft. I’ve pushed this back a bit to give people more time, so hopefully y’all will be able to manage. I’m going to reiterate that if you need help or want to give feedback on the current lore criteria, read this thread over: click me. I’m willing to sit down and answer questions regarding your rewrites, whether that be questions on if abilities are fine or if you are having trouble with the formatting. Please note this is limited to lore apart of the Lore Games that has accepted lore, I don’t have time to sit down with those creating new lore pieces or trying to revive old pieces. What Happens After? After your draft is turned in, it will be reviewed by the team. Afterwards, we will reach out to each lore writer and notify them of any issues that we found during the reviewal. You will be given 1 month to address these issues. I will be offering assistance during this time as well, to help people make sure their edits are sufficient. No Draft? If you don’t have your draft done, that’s fine, you can still turn in a piece before the final due date. However, you will be unable to receive feedback on said draft via Story review, as everyone who has a draft will be given a priority. The only exception to this will be those who have accepted the deal I put forward, which is still on the table. You can read more about that here: click me. Criteria Changes Based on the feedback given so far, some changes to the criteria have been made. 1) We have now put in a “Chaos” and “Self-Moderation” clause into the tenet/disconnection criteria. These clauses are not something that you need to use, but they are options that you can use if you so desire. 2) We are lowering the standard magic progression time to 4ish months. This is still being worked on and an updated tier progression thread will be released later this week. This will be the new default for people to use in their lore, but writers can deviate and create their own if they want to do something different. If you do create your own, make it reasonable. A full magic shouldn’t be learned in a month, but it also probably shouldn’t take a year. 3) Scrying spells on individuals that show the caster the individual and the immediate blocks around them are now allowed, so long everyone involved in the RP gives OOC consent. This means that if a prisoner is being watched via the scrying, they must get their captors to agree before the spell can work.
  9. Lore Games Assistance As we approach the deadline for DRAFTS of lore pieces to be turned in, I am going to extend an offer to the lore writers currently working on pieces. If you need assistance, such as help adapting old abilities into new ones that meet the current criteria, I will be available. All you need to do is send me a forum PM here: click me, with the group that you are working with. From there, I will make us a chat in the Lore Games discord for us to discuss the lore. Others that are assisting with the process can join, but we will only be discussing that specific lore piece. This applies to groups currently apart of the Lore Games not individuals writing new submissions or not working with the main group. If say, the druids wanted assistance, I would provide the lore writer and their helpers with assistance. It wouldn’t be for Bob who is trying to singlehandedly write a new magic or is trying to usurp the current magic group with his own lore version. If I had more time I’d open it up further, but at the moment I do not have time to sit down with every single lore writer. Lore Criteria Feedback Gathering Hey folks, it’s been roughly 2 months since the new criteria for lore was released. This is a new system and with that I want to gather feedback for things I can improve. If you have feedback that you’d like to give, I’m open to hearing it. This account will be open to PMs: click me. You can either send me your feedback there, or you can include your discord and we can do it over PMs there in real time. This is open to anyone, regardless of if you’re a Story member or if you just joined recently. Please bear in mind that I’m looking for actual feedback, things like “I don’t like it” aren’t things I’m going to care about. I want to hear “I don’t like it because x, y and z” and potentially hear solutions you may have thought up. This is feedback I can respond to and help explain why something is the way it is or agree with your point and draft up some changes. I’ll be officially collecting feedback for the next 2 weeks, after that it’ll be more informal/I will be focusing on handling the Lore Games Drafts so I won’t have as much time to sit down and talk with folks. So please get your feedback in sooner rather than later.
  10. Story Recruitment Story is currently looking for a few people that are interested in the following: Investigating reports of lorebreaking. This will be a process where you will need to search logs of those that were reported, talk with people involved, and compile evidence into a cohesive document so it can be reviewed by Management and others on the team. Reviewing lore. This will require you to read over lore pieces and vote on them based on the current lore criteria. Helping with the Void. This will require you to be able to write creatively to help create different voidal reagents and special voidal nodes. Helping with the Deific Pantheon. This will require you to be able to write a piece for a new Patron of an Aengudaemon. It needs to be able to fit the theme of that Aengudaemon, along with where they will be placed within the Pantheon, while also having its own characteristics. You do not need to want to work on them all, but you should want to do at least 1-2. You can apply here: click me.
  11. GodEmperorFlam

    Lore Update

    Lore Update Hello folks, below is a quick update regarding the Lore Games Submissions, Lore Blacklists, and Teacher Applications. Lore Games Update - Hybrid Formatting & Hub Pages We have about a month left before the 2.5 month draft is due. Please keep this in mind when going forward. The Story members assigned to the Lore Games discord will be working to ensure that drafts are being worked on now, as you’ve had a month and a half to go over all the different ideas you might have and start the draft. Hybrid formatting is a new process that we’re experimenting with in the new criteria. After certain pieces were submitted, we’ve decided to change hybrid formatting around. Below are the pieces which will no longer be applicable for hybrid formatting. This is subject to change as we figure out what best works, so in the future an announcement might be made changing this around. Deity submissions, Open Race submissions, and Event Race submissions must be on their own. If you have a hybrid submission that we believe is too long, you may be asked to split it up. This will be a case by case basis and you will be contacted prior to the reviewal process if you need to split it up. If you want to submit multiple pieces in one package, we would like for you to use a hub page. A quick and simple guide explaining hubs can be found here: click me. Lorebreaking Protocol After some deliberation, we’ve decided that blacklists aren’t as effective as previously thought, so we are moving away from their usage across the board. This affects lore blacklists as well, so a new system has been written up regarding lorebreaking. In addition to this, we’ve added a “Watchlist” to those that get warned. Those on the watchlist will have their logs periodically searched for any potential lorebreaking, to ensure that they are adhering to the warning given to them. You can read more about this update here: click me. Teacher Applications Over a period of time, I have started to shift Story away from needing lore specialists. To elaborate, when the Lore Games are over, a majority of the lore that impacts day to day rp, such as magics and creatures, will have been written out on the forums, coupled with a guide. Alongside this is the rule that requires everything regarding the lore to be written down in said lore/guide. Anyone will be capable of picking up a lore piece and learn its intricacies. We won’t have to rely on a singular/small handful of people who are the only ones who know all aspects of the lore anymore. However, the transition process for this will be a bit bumpy. Due to the transition, people previously allocated to working on TAs have been put elsewhere, whether that be on rewriting lore pieces or helping with the Void rework. This has unfortunately resulted in the inability to get TAs done in a properly timed fashion. I’ve made the decision to axe the currently sitting/unaccepted TAs while we rework how we handle TAs for the future. The Future of TAs As I mentioned before, we’re moving towards a time where we will not need lore specialists. This means that, with all the lore neatly laid out for people, anyone could reasonably go over a person’s capabilities for teaching a magic. With this in mind, the TA process in the future will be much easier and quicker than before. We’ll have a standardized process for this which any Story member will be able to carry out. No longer will people need to wait for a specific person to handle their TA.
  12. Lorebreaking Protocol Those who break lore are subject to the punishments listed on the spreadsheet below. Blacklists have been phased out in favor of bans and app revoking. Note that any lorebreaking offenses that are not listed below are subject to Story Management’s judgement. The spreadsheet will be updated should a new offense occur that wasn’t covered prior in the spreadsheet. Lorebreaking Offense Spreadsheet Warnings entail sitting down with the person and having a conversation about what they did wrong, and ensuring they understand the lore rules. Once the person has verified they understand the above, the Story member will log the warning for future reference. The goal with explicit warnings like this is to make sure that there is no room for the person to claim ignorance the next time they break the rules and to also ensure that the newer players who are actually ignorant are shown what not to do. The Watch List Due to the low rate of reports, we are instituting a Watch List. Should you receive an infraction or further lore punishment, you may be added to the Watch List for a period of time. If you are on the watch list, your logs will be searched from time to time for signs of further lore breaking. If you are following the rules and not breaking any lore, you have nothing to fear and it will only help prove that you are adhering to the rules properly after your infraction.
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