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  1. [✓] Zao Dim charter

    Xirknar would sign here
  2. OOC Information My minecraft username is hotpatata32 My timezone is BST (uk ) i am 13 years old yes i am aware of the content of the server yes i have read and i do agree with the rules I agree with the rp friendly skin rule since seeing a for example dolan skin would ruin the immersion and experience of the server for everyone. through the internet by searching minecraft roleplaying servers. Yes i have logged on to the server. Definitions Metagaming is when using knowledge you have from ooc chat you use that info in character this is also not allowed and extremely unfair. Roleplaying is when you become the character you have made see the world they would and it's like a theatrical performance to every scenario you act as the character would. Powergaming is when you do a emote forcing a condition on to another person for instance “David slices Carl’s head off” forcing them into a loss making a instant win for the person forcing them to lose making this unfair and not allowed. In-Character Information his name is Xirknhar (read: zirk-nor) he is male he is a dark elf my character is 93 years old Xirknhar was brought up in a family who had fought against the undead in aegis so he grew up learning how to fight with swords and shields learning weak points of all creatures and also some basic archery his dad had gone distant after the war his mother said that he was brave but the war changed him in ways others might not imagine. at 40 Xirknhar had become somewhat of a master of combat still bad at archery though as well as that on his birthday his father had gone even more insane than usually and in a fit he had slaughtered his wife and then himself Xirknhar grief stricken ran and took refuge in Ker'nor however the grief turned him mad he developed schizophrenia a split personality and insomnia he had killed the ones who looked after him and fled from Ker'nor he wandered drifting form place to place trying to find a place to take refuge. at the age of 78 he had fought and made grudges with orcs and high elves alike he would never fight orcs intentionally a family of orcs had killed people alongside him before however he despised high elves he would attack or taunt them on sight all he wanted now was to start a family or become infamous for murder. the years went by and he headed to the isles of axios, now he is 93 years old but his trials and journey had only just begun. (Sorry it's not descriptive or very planned out i spent a lot of time thinking about it but im not a good writer hopefully you get the jist of it. [i want to add this edited version is probably even poorer than the last this was done on short notice with no planning i had only just noticed i had a reply]). He has a twitch in his eye all the time he likes all things dark magic (i would like to add he is a psychopath pretty much he has schizophrenia, split personality and insomnia. ) he dislikes high elves and wood elves if he came across them he would glare or even worse assault them. he likes orcs the most and some dark elves. he aspires to become a famous serial killer or to start a family. he is good at using a one-handed sword combined with a shield also he is OK at archery but needs to improve. he needs to work on ignoring the voices in his head as often as he can since they start fight and make him kill people. my character is 6,2 in height his hair is a darker tone of silver his eyes are blood red he weighs 100 lb and has pale grey skin tone,bags under his eyes and is always ready to conceal his identity with a red cowl wrapped around his neck.