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  1. Gump

    [Denied] IronLich [MAT] Application.

    he can benchpress your dad +1
  2. Gump

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Please i am quite overweight but i am a very loving guy, so dont tease me! <3
  3. Gump

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Shuggie_

    YES YES YES!!! ????? VERY STRONG! +1
  4. United Trade Federation Welcome to the United Trade Federation, We have, and sell anything your heart could desire, for a price. At the United trade Federation we only believe in the highest quality products, we do not cut corners when it comes to our wares. Our company is expanding throughout all of Axios rapidly. With the grand opening of our headquarters, and our multitude of storefronts throughout Axios, the Grand Trade Federation has a place for you! If you are in need of supplies of any sort, we have it, and if we don’t have it, we’ll find a way to get it. The United Trade Federation offers jobs for all races, who can work in a multitude of different roles in our company, such as stall manager, farmer/miner etc. Our company is run by a board that holds meetings weekly to decide on our company's future. If you require an appointment to speak with one of board members, feel free to visit our Headquarters in the orc capital of San Torr or send a bird to Peaceton(Shuggie_), Rubn’tug nub(GortofGumpus), Garrond Frostbeard(Garrond). We offer specialty weapons and armor for those willing to pay, if you wish to buy some, ask the manager that owns your local United Trade Federation store. If you wish to apply for a job in our company, feel free to send in an application (Trade Prince Lord Glub, master of sales and good vibes) Application: Mc Name: Rp name: Job you would like: Professions:
  5. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): I would like a cart to Yolwin. Island: (Tahn- Oren/Dwarves/Elves, Ceru - Sutica, Asul - Haria) Tahn-Dwarves Point A: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Exact co-ordinates of Point A: The Grand City of Yolwin x: 1332.389 y:134 z:-1827.408 Point B: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Exact co-ordinates of Point B: Human Fast Travel Hub X: 527.415 Y: 74 Z: -98.439
  6. Gump

    [✗] Schnub Serum X

    Seems cool.
  7. Gump

    [The Zaodim]

    well if you ever want to join you are welcome to message me or shuggie
  8. Gump

    [✓] Zao Dim charter

    would sign with his strong arm
  9. yo what do you mean by you will be claiming this one, mom?

  10. Independent Charter Application: What is the name of your guild, village, organization, etc.: The Zaodim What is the purpose of your guild/village/organization (if sensitive, this can be withheld and then privately shared with whomever is handling the charter): The Zaodim is coalition of races bound by honor, united by a desire to defend their principles, and territories. The Zaodim initially arose in Athera as a group of mercenaries who undertook bounty missions and adventures for contractors. They were nomadic in nature, moving from town to town, city to city in search of more work. After being contracted by a wealthy individual to explore and chart the relatively unknown Primora Jungle islands, the group ventured into the series of heavily contested jungles. The expedition quickly went awry over time as the group encountered various hostile insects and creatures, which quickly whittled down the size of the small force. The contract was quickly abandoned as the group immediately prioritized their survival over the retrieval of an old artifact. After having survived the hellish jungle for four days and four nights, the group managed to carve out a small portion of the jungle on one of the many islands, turning it into an encampment to protect themselves from the hostile denizens of the jungle. Several attempts to backtrack through the dense jungle were unsuccessful, leading to several deaths and the loss of precious, dwindling supplies. The leader of the group at the time, an easterner named Zao, ordered the group to settle down for the time being and patiently bide their time. The encampment grew and the mercenaries learned to hunt and farm for their food, quickly adapting to the harsh life in Primora’s jungles. After several years of accumulating supplies, the group had grown in size, and some new children were born due to the group’s prolonged stay in the encampment. Zao organized the group and prepared once more for an attempted escape from the jungle, fully intending to bring all resources and people with him. The escape was a miraculous success, no fatalities being suffered. The group cut their way through the jungles, returning to the mainland and making their way to a neighboring town for the first time in years. The group had undergone a massive change during their stay in the jungles. They were no longer a mercenary group, but moreso a conglomerate of friends and family that had been formed during their stay. Zao realized this and promptly renounced their ties to contractors, causing the group to change professions from sellswords to peaceful settlers. They traveled to a nearby dock and purchased a boat collectively, sailing to the Isles of Axios. They found a peaceful spot to begin constructing their settlement and did so, taking a few months to fully complete. At this, the Zaodim was created under their steadfast leader. As the members of the group came from various backgrounds and races, the Zaodim nurtured the principle of equality, stating that they welcomed all races. As such, their town grew and prospered under the acceptance of laws and rules decreed by the high council, being Zao at the time before his peaceful passing away. What plot size are you interested in: 75x75 What tile are you interested in: a56 one of these mountains probably If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: N/A Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name): GortOfGumpus: Deck Captain Grumbis Frostbeard Shuggie_: Admiral Edward Blackrook Koldy: Mammothus Tuskus MarakMars: First Commander Senurean Mars IHEARTminion: Theodore Entoon/Bartholomew Brassblaster Tgross: Mythdort Frostbeard SywardValen: Pikel Frostbeard/Drex Redoran PenguinPlaya: Gonak The Vile
  11. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link):Magicpastry Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban):GortOfGumpus Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific):FT Camping, and "lazy banditry" RP Character Witnesses (Name(s)):Shuggie_, SywardValen,Skyles1 Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Myself and two others were walking out of the docks near the wood elves and we had saw a person standing in a field near ft, so we walked over to him and started bandit rp.[ after looking at the gyazo I do realize that the rp could have been better ] Then we started arguing in looc and a few moments later we got banned. I would've liked to be informed by magicpastry before the ban about what we did but nevertheless I now agree that we did violate the minas or die rules and would like to apologize for our actions. Screenshots/Vids: https://gyazo.com/0d615c95ecffb3ad1c50ddbd1d35e2a2
  12. Gump

    [Accepted] [Actor] CaptainBrock's ET Application

    Acknowledges navy as separate entity +1 Brock is a good man and deserves this position
  13. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Magicpastry: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/62633-magicpastry/ Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban):GortOfGumpus Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Sending a Shocker video to a gm and OOC harassment(“weird pm’s”) Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Magicpastry was who i sent the video to and the weird pms where to Mitz__ and Fitz__ Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I sent a copypasta to Mitz and Fitz in game and was told to stop so I did but then asked the gm who told me to stop if i can send videos over pm which was followed up with the gm asking what kind of video so i sent him a video of “shrek earrape” off of youtube which got me banned for 10 mins. The following morning when i had gotten on was when i saw the 2 week ban with appeal and i then pm’d the gm on the fourms an apology. I have realized that my stupidness and childish behavior is the main reason for me being banned and I am now going to cease my bad behavior and just enjoy playing on lotc. Screenshots/Vids (Link): Warning loud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQbQtQu_uOI (the shrek video i sent) The things i sent in pm “I am the lucid dream, the monster in your nightmares, the Fiend of a Thousand Faces, Cower before my true form! BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GOD OF DEATH!! MADNESS WILL CONSUME YOU!!” and “I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you”