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  1. What’s your Minecraft account name?: Steuie What timezone are you in?: Central (US). How old are you?: 13. Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13?: Yes. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: Yes. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?: No. How did you find out about Lord of the Craft: I search roleplay server on google. Have you logged into the server yet?: Yes What is roleplay?: Playing as a fictional or non fictional character that is not yourself. Playing the role pf someone else. What is metagaming?: Using informations outside of your characters life for guidance. What is poweremoting?: the act of a character attempting or doing something they would be unable to do. It can also be a loss of fairness in battle, or speed. In-Character Information Character’s name: Quinton Zale Character’s sex: Female Character’s race: High Elf Character’s age: 23 Biography Quinton was born onto a proud High Elven family. She lived with her mother (North Zale) and her father (Julius Zale) in a cottage happily. Her parent told her that other races where below her and she believed it. "You are a pure, true Mali'aheral," He father said," You are much more superior then the rest, never forget that." One day when she was only 11 her father took her to the market to buy bread and other goods for supper. While he was distracted she wandered off. She saw a Wood Elf boy sneaking into the market. She stopped him and demanded his name. He didn't reply. She yelled at him to tell her and he ran. She heard a scream of pain... She looked around and heard the voice call out,"My son, run away! Don't let them pour gold in your pure eyes!" She ran back to her father crying. Where her people really this cruel? Her father assured that they where and she had nothing to fear. She didn't quite understand. "When the early Mali'aheral came to build this city in 1571, they knew the greatest of all would thrive here," her father said wiping her eyes,"They are not the greatest. They are not our equals. It doesn't matter who they are." Years later she was helping her Mother in the kitchen. She was slicing a potato neatly when her thoughts trailed off to that day. I can't believe our people would do that. Why would any- But she didn't finish her though because she has sliced cleanly into her hand. She wailed in pain as blood seeped over the food and the counter. She was rushed to a doctor and healed quickly but her hand still has a nasty scar that she hides with bandages under her shirt. Years later, her mother became gravely ill after giving birth to Qinton's sister, Ellenor. Multiple doctors came and diagnosed her with a strange flu. They said there wasn't much that they could do to help her at this point and gave her 8 years to live. Her father prepared meals for her and helped her get around the house while Quinton watched after Ellenor and kept up with the garden. 7 years passes until one day, Quinton was in the garden with she and her now 6-year-old when they heard a crash. She bolted inside to find her father on the ground coughing. He had caught the flu as well. In a matter of weeks her father passed. The loss hit the family hard. Without someone to go to work, get paid, and buy food the near future did not look good. Her mother past within 7 years of diagnoses. Her last words where," My dear you've become such a beautiful lady... Don't let Ellenor starve," "Mother no!" Quinton cried onto her mothers shoulder. "My loves, you are never alone. The brightest star in the sky you see tonight, that is me smiling down on you... Remember me my loves... Quinton, Ellenor... I love you..." Ellenor cried and whaled. Quinton held Ellenor in arms and explained they couldn't stay here. Quinton took Ellenor to an orphanage out side of the city, there was no way Ellenor would go hungry in the hands of the caretakers there. She hoped not, after what her mother said. She began to fend for herself, she had to make allies, people she could trust. She had to get a job. She had to buy a home and reunite with her sister. There was so much to do, so much she wish she could have said, but a new hope rose inside her. Personality Traits: She has a mothers touch. She draws nicely and loves the stars, especially the North star. Ambitions: A reliable person. Someone to take one for the team, the one to make her friends proud. Strengths/Talents: She can clean cuts and do very basic medical work. She is a great listener. She self-taught herself how to fight. Weaknesses/Inabilities: She is not a very trusting person and is often only thinking for herself. Becomes confused when people of a different race show signs of caring towards her. Appearance: Hight-5"4', Hair-White/Blonde, Eyes-Purple, Large scar on her left hand Skin: That was the best I could do for my skin sorry if its low quality.
  2. What’s your Minecraft account name?: Steuie What timezone are you in?: Central (US) How old are you?: 13 Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13?: 13 Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: No harassment or toxic behavior Are there any rules that confuse you or don’t make sense?: No How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: I searched "best roleplay server" Have you logged into the server yet?: Yes What is roleplaying?: Playing a role as a fictional or nonfictional character that is not yourself. What is metagaming?: Breaking the forth wall. What is powergaming?: Ignoring story line to achieve a goal Character’s name: Shepi Quinn (pronunciation: Sh•ep•ee) Character’s sex: Female Character’s race: Human Character’s age: 20 Biography: Shepi is from a small shack in a far outer wood lands. She lived with a very caring mother named June and a newborn sister named Scara. He fathers name was Jamen, he drank heavily and when she was little, threw a bottle at her a gave her a scar on her eyebrow. One night her father drank to much and brought a fist down on her mother. She fell and hit her head very hard, causing her brain to bleed. She was in a comma for a month and died the day before Shepi's eighteenth birthday. She stayed with her dad for another year to protect and feed her sister, but on the eve of the 20th birthday she took her now 2-year-old sister with her. She took somethings with her; her departed grandmother's boots, and her mothers necklace. They traveled far and her sister didn't understand what was happening when Shepi told her to go into a strange building marked orphanage and not follow her. Shepi swore she'd be back. She slept where she fell for another year until she found it. Her new home. Personality Traits: She has a fascination with with the sky and stars. She loves people who stick by her side because that hasn't happened most of her life. Lies are her worst enemy, second to killing someone. Ambitions: She just doesn't want to be normal. She wants to find her sister one day Strengths/Talents: She is very good and strategizing on the spot but is a major procrastinator. She is a great listener and is good at defending herself (to a point). Weaknesses/Inabilities: Shepi wants to be as brave as her mother one day but is very scared of the unknown. Often want to talk things out where there is nothing to be said, which can get her in a lot of trouble. Appearance: Shepi has brown hair, green eyes, and a scar above her left eyebrow. Skin: my skin is my prof pick, it wouldnt download the files.